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Captain Cedric D. Boone - We Are!

Captain Cedric D. Boone looked on from the bow of The Rum Runner. He'd been there for some time until he spotted it. Clock Town! He took a deep breathe of the fresh ocean air and let out a loud bawdy laugh,"Bawhahahahaha! Land hooooo!" The crew would be quite used to their captain's jovial nature at this point. He tended to laugh whenever he was really excited,"Not much longer now, Dirk, maintain your course! You think there will be any more unruly nobles on this island? Bawhahahahaha!" All Cedric's attempts at levity with Dirk, so far had been an exercise in futility. But he wouldn't let that dissuade him. At some point, he would get Dirk to laugh!

Cedric left his position at the front of the ship and watched as Slick walked towards the crew quarters. He decided to leave him be. He had been pushing him very hard recently. But if he didn't there was know telling what mischief he might get into. Their first encounter together hadn't exactly gone smoothly. Despite a name like "Slick."
Judah Raines - Farce's Apartment

Judah glanced up to hear the raspy voice above them. He was shocked and disgusted at its' bloody, ghostly appearance. He thought to himself as it flew out the door,"How did they find us?! We took the side streets and covered our tracks as well as I know how." He reached for his sidearm, but realized it would be ineffective against a phantom like Limbo. Perhaps it would lead them to her or another member of the community. More than likely it was a trap. But what choice did they have? They had spent the past two weeks searching for Patriarch and his Lieutenants to no avail. Judah got up and looked at her head phasing through the door. He replied,"You want us to help you? To join this gang of yours? And then you say you want to help us. I don't know if your schizophrenic or just stupid." Judah focused his ability to perceive if Limbo's phantom was giving off any tells in her emotional output. Judah was excellent as perceiving other people's intentions after all.
@Asura Cedric sees Isuza as a valuable asset to the crew. Her skills in woodworking are second to none.v Her willingness to put herself in precarious positions to save other crew members makes Cedric respect and protect Isuza. Her awkwardness around others, along with her teeth pulling habits, only makes Cedric endear her more. He laughs it off comically, stepping in to social situations she feels trapped in. He treats her like his own daughter, whatever she needs he takes care of in any way he can. Whether or not she accepts/likes this treatment is her own decision. She could see it as making an awkward situation worse or better.
I'd actually prefer Swarm gets dropped off at the PRT. There he can be interrogated and w/e happens happens. Using his other personalities he may try to get out with that or if it fails, have a prison break time in there.
@Eklispe What happens to Swarm within that time period? I honestly couldn't care one way or another. Just curious. Feels really anticlimactic, but I understand the reasoning for it. Being some of the necessary people left mid transition.
@leaves Sounds funny, it would be a good counter to the excessive alcohol of the crew.
@leavesI love the idea. Though I would recommend staying away from the punching aspect if she doesn't want to get into a fight each time.
I wanted to get our crew's feedback on an idea I've had regarding relationships. How do you feel about Captain Boone being a father figure of sorts to the crew? He is older by quite a bit to even the second oldest and he has ambitions to help his nakama. It would be like Whitebeard in relationship to his own family. Let me know what you think and if you want the idea to go into play, like this post.

Btw. Good idea making that pirate pad for our pirate party, @Banana.
@Banana I don't mind BS meeting with Cedric early on. He could join at the same time or almost the same time as lily. @yoshua171 I think that BS and Lily can meet one another before Boone and start their close relationship before a crew is even formed. It would create a very strong bond not necessarily shared by anybody else other then your characters. Also, Boone doesn't have to have the ship before starting the crew as you have all mentioned in Skype.
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