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As the fake plants began to catch fire due to Jano's "special issues", the sprinklers began to turn on. They shot forth all over the office and even in Albert's own. The whole room was getting soaked by the water. It wasn't a light sprinkle either, it poured many gallons upon gallons of water as if it were fighting for its very life.

Isaac was noticeably absent as a soaked Albert jumped out of his office and shouted out with all the authority he could muster, "E-E-Everyone! Make your way to the emergency exi-" as he spoke a giant glob of water landed in his mouth and he began to cough horribly. Veronica screamed and ran towards the exit. More and more water poured down. All the employees would find themselves in a scene from the titanic. But Albert was unconscious on the floor and Jano began to steam from the heat and water combination.

What was going on!?
@Gardevoiran perfect thx.
@Xandrya Sorry about that. Mantis' last line did sound like he was going to fire. He was actually waiting for Zach to come through the main door and divert attention first. Judah had no intonation of firing before that unless they spotted them. It was pretty dark so they could have evaded notice. Up to you if you want to edit it. That was the original intent, thanks!
@Xandrya@Gardevoiran@solokolos I'm not against something not going exactly as planned, but could you Xandrya describe how the guard spotted them just for clarification? Also, Gardevior an, could you explain what they are getting at in the warehouse suspected enemies, weapons Etc? What illegal activity is going on? I'm not sure we all know that info.
As their janitor continued to clean more employees strolled in. His floor was unfortunately scuffed up by a woman. She exclaimed, "Oh sorry!" Her name was Veronica. She had a long coat and hair tucked into a bun. She was their receptionist and answered all phone calls. She was absent minded and forgot things constantly. Even when she wrote them down.

An elderly black man named Isaac shuffled in as well. He shook his head at the sight of the dirty floor. When he walked across the floor it did not get any worse. As far as anyone could remember, Isaac had worked at their office. Even the boss knew he was there before him. The company photos always had him in them every year. He never seemed to age any further but maintained his somewhat cordial gruff attitude. He had particular interest in their building. Maybe he WAS the embodiment of the building. Hahaha haha... I Crack myself up. He sat down in a place in the back.

Veronica waved at the jet pack man. She was a very kind lady and their boss had taken a liking to her. "Good morning, Veronica," he said in a friendly tone, "How are you this fine morning?" Anyone who had worked there for any length of time would know the boss rarely greeted others. Veronica was an exception..

She replied, "I'm good Albert, I should get to work." She began reading her to do list and attempted to get something done. She was a hard worker, but not a very good one. Albert stared at her for longer then was necessary. He looked around somewhat embarrassed and quickly ducked back into his office shutting the door behind him.
@bctheentity I'm good with that haha
@Bctheentity haha ok Travis. Could you tweak it to be a little less NMH? It's your character after all.
Seeing the young aviator stroll inside took Albert out of his daydream. After the man punched in he squinted his eyes trying to remember his name. Seeing him punch in and sit down to comb his hair made Albert slightly annoyed, "Are you combing your hair on company time?" He said in a slightly low and nasally voice.

He should know by now that you did that before work. Albert combed his few precious strands of hair impeccably every morning.
Post what you feel like. It is a modern setting, but be inspired as you write. If you would briefly post in CS what your character is about etc that would help for clarification. No need to though if you don't care to do that nonesense.
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