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@Skwint hey man when were you planning on putting up a post?
Captain Cedric D. Boone - Clock Town!

Boone stopped in his tracks then turned around slowly, "Uh...Right, of course! How could I have forgotten the reason we went on this mini adventure of ours in the first place! Bawhahahahaha!" Then Cedric proceeded to find the finest watch he could acquire with the funds they had. Despite being pirates, he was an honest pirate if their was such a thing.

THEN he turned around and headed out the door sporting his fine gold watch on his left wrist. He would never be late again!
Mantis - Warehouse

The bullets whizzed downwards narrowly missing Magna Carta as she weaved in and out of the line of fire. Bladedancer went on the offensive however. She caught Mantis completely by surprise with her teleportation ability. With ninja like reflexes she appeared directly in front of him with her thrown shuriken and tossed her steak knife at his thigh.

Mantis turned to fire upon her with great speed, but as he got his shot off she teleported again! The knife struck true directly at the intended target. It sliced through his leg getting stuck halfway down the blade. Mantis felt the sharp burst of pain, but his adrenalin and rage kept him going. He scanned for Bladedancer through clenched teeth and horrible pain. She had reappeared down below. With careful aim he fired off a final burst of his weapon as the magazine clicked; indicating those were his last rounds.

The bullet managed to strike her arm before she teleported away. Mantis struggled to move toward the window he had entered through earlier on the catwalk. He got about halfway when his adrenalin was no match for his massive blood loss. Mantis fell upon the steel grating. "Get back here...I'm not finished with you yet..." he thought. Then he began to crawl on his hands in knees towards the window.

His eyes began to go dark as he collapsed once more. Mantis struggled to maintain consciousness. He had no more fight left in him. Blood poured from his thigh in large gobs. His artery had been punctured causing him to bleed out. The blood dripped from the catwalk above upon the floor down below.

Mantis looked down over the walkway at Zach's lifeless body one last time. With tears in his eyes he whispered, "Zach...I'm...sorry..." before finally blacking out.
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@screenacne What sorts of changes would you like to see besides formatting?
My bad @angelofoctober I meant to press thank.
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Hey i may be interested. I had a character from a previous gods rp that didnt last. Let me know what you think.

Damien/Gabriel/Swarm - Minutemen "Headquarters"

"What are these freaks on about?" Damien thought to the others, "They actually want to work together, ahahahaha!

"...That is exactly what we need..Let's take them to our place. Despite us being greater then one, we can always use more help. Let's see what they can offer us, and what we can do for them."

"..Very well. But if anything goes wrong I'm blaming you."

Swarm waved outside the alley for Hemoglobin and Affliction to follow, "I know just the place. Come." Without another word he began striding down the alleyway. Being near the Minutemen made Swarm wary of revealing himself too openly. Using his telekinesis, he was able to make a trail of smoke from the cigarette for the duo to follow. He was in a hurry after all.

Some time later they would find themselves at their car. A beat up GMC Buick. He had taken off his mask to reveal a pleasant smile. He offered them a ride with an open hand, "Please, get in. I will take you somewhere we can discuss things away from prying eyes." His voice was much different from before. It had a very stately rhythm about it. Calming. A starch contrast from the irritable, gruff one from before. Even his body language oozed a gregarious feeling. Most interesting however, was the cigarette was safely stored in the ash tray half smoked.
Captain Cedric D. Boone - Clock Town!

Boone listened intently and even brought out a scratch pad to jot down a few notes regarding the log pose. No doubt it would be invaluable for their journey.

"We are very thankful for this. Blessings in all your future endeavours. If not for our very capable shipwright here," he winked at Kite, "I would ask you to come along! Bawhahahaha! When we return I will tell of the fantastic journey we embarked on thanks to your help. Have a good day."

If there was nothing else Cedric donned his hat again then walked out the door.
I'm trying to subtly give options for the journey. I will be more clear here.

Now is everyone's chance to stock up on supplies at Lorenzo's cottage with his permission of course. I will make a list of items and whatnot available for everyone and items only individuals have;

Everyone: Blankets, dry foods like nuts, jerky, knives, bows, arrows, multiple flasks, flint and steel, kindling, rope, different sized animal hide bags.

Lorenzo: Hooded cloaks/jackets of various colors[lavender, brown, etc.], Martyrdom, personal bow with name inscribed on.

Marque: Disguise kit, mask, anything else he brought with from earlier.

Bastian: Medical bag, cloak.

Col: Leather armor, weapons(you may decide what you carry), Merlin, saddle, feed for Merlin, and food for yourself, full water flask.

You may need provisions for the journey. Also, right now is Autumn which makes things brisk outside requiring some form of warmth. The journey into the Glittering Wood may span longer then a couple of days so being prepared can make all the difference for you. Who knows what lies inside?

After you all choose your supplies I want you to make an IC post describing what you take and then setting off for the Glittering Wood. At the bottom of your IC posts I want you to have a gear slot that lists your current items so it is easier to keep track. (Feeling more like a tabletop yet? Haha). [hider=Gear]Gear:[hider]

simply add the "/" before the last "hider"
Alrighty let's get another round up folks.
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