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Responding to @Gardevoiran

The wall exploded to Judah's left followed by the door behind him being knocked off its hinges. He instinctively covered his head with his hands and got down to one knee. Axel barked in fright and cowered next to his master. Then, out of the debris stepped some of The Community's heaviest hitters. Sonika and Xolotol. There would be no escape from this..

They informed the duo that Patriarch wanted a word with them and Judah knew it wasn't to discuss the weather. They had pissed The Community off, royally. Was there a way out? That's when Farce spoke up. At first, Judah grimaced. Not wanting to see his friend fall along with the rest of them. However, as she continued to speak, the pieces of her plan formed together in Judah's mind. She was blackmailing them into keeping her alive with Limbo. "Brilliant." He thought.

When she had finished, Judah gave Gaia a knowing look that had a twinge of sadness in it. Axel growled at the intruders, determined to tear them to pieces with a single command. To his surprise, Judah only patted Axel lovingly until the growling subsided. Then Judah directed him to Gaia with a command, "Go boy!" His canine companion hesitated for a moment, but then did as his master ordered, sitting directly at Gaia's feet. He whimpered quietly as if he knew something the others didn't, instinctively.

Judah slowly stood upright, not wanting to surprise the intruders with any sudden movements, yet. Then a thought entered Farce's mind, "Goodbye, Gaia." Suddenly, with all the emotional power he could muster, Judah released a meteor of terror directed at the two intruders. A fear that could bring even a courageous man to his knees. A fear that felt like death itself. With a strangely calm voice Judah stated, "You will have to kill me first." At the same time he drew his 1911 sidearm. With a single motion he fired at Xolotol three times before turning his attention to Sonika and unloading the rest of his magazine on her.
But then everything changed when The Community attacked.

Referring to @Platinumskink

They'd made it. It wasn't hard to find. They advertised themselves quite clearly. Good, bad-guys. Damien chuckled to himself and said aloud, "What a joke. They are actually trying to make themselves look like they are for the people. We're not falling for it." He took a long drag of his cigarette in front of the Rocker HQ. The Rockers had bounced back quite nicely after their disastrous meeting with the Protectorate. Creep had made sure of that. A fact that disgruntled Swarm. However, due to recent circumstances their original plan of destroying the Rockers was indefinitely on hold. They had much more pressing things to worry about...

With Reflections out of the picture, Swarm was looking for some new allies. Fortunately, they had found a viable canidate for the vial. That individual stood next to Swarm, they were partners of sorts. They didnt need to be friends to work together. No man was an island, even one with many personas. The Rockers would expect an attack by Swarm, but they would not expect to be met with his partner. But was attacking them what he really wanted?

Affliction's tainted blades were sheathed safely in Swarm's belt. Ready for action at any time. Many small tungsten steel balls filled an attachment as well. Perfect for throwing with telekinesis. In a backpack was his mask, to don in a moment's notice. They were ready this time for anything. But the question was, what was their goal in the first place?

The duo stepped toward the door of the HQ and entered. To anybody inside they just looked like normal civillians. Surprise was on their side.
Cicero Bladewalker

Cicero dodged with all the speed he could conjure up to the right side. He aimed to pick up a fallen cutlass that lay near a drunken sailor. If he could outpace his opponent he had a chance. He spoke back to the sword-wielding man, "Hey now! You wouldn't make mincemeat of your guest, now would you?" This was a long shot, but if he could pick up the weapon he could defend himself until Gwyn came back.
Captain Cedric D. Boone - Cannon Castle X

Responding to @Gardevoiran and @Leaves

Boone looked to Bonekid and smiled, "Thanks friend! I'm not very easy on the yes, Bawhahahahaha!" He took his clothes back and dressed himself. He was still muddy, but now he was covered. He sat down in the stands and rested. Sighing to himself. It had been a tough match, but he'd come out on top in the end.

He watched Runch decimate his foe with chess-like strategy. Taking him apart. Even when the man thought he was ahead, he was only one step behind. It culminated in the grand finale as the man bulged out like a balloon. Then Boone yelled out in congradulations, "You took him down Captain! That's the chef we need right now! Bawhahahaha!"

Feya began to do a group huddle which Cedric happily joined. Team spirit was one of the 5 basic crew groups. Or was it good groups? Regardless he wholeheartedly agreed and slammed his head into the center along with the rest of them. Then he fell over from the impact and was knocked unconscious. Apparently Feya and Bonekid's heads were much harder then he anticipated.

Talking to @Gardevoiran

Judah's eyes snapped open in the dark bedroom. He shot up to a sitting position as he gasped for air. Cold sweat covered his bed-sheets, "Another nightmare", he thought. Axel whined and nuzzled his master, attempting to comfort him. Judah hesitated for a moment as if he was unsure of what lay next to him. Then he heard the whimper of his faithful friend. Judah smiled and began to pat the German Shepard, "Sorry pal, didn't mean to scare you." Axel panted excitedly. Happy to see his master was okay.

Judah rubbed his face in his hands. The last few nights had been awful. Two more of his allies had been killed and he was indirectly responsible for their deaths. This fact weighed heavily on his soul. Even their latest addition to the team, Excaliblast, had confronted him and left as soon as she could. Healer had a panic attack the day of their battle and Judah hadn't heard from her since... The one thing that gave Mantis some solace was that Farce was alive. And with her...the lives of both Limbo and Whipstich. Even now she proceeded to gather intel from the undead Community Lieutenant. Judah wouldn't have any problems beating her to a pulp a second time, but right now they needed information.

Judah looked at his watch which said 6:24 am. He picked up his phone from the nightstand and texted Farce, "Heading over now with Axel. Put some coffee on and please be dressed this time." He didn't want a repeat of a situation that occurred awhile back regarding switching twins. Though now there was only one.

After he had packed his things in a duffel bag, Judah took off in his mustang to Farce's place. Axel sat patiently in the backseat with his seat belt on. Judah had trained him well. Axel was one of Judah's only true friends left. He stuck with him through thick and thin.

When they arrived at Farce's apartment, Judah slung his duffel bag over his shoulder and approached the door. He knocked and waited for a reply from Farce. Hopefully she was doing alright. Losing her brother a second time was an experience no one should ever have to go through. Nothing was worth Sparce's death. Nothing could bring him back now. All they could do was press on.
Reign: Kingdom Come
Chapter 4 - The Cove

Quiet and still darkness overshadowed everyone. Their awareness of time was completely removed. For all they could perceive; mere minutes, days, or even weeks could have passed. There was no way to tell. Even the perception of their fellow allies was affected. They were each alone with their thoughts for better or worse. Musings about family, life, death and trust. Then they heard something. The splashing of water in motion.

They didn't know how long it had been since they had last heard anything at all. But sure enough, the splashing continued. Then they began to become aware of a hard surface below them. Finally, their eyes opened. Before them a vast expanse of sea..and much more.
The largest dog any of them had ever seen looked out toward the sea. At least ten times the size of the Wolfborn from before. Next to it stood a cloaked figure with a staff in hand. Off in the distance they could spot a tower with a beam of light shooting outward. Around themselves they noticed both Merlin and Martyrdom were nowhere to be seen. But Lorenzo, Marque, Col and Bastian all laid nearby one another.

Suddenly, both of them turned toward the group and ran. The dog made it within seconds. The rocks shook, its paws thundering against the hard ground with each step. When it was within a few feet of the group it skidded to a stop. Just barely bumping into Lorenzo. Its tongue lapped out of its mouth in excitement. It was hard to tell whether it was happy to see fresh meat or to lay eyes on them.

After half a minute, the hooded figure made it to the group. It was apparently a man as they perceived a deep, rasping coming from him. He brushed passed everyone. Then he made his way directly to Marque and gripped both his shoulders tightly. Everyone could see a ragged, bearded, but smiling man.
From Marque's perspective, Gardevoir looked beat. Like a man who had been on the run, obviously, but more than that. The last time he had seen the man he was clean shaven and well kept. Now he had a fully grown beard, scraggly hair and a walking staff. Even still, Marque could feel the warmth emanating from his master's eyes.

Gardevoir began to speak between breaths, "Marque! Hah..I knew you had the gusto to find me!..hah..these your friends?" He gestured to them inquisitively and continued, "Your animals are safe..hah..and this one has been waiting..hah.." He glanced at Lorenzo and the enormous dog, smiling, "From the looks of it..hah..I think it's found what its been looking for.." Then he shook his head as if to snap out of a distraction and continued, "Never mind that now..hah..we must traverse this cove toward that light tower..There is no time to waste!" Gardevoir turned in a flash, his cloak flipped behind him in a whirl as he swaggered toward the light tower.

During all this time, the dog simply stared at Lorenzo and panted. After Gardevoir's introduction, it licked Lorenzo's face with a giant, wet tongue. In any other circumstance Lorenzo would be terrified of a beast this size. But something was different about this one. Something..familiar. The dog lowered itself and reached out with its paw for Lorenzo to grab onto. It continued to pant excitedly.

Upon a quick inspection of their inventories, the group would find everything that they had acquired where they had left it. Items that had been equipped at the time of their fall were laying nearby. Even Merlin's saddlebags were there.

The party would notice some of their items had underwent a slight change. The shield Col had picked up had a certain gleam about it that it didn't before. Colley's sword, which Bastian picked up, had a crimson red color that covered the entire blade excluding the hilt.
Thanks all around!
Cicero Bladewalker

Cicero flipped a table nearby toward his opponents. While they were distracted he grabbed a tanker of grog and went to smash the face of the nearest man with it in the face. He really hoped Gwyn would be coming back shortly, hopefully on the same page with the former captain.

Considering how things had gone so far he didn't expect much. But hope was one of Cicero's better traits. He never truly let it die. He hoped this sailor liked a face full of grog.
It's up! Feel free to post the thoughts of your characters during their descent into the abyss. I will be posting again shortly so if you do not manage to get a post up in time that is fine. It's a flavor thing.
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