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I like that salty sea shanty. You may hear Cicero quietly him along..

Swarm released the arrows blocked by his influence. Then he reached into his pack and donned his mask. There was no hiding it now. He spoke to Firefly, "Be ready for anything."

Suddenly Swarm heard a screeching noise. He turned to see the grinding of blades against concrete. Mist was enveloping the area rapidly. He instinctively pushed back against the mist with force. At the same time he opened his pouch containing tungsten steel balls. He grabbed a handful and threw them. His telekinesis amplified their speed into bullet-like velocities. The objects flew in a shotgun like pattern at the girl's main body form.
It is done! We can do one more round of posting then timeskip to port. There we can meet new faces. :]
Cicero Bladewalker

Cicero flinched as he watched Dalious casually murder his former first mate in cold blood. Not a man they would want to cross. Dalious thanked them for believing him and Cicero replied, "If you can promise us safe passage to the nearest port we would be very grateful. We don't know much about sailing, just tell us what to do and we will take care of it. I will take your former crew into the brig."

Cicero looked at Gwyn and nodded. Glad to see they made it out of this one alive. Then he began rounding up the rest of the crew and threw them into the brig.

After this was taken care of, Cicero took his equipment back from the Captain's cabin. He also went through Joss' pockets for any valuables, bounty papers etc. Then he took one last look at him before throwing him overboard. It wasn't the most honorable thing to do, but it was better then stinking up the ship.

Cicero glanced at the Captain, uneasy to work with their new ally. Then he quietly muttered to Gwyn, "We will definately be keeping an eye on him.." Cicero walked toward Dalious and stated, "We appreciate your help. However, I will not allow any more executions of prisoners unless absolutely necessary."
I should get something up tomorrow peeps!
Reign: Kingdom Come
Chapter 4:B - Getaway

The rest of the group ascended the hound at Col's insistence and Lorenzo's pleas. Marque bid a tearful goodbye to his master, certain he would never see him again. The grizzled playwright maintained a grim determination as he faced his foe. He held back the screeching winds with everything he had. Even in the midst of the storm, he managed to nod in acknowledgement.

The hound howled in distress, but Lorenzo soothed it with skillful hands. When it had calmed down Lorenzo directed it forward. It began to rush ahead. However, as it moved, its path took them directly toward the struggling man. Suddenly it opened its large maw, clamped down on Gardevoir's cloak, and hoisted him into the air! His eyes widened in surprise as he glanced up at the large hound. Then he began to laugh, "Mad beast! You simply couldn't let me take my final curtain with a hero's end, could you?!"

He continued to laugh bobbing from the dog's mouth as they ran along. His protective barrier still enveloped the entire group. Then the dog tossed Gardevoir into the air behind it. The man reached out with his free hand and clasped Marque's. With his pupil's assistance he settled down onto the beast's back. After catching his breath he addressed everyone, "This was my plan all along, of course." He gave Marque a knowing wink.

Afterward, he turned his attention behind them. The entity turned its head with them as they whisked past. It began to break apart into very fine grainy particles. The winds began to lift pieces of it into the air. The same consistency and shape of sand. Countless pieces ascended high into the atmosphere and blew outward. They encroached ever further. Taking up more and more sky. Then...they began to descend.

Gardevoir's face turned from surprised delight into solemn soberness. He spoke while staring into the darkening sky, "We are not out of this act yet." He took his staff and tapped different pieces of the group's equipment. Lorenzo's arrows, Bastian's sword, Col's shield, and Marque's mask. They all glowed reddish orange and emanated a very warm feeling. Physically and emotionally. "Once we reach the tower we will be safe." Up ahead their path took a turn.

Lorenzo could take one of multiple routes. Some safer, but slower and others faster, but more dangerous. He was their driver and their lives were in his hands.
I like our party so far. Thanks for everyone's patience.
Cicero Bladewalker

Cicero shielded his eyes with his sword arm before the light blinded his opponent. However, the kick from Joss battered against Cicero's weakened right leg. He fell to one knee as Joss slashed at him blindedly. The sword smashed against Cicero's own as he barely could hold it from knocking him completely onto his back. The swords grinded against each other in protest.

"I COULD USE SOME ASSISTANCE!" Cicero hollered out to his allies.

Barry looked on in horror as the walls around began to fall apart. Arrows littered the floor next to the receptionists. It was almost like his trigger event all over again.

Then in response to his dismay, Swarm reemerged. A force field surrounded himself and his ally, Firefly. Any debris, arrows or other inorganic substances would crash against a powerful wall if they entered within 5 feet of him.

Swarm began to assess the area for any enemies. To find the perpetrators of this attack against the Rockers. Apparently they were a target as well. Though this time he was not planning on taking over by force.
Sorry I've been working a bunch lately. I will try and get a post up late tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for your patience.
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