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The Principal Admiralty

Fleet Log of Cpt. Jackari Coleson

We began began work in cleansing the crop yields of our island holdings. The fungal problem was sprayed with chemicals to limit the spread. Even emissaries from Rumanaya were petitioned to help aid in the removal of it by a priest. The priest would not arrive for some time if at all. It seems like a bunch of bunk to me. Talking elephants? But sure enough they exist.

As for the pest problem, our "indentured workers" or whatever sanitized name we give them were tasked with clearing out the deadly pests with primitive weapons and nets. The larger threats were taken down by human weaponry. Rumanaya was likewise asked for help as well in this area. We'll see if it bears fruit.

The supposed demonic portal that opened on the Protectorate’s island did not go unnoticed either. The Principal Admiralty and The Protectorate were doing joint exercises at the time of the intrusion. A single destroyer with 100 regular soldiers, and 50 gene modified ones were in the vicinity. The flagship carrier the P.A.S. Jackson was called to provide aid in closing the portal. It would take time to arrive, but when it did it would unleash a hell of its own with it’s powerful cannons. Demonic or not I would not want to be on the receiving end of the 406mm cannons.
The Gaea Gate
Six months ago...
A collab between @Crusader Lord & @Dog

Within the bridge, Admiral Hayward scanned the seas from their carrier flagship, P.A.S. Jackson. The single most advanced, and capable carrier from the former United States navy before the war. Parts were salvaged, weapons repurposed, and supplies were scrounged up to make this hopefully historic voyage. Other numerous ships dotted the waves of all types and styles. They were all there for the grand opening of one thing. The Gate. It took the collaborative efforts of every capable nation to construct a theoretical portal into another world. It would now be time to see if all the sacrifices would pay off. Not that it would matter if it did not. They collectively only had about 6 months of life left on earth. If those supposed scientific masterminds with Gaea Corp. were correct, it could be their time to begin again.

The Autumn, flagship of the ‘Red U.S’, is seen out in the distance - also awaiting the Gaea corridor to open its floodgates into the new world. Flying high on the cruise ship is the United States eagle holding a hammer in its right claw and a sickle in its left claw. A red star is above the eagle with a banner hanging in between the two entities - eagle and star - with the words, E Pluribus Unum. Of course no one can actually read those words as every ship is hundreds of meters apart from each other, but it is unmistakably their red cousins from the New York metro. The whole family is here for a good ol’ reunion, albeit two distant relatives.

Before the assembled ships and fleets and peoples waiting to get in, however, the Admiral’s eyes would ultimately fall on the truly titanic structure before them all. Indeed, the gigantic structure that was “The Gate” stood like a great arch out of the ocean, its hull of gleaming metal plates, windows from various facilities actually built into it all over, and otherwise sat almost glowing in the morning sun. Yet its terrible size spoke of a level of status that it seemed to carry, a certain reverence and grand majesty that would bring so many to awe. It was a veritable and literal behemoth in structure, and in the cruel reality for Earth the final great monument to the advancements of mankind.

Yet once opened it would be suitably well defended by the Gaea Corporation at the very least, as it already had been by the simply large fleet that had been assembled about it before the other had arrived. It would be the “last shining hope of mankind” that it had been advertised as. Only some time ago they had announced the date of the ‘grand opening’, leaving time for those who had contributed to get ready to send in their initial fleets as the Gaea Corporation prepared for the start-up. Even the prepared rules of the project had been sent, informing the ‘participants’ of the gist of how things would go down. Especially regarding the company’s neutrality and neutral zones on both sides. Even a docket of potential livable locations had been sent!


A sudden hum would cut the air, breaching the very tension that seemed to build after the announcement had been made over a grand external loudspeaker system that all should prepare to go ahead as soon as it opened. No fanfare, no grand countdown, nothing of it was had. Yet before the eyes of all assembled, they would see the air under the gate’s arch begin to twist and bend and warp, before eventually a spark of light akin to that of the sun would begin to shine at the center of this spatial vortex. Slowly the light would grow, however, before suddenly collapsing outwards in a rapid spread and unleashing a blinding light.

...When said light settled, the seemingly impossible would have opened up before the Admiral and other fleets before The Gate. For what they saw was not the crisp sea air of Earth, but a different blue sky filled with clouds and seas that seemed to suddenly begin to mix within the portal and connect to Earth’s own. Even a pack of strange avians, bearing three sets of wings and long black beaks and four eyes, seemed to zip through the portal to Earth’s side with a strange spooked squawking.

Admiral Hayward's eyes widened in amazement at the colossal structure. He mouthed to himself quietly, "They were right.."

The old world nations made their way through the gate group by group. Overseen by the gatekeepers. A new day had dawned in a new world. Promises of resources, habitability and new beginnings beckoned them. What adventures would await, and could they let old rivalries lie? Only time would tell...
The Principal Admiralty

Fleet Log of Diplomatic Specialist Robert Flynn

Month 1: Exited gate. Scouted for suitable landing area. Observed sentient life with culture, class-based racial order with roughly medieval level of development. Fish a staple of sentient lizards, top of the pecking order.

Month 2: Dropped off sizable catches of deep sea fish at a border territorial island. Presumably harder to catch with lizard’s primitive boats. Came back to the same island spot a week later to make first contact with our linguist and two emissaries.

Month 3: Contact went as well as we could have hoped. These lizard folk are willing to make some form of trade with us and I believe they are appreciative of the sea-food we have acquired for them. Perhaps we can gain workers to help build our bases up.

Month 4: Entered presumed capital of lizard empire. Reminiscent of ancient Rome in certain respects. They were not altogether surprised at our arrival. Began work with resident linguists to begin communications between our people and establish trade.

Month 5: We have exchanged rough spoken language between ourselves. At this point, our linguists are able to understand and speak their language at a base level. They have proven excellent at learning our own as well. The long “ssss” are notable and hard to replicate. Trade has been agreed upon between the Lizard Emperor and Admiral Hayward. 300 guaranteed workers per month for quantities of deep sea fish. They are quite the specimens. Wolf like people and actual centaurs! They should make excellent workers. The short creatures and main lizard race we declined due to their limitations on stamina and size. I am returning home with 300 workers now to one of our claimed islands.

Month 6: More workers have been bartered for to be spread between our various holdings. If we can keep their numbers no higher than our own, perhaps we can better acclimate them to our ways and culture. Time will tell.
The Principal Admiralty

I would like to express interest.
The Kingdom of Stevata

Before the banquet...

The court of Stevata is gripped by a fevered clamour. The war has been bloody for Stevata, thousands of sons, husbands, brothers and fathers cut down in their prime, never to hold their loved ones again, and for the first time in months, there is a glimmer of peace. The peace terms offered by Komentiolos are stark, calling for no blame to be leveled, and the foothold of Komentiolos in Kavatsona maintained, but that price comes in exchange for peace, an end to the bloodshed, and yet, Oswald's court has never been more divided. There are those who call for peace, and yet there are still those who call for war. Oswald is a young king, but is determined to not be manipulated, like the newly crowned King Niklas IV has been, to the south in Altenten, and so he makes a point of giving both sides the chance to argue their case. It is the ageing nobleman, Lord Witalis Tarka that steps forward as the spokesman for peace, and that in itself is little surprise. After all, it was still early on in this bloody war that Witalis lost his first-born son, cut down storming the walls at the second Siege of Kronik, and it was only in the last couple of weeks that news reached Oswald of the lord's second son also falling at the chaotic Battle of Chersonesus. Witalis is a man who has lost much in these wars, and he argues now that Stevata should take the opportunity for peace, so that those who have already suffered can finally grieve. And besides, Komentiolos has gathered a vast army, and to try and dislodge them from their stronghold, all while guarding against the hounding of Altenten and Kalseran's armies, would surely cost tens of thousands of Stevatan lives, and drag this bloody war on for months, if not years.

The man who steps forward to call for war comes as no great surprise either. In the aftermath of the dark riders, before even the war with Dorist, what already seems like a lifetime ago, it was Lord Andrzej Mrotek who had been one of the first to call for war then. Oswald may still be inexperienced in statecraft, but Andrzej is a man who has already caught his attention more than once. A veteran of the first Siege of Kronik, more than twenty years past, Andrzej is a man driven almost to ruin by the loss of Shardvul to Dorist, his families estates torn away, and in this hardship, the lord's resentment soured, and became a bitter hatred for Dorist, and all it's people. Even now that the war is Dorist is won, and Andrzej's ancestral heritage returned, the bullish man seems to have developed a taste for bloodshed. He claims that the alliance of Komentiolos is crumbling by the day, that the atrocities in Aegyptus will drive away Kalseran, Reria and Altenten, and without it's allies fleets defending it's shores, Komentiolos will be fighting a war on a dozen fronts, and even with their vast conscript army, they will be torn apart, like a stag by a pack of wolves. Both of these lords are well-respected, and they command significant influence, so Oswald is careful to thank them both for their insight, before retreating to his personal chambers. The decision rests squarely on the King's young shoulders, and whatever path chosen, it will surely shape the fate of not just Stevata, but perhaps of Europe itself...

Hours later...
After what feels like an eternity, King Oswald exits the room. Immediately he calls the nobility to him and responds with as much grace and resolve the young king can muster, "My dear brothers and sisters of Stevata. This decision weighs heavily on my mind, but I believe that God has given me wisdom. My commands are thus; the terms listed by "Caesar of the South" are egregious and an outright travesty. After instigating the war against our allies of Khazaria, assaulting the lands of our allies at Paranas and forcibly taking them, now he graces us with his "terms?" And what are those terms? To cede our allies land to him without protest, and to not blame them for their sins in stoking the flames of war from the outset. This is not even to mention their known atrocities against their former colony Aegyptus. No. These terms will not stand...." A long pause stills the room. So quiet the sound of a pin drop could be heard. "However.." the young King continues, "I do not wish for any more of our people's blood to be shed on foreign shores, against foreign armies with foreign languages. New terms will be crafted with the agreement of our allies and the nations of the Western Alliance."

Oswald waits for some time to get an understanding of his noble's responses. His words are weighty, yet filled with the fire of passion. Whether or not they agree with his choices, his nobility knows he is looking out for their nation above all. After addressing any questions or comments from them, they are dismissed. Then he calls for a scribe.

Present day banquet Stevata...

"Indeed." King Oswald thinks to himself, "His response was not completely unpredictable. Yet, it is a travesty that more blood must be shed on behalf of a cruel dictator." He takes a sip from a golden chalice of fine red wine and sighs. After a few seconds he exclaims out loud in his banquet hall which includes leaders and delegates from most of the nations of Europe, "Even without the signature of Komentiolios, I ask that you will sign with us in the treaty outlined. And if necessary, supply us with the necessary materiel to end this war quickly and decisively. Call forth messengers to your respective leadership if they are not currently present. If they cannot aid us in this way, sign the trade agreements to increase commerce from West to East. War need not come between our two alliance blocs. Rather, trade, friendship and goodwill."
Looks like there is plenty of interest.
I'd really like to join this. I don't mind playing a smaller role.
It's been awhile since I've played a game. I'd be interested!
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