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That was a good post. We'll keep those notes I sent you in mind for future updates. I'm gonna have Cyrano haggle. "10 coppers? That's a little much..."

Judah took the spool of force fields Presido had dropped on the roof and hooked it onto his tactical belt. He began to shimmer with the bluish tint even more so. He was glad to be on a team that had his back. He would have to thank her when this was all over. To take a simple power that protected oneself and transform it into an all-around utility was quite remarkable.

Then Spindle mentioned it. That name. His true identity casually unmasked. How did she get a hold of his information? Was it a mole within the organization? It wasn't a stretch to surmise his footprint could've been traced until this point. The unspoken rule was broken then too. Judah's identity revealed on national television by the terrorist Patriarch those many years ago. Changing his cape name was one of the precautions he took after Behemoth Day, but his real name would stay with him. Serstol had made sure of that.

Now this freewheeling kidnapper was "requesting" him using his name to kneel?! Anger boiled beneath his skin and began to expand into the immediate vicinity. Unknowingly, he took an aggressive step forward. Suddenly, as if in response, a still small thought came to him, Judah, just breathe. He took a deep breath through his nose and exhaled slowly out his mouth. The oxygen flowed through him, enhancing the rational portion of his brain. The anger within him quelled like the fuse on a bomb as he began to release feelings of peace into the vicinity. Using his own sensing abilities he chose to sense those very same emotions and calmed himself.

His logic returned to him, Judah began to construct a strategy on how to deal with Spindle. It was obvious there was more cards at play here than originally thought. 4Sight revealing that one of the hostages had simply been released and went off into an alley. The girl wanted to rattle him; he would play her game. Unknowingly, she would be playing into his.

SWAT played off the step he took toward Spindle as an act of obedience by taking a knee with his other leg. At the same moment he instilled a much greater sense of cooperation and trust toward Spindle. Her desire for cooperation would increase 5x the amount previously. Seemingly connected to Judah's act of submission. In actuality, intertwined to Judah's own manipulative power that had already wormed its way into her brain. Her own abilities would be affected. Decreasing her precise control of her threads, but imbuing more destructive potential.

SWAT calmly replied to the girl, "You'll forgive me. My knees aren't what they used to be." Taking a single knee afforded Judah a much better tactical advantage while conceding to Spindle's demands. He rested his dominant hand on his belt nearby his sidearm. Just in case. She was within his effective range. Then he continued, "I'm still waiting for you to show your cooperation, Spindle. I've done as you asked. What about you?"
I have an idea for her that could bring us on the same page quicker. I'll message you Cyrania.
Cicero Bladewalker

The illusion worked and they lost their pursuer. "Very convincing Freda. You even had me fooled." He smirked at the elf. Then Dalious separated himself for a few moments and was swallowed by the crowd. Cicero glanced around and addressed Gwyn, "...I lost him.." The knight scratched his head in frustration. They would need a better vantage point to glean information from the crowd.

"Over here." Cicero led the way to a market stall selling various vegetables. He began to pick them up and inspect them individually. A certain head of lettuce apparently interested him. Cicero wasn't very good about keeping disguises. Hopefully they could stay here long enough to find Dalious and get out without the woman spotting them. Cyrano addressed stall owner, "How much for this?"
Right on. I'll get to a post in a couple days.

SWAT maintained eye contact with Spindle for the duration of her movements and replies. She took a few steps forward which meant that SWAT's powers were more effective. The closer proximity he was to his opponents the better. SWAT could sense that Spindle meant business. The kidnapper was not above killing to get her way. Cooperation was the key to their interactions. He continued releasing feelings of trust toward her. SWAT also began implanting the desire for cooperation within the woman as he replied with the megaphone, "The demands you have given the Director will take some time fulfill...I will inform him of your request directly." Then SWAT activated his comm to the team which included their director, "Director from SWAT, Spindle demands that you begin dismantling the First Guard. She claims she has taken two more hostages. Do you copy?"

He waited a couple of seconds before he got his response, "Matthew will be unavailable during active missions. Try to stall and distract while using your power to slowly neutralize the threat." Not the response he was looking for. "...copy that." He replied. They weren't giving him anything to work with. A show of solidarity or something that would confirm his word to Spindle. Lacking that, he would just make something up.

SWAT decided to continue playing the mediator. It was not Spindle vs. him. SWAT was there to work with her. At least that is what he wanted her to believe. He upped the ante of emotional manipulation. Slightly more potent waves of trust percolated through the kidnapper. SWAT also implanted the desire for her to work with him since he was apparently acquiescing to her demands.

"The Director has started the process of dismantling the First Guard. Wouldn't you show your willingness to work with him by releasing a few of your hostages as an act of good faith?"
This is fun to read and write. I wonder what may happen next..
They have seen a lot of stuff in the last few weeks haha. They are both wanted criminals. Who else can they trust?
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