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Captain Cedric D. Boone - Cannon Castle VI
replying to Kite

Boone looked on after the latest bout and nodded his head approvingly. This latest challenger looked to be of great strength. He also commanded an air of respect from his crew to the point where they even mistakingly called him "captain." Who would step up to the plate?

He didn't have to ponder long, Kite turned towards his crew and Cedric gave him a thumbs up in approval. Afterward, Kite walked up and accepted the challege. Cedric had not seen Kite in action except when he was dehydrated and hungry with the Krabbe hunters. Surely with good food and drink in his belly he would prove a worthy opponent in this game of football. "Go get em Kite!"

Let's get er done folks! :)

Responding to @AngelofOctober

Gabriel replied to Affliction's inquiry with a smile, "No. Damien doesn't think things through. He is brash and very arrogant. I don't have that problem." He put out the cigarette and did not pull out another. From the look on his face it would appear he was disgusted with them.

"Who would make a good candidate for a vial do you think? We don't want to give ours to just anybody after all. Perhaps you could make one of your YouTube videos and advertise to the most capable responder?" He asked his acquaintance.

Texting @Gardevoiran

Leaving The Questioner, Judah drove off to the villain meeting. He was late, but he'd never intended to make it anyway. He had put SpFarce in charge and gave them the authority to make decisions. Hopefully good ones.

The secret meeting had been very informative. The woman's abilities were remarkable and Judah wished he could enlist her help more often. It was sad her gifts were wasted on giving them to whoever could pay. He shook his head to himself.

As Judah got closer to his destination he contemplated his next course of action. Should he enter the meeting late and draw all attention to himself? Wait in the parking lot and see what comes from that? He went with the latter and parked a block from the meeting place. Then he texted SpFarce, How is it going? I'm about a block away parked with good info.
Captain Cedric D. Boone - Cannon Castle VI

"Woah! Soo close to victory..alas not enough. However, he put up a great fight and denied his opponent the win. There is no shame in that." Boone turned to Runch with a look of proud resignation. He crossed his arms and looked over the battlegrounds, "There is no doubt in my mind that we have what it takes to win. Let's stand fast, crews joined in unity against our common foe!" He stuck out his hand for a firm shake with the cereal captain.

Afterward he couldn't help but wonder what his helmsman as well as Runchs's ninja pirate were doing. Hopefully finding a way to get them out of their predicament. Even if they won there was no guarantee these pirates would let them go. They had all the leverage while the Red Rums had none.

Boone took another long swig of his drink. It would be his turn soon. He could feel it. Cedric eyed his custom blunderbuss and whispered, "Soon friend, soon."
Reign: Kingdom Come

Chapter 2:D - Wolfborn

Col Ward's years of training were being put to the test. Before, he had not even gotten one strike off on the wolves, when Sir Rolfe was overrun. This time would be different. As the beast violently thrashed its head with Col's shield, the aspiring knight used its own momentum against it. Col plunged his weapon at the wolf's head. His accuracy was effected by the erratic movements. Still, Col managed to violently tear through the left side of its face with cold steel. The creature released the cracked shield from its jaws, snarling in pain. It backed up from the warrior squire. Blood dripping from its face. Its left eye was slashed straight through. Col breathed heavily, his shield hardly of any more use then a block of wood at this point. His arm was sore, but not broken as far as he could tell. He clenched his weapon in hand tightly. It was apparent this beast still had a lot of fight left in it.

Marque moved with purpose to the aid of his allies. The whole time keeping an eye on the one staring him down with his flaming stick between them. The one confronted by Martyrdom eyed the burning stick warily as Marque passed. It began backing up from the flame. When Marque arrived at Lorenzo's side he watched as the crippled man struggled to claim his bow and arrows. Acting quickly, he helped the cripple retrieve them much faster. Time was of the essence.

Lorenzo attempted to gather his bow and three arrows. Being crippled slowed down his progress when Marque appeared and handed him his necessary tools. Taking them he turned to see a wolfborn snarl in pain from Col's strike. A few seconds passed as it shook its head back and forth; blood splattering to the ground. Lorenzo's arms shook in fear as he notched his arrow. The beast lunged at Col once more with a roar of anger. Injured though it be, it moved with an intensity and rage Lorenzo had never seen in an animal before. Right before it reached the tired squire Lorenzo released his arrow, aiming for the beast's leg. His years of practice helped to compensate for the shaking in his hands. The arrow pierced the hind leg of the creature. It stumbled at high speed, knocking Col aside as it tumbled directly into a tree. It crashed with a sickening crunch. Then it was silent.

Meanwhile Martyrdom ran after the retreating wolf and went to sink his teeth into it. Unfortunately, the beast was much too strong and fast for the amateur hunting hound. The wolfborn knocked the dog with a headbutt and sank its teeth into Martydom's back. He howled in pain. But before the wolf could put him down, Bastian rushed the beast's opposite side with a ferocity that matched the wolfborn itself. He plunged his knife into its side with great force. The wolf jerked away in pain, letting the dog loose from its jaws as blood gushed from its second wound.

Favian watched his allies fight for their lives as he attempted to get out of his sleeping bag. Suddenly, the wolf that was held at bay by Marque's flame no longer had any obstacle. It sniffed the air and turned to Favian with a glint in its eye as if it had found something significant. Running at full speed it grasped the sleeping bag Favian was in with its jaws. It began pulling the poor bard with great strength and speed away from the campsite. By the time anyone noticed it was too late. They could only hear the screams of their ally as he was dragged off into the night.
I've decided to continue on without Angel for now. Perhaps he will return in the future. Sorry about the delay guys. I will post for us and get it rolling Friday. Thanks for everyone's patience.

Swarm listened to The Broker's response. 10,000 per vial for each group. Not bad considering Swarm had not technically joined an "official villain group" yet. Reflections could purchase one and Swarm another. That would put two vials in their hands.

Damien stared down Broker for a few moments, exhaling his cigarette slowly when his alter ego Gabriel took over. He removed the cigarette from his mouth and his demeanor completely changed. What was arrogant and brash before became calm and soothing."My apologies, in your timing we will purchase a vial." His voice had no air of superiority, but that of an oily businessman. He returned to his seat and gave Affliction a nod as he sat down.

When Benito took the vial, Swarm blacked out along with the others. When he came to he thought, "Those vials are legitimate. We have to acquire them."
Captain Cedric D. Boone - Cannon Castle V
Responding to @Gardevoiran

Matches went by as Cedric drank his fair share next to Runch's very own drunken doctor. The man seemed to have an endless supply of liquor on him. They took turns taking swigs from the bottle as they watched Slick defeat launcher, and the powerful lion man wreck his opponent through stone walls! "DID YOU SEE THAT HIT!?"

Finally it was time to watch his very own first mate take up his imaginary friend sword and fight the swordlady. "Give her a taste of what the Red Rum pirates can do!" He yelled out to Bonekid.

The match went on with much back and forth hits that kept Cedric on the edge of his seat. He even forget to drink for the duration of it he was so focused. Finally, "HONOR STRIKE!!" And the woman collapsed!


Cedric scooped up his first mate from the lower stands and began tossing him into the air and catching him repeatedly, "Bawhahahaha! The boney skamp did it! He took it to that swordlady!" After a couple more seconds of jarring throws, Boone finally settled down and placed Bonekid on the seat next to him.

He did seem pretty tuckered out. Rest would be good for everyone after this day was done. Cedric could only wonder who would go next after that intense match. He eyed the remaining crew of their opponents. Who would it be next? And who would Cedric face?
@Angelofoctober waiting on you bro.
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