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@Xandrya I'm assuming this is in the same general area as Farce and Mantis, correct?
Captain Cedric D. Boone - Krabbe Battle! VII

Captain Cedric watched as Violet disappeared and once again was perplexed. Even the blood went away! That's when Dirk ascended the stairs explaining to Boone his intentions.Cedric followed after him at a brisk pace. He was hearing a lot of noise including something about the "Shrimp". If his postulating was correct, the Shrimp Brigade would be above.

When Cedric arrived he was baffled to see the abomination that was the Shrimp Brigade's transformation. Boone could barely speak, "Wa-wa..WHAT IS THAT?!" He stared for a few more moments and then noticed his other crewmembers scurrying about with a plan he was unaware of.

That's when Boone sprung into action. Their captain yelled out, "I'll provide covering fire!" as he began to run towards the upper parts of the ship away from the monstrosity. After all, Slick had already started to burn the area and he didn't intend to let himself be caught ablaze. After climbing, he aimed his blunderbuss and fired a, "PIERCING SHOT!" at his opponent's head with the intention of blinding the abomination.
Judah Raines - Judah's House

Judah texted Zach the basic information Gaia had given him. He ended with Meet us at **** a few blocks away from the warehouse ASAP

Then Judah went to his room to change. He donned his uniform from his feet all the way to his shoulders. He took his submachinegun out of the wall safe attaching his silencer. He grabbed a couple of magazines, tear gas canisters and a single flashbang grenade while holstering his sidearm with his free hand. Then Judah slung the MP5 over his shoulder and carried his helmet under his arm. He was ready for this. Anything that could give them a tactical advantage over The Community was worth the risk in Judah's mind. Potential weapons, ammo and cash was just what they needed. His combat boots thudded against the wooden flooring as he made his way back into the kitchen. Seeing Gaia, he asked, "Are we all set?"

If Gaia gave an affirmative Judah would call to Axel, "Come." His loyal companion immediately obeyed, following Judah into the Garage where his mustang was parked. He stored his MP5 in the trunk inside a case as well as his helmet. Then he got into the driver's side as Axel took his spot in the back seat.

Once Gaia climbed in Judah would turn to her and comment, "I hope this contact of yours is reliable. Otherwise, we could just be beating up a bunch of warehouse workers." Judah grimaced at the thought. One time was one too many. They didn't need to revisit that blunder again..

Then he pressed the garage opener and headed out towards their destination under the cover of night. Ever aware of their surroundings Judah decided it would be best to focus on their mission rather then getting sidetracked by the hundreds of potential problems they could help with. It became overwhelming sometimes to an empath. So Judah cut off his power for a little while. "Ah..sweet release," he thought to himself.

After some time, Judah parked at the destination that he had given to Zach. Not but a few blocks from the warehouse in a kind of strip mall looking area. It was lit by various light poles and the many shops that lined the strip. A few of the more shady ones remained open.

While sensing the area with his ability he asked Gaia, "You think Zach will find a ride? I don't even know if he has his license yet...Hahahahahahaha!" Judah laughed for about ten seconds until he finally brought his head to rest on the top of the steering wheel. This was the life. His own team fighting crime to make the city of Denver a better place. They didn't need badges, fancy titles or even public recognition. No. The knowledge that Denver was a little safer, a little more prosperous was all the reward Judah wanted. Not being ordered around was the icing on the cake.
@Xandrya I will post today having Judah head over near the warehouse they plan on entering. He will get there early and be sitting in his mustang. You could have Healer riding her motorcycle nearby on her way somewhere. Some thug tries to beat healer to rob her or someone nearby. Judah gets out to help, but she already takes him out. We can figure it out from there. Does she know self defense? [Edit] You could have her drive by golf club a bad guy Akira style.
@Xandrya I think that would best. Getting @Banana involved would make things easier. He has a mission Lethal Force is currently going on. We could have a way to rendezvous with Healer on the way there. She did just pick up that device from the shop. Maybe that could play a part in finding them. Does she ride a motorcycle?
Judah Raines - Judah's House

Judah shrugged when Gaia declined his offer. He set one on the counter next to Gaia and popped open his mango Snapple. He began reading the notebook as he leaned on the counter taking a sip of his delicious beverage. He glanced at the "real fact" on the lid of his drink as he read aloud, "Mosquitoes are attracted to people who just ate bananas.." He smirked, "I wonder who gets paid to pick these." Then he turned back to the notebook.

When he was finished he turned to Gaia to reply, "It couldn't hurt to check out. Taking off work and being cooped up inside has made Axel and I stir crazy. Isn't that right, boy?" As Judah spoke, Axel jumped with excitement. He ran over to him and pressed his face against Judah's hands as his master scratched him affectionately. He looked back at Gaia saying, "We should contact Zach to meet us at this warehouse."
Judah Raines - Judah's House

As Gaia descended the stairs, Axel looked up from a tennis ball he was playing with and almost grinned. He immediately bounded over to her and attempted to lick her face. Out of the two new visiters Axel had met, the one with the long hair seemed to enjoy his company more. The other was more reserved and didn't pet him nearly enough.

From the basement, though the door was closed, repeated dull thuds and the jingle of a chain could be heard. Passionate emotions eminated toward the top of the stairs. Anger, pain and rage. Though it had been a few days since their run in with The Community, Judah was still dealing with Troll's powers. She had pulled out the baggage Judah had tried so hard to bury and avoid. He was not very good with dealing with it and his only avenue of release was through physical activity. Notibly, beating the tar out of his punching bag. Axel wisely avoided Judah when he got like this.

A few minutes went by. Then there was a pause in the noise. The air started to feel more calm. Gaia would hear footsteps as Judah ascended the stairs to the main floor. The door opened revealing Judah drenched in sweat with his workout clothes. The Nike logo could be seen on most of his outfit, including his gloves. He nodded toward Gaia as Axel gave a friendly bark, Judah smiled and made his way over to the garage to store his gloves. When he returned he opened up the fridge and took out two snapples. Mango and strawberry. "Take your pick," he offered to Gaia.

Gabriel/Swarm - Minutemen "Headquarters"

Gabriel smiled at Gamer and replied, "They have done myself and my associates an incredible disservice. We would not come to you if we did not believe you and your elite team were up to the task." At his mention of the team being "elite", Damien couldn't contain himself and burst out laughing in their mind, "HAHAHAHAHA!! GOOD ONE GABE!."

He smiled broadly revealing rows of the whitest teeth you'd ever seen, "If you do this for us, you will be handsomely rewarded. Even more then what I'm offering now. I promise." Even though it almost seemed impossible, Gabriel's grin grew even wider.
@XandryaHey, welcome to CoD. Hope you enjoy it. It's been a lot of fun for me. I post as the characters Swarm and Mantis. Currently my character heads the team of Lethal Force and your character (at ProPro's observation) would fit right in that group. Anti-hero, grey morality, etc. If interested in joining up we would be more then happy having another member to take the bad guys down!
Captain Cedric D. Boone - Krabbe Battle! VI

The shots from Violet's pistols came directly for the Captain whizzing through the air. Fortunately, Cedric figured the man wouldn't go without a fight. He raised his blunderbuss as he sidestepped, going for deflection. Then he charged Violet jumping over the precious rum as he did so. That's when he saw the pistol split apart and create another.

He thought to himself, "A devil fruit user that splits things into multiples. With allies that utilize perfect teamwork..that disappear.." The wheels in Cedric's head were working overtime as he lunged Violet with his bayonet. He aimed to run him through his chest. The force and momentum of his bayonet could puncture decent armor. His strength coupled with the weapons quality made for a deadly close-range combination.

That's when he finally put the pieces together. It was simple really. Why hadn't he figured it out before? He yelled out at the top of his lungs in amazement, "THINK OF ALL THE RUM HE COULD MAKE FOR US DIRK!!"
Judah Raines - Alleyway

Judah continued to record and then Zach smashed the television into the pavement. Limbo made a comment and disappeared somewhere. Judah tried to record her. At the same time, he felt Zach's pain and a slight unease. Then he claimed the woman would not die. Zach's tone gave the impression he was unsure of the statement. Judah turned his camera off and scratched his head in frustration, "Zach..that woman may be dead now. I realize it was painful, but we have no more leads."

He took a long look at the situation. Seeing SpFarce kneeling in shock, he walked over. Then tried to comfort them by putting his hand on their shoulder, quietly stating, "She's a monster and I'm sorry. We have to go now though. There will be time to reflect later. And I promise all of you," He said as he looked back to Zach, "We will bring these degenerates to justice." Then he smiled, "Our justice."

The emotional overload that they experienced had taken a toll on Lethal Force's mental stability. Judah was especially effected, being able to feel the other's as well as his own emotions. The only way he was able to compose himself was because of his powers. The "justice" he was referring to now was not a virtue to uphold, but a desire to get even. He wanted to get The Community back ten-fold..he just didn't have the manpower, resources or training to even attempt that at the moment.

Judah stood up and waved the group toward himself, "Let's head back to the apartment and help the twins get their stuff out of there. That place has been compromised. We have to bring them someplace else." Then he whispered when they got closer, "We need to take different vehicles and make sure we lose Limbo. If she finds out where we live too.." he trailed off, "We can't let that happen."

Then Judah began heading back toward the twin's apartment. He helped anyone walk if required and quietly whispered to the Twin's when they saw the vandalism done to the place, "You two can crash at my place until we figure this thing out. Don't worry it'll work out." He smiled at them as genuine as he could considering the circumstances.

Gabriel/Swarm - Minutemen "Headquarters"

Gabriel sat down in the chair provided and watched as the woman left. He waited patiently as Kyoshi had a slight outburst. Then Rend tried to calm the situation down and redirect attention to their guest.

Gabriel, smiled after having their attention and stood up, "Thank you. My name is Gabriel. I represent a group of business associates. We have recently been having problems with a criminal gang calling themselves The Rockers." He waited for them give the affirmative that The Minutemen knew of the group. He continued, "We would like you to bring their leaders to justice. Specifically, the parahumans named Ceramix, and Shatterpoint."

He paused for a moment to let all the information sink in. Gabriel had what many would call a silver tongue. Gabriel spoke as if everyone around him was the focus of all his attention. He looked directly into their eyes, gave the appropriate body language and gestured at all the right moments. His smile was completely genuine. Gabriel would make an excellent politician.

He continued, "My benefactors and I realize you are a very busy and sought after group." Gabriel was very proficient in the art of flattery among his other skills, "I hope we can..persuade you to take up this job with all your attention and resources. It would mean everything to us."

He set his suitcase on a table, unlocked it with a key, and opened it up. Inside was filled with cold hard cash. The Minutemen would find when it was fully counted, it would equal 50,000 dollars. Gabriel smiled and said, "There's more where that comes from when the job is done."
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