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9 mos ago
Current Man I forgot this website, had so much fine here. Guess we peek around
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4 yrs ago
When you get back to this site after like 2 years cause Covid took away all RP you could have IRL :(
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5 yrs ago
Fine by me mouse, fine by me
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5 yrs ago
Hmmm.. School be like, no sleep for ya
5 yrs ago
Good luck peeps who still need to sleep. Imma go and head to school soon :(.. Welp wish me luck


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Hey, sorry hate doing this but shit hit the fan, haven't even really had time to do anything, so post is taking a bit longer than I had hoped
Sorry going to be one more day, had something come up today and really need to hit the hay cause I have to get up super early
I'll have a post up somewhere tomorrow or Thursday, sorry bit of a busy period for me since I'm switching jobs
New post is up! @twannyman I took some liberties with the accommodations, let me know if they look alright!

All good! Seems solid
Sorry for keeping the posts so short, should get better once the rust is gone

Captain Roderic Thorne

Roderic smiled at the mention of a fief, however, that was only externally, internally a heavy debate was going on. It all felt a bit too easy, just to kidnap somebody's wife. Maybe the situation for the court wasn’t as favorable as the Queen would wish to project externally. Luckily the Captain had a man in hand for this. Loyal and discreet, perhaps he should visit the court soon.

“While I might be the Captain, I don’t make it a habit to decide on our contracts by myself, therefore, I shall discuss this with the others. You shall hear of my answer before you leave. I’ll have some men prepare accommodations for you.”

With that Roderic stood up, clearly already thinking about the proposal. Currently, he felt that he had a lack of information, however, kidnapping a Duke's wife just for a fief was attractive. Shortly after Roderic would shout at a few men, basically making them prepare accommodations for the Princess. With that starting a few officers made their way to the tent to discuss the proposal.

Hey sorry failed to mention this before but I'm away for the week and writing from my phone is truly horrendous, so ill have my next post up Monday

Captain Roderic Thorne

Roderic smiled at the notion of tea. He'd get up and grab what seemed to be a neatly decorated wooden box, as he opened it the aroma of fresh tea leaves covered the tent. Roderic took out some tea leaves, a boiling pot of water, and a slightly large brewing pot. In went the leaves and the boiling water. Afterwards, Roderic would lightly blow on the leaves, this would drop some of the ingredients and allow for a more spread-out flavour. Roderic then grabbed a cup and poured the princess a cup. This entire process might have been a bit odd, a mercenary brewing tea like this?

Anyhow Roderic turned towards the princess.
“My mother worries for the future of Arrowfell. There are those that dream of plunging it back to the warring states it used to be. House Corrin is one of those people.” -Azalea
"You seem to misunderstand that as sellsword an era of warring states is great for business so purely coin isn't going to be enough. You mention any reasonable rewards does that include a fief?"

As the guards grab their daggers Roderic puts his hand on his blade, however, he does not draw as he sees them cut a purse. "Hmm an enticing offer, we shall consider it, however, as I mentioned we'd like to have a fief included in the deal." Roderic smiled, not giving a definitive answer as of yet. He know the situation and was not sure yet who he would like to be employed by. "If you wish you can stay the night here, we can make accommodations."

I'll get my next post up tomorrow
Keepin em short to get some progress going.

On another note are there any plans to create a discord server or something?
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