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2 mos ago
Current Been 5 years since I posted a status!
5 yrs ago
It's a Chuck Palahniuk quotes kinda night.
6 yrs ago
... Something new
7 yrs ago
I'm so Fuckin' broken...


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Dark Cloud 12 mos ago
The darkness of my clouds will blot out the...darkness of your...light? Fuck that makes no sense lol.
Mistiel 5 yrs ago
I just don't like the "likes/dislikes" concept; hence why I kept mine brief. It's a weetle bit immersion breaking in my opinion.
Fallenreaper 6 yrs ago
*peers and pokes gently* Oi, you alive? I hope so. XD
Billsomething 6 yrs ago
the king spot has been reserved for you
CandiBarr 7 yrs ago
We at the Tavern miss you. I hope you are well.
timelord1101 7 yrs ago
I have no idea what happened there. xD I was trying to say "Hey."
timelord1101 7 yrs ago
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