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Current Guess who's back? Back again. *rapping Eminem* Ohh I love him. Anyways, replies coming.
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9 yrs ago
I'll be away till Sunday, stuffing my face with traditional turkey and cornbread dressing, pretending to enjoy the company of my family members whom I never see other than holidays.
9 yrs ago
That awkward moment when you send the wrong emoji and you can't take it back.
9 yrs ago
I knew he was still alive. Yay!
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I just googled "funny fart gif" and I am not ashamed. The results were extremely humorous.


Howdy Y'all!

Here are some gifs that describe me...or ones that I just simply enjoy.

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Hello everyone!

I'm sorry for the rash request but I have moved on from role-playing and would like to request that all of my content, posts, messages, and account be permanently deleted.

I'm sad to go and had a fun trip done memory lane reading some old posts. Would a kind mod please delete my account? I wish everyone the best in wherever life takes you.

Thank you,
Back from holiday fun. What did I miss?
Haha it seems everyone is back from the holidays. I hope it was a great one for y'all.
I promise to get a reply in later tonight.
I'll be out of town till Sunday for Thanksgiving. I'll have phone access but I doubt I'll be able to get an IC post in until I get back. Just a heads up.
I'm going out of town tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I won't have computer access again till Sunday, but will have my phone. I am part of the medicine group, and owe @Exit a response for his post. If y'all don't want to wait, feel free to god-mod my character for the journey to the pharmacy. I will catch up with a good post once y'all arrive.

Something always fun happens when there are drugs involved right?
It's ok. I attempted to keep up. :)

Just a heads up, I'm going out of town for Thanksgiving and won't be back till Sunday. I'll have phone access for sure, but it's unlikely I'll be able to post IC. I might find the time, or attempt to reply from my phone. Either way, I'm just letting y'all know.

Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate.

In the land of Gods and , I was an living in the Garden of

Just off the A21, east of Tregaron

With an experienced hand, the brunette pulled the plunger of the syringe. Steadily, her medicine flowed through the needle and in to her vein. With a sharp intake of one deep breathe, the effects were almost instantaneous. Everything was fine and the world was beautiful. The delicate female laid back gently against a blanket of warm fur, relishing the electrifying tickle as the soft bristles of bestiality connected with her naked skin. The feeling was soft, sensual, impeccably perfect. Perfect. The word didn't do justice to how she truly felt as the high continued to build. A cold wet nose pressed against her forehead, and the lady opened her eyes for the first time since the drug had entered her system.

Nukpana was surrounded by wolves, her familiar pack mates. Emerald lanterns glowed in reflection of the full moon that cast a ghastly glow over the hilly, forested terrain as she lovingly reached out to each furry body that she could touch. These beasts, her only family, beautiful creatures of the nights, were the largest of the Wasteland. Top Dogs. Alpha creatures. Even the crawlers were intimidated by them in numbers. Some lay with her, others watched to protect her from anything that dared interrupt her moment of bliss. She felt as if every inch of her mind and body were being massaged by the love of her life. Her only love. The muscular build of a young she-wolf pressed against her naked body and a sigh of contempt left her soft lips as the last wave of worry escaped her mind. Everything is fine. Life is beautiful.

Clouds moved deftly over the moon, darkening the forest clearing where the family lay, but Nukpana's senses couldn't be tamed. The rain drops begin to fall and in each one she saw the reflection of everyone around her and as the drizzle increased the reflections included any and all of the interactions of her past. Humanity was beautiful. Beasts and all of God's creations were beautiful. Hell, crawlers were even beautiful. An intense rush of pleasure and euphoria surged throughout her entire body followed by several hours wrapped in a warm blanket of fur with no pain, no worries, and no inhibition. No regrets. Gone were the memories of the apocalypse and the debts of deeds committed for survival. The deep hatred for humans, men...man...that haunted her soul dissipated into nothing but love and peace. Heroin is a wonder drug. Heroin is better than everything else. Heroin makes me who I wish I was. Heroin makes life worth living. Heroin is better than everything else.

I need heroin to feel normal.

I need heroin...

I don’t love anymore....

Heroin is gone.
Her lover was dead. Peace and love were instantly replaced by repulsion and aggression. Memories flooded in, vengeance clouded her mind. Hate consumed her. Nukpana sat quickly, ignoring the inner goddess who fell miserably into a deep pit. To be lost. To be forgotten. To be ignored until she could score again. This is the fucking apocalypse. A Wasteland. Nobody in their right mind should feel normal. What is normal? I am not normal.

I am sick.

Sick. She began to hurl from the overwhelming resentment. A sweaty palm wiped the saliva and remnants of a former meal away from her chapped lips. Shaking with cold, Nukpana drew her knees to her chest. And for awhile, her friends the wolves surrounded to comfort her, providing warmth, protection, things that had never been offered to her by Man. Well there was that one Man. Heroin. Her only true love. His murder replayed over and over like a broken record, souring her mood further more. Then, slowly, she dressed. Clean underwear and a bra first, followed by a pair of dirty old jeans. Routinely, she strapped the Kevlar vest to her curvaceous bodice, consuming any femininity that showed. Lastly, she dressed in a crocheted sweater that she had personally crafted just a week ago. She hid her war scythe within a protective pouch that attached to the waist of her kevlar vest so her weapon would be hidden from plain sight yet easily accessible if she needed it.

Daylight peaked over the horizon. Nukpana walked to the small spring, and doused her whole head after drinking her fill. But nothing could quench her thirst. She was hungry for heroin. She was hungry for blood. She was hungry for revenge. Her family slowly retreated as she said a silent goodbye that only they could understand. They would stay hidden among the protective terrain of the forest while she ventured west towards the remnants of Tregaron. She walked away from the tall trees towards the main route, A21, her emerald eyes dancing in weary anticipation for what the journey had in store. She placed on her final appearance assets, the red and black customized rebreather, followed by goggles and a hat.

Her only goal was to attempt to quench as least some of her thirsts.
*feeling inadequate*

I thought this was casual...
Y'all and your lengthy posts...smh.


Call me impatient.
@MivuliWhen I read your CS, I automatically assumed you would be the first human interaction of hers. Great minds think alike. As for the crush...well we shall see what happens. ^_^
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