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Current Had to google who won the super bowl. I guess congrats to the Cheifs on their second superbowl win. Go sports ball? I'm just waiting for MLB spring training
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Always remember you’re unique, just like everyone else.
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I get that. Roleplaying is my escape from the hell my life has been. PM me if you ever need to talk. That goes for anyone on the site tbh
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since theres still a bunch of peeps online, if anyone wants to join a laid back RP with some incrdible writers -> roleplayerguild.com/posts/3…
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yeah dude, i remember reading it all about 2 years after I joined, i keep it bookmarked for when new stuff gets added. it definitely helped me
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Hallo, bio update time!

Caucasian, Female, mid-20's.
I speak English, German, Russian, French, and still learning all 4 and more.
My favorite color is like a teal green?
My music taste is all over the place.
My good friend @Symstar99 introduced me to this place, and I love it so much, I keep coming back.

I'm into pretty much any role-play, I prefer 1x1 or small group but can also do large group/open. I love apocalyptic, supernatural, Sci-Fi, love and romance.

If you want to know anything or just wannna talk or RP, I'm just a PM away. ^_^

Co-GM: The Tavern
Co-GM: Age of Darkness: Despair of the Golden Goddess

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@Fancy Party

Continuity here makes about as much sense as the Mad Hatters writing desk. As long as it's not too crazy. Y'all know the rules lmao
Bear in mind, my post was just for fun. If you don’t wish to interact, none of it is imperative. It’s more like mini side stories or dialogue and such.

I loved it! Thank you. Ruka is adorable and I love how you write them together.
Coming down the stairs and striding towards the young woman's table, Alex tuned out the chatter and commotion seemingly coming from all directions. Too much noise. The place was full of people, conversations, and fighting. It seems that this young woman was lost in her own thoughts. As Alex and her companion approached her, the surprise in her demeanor was apparent. Alex noticed the teacup she was holding. Understandably, as most establishments don't carry vampyre friendly refreshments, she was sipping on tea, or rather holding it for show. Still confused, Alex sat where she was placed and watched as this ridiculous exchange between the young woman and what Alex determined to be some sort of proprietor of the tavern, took place.

The woman remained seated for the exchange, but the temperature change in the air surrounding them was apparent. She was less than pleased. The teacup was discarded to its saucer in an exasperated manner.

As the young woman made a move to stand up, a young blonde boy appeared next to the table, with a jar of... fairies? Who is this guy? He stood there holding the jar, and Alex couldn't help but stifle a giggle. "I don’t know if this will help, but it’s all I have to offer. If not is there anything I can do for you?"

Just then, the young woman seemed to explode with barely restrained rage. "This is my table." She stood up from her chair and tore her hood off to reveal a small, almost perfect face, delicately framed by golden and chocolate brown hair. "Kindly, leave me be." She stood an almost threatening way, looking between Alex and the blonde boy fervently.

She was obviously out of her element. On one hand, Alex felt for the poor dear. Her personal space was invaded. Understandable. But something about her reeked arrogance and anger, at the thought of people bothering her at all. Why is she even here? Pretending to drink tea of all things.

Almost unnoticeable, if Alex wasn't looking directly at her furrowed brow, a perturbed look crossed her face. The slight scrunch of her nose and smoothing of her forehead lasted for all of a second before she stated, "I can't help you."

Alex pulled her eyebrows tight and narrowed her eyes. She knew any vampyre worth their salt could smell the infection starting in the wound. That's what the face was for, she did smell it. Alex placed her palms on the table and stood up on unsteady legs. Leaning slightly across the table, just far enough to let her blood-stained braid fall over her shoulder, she whispered, just loud enough for only the 2 people close to her, "No need. I wouldn't accept help from an arrogant leech such as you anyway." She turned to the blue-clad boy beside her. "You, boy. Go to the man at the bar and ask him to get you garlic, onion, a bottle or something strong and some clean cloth. Got that?"

She turned on her heels and made her way up the stairs to return to the door she came from, asumming it was her room. Turning back, she called to the Hylian, "And boy, bring a knife. And a strong stomach."

@Pasion Pasiva

@Zmija Sebastian Haha don't worry! I'm sure you will get pulled into the action soon enough, nobody is afe from chaos
Exciting, refreshed, nubile.
I love that everyone thinks Krin is the bartender now xD @Dark Cloud
@MrCellophane ha, dont worry about the table. it'll probably fix itself ;)

Oh yeah, definitely thanks for the clarification. I feel a bit better ha. im excited to see how he interacts with the rest of the happenings in the tavern
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