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I am Master Link, the Champion and Hero of Hyrule. I aim to always protect the princess and keep the kingdom safe from evil.

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Having a chuckle when asked to not answer that, he couldn't hold back much longer, "Well, hate to say it, kinda does look like you do." Ruli says holding back laughter. While walking closer but slowly, he leans downward not to be seen, knowing that they are likely armed, and so is he, he carefully looks around the barrel to see if anyone is on the other side and if it's free. "Look, not gonna lie, I think you need help but I'll need your trust for this, and I'll make it simple. I'm going to push the barrel over and face it away from me. There's no one there and you can hope.." he stops trying not to laugh more...."fully get your way out of this situation on your own, but at least gravity won't be working against you this time."

Inching closer but on his knees to be far low against the barrel so the two do not need to meet or come close to each other for reaching distance, he grabs the bottom of the barrel and gently leans it forward against the slight hill it was against, for it to not be jarring to the person inside, and slowly rolls it around to face it away from him, leaving only the bottom of the barrel facing him. He stays low to the ground but backs up. "Just letting you know I'm backing away from the barrel. I still don't know who you are and while this is funny and all, I'm still being cautious." he says but also warns, while putting his dagger back in its sheath, but only his palm rests on the handle, to at least show he isn't intending to be a threat, he just doesn't know quite what happened or what it was they were even attempting to do. But still nervously chuckling despite the situation. @Vertigo
Link decides his time here has come to an end and decides it's time to move on. He's waited on someone who tasked him but got no response, he's done things for others, but he really should be on vacation and enjoying his time off from the battle with Ganon and looks around and has determined that he needs to go. He looks back at the crowed and wishes this wasn't the case, but at the same time, can't help but feel out of place and slowly walks to the door, looks down at the floor, turns the knob and opens it while slowly walking through the door.

"I would have chosen to stay, but unfortunately sometimes moving on is the best option to better myself and keep my head clear." he thinks to himself and continues to head towards the back and go to his horse and mounts upon it's back and feeds it some food one more time before galloping into the distance. "Maybe someday I will return." he says to himself, rather upset with how recent events turned out.
Hearing the loud crash outside, Ruli decides between grabbing his bow or dagger, but because it sounded so close he grabs his dagger instead, in case he needs it. Opening the door slowly, not to make a noise, he peaks his head outside and looks around, head wandering slowly but his eyes moving fast as he scopes things out.

Proceeding to walk out the door while his hand gently rests on the handle of his dagger, he looks around his home, and notices a Cucco going nuts over a barrel and slowly begins to investigate as it did sounds as if this was the area he heard the noise. Walking up to the barrel he spots someone inside looking like they just had just lost the war with gravity. Not feeling quite an intense urge of needing to fear this person but more mystified in how they got in this situation, "Do I dare ask what, how, and why you ended up in this mess?" he asks, with a slight chuckle that he tries to hide, still rather amused, he does offer assistance. "Would you like some help?" he asks as Ruli doesn't feel this person to be a threat at the current moment, or at least, until they manage to get out of the barrel, then he'll reassess.
Walking into Kakariko village after a long day of hunting to gather food for his personal supply in his home, he passes Wern on his way in while holding a net full of recently acquired assortment of meats and vegetables. "Long night?" Ruli asks. @dark cloud "It's certainly been that way for me." he continues while he noticed his flinch at the sound of an owl while walking into the village.

"I think you could use a bite to eat." he suggests, handing him a small serving of some recently fried Fish that he gathered and cooked, but didn't eat as he wasn't hungry anymore but kept it as a left over, not really needing it. Leaning against a nearby post he looks around, with his hand scratching his beard as if trying to get rid of an itch of a thousand years in one go. "I hope the food serves you well and that the night remains calm for us." he says, as he continues to head back to his home to sleep for the night as he carries his bag of food. Ruli plans to donate some of it to those in need and to the local shop as he collected far more than he intended today, but for the time being puts it in his freezer box that he built in his home to keep it good till the morning as the ice in the box is still cold and solid.
@fancy party

"Thank you!" he says with excitement as his food becomes such a hit despite coming up with it last second. Answering Ruka's question, "I do know a princess, her name is Zelda and she's amazing, she's very powerful, in fact we both stood up to such a bad enemy we took him down together." he says, in a storytelling mode, while summarizing what they both had actually gotten through as champion and hero. In fact, he's hiding the fact while at the tavern that to Hyrule he's known as the champion and hero, because of what he's done, as he doesn't want to make much of a deal about it, but is enjoying the vacation from all of the excitement going on back home.

"So, what brings you both here?" Link asks, looking upstairs at Alex to ensure she's still ok though she's been quiet for some time now. Looking back at Salvador, "I don't get out of Hyrule much, in fact this is actually my first time out of my kingdom, and not familiar with anyone here, so much to take in, yet.....I can't help but be fascinated." he exclaims.

Realizing he still actually had a bottle in his hand that he forgot he had, he takes another sip of the strong beverage, as he begins to relax and take in the scenery that unfolds around him, but enjoying his own candied apple as well as he nearly finishes it.
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"It's quite alright, I haven't actually eaten yet myself and I probably should, but I love to cook so to me it's really nothing. In fact, I might actually make myself something as well." he says to them while standing upright with a stature that is clearly that of a knight, but also one of someone who has a heart that enjoys seeing his meal devoured fast, and a slight smile is seen from his lips, which isn't often to see from him.

"Money isn't a concern for me, in Hyrule I've collected so many Rupees on my quests that I kind of need a bank account I think." he jokes, but isn't one known to make jokes, so he has a nervous laughter that follows as he knows he doesn't actually have it all on him at once, most of it is in his home in Hateno village. "Perhaps I might have something you could do to repay me" he says. Nervously and unrelated to being repaid he leans towards Salvador and asks him what exactly a candied Apple is as they do not have such a thing in Hyrule, but he has an idea based on the name, but isn't sure what the taste should quite be. After learning what it is, he has an idea based on what he saw in the kitchen, but it might take some time to perfect. Hearing Ruka burp in the conversation made him giggle a little, another trait Link isn't quite known for, but because in his culture, that is a compliment to the chef, and not something to apologize about, but understands that it's not the same in all cultures, but to him it was the compliment he liked to hear.

Heading back to the kitchen area looking to make sure no one is in there and no one notices, not to be sneaky but because he really does enjoy the aspect of cooking and experimenting and want so to try making a candied Apple for the first time.

Looking around in cabinets and in their freezer box to look for anything he can use to come up with the flavor described to him, he does find some Apples, and proceeds to lightly bake them. He knows that candied Apple's aren't baked but he has an idea to try lightly baking it so it has a slight crispness to the outer shell without affecting the taste inside the Apple. Then he finds sugar and corn syrup, and even some food coloring to make it more vibrant for them as the baking to the Apple dulled the color slightly. Humming to himself as he works his magic mixing the ingredients together, he takes a wooden stick in one apple and dips it into the mix, and slowly pulls it out, spinning it to keep the coating on as it dries, then places it on a plate. He does the same process to the second apple, and then a third Apple for himself as he is mildly curious. On his Apple he takes a quick taste test and the sweet flavor fills his mouth as a tingling feeling goes down his body. "Oh wow, this is something else, I need to make this when I see the princess again, I think she would love this!" he says slightly out loud, looking around to see if anyone heard him.

Heading out of the kitchen and back to the table, he hands them both the candied Apple that he came up with. "Since I have yet to eat something myself, and I have never had one of these before, do you might if I sit with you both really quick while I try this out as well?" he asks, not sure if it's impolite to intrude, but really wanting to sit down and eat something just to take a second for himself. "I did what I could to make it extra flavorful, it is slightly baked but only enough to enrich the flavor without changing the Apple itself. I also added some food coloring I saw to make it even more vibrant for your daughter." he says, as Ruka's is a vibrant red Apple that has a color so detailed it stands out in the tavern itself as maybe the most colorful item there.

@fancy party
That's fine, I actually woke up late today (an hour ago about), so I'll probably be pulling an all-nighter tonight, and I'll keep writing in the meantime until my friend makes it back online to write. (So feel free to keep using Link as I don't think she'll be back likely until Monday so Links interaction with Alex is totally on hold).
Sidetracked by [@fancy-party] as he's tendering to Alex, he's asked for a favor to obtain food for him and his daughter. Knowing the struggles but seeing the magic trick amuses him. "Don't worry about payment, it's quite alright, I got this one" he thinks to himself and also thinks about what he could come up with. Knowing he has quite the stomach himself and is quite the cook, he looks around to see if anyone can take an order for them but isn't able to locate anyone. Heading to the kitchen area he takes it upon himself to prepare a dinner for them as they seem to need some assistance.

He remembers that his daughter prefers something vegan, and looks at what ingredients are in the kitchen. While not quite the right ingredients as Hyrule Herb does taste slightly different, he comes up with Copious Fried Wild Greens, which consist of an assortment of vegetables and herbs. For the father he thinks for a second as he states he likes something meaty, and Link is a huge lover of meaty foods as well and looks again around the kitchen for something to come up with. He thinks for a second, and comes up with a Gourmet Meat Stew. Again, needing to substitute some ingredients from what are currently in the kitchen, he does a quick taste test and adjusts the spices in both meals until they taste just right. "Ahh, that'll work!" he says out loud, looking to make sure he isn't caught, though he does leave some Rupee's on the counter to pay for the ingredients used for cooking in someone else's kitchen.

Heading back to the table where they were, he hands them both dishes. "Please, you don't need to pay me, I got this." he says, while handing them both a vegetarian meal and a meaty meal to both satisfy their hunger. "I really don't mind this one, I love cooking!" he says out loud, as if a little too excited since he is a chef at heart and not just a knight.

Hoping the food came out all right he waits for a second with some spices in his bag of his own, so if he does need to re-flavor it, he can with proper Hylian spices, but he's currently reserving it as they do have medicinal properties, but he's willing to use them if the flavor is off in any way.

"Do they taste good to the both of you?" he asks, while waiting patiently with an almost expressionless face, but with a slight smile hoping he did good while substituting ingredients for his recipes that this Tavern simply couldn't possibly have.

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<Snipped quote by MasterLink>
All good, there’s no rush.

And darn, I know there’s apples but I can’t think of a caramel equivalent. Except maybe chocolate but I’m not even sure that’s in the world.

We got baked Apple's? Perhaps a request of baked apples with a sweet coating, he'll know what to do as it's not like there isn't sweet things in his world.
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