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You shouldn't give up on these. They're still really good ideas.
Lei felt unbalanced as he approached the group of people and heard the man laughing. He regained his composure as Lei got close enough to hear what was being said. He nodded at the two standing in front of the old blind man and looked him over as he said:

"My name is God-Speaker Mesu, and I have indeed heard of your Tanka. He came with another man, I believe by the name of Fan Gang. They left our Temple some time ago, with a small group of other men."

And continued after a sigh with "Many people have left our Temple as of late."

The last part wasn't so curious to him and didn't catch much of Lei's attention. But he wondered what a God-Speaker was though first deciding to ask of a more important matter, trying not to interrupt anyone.

"You know of my Master? Master Fan Gang was here? Do you know which way the group headed or what landmark they were heading towards?" He stopped himself as he was excited, trying to keep from asking too many questions at once. Before asking lastly:

"What exactly is a God-Speaker?"
Hm, its still giving me the white boxed x treatment. Maybe its too long of a gif for signatures or something.
@jumpadraw@Fancy Party@rocketrobie2Are you guys doing ok?

I'm doing fine, I was just waiting on them. I felt like there wasn't much for my character to do but respond to whatever happens next.
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then use this command (remove the dots)

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Okay, then I apparently don't know what the url is, because I tried three different ones and they all turned out as a boxed x with [url] around them.
Stupid question, but how do I put a gif in my signature? I'm assuming html5 doesn't work here. But it's here I think:

Uh, Felix doesn't really feel like doing the first mission. he'd rather get into an easier mission so there's some type of gauge for what missions will be like to start from rather than going all out in the beginning and possibly dying. Sorry.
@Fancy Party To be honest, I think this is good as its gonna get bro. Sometimes its better just to wrap it up and tuck the idea in storage, wait until you got a bit more experience on the site, you know? I've had multiple roleplays I've tried to start in the past fail, its no big deal.

Fair enough. That's probably what I'll end up doing anyway. I'd rather have it come to be later in the future when I've got it more fleshed out and handled than start it and have it end up dying. Or maybe someone with more experience will pick it up wherever its left off.
Well, I'm going to give this another 24 hours for the other three people to voice their continued interest in this. Otherwise, we only have three interested and I'd really rather not start this game without at least six people. If there's only three or four, people will get bored of there being so little variety in posts and it will most likely die off shortly afterwards. So would rather not start without a few more.
From the feeling Lei could sense, he didn't feel compelled to pursue the cruel and unwelcoming feeling much, even if it was something completely new to him, his curiosity did not overcome the sense of danger he sensed from there. And while he realized he wasn't where he had initially aimed for, he didn't want to overwhelm himself with too many places at once. So Lei decided to pursue this new clue with his safest bet. "Thank you sir, my intentions are simply to find and help my master. May our paths cross again. Thank you for your time and help."

He said before heading to the northeast, following the energy as well as he could, taking deliberate steps not to deviate from the course as he searched for the temple he was told of. If nothing else, there may be at least a sign or another clue of his master's arrival there and maybe it would be enough to tell him exactly what his master was doing in such a place.
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