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<Snipped quote by Memory>

Don't know! But it sure is impressive, and angel dude's light show certainly amplified the glory display here *I grin like a 10 year old getting a spaceship toy for Christmas*

<Snipped quote by The Odeoron>

<Snipped quote by RoadkilBanana>

This is his void ability?

*Rapidly and silently comes in between you all before Lumyiell returns and taps you all on the backs to draw your attention as i speak silently* Listen, you all need to be VERY careful with Lumyiell, and all i'm allowed to say under these circumstances is that he's not what he's showing himself to be... *After the fact i quickly blip out and reappear a distance away talking to some soldiers*
<Snipped quote by The Monitor>

Cyrus: "Remember, this can only stop them temporarily, if they can find the door... Or even open it for that matter..."

*I raise my left hand as a black and white energy starts to form a sphere in the palm, slowly growing. It feels like a violent wind is sweeping the radius around me.*

*I blip out of place and reappear in the encampment with several of the copies of both Prism and Benjamin*@Memory
<Snipped quote by ArGavryiell>

We're going to seize this planet back! And we can do this!

*I grit my teeth that I'm listening to him, but he's right here*

Hey stop being so brash and foolish! We haven't even been here for an hour and fully assembled our troops before you just went and gave our position away to C'Thon!
@Memory@RoadkilBanana@The Odeoron

<Snipped quote by The Monitor>

And what was that anomaly i saw over your head? *I ask as he returns*

*Opens mouth to talk but I'm interrupted as he begins talking over me, I just storm off to begin reinforcing the defences*
<Snipped quote by Memory>

<Snipped quote by The Odeoron>

*You both notice me pointing my finger aggressively into the chest of Gavryiell, and you aren't entirely sure, but you both may think you saw for a glimpse of a moment one side of my head bearing a twisted thick horn, though fuzzy as it was covered in blazing light*

... Now now, brother... you don't want to do that... don't push me, you know full well I have as much a personal vendetta against C'thon as all of us, he's not my friend as much as anyone's!

<Snipped quote by The Odeoron>

But honestly, I haven't interacted with enough divine-type beings to tell you how they usually conduct discussions. This could be normal for all I know.

*As soon as you both approach the new fiery angel looks normal though...*

*I clench my teeth as I squeeze my fists at my sides*

... This isn't over, but sure!!

*I look at the both of you as Lumyiell looks me with a side-eye telling me basically to not dare reveal the truth here and now*
<Snipped quote by The Odeoron>

She is. And I need to prioritize finding her above everything else.

All souls are equally as important here. And she is not in any more or less danger than the rest of the countless duodecillion souls... for that matter, we are also in equal danger and we do need to move quick
<Snipped quote by Memory>

From what i know of this place, Sarkophion was a rim colony of the Terran dominion, a planet that is part of a system which gives justice to the name. But this particular world is... or was, a barren desert mainly a processing colony.

As to why we began our operation here... i do not know...

It is because we need to set up camp where the rift to Outer C'thon is not central, meaning his effects are minimal and we can begin with small steps...
<Snipped quote by ArGavryiell>

You don't think our odds are looking very good at this point?

When dealing with The Forbidden one, they never are... that is the scary part, you never know what cheats and aces it will pull out of its hat and proverbial sleeve...
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