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3 days ago
Current "tell me which wire disarms it and we all get out of here alive," i hiss, slamming the mime to the wall as the timer ticks down. he smirks, and begins placing his hands flat on the air between us
1 mo ago
keeping my loot table a closely guarded secret and seeding false rumors that i am an essential NPC so only the insatiably bloodthirsty try to kill me, granting me the war my beleaguered soul craves
3 mos ago
roguishly yet charmingly pulling a trick of sleight of hand, i ask the mayor if he was "looking for THIS"? as i pull his varangian guard's czerka from behind his back and get tackled immediately
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4 mos ago
its usually either that or you just completely house the opponent by being some manner of stupidly athletic by comparison that happens too
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4 mos ago
Timing, distance, balance, and deception. Fighting, especially in the man-to-man realm, often boils down to a game of lies. You find ways to make the other idiot see a pattern and then break it on him
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