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Life's so dull and repetitive that the only thing you look forward to is a text from your otome boyfriend.
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Oooooh baby do you know what that's worth. Ooooh heaven is a place on eaarth.
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Holy shit I can't stop eating.
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"“I’m sorry” and “I apologize” mean the same thing. Except at a funeral."-Demetri Martin
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[@Metadude] I am now considering this.


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Location: Cosy Bear Interaction: @The Muse, @Rodiak

Beth absentmindedly held her coffee, both hands lightly grasping the cup while taking small sips. The homey, bitter taste always made the otherwise uptight doctor at ease, in mind and body, more than how she normally appears. Noticing the other woman look at her direction, not aware that she was looking directly at her, Beth returned a curious stare but was caught off guard when the woman smiled at her briefly. "Was I staring too much?" She thought. Her demeanor tensed however when the other woman turned around, eyes on her. Beth could somewhat hear what the conversation was about but the last bit, she heard.

"Oh, I-I'm sorry" Beth coughed slightly at the, from what she could only describe as an unintentional compliment. With a soft smile, she regains her composure. "I believe I wont make for a flattering image at this state. Unless you want something reminiscent to a wet duckling, then I may be a suitable reference." she meant it as a lighthearted quip whilst self consciously adjusting her glasses and the strands of her still damp hair from the rain.

Beth caught the brunette woman's sudden shift, she found it strange how her mood suddenly swings in the midst of things. Though hoping to ask what was wrong, she didn't go through thinking it would be too rude to pry, specially by a random person she'd barely known. "Well, I can attest that they have the best cheese cake in town." Beth smiles, moving forward with the chit chat. "That or I may just have very plain tastes."
I'll also have mine done this weekend.
Been eyeing this for awhile now, so I'll go ahead show my interest. Going for a Orc/Bard character and have Mara as their deity. :)

Location: Clinic > Cosy Bear Interaction: Rhys the cat.@The Muse, @Rodiak (kinda)

Even as a Londoner Beth never has been a fan of gloomy weathers but the rain right now surely feels like home. She let herself gaze out the window from her work desk, chin resting on one hand, lost way beyond the droplets that trickle down her window and was in deep unbridled contemplation. She had woken up early that morning, around 4 in fact, and started working on her medical journals and research. It was hard to break from both habits since she started med school, or it's just her impulsive workaholism rousing up again in this mellow, lonely day like it always does.

Rhys has had enough however, hopping up her desk and rubbing his furry head under her chin. It made her nose crinkle when his tail lightly touch her nose. Beth returned him a gentle petting.

"Not a fan of the weather too?"


Beth has yet to experience a lot in this country, check out the sight and appreciate the sunny side of things but she didnt come here for a vacation in the first place. Taking care of Linda has its drawbacks and challenges. A whole year and that old woman has yet to recognize her, let alone call her by her name. To her she was "Randy", thinking about her son who went missing more than a decade ago. Beth's biological half brother.

The doctor briefly gazes out the window, her hand still unmindfully petting her feline companion. "Seems like the weather's not letting up anytime soon. What do you think?"


Beth decided to get some coffee that morning as she hadn't gone out in the past 3 days. She thought of taking a break for awhile. Rhys, sitting still at the corner of the desk, observes his human organize her things before she leaves. She slipped her laptop in her bag, in case she ever felt like working at the cafe. Donning on her coat, she pets Rhys goodbye. "Watch over the office for me while I'm gone, ok? I'll be back soon" Rhys was blissfully grooming himself when she left the clinic.

Her old beat up Camry needed some working to make it start that morning as the weather was relatively chilly. After stepping it up and muttering a few curses, the thing finally started and Beth heaves a sigh of victory. After finding a convenient enough place to park, which he never always had a problem with living in a small town, she opens an umbrella and walked towards the cafe. When she got inside she gently shook her umbrella dry, placing it on the rack and adjusting her barett, walked towards the counter.

"Good Morning." she greeted the barista in her usual formal and polite demeanour. The barista also greeted her with some familiarity, as she regularly comes in at the cafe ever so often, either working or just taking it easy. "A dark medium roast please. Hot."

Beth couldn't tell if it's just her but the cafe seemed to be a bit quieter than normal. There's the usual soft sounds of idle chatter, but maybe it's because she never usually came in this early in the day. She abruptly turned around and caught the attention of someone talking albeit, way above the noise range of the establishment.

To Beth, a year in sanctuary isn't long enough to get acquainted or at least be familiar with the locals. Though she had seen or even interacted with some, it seems like there's still a few new and unfamiliar faces around town.

Beth observes the woman, unbothered and soaking wet but she didn't seem to care. She was more concerned, however, about the other stranger's business which, the doctor found the whole interaction between them quite amusing. The one she's talking to however, Beth knows. She could've seen her around the cafe more than once, a very distinct woman she thought, standing out from the usual Sanctuary denizen. She wonders what her intentions are in a place otherwise too conforming for the likes of her. Beth wasn't one to judge though but, was just mainly curious.

The doctor has a way of analyzing and observing things, and the way she does it, is very obvious than she wishes. She was unmindfully staring at this point, deep in her thoughts, not even noticing the barista delivering her coffee on her table.

I'll bite. Interested to see where this goes.
EDIT: Here's my character. Might need to tweak on the spells/abilities a tiny bit after doing some more research.

Name: Alys Ó Mordha
Sex: Female
Age: 24

Appearance: Tall, adequately slim, mysterious and regal. Alys is seen as a worldly young woman, determined and dedicated to her study and craft. She is born to a bloodline of druids predating back to pre Anglo-Saxon England.
Appearance wise, she has strong and sharp features, long dark hair, green eyes and a pallid complexion.

- Pagan Heritage - Alys is a descendant of the ancient and now dwindling Ó Mordha bloodline, a long line of priestesses/druids dedicated to the practice of nature magic. Alys has a unique spiritual affinity to nature, and has the ability to contact and communicate with the forests and it's beings, in the literal and figurative sense.
- Cipher - unique ability to peer through the spiritual energy of the world to manipulate other beings. Can be done either for negative or positive purposes.
- Celtic Enchantment - The ability to create glyphys, scrolls, imbue magic on objects and decipher runic symbols.
- Shape Shifter - can shape-shift into a malicious swarm of insects.


- Teleportation - by the use of glyphs (or cypher abilities). Can only teleport on a certain location where one or more of these glyphs are active.
- Druidic Healing - healing physical ailments/self regenaration, through her pagan magic ability.
- Empathy -(Cipher) manipulate a person or a group's mental/biological senses, to make them see, touch, feel a certain emotion or vision. Will require an amount of concentration on her part in order to work. A brief shift on emotions would require little to no effort, reality alteration would require a great deal of concentration, to a gravely dangerous extent even.

@Hey Im Jordan@queenoftheages@Rodiak nice! Accepted! You may now move your characters in the character tab.
@Hey Im Jordan yep, still accepting.
Heyy everyone. So I plan om starting the rp by the next week or so! By then I’ll have a second charcter in, plus the opening post. Also feel free to make a second character for those who like to. Stay tuned!
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