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Current Probably will add it to my bio later. Just busy rn
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Well damn my post for my Cuphead server got deleted. Just inbox me. It is 18+ people thanks 💜💚
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Anytime drama starts I'll read/watch it. But if its happening to me I have an anxiety attack. Kinda why I stick to my friends & people who my friends trust.
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That Chaos Chaos song plus the fucking Living Tombstone "Goodbye Moonmen" song always gets triggered for me when I think about Rick & Morty.
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Ah thank you phone for messing up Rick and making it Rock. Im giggling. @Vampiretwilight: Yeah still sucks ass. Like give it to me now. XD I binge stuff sometimes.


Real Name: N/A
Nickname: Kitty
Age: 25
Pronouns: She/Her

18+ Roleplay Partners Please

Multifandom RPer [Main Fandoms]
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Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus

South Park

Gravity Falls

I do have other fandoms so just ask me what else I enjoy.

NSFW is accepted; Violence, Soft Gore [Blood/Wounds], Smut. Do ask what Im comfortable with beforehand.
Song of Heroes: A Percy Jackson RP || 1 X 1 w/ @Morose

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Seraphina Cedergren

Location: New York City
Skills: N/A

Well a question could take her mind off being cramped in the back seat. "Kamloops, Canada. When I turned ten me and my mother headed to Las Vegas. After a few months I heard that my uncle had moved up to New York and I decided to run away to live with him. He raised me when I lived in Kamloops.... so I wanted to be close again." Sera liked her uncle way more than her mother. So of course she ran away to be with the person that raised her. He was a pretty amazing person.

"Of course that didnt work out so well, travling by myself.... But maybe after this Ill write a letter to him. At least let him know Im safe."

Sera was thankful to get out of the cab when they parked alongside the pier. She sighed quietly to herself. Following the three over to the end of the docks. "Oh what interesting creatures." She says while reaching out for the bottle. Opening it to read the note. "Oh.... thats rather surprising. I guess dad sent these for me. Ah gosh." The girl was nervous to meet her father, he was expecting her.
"Heh, thanks." She smiles and nods gently. "Right, it would get rowdy at night. I remember that very well." Kitty had stayed only a couple months in the Hermes cabin when she arrived at Camp. But it was always loud, even at night when you wanted to sleep. A couple kids were either speaking to each other, new demigods were sobbing, or you couldn't even sleep because of the sounds outside if you weren't use to the creatures quite yet.

She looked over at Percy. "He's not bad, learning quick which is a good thing." The girl giggled softly. "Just ask Luke if you can have a turn to spar with Percy. I'd spar with him but my whip isn't a good weapon to go against." She spun it around before hitting another practice dummy. If a person was to go against Kitty it would be difficult to time how the blade would react. She could switch directions quick and attack at a different angle since it wasn't a straight blade. Plus it seemed like she had a good understanding of how to handle her weapon far better than any sword that had been given to her. "I'd really rather not hurt anybody with it. Unless its capture the flag." The demigod added while retracting her blade back over to her. The practice dummy was sliced up pretty good with how it'd wrapped around and sliced into the hay.

Seraphina Cedergren

Location: New York City
Skills: N/A

The girl nodded softly, yet she somewhat felt unwanted. Of course she kept that feeling to herself. They had invited her along. Not the other way around. She'd just suck it up, play nice, and hopefully the two wouldn't notice anything. Perhaps they'd just believe she was overly nervous and scared. Which was very true, she was frightened.

Sera followed along behind them, giggling quietly as the poor cyclops tried his best to fit inside the cab. "Too bad its not a larger car." Getting into the back of the cab with the cyclops. Due to Hercules size it was a bit cramped. Which made her very uncomfortable. Claustrophobia sucked sometimes, even more so when there was no other way to travel. At least she didn't have motion sickness. That would have made the experience even worse. 'I can handle this.... I can do this....' She thought to herself.
Kitty always disliked having to do sword training, but she'd taken an interest in trying out whips. Oddly enough she'd found a sword that was like a whip and asked if the Hephaestus cabin could make her something simular. So on her own she'd train herself to use the scorpion whip once they'd finished making the crazy weapon. She undid her necklace, it switched to the celestial bronze sword whip. The dummy in front of her was tied in the blade and crushed when she pulled. " that looks dangerous!" "That's really cool." Seemed that some of the Hermes cabin were rather impressed.

She rubbed her neck and shrugged. "Well I got curious about other weapons.... Im not handy with a normal sword and saw this in a book." "Well I sure wouldn't wanna mess with you, Kitty." "Yeah. That reached out pretty far." The demigod nodded. It was the first time she'd shown it off around the others so she sort of expected shocking reactions to the unusal weapon. Of course with some of the other curious about the scorpion whip she let them come up for a better look.

"You alright Lorna?" She questioned her friend when hearing the yawn. Kitty was training closer to the weapons rack and saw the Hermes girl was oddly worn out already. "Seems like you didn't sleep all that well.... Bad dreams?"

Seraphina Cedergren

Location: New York City
Skills: N/A

Sera shook her sisters hand, smiling shyly. “Well, I'm sorta glad… I mean I have someone close to talk to if I'm confused about anything…. Which this is still a lot to take in.” She looked nervous. Contemplating if she should join the group on their quest. “Oh ah I'm Seraphina. But Sera is fine. I…. I think I’d like to come along. Maybe there's a reason why father decided to claim me now rather than wait for me to get to camp!” Of course the demigod hoped it was for a good reason and not because she needed to face something dangerous.

“I don’t know how useful I'm going to be on the quest. I’ll try my best if anything comes up! So sorry if you guess have to step in to save me or anything....” Seraphina knew only a small bit of combat. Mostly self defense, how to throw daggers, and a good two years of fencing practice. Plus she’s never used any of her demigod powers before. That was a whole new thing to learn about.
Kitty waves her hand. "No, I don't need to do anything like that.... Please calm down. I'd just like to look past this and forget about it." She gets out of the water and sighs. "Really, thank you for making me open my eyes about it. Ive been just ignoring facts because of my foolishness. Anyways I'll see you guys at dinner." Walks past them to her cabin so she can settle down with her thoughts.

"Alright Kitty..." Fable knew it was better to not push the issue farther since sometimes Kitty would finally get annoyed and snap. She really didn't need to get splashed with water since they were near the lake. "Well um I'm going to check on my siblings and make sure they're getting the last of the chores done." She waves while quickly heading over to the Apollo cabin.


The Camp enjoys their dinner for the night, the next few days whispers of a new demigod surface. Talks of the minatour being defeated by a single unknown boy. Nobody knew what to think of the new boy until they finally started to see him. Percy Jackson. He'd been put in the Hermes Cabin like all the other unclaimed. Even more whispers went around the camp when they'd heard that Clarrise and her goons had been soaked in toilet water.

Kitty felt like she knew already. This boy was her brother! There was no doubt about it after the pipes had exploded and he was still unclaimed. She wanted a sibling, badly, but knew that he'd be under the same constant torture.... Being a child of the Big Three was never a good thing. Danger came even quicker, much more powerful monsters wanting to kill them, it was never safe to be out in the world.

She'd decided to wait and see if Poseidon would claim Percy, not wanting to spook him since she already had her speculations. The demigod hadn't even spoken to him yet! Today was the first time she had even been around Percy. Kitty was joining the Hermes Cabin for sword training. Like usual Luke was leading the lesson.
"Oh good.... Ah I see. So its like when people go celebrate Christmas and Easter." She nods softly before hearing the splash of the water. Welp there she went. Fable figured Kitty would eventually submerge herself in the water. Not like she could drown like the rest of the demigods if they tired something like that. So she didn't freak out. "I'm not sure she'll come up right away. We'll probably just have to leave her alone."

Kitty heard the shout, looking upwards to the shore. She sighed silently. Slowly pushing herself back to land. Her head popped out, like always she was dry like the water wasn't even touching her. "I'm peachy.... Really, its fine. I know you two were just looking out for me. So....I think I need time to think over things. Nothing to worry about too much." The demigod glances towards the crafting building. The Hermes cabin seemed to be heading inside already, chatting between each other or with satyrs & nymphs. "Luke probably sees me as a friend, reasonable. I'll stick to that. H-he doesn't need to know I ever liked him. If he does fine out. I hope it can just be ignored."

Seraphina Cedergren

Location: New York City
Skills: N/A

"Thank you..." Seraphina gladly took the snack, even if it was something small, food was food and she was rather hungry. The girl opened the bag of potato chips and popped a few in her mouth. By the gods she'd never loved chips more than she did right at this moment. She looked over when the two vans arrived. Tilting her head with slight confusion, she was imagining that right? There was no way that man had eyes all over his skin. Right? But then again she'd seen some odd things lately and well she just accepted that this was completely normal since nobody was freaking out.

The young teen stood up and made her way over to a van with the rest of the demigod crowd. Sera gasped with surprise when the glowing trident appeared above her head. Being claimed by her godly parent was a surprise in itself but more so when she figured out just which one it was. Poseidon. "The....the god of the sea is my father? Mhn....i-is that a good thing?" She wondered aloud. Yes she knew he was one of the most powerful of the gods, just like his brothers, but the poor girl didn't know that she'd have to be even more on guard than the rest of her fellow demigods.
- Woodland Boarder -

"Shes never mentioned it.... Im like her BFF. So maybe Nadja was just near by and noticed Kittys sad attitude written all over her face." Fable explains while tapping a finger to her cheek. "Cause those Athena kids never talk to Kitty unless its for Capture the flag!" She tilted her head a bit. "High Holiday? Never heard of that before.... Only heared about uh Hanuka? Thats like a Jewish thing right? Did... Did I say it wrong?"

The Southern Belle was raise.... in a cult. So when she first came to Camp Halfblood she was confused about a lot of things. Other religions that weren't about worshiping the Cult Leader like a Greek God himself seemed rather silly for a long long time. Even more so that she didn't have to wear the same clothing all the time, she could finally put on something other than a pale blue dress with black little heels. So slowly over the years she learned about Catholics, Piegans, Jews, the Amish. Learning about fashion, movies, pop culture as well.

- The Lake -

"I know. I don't have a problem with you or your siblings truly....But I know sometimes we can't stop having a little war between us all due to our godly parents." She laughed a bit while shaking her head. "Lets hope I don't get on your bad side."

The girl waves gently before deciding to go fully into the salty water, she could swim until dinner, usually the Naiads would let her know when it was time. Plus being alone in the water was always soothing after a bad day. Nothing but fish and other creatures, no sound besides the soft sway of the water moving around her.
Hey-ho! I'm Kitty, 25, looking for a casual rp. Only 18+ people please because I am in my mid-20s. Its for my comfort!

I'm into the DC Batman Universe | Percy Jackson | Gravity Falls | Pokemon | Assortment of Anime [BNHA | BSD | Tokyo Ghoul | Demon Slayer] | South Park | Rick & Morty

I only use my own OC characters due to feeling ooc when I try canon characters but I will try my best to do so depending on if I'm comfortable writing a canon character.
Romance is great but not forced to be the main aspect. We can do family | friendship | enemies | frienemies.

I'll plot in the PMs or in the OOC area of the rp, Im not comfortable giving my Discord out right away unless necessary.

Reminder - Replies will be random because I sleep odd hours since I work Graveyard Shift at my Job.
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