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6 mos ago
Current Ive fallen in love with a super amazing ARG. It just has a fucking cutest art. I love Welcome Home, its just great.
10 mos ago
Probably will add it to my bio later. Just busy rn
10 mos ago
Well damn my post for my Cuphead server got deleted. Just inbox me. It is 18+ people thanks 💜💚
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11 mos ago
Anytime drama starts I'll read/watch it. But if its happening to me I have an anxiety attack. Kinda why I stick to my friends & people who my friends trust.
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11 mos ago
That Chaos Chaos song plus the fucking Living Tombstone "Goodbye Moonmen" song always gets triggered for me when I think about Rick & Morty.


Real Name: N/A
Nickname: Kitty
Age: 25
Pronouns: She/Her

18+ Roleplay Partners Please

Multifandom RPer [Main Fandoms]
Batman [Live Action Movies & Cartoons | Not the Comics except the Webtoons (WFA & Red Hood: Outlaws)]

Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus

South Park

Gravity Falls

I do have other fandoms so just ask me what else I enjoy.

NSFW is accepted; Violence, Soft Gore [Blood/Wounds], Smut. Do ask what Im comfortable with beforehand.

Song of Heroes: A Percy Jackson RP || 1 X 1 w/ @Morose

Ω Heroes of Olympus: The Next Age of Heroes Ω || Group RP
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