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2 mos ago
Current Probably will add it to my bio later. Just busy rn
2 mos ago
Well damn my post for my Cuphead server got deleted. Just inbox me. It is 18+ people thanks 💜💚
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3 mos ago
Anytime drama starts I'll read/watch it. But if its happening to me I have an anxiety attack. Kinda why I stick to my friends & people who my friends trust.
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3 mos ago
That Chaos Chaos song plus the fucking Living Tombstone "Goodbye Moonmen" song always gets triggered for me when I think about Rick & Morty.
3 mos ago
Ah thank you phone for messing up Rick and making it Rock. Im giggling. @Vampiretwilight: Yeah still sucks ass. Like give it to me now. XD I binge stuff sometimes.


Real Name: N/A
Nickname: Kitty
Age: 25
Pronouns: She/Her

18+ Roleplay Partners Please

Multifandom RPer [Main Fandoms]
Batman [Live Action Movies & Cartoons | Not the Comics except the Webtoons (WFA & Red Hood: Outlaws)]

Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus

South Park

Gravity Falls

I do have other fandoms so just ask me what else I enjoy.

NSFW is accepted; Violence, Soft Gore [Blood/Wounds], Smut. Do ask what Im comfortable with beforehand.
Song of Heroes: A Percy Jackson RP || 1 X 1 w/ @Morose

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