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Current… <--- If my partners would be so kind as to refer to this link, it might save a lot of future misunderstanding.
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I'm new! But not new. Mysterious, no?


What's that over there? Is it a bunch of foxes in an overcoat? Why yes, it is! And it's name is L.C.

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Hi! I'm L.C. Some of you have RP'd with me before, and most of you probably don't have a particularly stellar review of that time, mostly for one reason:


This here? This is a P.S.A about my dumb ass, which I'll be setting a link to as my friggin' Signature from now on.


I suffer from a mild form of cognitive decay. I don't know the fancy scientific term for it. I don't know what the long-term effects will be as I age. I don't even know when it started. What I do know is that it effects my short term memory.

I forget things. I forget a lot of things. My brain struggles with small details over the span of about a week. If it sets in, it sets in- if it doesn't, I'm screwed. So, here's what's happened, frequently, to my RP partners- Who are probably understandably upset.

The process goes like this:

I'll read a reply to a PM, or a notification. I'll get distracted by something IRL, and probably exited my browser to go deal with that thing.

I come back, and have completely forgotten that I was replying to somebody- and, in fact, that they messaged me at all. There's no more notification to remind me I have something "Unread", so I don't check.

I forget.

Then, weeks later, maybe I check my PM's for something new. I'll see that I left somebody on read for weeks, or months. I'll feel terrible, and embarrassed. Maybe I'll send them a heartfelt apology, or maybe I'll be too embarrassed to renew contact, expecting them to be mad.

But even when I get back to them, no matter how much I mean the apology, I can never promise it won't happen again. Because it will.

So what I'm getting at, here, is please- Be forgiving. I can't help it- It's something intrinsically wrong with my head, something that's only getting worse with time. Poke me. Poke me often, and use that little notification it'll send me as a consistent "I'm here!", if you really want to keep talking to me. I know it's a hassle, I know it's not your job.

But it's something I need from my partners, so I don't forget them.

Even if it's just *Poke*, or "Hi", or "You forgot me again". Even if you're mad. That little number over my PM's will save us both from me just... Forgetting about you.

This has been a P.S.A about L.C. I hope some old partners can forgive me. I hope some new ones will understand.

Ar'seshire Silversun. Immortal. Traveler of lands near and far- A man in and out of time and space.

This here? This is an interest check to find a partner to play with an old, favorite character of mine. Once mortal, now cursed, he exists only when perceived- He is, and is not, everywhere and everywhen even as he is nowhere at all. To put it in less flowery terms, he can be in any place in time and space, in any reality. Fantasy is where he's most comfortable, but he can easily play well with modern and even sci-fi settings, though he'll be quite a bit more confused by common things.

A little action is a blast. Romance is always wanted- And smut, well, it can't really be avoided, I find. Mostly, though, he fits right in for slice of life in any setting. The enigmatic stranger, here to fiddle with the lives of others to ease an endless stream of utter boredom.

Setting the character himself aside for the moment, we'll talk about yours truly. I go by L.C, or Liam if you're feeling friendly. I'm a high-casual-to-advanced roleplayer, comfortable with anything from one or two to a bloody novella of content in a post, though I certainly lean into quality over quantity. I'd adore a partner who can match that, but I'm not a nazi about it. My only hard ask is that you be fluent in English and understand the use of punctuation and the like.

OOC chat is great! I love talking about what we're doing in character, and I love talking in general.

A deal breaker ahead, though: I exclusively RP over Discord. I've tried and tried again to RP here on guild, and I invariably wind up flaking out by mistake, simply by forgetting I was supposed to post at all. I don't mean to do it. Discord is just more simple- it opens itself whenever I turn on my rig, it alerts me when I get a message, and I'm on it constantly. It even blows up my phone. Much harder to forget it's my post, that way.

L.C#2624 is my Discord tag. Add me- feel free to! Just understand, and I swear I don't mean to sound rude here, that I absolutely reserve the right to unfriend those who I find I don't click with, or can't RP with. It's nothing personal, usually, I just find it kind of awkward to carry on conversation with somebody I don't actually RP with and don't get along with OOC.

So, RP rules! I don't have a lot.

First up: I'm looking for female partners. ^.^; I promise, I'm not a creep- I'm just more comfortable RPing romance and smut with ladies. For characters, this is pretty strict. OOC, it's not going to scare me off if you're a dude, I just might gravitate towards less intimate RP. I know it's stupid of me and that I need to get over it. It still happens. >.<

Second: Work with me! I'm a novelist, I'm used to building worlds all by my lonesome, but this is RP! Let's build together, create our own little world. Sesh is incredibly flexible for setting, due to his nature, so really, anything goes. Just throw ideas at me, we'll see what sticks. <3

Third: Please, please be understanding. I'm much more active on Discord, but I'll still have days where I can't post, and days where you won't hear from me at all. I struggle with mental health, and recently, I've been keeping up an active R.L social life to try and help with that, so my online presence has dwindled a little, and there are definitely still days where I'm just too depressed to so much as get out of bed and eat breakfast, let alone talk to other human beings.

Fourth: Be straight with me. If you don't like the RP anymore, tell me! If you don't like me as a person, tell me! Everything is best when all parties are happy, after all, and hiding things or lying to me outright just hurts you more than me. I'm friendly OOC, and I like to talk. And talk. And talk some more. It can annoy some people, and I get that. Tell me to shut my trap if you need to.

Fifth: Last one, I promise! I said already that I find smut can't really be avoided. I like writing it, most people I know like writing it. It's fun. It does, however, mean that a conversation about it kind of needs to happen. Kinks, limits, IC/OOC comfort levels. I can basically promise I'm kinkier than you are. Take that as a challenge if you must, but just know there's no judgement here- Tell all, and I'll do the same. <3 We'll both have more fun that way.

I'll say it again, I'm strictly looking for Discord RP! Add me there, do not PM me here, or post on this thread. I probably won't see it. <3
OI! I've got a weird, specific craving right now. Ever play Trials in Tainted Space?

Well, I want to. 'cept I'd like to play it like a tabletop game, with a DM/RP partner over Discord, or PM's right here.

If you *don't* know what this is, it's probably not for you anyway.

So, yeah! I'm hunting for a Dungeon Master to run me through a TiTS game via RP! I'm a high-casual to advanced roleplayer myself, and I'm far more active over Discord than I am here. Hit me up? :3 I'll provide writing samples if needed.
Guten Abend! My name is Liam, and I'm looking for a penpal! I've been trying to learn German, and while Duolingo has been a fabulous resource, I find I do better with osmosis.

So, the long and short of it- I'm looking for a native German speaker to chat back and forth with regularly! I'll be attempting, likely horribly at first, to include as much German as possible, and I'd highly appreciate it if any messages sent my way could be put in German- With an English translation beneath, for the things I don't understand. ^.^; I know it's probably a lot of work, which I apologize for!

As to why I'm doing this, well... It started as a hobby. Then I started to realize I quite like the language.

Now, I'm realizing just how much I don't like being where I am. I want to travel- and possibly, move somewhere for good, once borders open up again. The programs needed for that can come later. For now, I'm just trying to become at least passably conversational, so I can at the very least function if I do get the chance to visit, or even stay. Please, if you're a native speaker, send me a P.M here on guild! I'd like to move to Discord if we hit it off, as I'm easier to reach there.

Looking forward to hearing from... Well, anybody! And, please, don't be offended when I initially butcher your language. I don't mean to- I'm just trying to learn.
Somebody nabbed up a Fairy Tail RP, but I've still got room for one, maybe two more partners!
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