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Rest in peace my little buddy, my hamster, Rambo... may you find an everlasting supply of sunflower seeds up there <3
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Never stop reading, when you do,you will stop living


Well hello there my name is Ojo and I am a 23 year old dutch girl.

My roleplay range is wide, from vampires to military and fairy's to anime. These are some of my favourite though

-Keltic/ scottish.
-Myth and legends

I can enjoy a good 1X1 roleplay, but if there is a good group rp with lots of active players I am good to go as well. Further do I prefer to take the female roles but I can play males as well ( note that they tend to be flirty or charming towards interesting female chars)

Little bit about myself:
- I am a Forester and a lumberjack. Though I currently work as a lawnmower (with the big machines to do that XD)
-I collect and wear kimono. KIMONO LOVE,KIMONO LIVE
- I am a fanatic LARP'r who goes on weekends away from time to time with the samurai,elven or healers LARP crew I am a part of. (Love the healer char. I have a roller pin as weapon and it is amazing how fearful that thing can be)

- Gotta love anime, you can always strike a concersation with me about that.
- I am a cosplayer, and I love to take pictures of them as well as standing model.
- I am a crazy person, run while you have the chance ;)

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