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[This search is currently closed. Thank you to everyone who got in touch!]



After writing with the same RP partner I met on this site over a decade ago, I have returned to look for a new writing buddy, preferably longterm.

I don't remember how to write interest checks, so forgive me for not following the standard format. Please do give the full thing a read if you think you may be interested. :)

Fave Genres:

  • Urban fantasy
  • High Fantasy
  • Fantasy of various flavours, really
  • By now I've experimented with most genres (yes, non fantasy ones too, hahaha) and I'm generally open to trying new things, even if it's not on my list. If you can convince me with an intriguing idea, that is!
  • As an extension of this, I'm quite open to ditching an RP and trying something else if the one we're playing isn't working out for us. Just let me know and we can move on to a more interesting plot and characters. (I do prefer to have long-running games. Sometimes it just takes a couple attempts to find the right fit though.)
  • My perfect RP mix generally includes action, character development, slow-burn romance & slice of life. Though I don't know if "slice of life" is the right term. "Downtime"?
  • The one thing I know from experience I definitely can't pull off is undiluted slice of life. I need it mixed in with other stuff, otherwise I get tired of it too quickly.

    My Ground Rules:
  • I'm in my 30s and would ideally like a writing partner in my age range. Please be at least 21+.
  • I only write in private message or email or something along those lines. (Discord etc)
  • I usually play guys as my mains. I just can't seem to get to grips with playing female mains, though I happily play NPCs of any and all genders (or non-genders).
  • Pairings: f/m or m/m
  • I generally don't do face claims. Artwork is okay, but definitely not real life people.
  • I only do original content--to an extent. I can do existing settings and I don't mind borrowing lore or plot points from existing things, but I'm not interested in having canon characters in our stories.
  • I would like an advanced partner, please. Someone who is quite versed in the basics; someone who can write long paragraphs and enjoys doing so. However, I'm not super strict about this. We all make mistakes and we're here to have fun.
  • Smut? Eh, we can write some smut, though I have limits. Nothing too hardcore and definitely not as the focus of the story.
  • Posting schedule: I prefer a partner who can post once a day. If we're writing one-liners during dialogue, it's nice if we can write a few posts in a row. Life comes first though, and I always understand if you're not available because you're having an evening with friends or going on holiday for a couple weeks. It's cool. Same for creative breaks. If you just gotta take a break from writing for a bit for whatever reason, I'll understand. Though I do appreciate open communication. :)

Other Stuff to Know:

  • I recently parted ways with my longterm writing partner of over 10 years, so I'm a bit nervous. Hopefully I haven't developed too many bad habits!
  • I am unabashedly enthusiastic and excitable, and I delight in shipping our characters.
  • I love character development! I'm all about the characters. World building is nice and I do enjoy it, but I'll be honest: my scenery descriptions are, I suppose, what some might label "efficient". I have clear visuals in my head and like to communicate them, but my eyes start to glaze over after a few paragraphs. That being said, if you like to wax poetic about the trees and buildings etc, be my guest! And feel free to pad out my descriptions if it pleases you; I won't mind.
  • My writing style tends to follow the principle of "show, don't tell", though I tend to match my partner's style to a certain extent. If you like to spend a lot of time inside your character's head, I'll put more focus on it as well, but I tend to prefer to explain my characters through their actions and behaviours and will always seek to have them do things to drive the story forward. My solo writing is quite fast-paced!
  • I love NPCs! I adore having a rich and diverse cast of characters supporting our mains, not least because it helps develop them as three-dimensional people.
  • I like slow-build or troubled relationships.
  • I enjoy creating dramatic scenes and putting my OCs through the wringer. Mature themes! However, limits/boundaries are respected if brought up.
  • Something I really enjoy doing is making sure my RP partner gets all the fanservice they desire. You want to see your character in dramatic scenes? I will set that up for you; you don't even have to ask. You like hurt/comfort and want me to describe in minute detail how my character cares for your poor, battered OC? I got you, friend. ;) And I like an RP partner who returns the favour.
  • I've been writing RP for nearly twenty years now--which means I've seen it all. Nothing is original anymore. And you know what? I have come full circle and returned to embracing the cringe of my youth. Cringe is back and it's sexier than ever! So throw your Mary Sue warrior princesses at me, and toss our characters over a waterfall—I will enthusiastically applaud you. Trashy tropes are very welcome in this space. I'm here for fun, not to win any fiction awards. :)
  • Fave tropes: hurt/comfort, enemies to lovers, Pining with a capital P, tried and tested RP classics such as 'forgot I couldn't swim, 'dark & troubled past', 'there was only one bed' (lol), 'secretly not human'. In short: trash. Sweet, delicious trash.
  • Which isn't to say I don't also crave some substance from our RPs! This is an advanced interest check, after all. :p The trash gets mixed in with the carefully considered plot and character development, hehe. I'm known to drop 3,000 word lore and plot development posts when the moment is right. Not that I'm saying it's a lot, but...hopefully you'll not go hungry.
  • I won't bug you with this tooooo much, but I do actually care about pacing and our "imaginary readers". (It's me, I'm the reader, because I still love to reread all my fave RPs years later, lol.) So if you like planning rough timelines, we'll get along superbly. It's nice to know what we're working towards, anyway. :)
  • I like to build a "glossary" doc in Google docs for us to share. It usually contains a list of all characters and locations in the story so far (with descriptions), plot, scene & timeline ideas, concepts we've established in the RP etc. It's good to have for easy reference during long-running games.

Word Count:

  • I don't have rules regarding word count. I enjoy flexibility: sometimes the story calls for a one-liner, sometimes it calls for a 3,000 word novella. I just ask that you have range and can write long posts when it's called for. Bonus points if your post drives the scene forward, regardless of word count. (Which is not to say I don't like lingering in fun moments and scenes. I just need something I can react to in my posts.)
  • Above all, I'm looking for an RP buddy who is excited and enthusiastic about exploring their character, NPCs, and side plots and happily does so without prompting. I'm used to having to carry my previous partner through the development of both our characters and the plot, and I'm just not here for it anymore. No likey.
  • If you're a writer who likes to be more passive, we won't gel. I'd like an RP partner who is confident introducing things to the story and can just “go for it” and take control sometimes.
  • A small cautionary note while we're on the topic: because I'm so used to having to take control, I might accidentally step on your toes a few times in the beginning. I'll try my best not to, but please do speak up if it happens. Let me know if you have something planned and I'm getting in the way of it or if I'm steering things too much. I probably need to readjust.

And Finally:

  • I'm looking for someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously in RP. I'm a published, award-nominated writer IRL, so I'm really not looking to prove anything. I'm just here to have a good time and be creative, and we all know elitism and gatekeeping suck. I like to think I'm a very positive and supportive RP buddy, and I love building people up! You'll never have to be embarrassed around me for tropes or clichés, and I won't ever give you the “aloof writer” treatment. Not interested in people who act that way.

Anyway, PM if interested! Please tell me a bit about yourself and your preferences when you do. :)
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