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So people are so petty XD Liking a message that dissed them from two years ago. Salty much?
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Star Wars the Force Awakens was amazing XD Just say it for the second time lol.
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Hi everyone! I'm looking for someone that can play male in a Super Hero x Villain type plot. How I kind of see this plot going is that it would be an rp with a mix of romance and sexual tension. Because we would be rping two sides of the story. One side of the rp will be the relationship between the two characters when they are just their normal everyday personas, and the other side of the rp will be us rping them when they are their 'super' personas where they have no idea who the other's secret identity is (at first anyway).

The way I saw the fighting go between these two characters was it was a lot like a dance, rather than sheer strength vs strength that a lot of superhero fights end up being. And that gave me the idea to make my character's normal persona a young college girl who does Ballet. I figure the male character could be someone who does dance as well (doesn't have to be ballet per say, but could be another form of dance), which makes it so where as other people can't keep up with her fighting style, he can because he too is a dancer.

In this particular plot, my character would be viewed as a villain by the city because of a lot of things she has done. Particularly killing people around the city here or there. No one knows why she is doing this, but she has her reasons. Not that anyone else knows that. As you can imagine, there would be a tragic backstory involved and the villain not being what she seemed when the truth comes to light for the hero.

We can discuss more details over pm if you are interested in this one. I'm open to ideas that can be added and we can change the plot somewhat to fit what we both want. Please pm me any questions or ideas you may want to add to the plot. Thanks!
During the time of being at home due to Quarantine, I finally got around to reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series (I also have the sequel series but haven't started those yet).

I'm hoping to find someone who will be willing to do a Percy Jackson Inspired rp with me! My plan is for it to be AU, meaning Percy and the other characters dont exist in our rp. That way we can make up our own characters, quests, and plot (but also burrow an idea or two from the books if we want to lol). Also, it would be inspired by the books, not the movies lol. Since the movies were pretty far off from the book and all. So please make sure you have read at least the first series like I have lol.

Now obviously with it being a summer camp for Demigods, theres quite a few campers at Camp Half Blood. That being said, my preference would be to have a few characters each. Not a lot of course, but however many both partners feel comfortable with. Of course we could have a 'main' pairing(s) and focus on just one or two character at a time so we don't get overwhelmed. But I feel it would run better in this type of rp to have more than one character a piece lol.

Lastly, I'm looking for someone I can do some nice back and forth with to get the story going. Someone who can post at least a few times a week. I work Monday-Fridays, but am free on the weekends. That being said, I love to get posts back and forth in (a few times a day) on the weekends I am free.

I mostly play female, but I can have a couple male characters if you want as well considering this will have multiple characters in it lol.

Thanks! If you're interested or have any questions/idea, PM me! Hopefully we can get the ball rolling and discuss some character and plot ideas!
Despite the gun pressed to her, Eve did struggle a little in his grasp, knowing exactly were he was taking her. She had locked him up in the handcuffs and they had held fast for him before he had managed to get a hold of the key, so of course he would think that was the best way to restrain her for right now. The difference was, she knew how to get out of this thing, when she had the right opportunity. It would take her a moment to get the thing unlocked, but if she tried to do it now, he would see what she was doing and just kill her. So, she needed to wait for the right time and opportunity when his attention wasn't on her or he left to escape from her metal bond.

And of course he wouldn't kill her right away. He was going to draw this out as long as he could, a sort of revenge for her keeping him around and not killing him right away. She had kept him to try and get information, and now he was going to try to do the same with her. Except this time, it was her turn to refuse him information. She kept her hard gaze on him as he asked her about the Beast. Asking if it was just a different breed of human, or if they all became unstable like that with age. These Lunairans really knew nothing. They were ignorant that it could possibly be their fault that such things existed. And it made her angry.

"I'm not telling you jack shit!" Eve snapped in his direction, "You might as well either get rid of me or go get your little friends and tell them you caught me, because I'm not giving you any information. I hope you get killed out there by one of those things, just like I'm sure your people are out there getting killed by them as we speak."
“How was I supposed to know what was on the other side of that door?”

"Really? Are you kidding me?! What do you think 'no! stop! if you let that thing in, it will get us both killed' was supposed to mean!?" She said in exasperation. Were all Lunairans this daft? If it wasn't for her, this Lunairan would be dead! She should have just took the risk and let the Beast eat him. His lack of knowledge of this world was going to end up getting her killed along with him.

Once again, there was that itch in the back of her brain. A warning. Her body grew tense and she blinked her eyes, looking at him. Something was wrong. He was in her head again. She needed to break through it before--

Letting out a gasp, suddenly he was right there. Before she do anything, her gun was wretched out of her hands. She was left weaponless, glaring at him with pure hatred in her blue eye, "Good job." She spoke sourly, "You have my weapon. What now?" She wasn't going to show fear. That was what he wanted. He craved it, that much she could tell. Especially from the way just moments ago he had been talking about 'letting the others in' to 'see if she was as brave as she claimed she was'. This was some game of glory for him. He wanted to show off to his friends. Likely so he had witness to tell those back on the ship how he had killed the last human on Earth, "Show me off as a prize to your comrades? Kill me in cold blood here in front of them? Or take me back to the ship and dissect me to see why I've survived the virus your people sent down to kill my friends and family?"

If she was brought back to the Lunairan ship, who knew what they would do to her. Perhaps just shoot her, like they had done all those years ago when that boy brought her to the others that were heading back to the ship? Maybe dissect her like she assumed they would? She was sure a human immune to their 'perfect virus' would be of interest to learn about. Or experiment on her, use her as some sort of lab rat since they couldn't use their own to experiment on. Maybe even, if they were cruel enough, keep her as some sort of pet or slave.

She kept her cold gaze on him, "Or just kill me now and save us both the trouble?"
This Lunairan was insane! He was going to get them both killed. She had half the mind to turn and make a dash for her gun, knowing what would happen when he opened that door, but just as she considered it, there was a blast at her feet, warning her not to move. She glared at him. She would have to wait until the Beast was distracted by him and then go for her weapon. She wouldn't die here. She had lived too long, had been through too much to let this happen.

Sure enough, the idiotic alien had opened the door, and even more stupidly, yelled out for to gain its attention, believing it to be one of his alien friends. He opened the door all the way and sure enough, the Beast was there, attacking him and knocking them both to the ground, trying to eat the alien's face off, the two struggling. With the thing distracted, and the alien focused on the bigger threat, Evelynia turned, quickly making her way tot he back of the aircraft where she had her living area set up. It took a big of searching, shoving things out of the way and such, until finally she spotted her pistol far under the bed.

Cursing under her breath she got down on her stomach on the floor of the plane, stretching her arm and struggling to reach where the gun had slid to far under the bed. Finally, her fingers brushed against it and she had it in her grasp, pulling it out. Her hands were shaky as she checked it over to make sure it hadn't been damaged when the alien had knocked it from her hands (a backfire because of damage would have been very dangerous for her), and once she was sure it was undamaged, she pulled it off of the safety and turned to where the alien and the Beast were still struggling on the ground with one another.

For a quick moment, she considered letting the Beast kill the alien and then killing the Beast. The alien would deserve it. He had attempted to kill her once already. Had planned just now to show her off to his teammates before he would have killed her. To torture her and draw out his death to entertain himself and make himself seem like the bigger and more powerful person. It was sick. The Lunairans were the monsters here, and she dearly hoped the Beasts would do what they did best when they found the Scouts.

Yet, if she waited until the Beast had killed this Lunairan, then it would be focused on her. It would fight her and she wouldn't have a better chance of survival. She would have to kill it now if she wanted a good chance to get out of this alive, while its focus was on the Lunairan. Lifting her gun, she tried to steady her hands from shaking. Who could blame her? No matter how many times she faced these things, they reminded her of what was. Of these Beasts once being people and animals. Of her Uncle, who had been turning into one and how she had been forced to kill him before he fully did.

It was even more difficult with the alien and Beast struggling against each other. They were moving so much it was hard to get a good aim. Right when she was so sure she had clear shot, she did. Only in their movements the two shifted so that instead of the bullet lodging into the monster's head, it had lodged into its shoulder.

Giving a howl of pain, the thing snarled and growled, turning its attention to where the gunshot had come from, right at her. Before she knew it, the thing was rushing at her, and had her on the ground now, pinned, the two struggling, it trying to bite at her, what had once been nails now sharp claws, putting a good slice into her shoulder, causing her to yell out in pain of her own.

After what seemed like forever of struggling to her, but was really only a matter of seconds, she managed to wrangle herself so that the barrel of her pistol was against the things head, and shot. Blood spattered everywhere and the thing's body fell on top of her. She was quick to shove it off of her, struggling to sit up, clutching her bleeding shoulder, her breath uneven as she tried to catch her breath and calm down after almost loosing her life to that thing. And as soon as her mind cleared a little bit, she held her gun up in one hand, toward the Lunairan, her free hand holding her shoulder to try and stop the bleeding, shaking her head in disgust, "You stupid, alien. You almost got us both killed."
Eve had just gotten both of the weapons secured and was ready to defend herself. She had no idea how the Beast had gotten into the compound. Had it scaled the fence? Found a weakness in the fence? She would have to go out at sundown to see if she could find any holes that the thing could have gotten through. But for now, she had to go get rid of it while it was in her sights. Otherwise, with it being in the compound, it could surprise attack her later on when she didn't know where it was on the run way. She would take care of the thing now and get back in the plane before anything else could happen.

She wouldn't get the chance however.

Suddenly she felt someone grab her and she gasped, struggling in their grasp, trying to jerk or get away, twisting her body and kicking her legs backwards when she could to try and get a hit in. Soon she was pushed against the wall and seared with anger as she heard the Lunairan's voice growl in her ear. How had he gotten out?! At first she couldn't help but wonder for a moment if perhaps this was another mind trick, but no. He wouldn't be able to physically grab her if it was. Even pressed against the wall, she was able to turn her head slightly, glancing over to see that the key was in one side of the handcuffs, the other side still clasped to the bar. The key had been among the things she had knocked over. She mentally cursed to herself. How could she have been so stupid?!

Soon she was disarmed, her gun getting kicked under the bed and his Silencer pressed to her head. She closed her eyes tightly, waiting for the shot to her head, only for him to speak again. Soon he was backing away from her, claiming that he wanted to see if she wasn't really scared of him. That he was going to....let the others in? What?! He thought the dangerous things outside where the other scouts. Her eyes widened as he backed to the door and she even dared to step forward, speaking quickly, panic rising in her voice, "NO! Stop! If you go out there, you'll let that thing in! It'll kill us both!"
“Why bother?”

Ah, so then the alien was awake. She rolled her eyes and didn't even look at him at first. Always heckling and trying to get under her skin. As he finished speaking she looked over her shoulder at him, her gaze hardened, "I've survived five years on my own. Facing the environment and facing creatures far more frightening than your kind. You all don't scare me. If anything, this is good chance to see you murderers get what you deserve." These aliens. They killed her father. Their virus killed her Uncle. Her mother and brother she didn't even get to say goodbye to. They had left that morning with smiling faces and excited for their mother and son day. Now, they were gone. Killed by either Lunairans themselves, the virus, or the Beasts. She would never know and never have that closure. Her family was gone. Because of aliens like him.

She shook her head, turning back to her plant, her fingers brushing against the pedals, "I will keep going. Until death finally catches up with me like its been trying to do for years. And in the meantime, I'll strive to keep reminders of what the world used to be alive. Even if its a tiny and seemingly insignificant life. Because if we cant value life," She turned her cold gaze on him, "Then we become the monsters."

Turning her head back to the plant again, she frowned. It needed sunlight. She guessed opening up the window shade beside it wouldn't cause too much trouble. She would just have to be careful to not walk by it as much until she closed it again. However, as she slid open the window shade, her eyes widening as she backed away from it, "Shit, shit....shit!" She turned, going to move quickly to the back of the plane, hoping to get her gun, and in the fast movement, her arm clipped one of her other shelves, some of the things on it tumbling down in front of the Lunairan. She didn't think anything of it though, her mind was just on what she had seen outside.

She made it to the back of the plane, rumaging through her things until she pulled out her pistol, quickly checking to make sure it was loaded, and then also grabbed the Lunairan's Silencer in case she might need it as well, tucking it into her waist band.
His insults and speculations didn't bother her. Her mind continued to do her work and she continued to further press into his mind, working her way in using her own ability. He seemed to realize what she was doing at the last minute, but by then it was too late to fight it. She could see his body begin to relax and when he spoke to her one last time, asking what she had done to her, she didn't answer. Just turned her lips upward in a smirk as she watched him go limp. Sleep had taken him over and once it had, she released her power on him. His body now falling into its own relaxed state as an after effect to keep him asleep for now. She stood up and made her way over to inspect him, being smart to stay just out of his reach. Just in case.

"Afraid to kill you?" She huffed, talking to him as he slept, "I killed my own uncle, who cared for me years after my father passed. The only family and human I had left. You, an alien I hate, I would have no qualms about putting a bullet into." He didn't wake up of course, and she didn't care if he heard her in his sleep or not. Now that she had the last word for the night, she turned, walking away from him.

Taking a moment, she went down the isle of the plane, closing the sliders over the plane windows. If there were any scouts that had survived the Beasts, she didn't want them seeing her walking around the inside of the plane. And she also didn't want the alien to be able to look out the windows either to try and plan an escape. She only left one window by her mattress uncovered, so that she could look out it from where she sat. Just to keep an eye on things.

It took a little while longer, but now with the alien out, she actually get some rest at least. Before falling asleep, she laid there, staring up at the ceiling of the plane. How long should she keep this Lunairan alive? Well, she wouldn't give him any of her food and drink unless he was willing to talk. So, either he would just thirst and starve himself to death. Or he would crack. If he cracked, then she would just get all the information she could out of him and then kill him. She wouldn't keep him any more than perhaps a week. It was too dangerous to keep him for too long. She didn't need a pet. She needed to reserve her supplies and didn't need another mouth to feed. An reproducing? Such a thought was disgusting. She would NEVER lay with one of his kind. Besides. She was the last 'human'. What good would it do? Her race wouldn't stand a chance even if she did find a suitable mating partner.

One week. Thats what she would give him. And then, she'd kill him and throw his body to the Beasts.

After what felt like forever of staring up at the ceiling, she finally fell asleep. The dreams she had...were the normal ones. Of horrors. Of a Lunairan scout killing her father. Her uncle slowly turning mad to the point she had no choice but to kill him. Of the many frightening horrors she faced there after all by herself. Hours later, at sunrise, she jerked awake, sitting up, her breath uneven and a panicked look in her eyes from the night terror she had, hand reaching instinctively for her gun. It wrapped aroudn the hilt, and it took a moment for her realize that this wasn't her gun. It was the Silencer.

Thats right. She still had that thing in her home. She had her gun of course, but it lay on the other side of the small beside table she kept beside her mattress. However, she didn't reach for it. As her mind calmed and she slipped outside of her panicked mindset, she slowly put the silencer down and shook her head. Never a peaceful night's sleep. Not with all those bad memories. Night terrors were a normal thing, though most of the time they were occupied with screams. She was thankful she hadn't screamed or made such noises. She didn't want the Lunairan to hear. To try and use that against her somehow.

She stood and looked over. The thing still seemed to be asleep, though she didn't bother checking for sure. If it was, she doubted it would much longer. Oh well. So much for peace and quiet. She moved to her supplies and grabbed her breakfast. A bottle of water and a cereal bar. She ate it slowly, letting it settle on her stomach so it would last longer. She had ration her food now that those Lunairans were out there. As much as she could. The longer the food could last, the better.

As she finished eating, she moved over to the left side of the plane, where she had built a tiny shelf. On this shelf, rested a small flower pot with a flower inside of it. She only ever grew one at a time, planting a new one when an old one had lived out its life and died. This one was her current flower and she loved it. A piece of Earth-Life that still lived on. Just like her.

On the shelf under it, was a gallon jug that she had filled with rain water over time and she picked it up, pouring just a little into the pot, giving a nod of satisfaction, "There we go. That should last you a couple of days, huh?"
The insult that Evelynia threw toward this Lunairan scum seemed to set him off. Good. She wanted to irritate him. To get under his skin. She rose an eyebrow as he yelled at her, yanking at his chain that kept him captive. Of course though, much different to his vision, the chain and the pol both held fast. She scoffed at his words, rolling her eyes, "I don't do this, and I won't do that." Glaring at him, she shook her head, "I don't think you're in the position to be telling me what I should do with you. I won't release you. And, until I decide what it is I want to do with you, you're staying right where you are." Once she had what she wanted from him, then she would kill him.

Walking over to her mattress again, she looked to him, eyeing him up. This Lunairan could be dangerous if he managed to get out of his bindings. Not that he would. He was pretty much stuck until she killed him or until he somehow managed to convince him to release her. Which WAS NOT happening. Still, he wasn't about to let her rest. She could guarantee that. He would probably either continue to try and worm his way into her head again or would find some other way of bothering her and keeping her up. And she liked her sleep way to much to let him do that.

Leaning forward where she sat on the edge of her mattress, she watched him closely, eyes narrowing. Just how did she want to go about doing this? Shoot him with the Silencer? She knew it didn't kill Lunairans. Or at least, if it did kill Lunairans, the Lunairans would already have to have been weakened, their heart already in trouble. Either by old age or having been damaged enough in battle. Still, she didn't know if that would leave lasting damage and ramifications she didn't know about. She wouldn't be able to get her information then. She would have to find some other way.

She could try her own ability. Her mother had told her empathy wasn't normal in Lunairans. Telekinesis and Shields were a part of her bloodline, but the empathy was something that was unheard of. A new ability, that her mother had speculated was caused by the mixed genetics of Lunairan and Human blood. Her mother had been looking into it. Having been friends with other Lunairans that had become Human Sympathizers, she spoke with those Lunairans about their own offspring. Almost half of them had similar outcomes. Children with unique abilities. It was an unexpected and genetically fascinating phenomenon that her mother hadn't gotten to explore much before the invasion happened. Either way, this Lunairan wouldn't know what was happening to him, or that she had a trick of her own.

As she stared at him, her pupils widened just ever so slightly, in an almost unnoticeable fashion. This was something she would do as s child, when her brother couldn't sleep. He would ask her to 'do the thing' and she would put him to sleep with her powers. It was practiced, though it had been awhile so it took a little bit more effort this time. But soon, the Lunairan would feel himself begin to relax. Her heart rate calming. Anger ebbing away. That's when the sleep would begin to fight for control, and sooner or later, it would win.
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