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Current Welp. Air was broken in classroom. HDMI port for smart board not working. And my laptop went out and had to be send off for repair. Happy second day of school I guess X'D
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Going on vacation today until Wednesday! Will be rolling out posts when I get back!
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When is Mahz coming back home with the milk?
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Will be on vacation from July 7th-12th! Will try to post but no promises!
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People who don't take care of their responsibilities irk me to no end. Auntie (aka me) to the rescue again. Just give me the adoption papers already 🙄


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Hi all! So I've been in the mood for a sort of space voyage type 1x1 romance rp ever since watching the movie Voyage. I have a small plot that my partner and myself could work with as far as the story goes and I'm open to ideas we can add to it as well. So I'll just get straight down to business.

So, the plot is this. MC grew up on a distant planet all her life. One that was first colonized by a group of scientists years ago. One of which who, unknown to everyone else on the mission at first including herself, was with child when the space voyage to this distant planet began. The woman died and childbirth, and not too long after the father passed on this new planet as well. Because of this, she was raised by the other adults on the voyage, learning a variety of skills and knowledge from these experts in their own field of studies, such as science and technology. She is a very gifted young lady and has been raised to, one day, lead the colony for a new generation of settlers.

As a young adult now, she learns a second voyage is going to be landing on their planet, and much to her surprise, on this ship entering their colony to join them is a boy her age, having spent his whole life on the ship making the voyage to the planet.
This would be a romance of course, with the two young adults(them being young so still hormonal young adults lol) meeting someone close to their age of the opposite sex for the first time and figuring out feelings. Possibly rivalry, jealousy, lust, anger, love, and romance. All sorts of feelings toward one another that they struggle to sort through. And maybe even some sort of twists later with their survival and such if things on the planet go wrong haha. One thought I had was on the second voyage coming in there's different types of people. New settlers, scientists, doctors, etc. And to help protect the colony maybe soldiers. And that maybe the young man is a solider? Not a must of course, just an idea if my partner and I wanted to go with that.

Anyway, that's what I have, though I'm up for ideas and suggestions for plot ideas from my partner as well. Just shoot me a quick PM if you are interested.

A thought to add would be to include the Guardians of the Galaxy in as a side rp and mesh both together at the right time. But totally optional!
Bump! Still looking!
Long ago there were a number of kingdoms, who for a time lived in harmony. Each who ruled over these lands had over come many hardships before they came to rule and this made them stronger. But, not only did their good deeds make them loved throughout the kingdoms, it also made them hated by those who loathed good and lived in the darkness. These kingdoms had killed off many evils, such as witches and dark fairies and this put fear into the remaining evils, causing them to scatter and hide away. And yet, though evil hid away within the shadows of forests, it refused to die. For in the woods, lived a Wicked Witch. A witch whom was tired of living in the darkness and wished to claim those kingdoms as her own. And, what better way to start than by cutting the kingdoms down at the roots.
So, the Witch created a creature. This creature was a terrifying shadow that lurked in the darkest corners of the kingdoms, waiting to strike. And it wasn't long before it did. One by one, the rulers of these kingdoms would discover the horror that their children, the heirs to their kingdom, were gone. The children went missing without a trace, taken by this evil creature. And worse, the good creatures who the rulers always went to for answers; the three fairies, the trolls, the Fairy God Mother, and all the rest had somehow lost their magic and were of no help.

Though the Witch had ordered the creature to bring the infants to her so she could kill them, the creature was not compliant, for this creature had developed a mind of its own and had formulated a plan within his head to rid himself of these kingdoms and shroud the land in darkness. The creature knew these rulers were strong, and knew that losing the heir alone would not bring the kingdoms to their knees. Yet, those heirs turned against their kingdoms could very well do just that. And so, he let the children live, merely abandoning them in different places within the woods.

Years passed, and each child grew, knowing nothing of their past, nor of who they truly were. It is this very fact that they don't know who they are though, that leaves them with this urge of wanting to know where they came from and where they belong. And when this sparks curiosity enough for the creature, now known as Hostis, he sends shadows beings that he calls the Umbras to the heirs. These shadow creatures take the form of animals and find each of the heirs, giving them a letter with white words, written on black parchment. The letter is simple, reading that those who come to Hostis will be granted a wish. This leads the unknown princes and princess on a journey together to find out what makes good and evil and if what they wish for is really what they want.

So, take a journey with them and head INTO THE WOODS.


Information you MUST know

These kingdoms in the rp are all the kingdoms in Disney movies. Not all kingdoms will be in the rp though. We can discuss over PM what kingdoms will be included in the roleplay. If you are against it being Disney kingdoms, I may be persauded to do OC kingdoms, just let me know.

The Umbras- These are shadow like creatures created by Hostis. They can come in whatever shape they wish to be but often stick to one form. They were made to look innocent and appealing enough that the heirs will follow, which is why they will likely take the animal that would be the heir's favorite, to gain their trust. Whether these creature are truely evil or just following order of their master is un-known, but like every being, can form a mind of its own and stray from the path made for it.

Hostis- This is the creature the Wicked Witch created. Being that he was created through the dark magic of the Witch, he has dark magic of his own, and using it, was able to place a curse over the land, making it so all 'good' creatures, such as the fairies and trolls, lost all their magic abilities and were unable to find the young heirs. This caused an ultimate divide between the creatures of the land, causing a segregation of the magical creatures. Those who retained their powers were called 'evil' by those who didn't and were shunned, some even killed, by the non-magic wielders. Even to present day, if a creature has magical powers, they are shunned and could be very well harmed by the humans of the land, causing fear and panic on both sides(the magic wielders fearing the human's judgement and humans fearing the magic wielder's spells). Hostis dwells in the deepest part of the forest, within a great tree called Ecalus. This is where the heirs must go to find him.

The Kid of Elsa and the Kid of Rapunzel- Now this is a very touchy topic I know must won't agree with because these are favored characters and whatever is done with them will either be hated or loved. I have decided that though Hostis took away the magic wielded by the fairies and trolls, the healing powers Rapunzel's child might have(if we choose for them to have healing powers like their mother had had before her hair was cut) will remain. The same will be for if the person who plays Elsa's kid wishes to give them ice powers like Elsa. Here is my reasoning. I feel that there is a difference between gifts and powers given to an individual and magic. One can do multiple things with magic. The possibilities are unlimited. Where as the powers the children of Rapunzel and Elsa would be singular, limited to just healing and ice. Also, one could say that while 'good magic' was taken by the curse over the land, we have no idea what caused Elsa's powers, or the powers that came from the flower of healing. For all we know, it could be a curse that caused these powers and thus a curse cannot over ride another curse. So, for the sake of the rp, we shall say the powers they have were cause by a spell or curse and leave it at that.

The Kingdom's Today- After the children began vanishing one by one, the kingdoms tried to protect their heirs as best they could, but could not stop them from disappearing until all kingdoms had lost their heirs. This caused suspicions and tension between the once peaceful kingdoms, and while war has yet to break out between the kingdoms, it seems as though war is just a thin line or insult away.

Characters- As I said, we will discuss in PMs which characters we wish to have in our rp. I already have a couple of characters in mind for myself. Please note though, this rp will have multiple characters, meaning we will like play at least four characters each (maybe even more if we so choose). Of course we won't have to post for each character in every single post, but know that we will have that many characters in this rp. Don't stress about it though. I'm pretty easy going and we can work stuff out as we go.

Characters and other information can be discussed over pm. So just message me if you are interested and we can decide a few things.​
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