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Current So people are so petty XD Liking a message that dissed them from two years ago. Salty much?
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Star Wars the Force Awakens was amazing XD Just say it for the second time lol.
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Back for a little bit I suppose....gunna try this site again and see how it works for me. :)
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I have migrated to If you wish to continue rps with me that we had going before my absence, then feel free to look me up there so we can continue it. I'd be happy to do so :3


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When Odette was suddenly splashed with the water by Ben's use of the Force, she could do nothing but laugh, a bright smile on her face. Just being alone with Ben made her so upbeat and giddy that nothing could honestly bring her down. She walked out of the water and over to him, smiling as she wrapped her arms around him despite it getting him wet too, "Oh come now, Ben. The sun will dry us both before we leave the lake. Besides," She smiled, standing on her tiptoes to kiss his lips, staying close to him as she did, allowing her light to wrap around him just as her arms did, attempting to wash away any ill feelings, "You know you love goofing off here. It makes us feel...normal." Not a Jedi, or a Force User, just...them. Just Ben and Odette.

She stayed close to him, letting out a soft sigh of contentment as she rested her forehead against the front of his shoulder, breathing in his presence, "Have I ever told you how much I love you Ben? Because if I have, then I could never tell you enough." She joked softly, looking up to him, their faces inches apart and her voice soft as she spoke all of this, a grin on her lips, "You know, you should be ashamed. Jedi aren't supposed to steal, and yet here you are, stealing my heart and sweeping me off of my feet every moment that we're alone."

As she said this, her lips brushed softly against his with every word. She just couldn't seem to imagine her life any differently than this. Than being with him, so close. When they were like this, it was almost as if they were one being in the Force, rather than two separate. Her light encircling him, while his presence dwelled in hers.Their presence melded together and it left her feeling at peace. As though when they were separated she were truly whole. Yet, with him, it was as though a missing piece had rejoined her to finally make her one being.

"Tell me you love me." Odette requested softly, her lips brushing ever so gently against his, smiling softly up at him as she did. She loved hearing him say those words, though she didn't ask of such a thing often, knowing how difficult it was for him to speak about his feelings. Yet, she wanted to hear it now. While they were alone and it was just the two of them. With the last part of their mission in finding the last piece of the map, there was no telling when the next time they could say such a thing to each other might be. And though she wouldn't force him if he didn't feel like saying it, she still would hope that he might say it, as the beautiful bass of his voice saying those words always left her feeling aglow and more joyful than ever. Words just for her ears, straight from his heart to hers. And she wouldn't have it any other way.
Lol, I had gone to bed by the time you posted back. I'm working on a reply now. Hope your trip is going well :)
No prob :) Have fun on your trip!

Odette smiled softly as Ben took her hand and laughed softly, giving a nod as she walked along beside him, slowing down so that the two walked beside one another, rather than her dragging him along the path toward the lake, "I suppose you're right. We've been away from home for so long on these missions that we haven't had a chance to take it slow in a long while. Though I doubt anything will change soon." She grinned to him and moved so that she walked closer beside him, leaning up to press her lips against his cheek, "I can't see it being any different. With you, me, Master Luke, the padawans. Everything is so perfect that I can't see anything changing"

She smiled as she looked forward again, "Most of all though, I can't see anything changing with me and you. It's nice, to be able to just spend time with you without all the worry of keeping on our toes or wondering whether or not we might be attacked. Just me and you, able to be just us."

She walked along beside him, taking in the clean mountain air and the sights all about them, until finally they made it to the lake. As always, it was a beautiful sight, the water glistening as the sun reflected off of its surface. She let go of Ben's hand to walk over to the water, slipping off her shoes and stepping into the water until she was knee deep in it, taking in a deep breath of the fresh breeze that drifted off of the water, "I love it here."

She turned to look over her shoulder at him from where he stood at the water's edge, her lips breaking out into a wide grin before she suddenly hit her hand through the water to splash some of the water onto Ben, getting his robes and his face and hair wet. And of course, seeing his expression when she did this only had her break into giggles that she attempted to hold back as she spoke, "You're looking a little wet Ben. Master Luke's not going to be happy when he sees you were playing in the water." She joked, trying very hard to hold back her laughs, but ultimately failing.

Kay :) Just wanted to be sure.
Super excited to get this rp going again x3

Awesome :)
Oh also, you never did answer my question about how far the relationship between Odette and Ben had come. Such as if they were just in a kiss and hug relationship or whether they had come to be lovers over the past two years. It doesn't really matter either way, but it would still be good to know story wise how far their relationship had come XD

Posted :) I didn't jump right into the whole 'murdering everyone'scene with Ben. I figured I'd start off with that day, let Odette and Ben have at least one interaction and such before then. I imagined some time would have past, which is why I had it as a two year time skip. Hope it all was okay. If not, let know and I can change my post or any of the details in it.

Two years had passed since Luke had given them the task of finding and collecting the pieces of the map to the First Jedi Temple. It was rather easy to find the first two pieces were the easiest to find, one being found the first time on their visit to Coruscant with Master Luke and the Padawans. The second piece was found soon after by she and Ben in a Temple located on Dagobah. After returning with the second piece, she and Ben continued their training for some time, Master Luke stating they needed to grow stronger in the force before traveling to collect the third piece of the map. So they continued to train along side the younger padawans, helping Master Luke care for them and build up their home and the old Jedi Temple that they had taken refuge in after their number of padawans grew too large to stay on their old home planet. It was just a year later, when Odette turned 18 and Ben turned 20 that the two of them were granted an exciting title. The title of Jedi Knight.

With this title and all the skills they had learned from their master, they set off on a journey to the old Jedi Temple located on the moon of Jedha. This temple, known as the Temple of Kyber. It was certainly harder to get into this temple, as the moon of Jedha was populated and had people guarding the temple. It was definitely clear as to why Master Luke had wanted them trained before traveling here to get the last piece of the map. But, she and Ben managed, getting in and out of the temple without much trouble, able to search out and find the last piece of the map by working together in a similar fashion as they did when they found the piece of the map on Coruscant. Working together, the two reached out into the force and located it.

Throughout the two years, she and Ben had been on many missions together, which left them with a lot of time together as well. Odette used this time to bond with Ben and get to know him more as her lover than as just a fellow Jedi. They still hadn't told Luke about the two of them, both seeming hesitant to do so. Yet, with how connected Luke was to the Force, Odette secretly wondered if the man already knew about she and Ben and just wasn't saying anything. But, even if he did, he wasn't keeping them separated, and that's what mattered to Odette. She
didn't know what she might do if she and Ben were ever separated from each other.

Yet, over time, she had noticed something concerning about Ben. How his light....seemed to be slowly vanishing. In the past, she would dwell in the light that came off of him in the Force, enjoying the presence. But now...that light was less than it ever had been. Still though, she told herself, perhaps it was just a temporary thing. That he was just feeling down and needed someone to help pick him up. Which is why she was always with him. Walking and talking with him. Even now. They had just finished debriefing with Master Luke about their mission and obtaining the third piece of the map and were currently walking away from Master Luke's hut. She walked along with him, a bright smile on her face as they trailed away and out of sight from the others, lightly letting her arm link with his as they walked, "Hey, Ben. How about we go hike up to the lake? Just like we used to when we were kids." The two of them as kids would wander up there, telling Luke they were going to meditate. Which, sometimes they were did, but in reality, most of the time the two would end up just playing int he water and trying to wrestle and outdo each other the whole time. They would be all smiles and laughs coming back, even if they got a lecture from Luke when he saw their soaked cloaks and knew they had been goofing off.

She didn't really give him much of a say in whether they would go to the lake or not, as she was already ragging him happily up the trail with her hand in his, smiling and laughing as she looked back at him, "Come on, Ben. Or have you grown to old to have a little fun?"
Me too x3 I'm at work but when I get home I will start on a reply.
Yes, I love a great reveal as well x3
I'm thinking that his interest could be contributed to the guilt he felt about Odette 'dying' because of him. Like because he could save or protect Odette then maybe he could redeem himself by turning Rey and protecting her. And of course when she can't be turned he views that as him being 'irredeemable' and that's why he gets so pissed off about her 'not letting go'. Because he can't let go of his own past. So I see it fod the rp as not really a romantic interest, more of an interest in redeeming himself.
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