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Current Man, it's been a long summer so far XD Let's see if I can make it through the rest.
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So people are so petty XD Liking a message that dissed them from two years ago. Salty much?
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Star Wars the Force Awakens was amazing XD Just say it for the second time lol.
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Back for a little bit I suppose....gunna try this site again and see how it works for me. :)


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I'm going to make this short and sweet. I am hoping to do a HTTYD based rp and have a few options as to how this could go. It could either still be based around Hiccup and Toothless (as well as other characters of course), or it could be a new generation rp with all new dragon riders (including the child of Hiccup). I mainly am hoping to play female, though I don't mind playing more than one character (in fact I prefer it). I would also like for my partner to at least give me 3 or more paragraphs.

Anyways, above all, I'm looking for someone who will enjoy writing a good story! :) For ideas on plots, I prefer to talk with my partner one on one to decide what we want to do. So, pm me and we can work together on something that will work for both of us!
@RennyKk. Take your time.
Just checking to make sure everything's okay?

As Serix lead her down to lay in the bed, Cassie laid down with him, curling up close to him as he took her in his embrace. Even though everything seemed to be going wrong, being in his arms seemed to help a lot. She took a deep breath, nuzzling her head against his neck as he spoke. He didn't know what to do either, but he was right. If anyone could talk to him and talk him out of killing the Lunairans, it was her. She just...had to figure out a way to do that. She sighed softly and rested against him, though his next words had her sit up a little and look down at him with a bit of surprise in her expression. He wanted her to spend time with Ryan? That was something that she had never expected him to say, him always being so protective over her around other males.

Serix was putting others feelings and needs, even those of someone he didn't necessarily like, above his own feelings and wants. It was actually really selfless and left a soft smile on Cassie's face as she leaned over to kiss him, "You truly are an amazing man, Serix. I'm proud of you, you know. Putting another, even someone you hate, above your own feelings." She nuzzled her forehead against his, "I never thought I could love you more than I already did, yet I think you just proved me wrong."

With that, she laid down with him again, snuggling close to him, "We'll figure out something, Serix. I promise you, I won't let Ryan do any more harm than he already has."

Terra prepared to leave, gathering her book in her arms as she stood up, looking over to him as he spoke. He was thanking her for not killing him, as well as for the supplies. He looked so tired, about ready to fall asleep. He must have been keeping himself awake because she was here. She suddenly felt bad for keeping him awake with her story. She had just been trying to cheer him up a little, get his mind off of everything that had been happening. Yet now such a thing felt silly. He probably hadn't even wanted to hear a story, just being polite since she had been helping him.

She smiled softly to him and gave a small nod, "You're welcome." With that, she turned, heading carefully back down the slippery slope and to the part of the river are where there was more room to walk and the river was less dangerous. Once back to safety, she made her way quickly back toward her room to get some rest. She paused upon entering her room. She had given Jaxil her blanket and pillow. Looking over to her brother's bed, she slowly moved over to it and crawled into the bed.

She used to do this often when she was a little girl. Crawl into her brother's bed when he was away on raids. Or even when he was there, when she would have nightmares or just want to be near him, she would crawl into his bed and cuddle up to him. The memories of it had tears beginning to form in her eyes, rolling down her cheeks, a soft sob escaping her as she buried her face in his pillow. It was so difficult to believe that her brother was gone, never coming back. She stayed that way, crying in to her brother's pillow until exhaustion took her, leaving her to fall asleep.

The next morning, she went about her normal routine, getting up earlier than most of the others to go to the dining area and begin fixing breakfast for everyone. As soon as the food was done, everyone was making their way in, getting their fill before their own chores were to start. Ryan was giving out different jobs for the day, most of it having to do with fortifying the caves, while others were simply working in the fields. She took note that he skipped her when giving orders. Perhaps giving her time to herself after yesterday's events, which she was thankful for.

After breakfast, she did the same as the night before, gathering food into a bowl and quickly and quietly making her way to the river. She had to be more careful since it was the middle of the day, but once she was absolutely sure that no one had followed her and that there was no one by the river, she made her way up the dangerous river caverns, all the way back to Jaxil's hiding spot, smiling when she saw the glow of his eyes in the caves, "Morning." Making her way up to him, she sat in front of him and handed him the bowl of food, "Breakfast. Made it myself."

She glanced over to where the pillow and the blanket lay, glancing back over to him, "Did you get some sleep? I know it's not the most comfortable, but hopefully the pillow and blanket helped?"
No problem haha. I won't grow the cast any more after the daughter lol. XD We'll also wait and see what happens with her/how Ben finds out about her.

For her appearance I'm thinkin she looks much like Ben other than her eyes and some smaller features that would be Odettes. I found this of Ben and thought it'd be perfect to base her appearance off of, namely the first one of the babay/toddler.

Also, while I was searching I found this and it melted my heart ♡

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Hearing Ben's words yell at her and the movement of the saber made her flinch back a little, the hurt clear in her eyes. She never would have thought she would have heard Ben said he hated her. She loved him so dearly, more than anything else in the universe. His admition of hating her and everything about her stabbed her deeply. The tears in her corner of her eyes finally escaped, rolling down her cheeks, turning her gaze downward as he deactivated his saber and turned to the side. Once again he was asking about Luke and the Resistance, the question she had no answers for. As he asked, the vision they were trapped in began to waver.

She felt his gaze turn to her and when she felt him reach toward her, she froze. He told her not to move and she did as he said, until his fingers touched her skin. His hand on her cheek, she slowly lifted her head to look at him, the tears rolling down her cheeks rolling on his hand. Carefully, her own hands lifted, gently touching the hand that rested on her cheek, holding his hand with her own and leaning her cheek into the touch, closing her eyes for just a moment. She was silent for a moment, taking in the feeling of his touch for the first time in nearly a decade. She took a shaky breath before she opened her eyes again and gazed up to him once more.

Even though it was difficult to see, she could see and feel the inner struggle in him. The old Ben was still in there. She just...just had to find a way to bring him out.

"Even....even if you hate me, Ben...I still love you. More than anything. You were and always will be My Universe." The vision was wavering all the more and she seemed saddened all the more that the connection would soon end. She wanted more time. To speak to him, to remind him of what they once had. It was as these feelings passed through her, an image flashed to the forefront of her mind, brought forth by the Force. Of a familiar bag, but not in the place it always sat within her hut. It was in some strange room, surrounded by the metalic walls of a ship or base. Why was the Force showing her the bag? Unless...had Ben never looked inside of it? But, if he really hated her as he said, what good would reading her letter even do? If the Force was showing her this though, then it was important, right?

With his lightsaber at his side and not between them and his hand still on her cheek, she found herself moving forward ever so slightly so that they were closer, placing her hands on his cheeks as the vision more quickly crumbled around them, looking up to him pleadingly as she spoke quickly, attempting to speak before the vision completely fell from under them, "Ben, the bag. The one you took from my hut. You need to look inside it." Her face grew closer to his, though didn't allow her lips to meet his like she so wished to. One could see the struggle in her, wanting so much to show him the love she felt for him, yet not wanting to push him to more anger or hatred by such a move. Her lips were close to his, though trembled, closing her eyes tightly, more tears slipping from her eyes as she barely allowed her forehead to press against his, "I love you Ben."

And with that, the vision fell out from around them, leaving her gasping for breath as she lay wide eyed in her bed, staring up at the ceiling of her bedroom, stunned and unsure. Why had the Force brought them together like that, and....just what was it the Force was beckoning her to do?
Lol that's good xD I've had partners get annoyed before with all my ideas I throw out haha.

We could have it later on, after things have settled with the Poe idea and he finds the Tatooine girl. Basically after all the main stuff we have planned so that it doesnt interfer with our other ideas.
When I think of a kid of hers and Ben's, I think of them having a daughter, maybe curly raven hair like his, but blue eyes like Odettes. I'm thinking of her being a very quiet child, not speaking much. But instead, when she wants to tell someone something, she uses the Force. Like when shes younger, she places a hand on the person's cheek and they can see what she's asking for or trying to see through images.

I can see Odette deciding to keep her, though of course has to hide her away. Like Ben gets confused as over time his battles with Rey and the others continje, yet where as before Odette was always there, it's almost as though she's disappeared and stopped fighting (because she's hidden away with their daughter).

One idea I had was maybe there's one point where Odette has to go somewhere and leaves the daughter in someone else's care (could be a NPC or an actual character), to which Ben attacks, killing the person and is ready to kill the child as well, not knowing she's his child. Only, she innocently approaches him and does the whole communicating through touch thing. Seeing the child is extremely strong in the Force, he decides the child will be the perfect padawan for him, young enough to mold her mind in the ways of the dark side. And so he steals her away, sending Odette into a panic when she finds out, going to face Ben and get her back, while hoping to keep him from hiding out the girl is his child.

Another option for an idea was that after killing the person watching the girl, Ben leaves the child there and after exiting the building sets it aflame. Odette finally returns to find the building in ashes and, thinking the girl died (in reality she would have been secretly saved by one of the others unknown to Ben and Odette). Believing her daughter to have been killed by Ben, who's there waiting for her to fight her, Odette is sent into a rage (something no one, even Ben, has seen before in her), fighting him to kill and screaming at him that he just killed his daughter, etc).
Maybe, if we wantwd to go this way, that even being a turning point for Odette, leading her to the dark side (not working with Ben, but out to kill him for the death of their daughter in her anger and grief).

Or if you have any ideas of your own for such and situation, let me know xD

Another idea. Wanted to see what you thought.
What if, at some point a bit later in the rp, Ben and Odette are in a situation where they are stuck somewhere, closed off from everyone else with no saber, essentially forced to endure each others presence. Through that, they began talking and without them realizing old feelings begin to flourish, causing them to spend the night together.
Now I figure such an event could lead to different outcomes depending on what we wanted to do. The most simple outcome being that they both are super confused about what they want and which side they wish to fight for, especially since what they choose effects the one they care about.
A more extreme outcome would be that Odette is with child and has to figure out what to do (having many choices to make such as whether to hide that information from Ben, whether she should care for the baby herself or take it somewhere it can be safe, etc). I figure she would be very adamant about not coming into contact with Ben, whether it be through the Force or in person, worried he would be able to sense the life inside of her. I can also see, once the child is born, it being VERY strong in the Force, even as an infant (I mean, come on. A Skywalker and Kenobi? That kid would be something else XD), which makes for even more worries. Now obviously this is only if you feel it would be a good plot point for later on lol. We don't have to do it if you don't like the idea.

Just let me know your thoughts XD Sorry for throwing all that on you at once haha

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When Ben muttered a single word in response to her greeting, the small smile dropped from her face as she watched his reaction. He stepped away from her, yelling for both Luke and Leia to stop this, as though they were the ones doing this, connecting them as such. She doubted this was of their doing though. She had not seen either of them in almost a decade. If either would have tried something like this, they would have done so long ago. This was done through the will of the Force, as mysterious as it was. Odette flinched back when Ben pointed a finger toward her, saying that it was cruel. She supposed it would be, him believing her to be dead. He wouldn't even look to her, her breaths quick and the panic clear in his body language as his shoulders rose and fell in staggered breaths.

There was a sudden calm as he turned his gaze toward her, tears having stained his cheeks. Then, as quick as the panic came, soon came a look of a predator, Ben stepping toward her with saber raised the searing heat of the red blade mere inches from her neck. Even in this vision, she could feel the heat radiating off of it. She wondered if it would be painful for him to stab it through her in this dream she was having. And at the same time, she wondered what else she could feel in this dream if she could feel such things as heat from a saber.

Ben's words confused her, that much showed clear on her face. Luke and Rey? She had no idea where Luke was, the man having hide himself away, shielding anyone from finding him. She knew, she had tried for many years. As for this 'Rey', she had no idea who that even was, much less were they were.

Taking a step forward, enough so that the blade of his saber was dangerously close to her skin, yet not piercing or burning yet, blue yeed gaze meeting his, "I am a puppet to no one, Ben. I don't know where Luke is, and I don't know who this Rey is either." She said in all seriousness, and there was a bit of hurt in her eyes as well, "I don't know what is causing this. Why I'm here, or why you're here. Perhaps the Force brought this upon us?" It was tortuous, having him so close, yet so far. It was almost as though he hated her, and it made her heart ache. Was he really that far gone? To threaten her as though she were nothing? To act as though she were some plague? Some mistake?

Her sorrowful eyes looked to the angry red blade at her neck, then they turned back up to him, her voice quieter, and perhaps trembling slightly, though she did her best to try and not let it be heard, "Do you...hate me?"
@RennyWriting that post gave me the feels XD
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