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Current So people are so petty XD Liking a message that dissed them from two years ago. Salty much?
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2 yrs ago Check out my new music video for Star Wars: The Force Awakens
2 yrs ago
Star Wars the Force Awakens was amazing XD Just say it for the second time lol.
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2 yrs ago
Back for a little bit I suppose....gunna try this site again and see how it works for me. :)
3 yrs ago
I have migrated to If you wish to continue rps with me that we had going before my absence, then feel free to look me up there so we can continue it. I'd be happy to do so :3


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@RennySorry. I know I promised a post like a week ago. This week has been crazy with all the Christmas prep @_@ I probably won't get a reply in until about Monday or Tuesday.
@Summer Awesome! :) Hope you're having an awesome Christmas as well!
@SummerNo prob :) Take your time.
@RennyIt was lol. No worries. I've been a bit busy this weekend, but I'll have a reply in either today or tomorrow.
☾ ΟÐξΤΤξ ΚξΝΟβΙ ☽

Though Odette was thrilled that they now had two of the four pieces of the map, something inside of her felt...uneasy. She wasn't sure why. She felt perfectly fine, so why was she feeling such an unease as she hopped from branch to branch on the way back to their ship? Yet, soon Ben had paused, causing her to stop as well, looking at him questionably. She hadn't said anything. In realization of this, Ben seemed a bit frustrated. Ah, so that's why she was feeling so much unease in the Force. It wasn't her that was uneasy. It was Ben. But, because of how close she was to him, how connected the two of them were through the Force, she had felt his unease as though it were her own. Strange, how they could affect each other like that. Never before, as far as she known, had there been two strong Force Users in a relationship together, so their connection to the Force and how it affected each other was still so new to the both of them.

As Ben stood up and stomped off, she watched him in concern before continuing their way to the ship. Once inside, she silently went to work, prepping the ship for take off with BB-11 at her side helping her. She moved about the cabin, pressing buttons and preparing for take off, before she finally put the ship into the gear, taking them up and out of the planet's atmosphere. Once the ship was leveled out, she placed it on autopilot, allowing it to take the course back home on its own as she stood up and walked to where Ben was.

Ben had been having many troubles. She had felt it for a while. And still felt it. Just that vision they had shared no more than a few days ago was proof that he was dealing with something and trying to hide it from everyone around him. Including her. hide such a burden was a dangerous thing. Besides, she wanted to be there for him. To help him through his struggles. She loved him too much to allow him to continue like this on his own. It he was struggling, then they would walk through it together, as a team. They were stronger together in everything they did. Surely this would be no different.

Making it over to him, Odette stood beside him silently for a moment, staring out of the ship's window into the vast reaches of space where stars and planets lined the darkness in their brightness and colors. Without saying a word at first, she reached over, taking his hand in hers, staying there silently for a long moment before she finally spoke, slowly turning her gaze from the window to him, "Ben...please talk to me. I know you've been....going through something. I want to help you. But...but I can't do that if you won't let me know how."
@RennyJust finished rereading @-@ It took longer than I thought lol. I'm tired right now an am heading to bed, but I'll have my post up sometime tomorrow :)

EDIT: Got my post in :) Hopefully its okay XD
@summer Congrats! XD Sounds like you have had a lot on your plate lol.

Sure! I'm up for continuing!
@RennyI'm up for it. I'll go through and re-read the posts we've made so far tonight so that I can remember everything lol XD
Double post. Read post below.
Sorry for taking so long and sorry that its short ;^_^ Guess I gotta get back into the swing of posting now that school work has ruined my brain.
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