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So people are so petty XD Liking a message that dissed them from two years ago. Salty much?
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Star Wars the Force Awakens was amazing XD Just say it for the second time lol.
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It was all so fast paced. A battle for their lives. It brought back memories of her time with her Uncle. Shooting other humans, fighting to stay alive. She didn't have much to live for back then. But now, she did. She had Serix. And everyone in the caves. This was her family now, and she was going to protect it with her life. She wasn't as skilled as Serix was, but the two had trained together and she was skilled enough. Her eyes observed the enemy, just as he had taught her to do, and took aim. Another Lunarian down. She knelt behind the barricades to load her gun again, when suddenly she was tackled, causing a scream to shock to escape her. The Lunarians had abandoned their own barricades in a last attempt to fight the humans (or what the Lunarians thought were humans) on closer grounds.

She struggled under the person, managing to give them a kick to get them off of her and then the two were scrambling. She managed to snatch up her gun from where it had fallen to the ground in the struggle and pin the boy, gun to his head. Yet, she paused. Cassie got a better look at the person that had attacked her as she in turn pinned him down. A lad, perhaps a few years younger than herself. And the look on his face, was fear. And Cassie.....couldn't kill him. But she couldn't let him get up either, otherwise that might be the end of her own life. In a last minute decisions that was made in just a few seconds of having him pinned, she flipped her gun in her hand and brought it up, hitting the side of his head with the butt of the pistol.

He was out cold then and Cassie got off of him, catching her breath as she glanced around. Things had...calmed. A little anyway. There was some struggling on the Lunairans, those that were awake, though if they were awake, they were already bound, unable to escape. All others were either dead or out cold. She herself took a moment to bind the hands of the lad she had taken down, before she stood with a shaky breath to inspect the losses. Many Lunarians lay, dead on the ground on both sides.

On the humans side of the barricade, two casualties from what Cassie could see. The man she knew as Ron, someone she remembered never looking kindly to she and Serix, lay dead with what looked to be a broken neck, having died in what appeared to be hand to hand with the dead Lunarian that lay close by, shot by an injured Monty, Monty currently laying next to Ron's body, Ray attempting to bind his wound. She looked to the other casualty. Wes. He was again another man that she hadn't seen much of, but had always notice his closeness with his sister, always by her side and taking care of her. He lay there, Terra sobbing with her face buried against his shoulder.

The others left her, letting her mourn. They all knew loss, what it felt like to lose family. They let her have this last moment with him before they would go to bury the dead.

By now, the humans were taking the Lunairan survivors to the hold and Cassie's eyes were searching for Serix when Sarah spoke, hand on her shoulder,"Your arm is bleeding. You should see Ray."

Cassie was a little surprised at such a comment, looking down to her arm. Sara reached out to inspect the wound, but Cassie pulled her arm back, hissing in pain. She hadn't noticed it before, numb to her own pain with so much pain and death around her. She must have cut her arm on the rocks when the Lunairan lad tackled her. Taking her her over shirt off (she had a tank top on underneath), she wrapped it around her wound to help with the small amount of bleeding, shaking her head, "I'm fine. Ray needs to take care of the others that are worse off. This is just a small cut." With that, her eyes finally spotted Serix and she moved quickly to him.

Approaching him...he didn't look so good. Yes, he was a little scuffed up from fighting, but more worrisome was the look in his eyes. He had just fought and killed some of his own people. People he may or may have not known. Maybe even friends. She knew this wasn't easy for him, and a large part of Cassie felt guilty. If it weren't for her, he wouldn't be in this mess, feeling this way. Her steps slowed a bit and finally she reached him, seeing a Lunarian female, bound and unconscious next to where he stood. So, he had taken a prisoner as well.

Carefully, Cassie reached out, taking Serix's hand, looking up to him. Opening a link, she let calm and love flow from her to him, hoping to make him feel better, as well as relief that he was safe and unharmed. It could have very well been one of them that died today, yet fate had been kind to them. Finally stepping to him, she wrapped her arms around him, breathing in shaky relief.

Her moment of comforting him was over though when one of the other humans moved to take up the female Lunairan. She was the last one to take to the hold and Cassie glanced to Serix, opening another link, so that the other humans didn't hear. They needed to go to the hold, and make sure the humans didn't kill the survivors. She....wasn't quite sure what they should do with the invaders yet, but killing them isn't something Cassie didn't want to be an option. Looking to Serix with purpose, she then turned and the two were making their way to the hold.

Altogether, Cassie saw about nine or ten Lunairans in the hold. Many of them had started to wake up by now, and though their binds were cut, the cells kept them from attacking the humans before them. She turned her gaze to Ryan, who stood speaking to Conner, her gaze hesitant, "What are you planning to do with them?"

Ryan looked over to Cassie, though kept his gaze even, especially in front of the enemy, "Get information. After that, we'll see how I feel."

In other words, the death of these aliens was likely a high option. Cassie opened her mouth to speak to him again, when a heart sinking sound cut her off, making all the humans in the room freeze in horror. It was the scream of a little girl, one that made Ryan's eyes widen in fear and Cassie to turn her head to the tunnel the sound came from in fright.


Suddenly everyone was moving, dashing through the tunnels, getting to where the sound had come from, toward the tunnel both Sally and Charlie had been hidden in during the battle. And then they got there, it was a heart wrenching sight. Little Sally lay on the cave floor, sobbing and clutching her stomach as blood began to escape. Charlie was in a scuffle, having jumped on the Lunairan's back to defend his friend, the Lunairan trying to get the little boy off, throwing him to side finally, the boy hitting the ground hard with a yell of pain before going unconscious. The alien pulled out a blaster and took aim at the little boy. Ryan pulled out his own pistol, aiming and shooting. The Lunairan fell to the floor in pain, clutching his shoulder and unable to grasp his weapon, as Ryan quickly made his way over to his sister. The humans surrounded the sobbing girl, Ryan gathering her up in his grasp, trying hard to stop the bleeding, "Sally.....Sally stay with me."

The girl let out a small scream of pain as her brother pressed against the stab wound to try and stop the bleeding, her small hands clutching at his, "It hurts..." She was crying out, Ryan in panic trying to keep his sister alive. Yet, within moments, life began to fade from the little girl's eyes, and with one last breath of air passing from her lips, her body stilled, hands over Ryan's going limp. Ryan was trembling and tense, pulling the dead girl's body close to his. The room was silent aside from the injured Lunairan's struggles, which didn't even stay that way for long, a numb and angered Ryan grasping his gun and without even a glance in the alien's direction, pointed and shot, the sounds of struggles silencing with a soft thud of the body falling to the cave floor.
"You are nothing like my rose. You are beautiful, but you are empty," He went on, "One could not die for you. To be sure, an ordinary passerby would think that my rose looked just like you--the rose that belongs to me. But in herself alone she is more important than all the hundreds of you other roses: because it is she that I have watered; because it is she that I have put under the glass globe; because it is she that I have sheltered behind the screen; because it is for her that I have killed the caterpillars; because it is she that I have listened to.

Because she is my rose."

The planet the little prince once lived upon was beautiful. But, it was lonely. He spent his days, walking around his small planet and pulling up weeds called baobabs. If left unchecked, these dangerous plants could grow into giant trees whose roots would grow under the surface and overtake the planet, destroying it. When not pulling up the baobab plants, he spent his time looking out upon the stars. Looking at all the twinkling stars, he found himself seeing how many of them and realizing how lonely he was.

It was then that the rose grew. Such a simple rose it was, starting as a little sprout and growing into something magnificent. The little prince adored the bright red petals and how the rose made his dull planet beautiful again. It was unlike anything he had ever seen before and he would spend hours upon hours talking to, nurturing. Giving it water, making sure it got sunlight, and keeping insects and other beasts from eating it.

Though the flower gave him company and he was able to talk to it, he was saddened that the rose was not able to speak back. He found himself wishing upon each star in the sky to give his rose a voice, so that it may speak. And finally, a star granted his wish, for one morning the little prince awoke to find a small girl in the place of his rose. Upon further inspection though, he found that this girl had not replaced his rose. This girl was his rose, rooted in place merely by a small vine of thorns at her ankle.

The boy continued to care for the rose being that she could not move from her spot, bringing her food and water, protecting her from beasts that dared attack. In return, the rose kept the little boy company, talking with him, dreaming of the world outside of their small planet. They shared a childlike wonder in everything they saw, and more so in what they could not see. The prince loved his rose, just as his rose loved him. Yet, the more they dreamed of the outside world together, the more the two began to realize they wanted to see what they dreamed.

They were afraid though. The rose was connected to the planet by her thorny vine, drawing her life from the planet itself. What should happen if the vine was cut, neither knew. Yet, the rose watched the little prince stare longingly to the stars and came to a decision. She told the prince to go, that they should not be both kept prisoner on the planet. That, should he be happy and see the wonders of the universe, then she would be happy as well.

Before he left, the boy built a glass room for his rose as simple means of protection to last just long enough for him to make his return. Then, he left his planet, exploring what the universe had to offer.

Sadly, the universe was nothing like the boy and his rose had dreamed. He came across different planets with different people, all vain and brutal. But, he could not go back to his rose without some tale of what they dreamed, so he continued on, going further and further from his home planet, in search of the wonders the two had dreamed of.

It was far, far away that the boy crash landed on a planet known as Earth. Here, he was taken in by beings that called themselves 'humans'. They looked like him, but he found they were just as cruel and unhappy as all the other beings he had seen in the universe. He found himself looking for ways to repair his ship, yet found it impossible. He was too far away from home and this Earth did not have the supplies he needed to return back to his rose.

Forced to stay on Earth, he searched for wonders, something that would ease his troubled mind. It was then he came upon a large rose garden and was disappointed. For he thought his rose was the only of her kind, not a common flower. With this in mind, the little prince left the garden. With the knowledge of his common flower and no way of returning home to her, he stayed on Earth. All the magic gone.

And there he stayed.


Hopefully this little introduction has caught someone's attention XD I'm looking for someone to play the little prince.
The story of this rp would revolve around the rose, waiting and waiting for the return of the prince. Yet, years pass and when the prince doesn't return and with each day she grows fearful something might have happened to him. She finds herself asking the stars, begging them to find him and tell her where he is. It is then that they tell her he is on Earth. When they tell her how far away it is, she fears he might have gotten stuck or lost there, and gathering her courage, she cuts her vine and leaving her glass shelter, asks the stars for one last favor, to take her to this Earth.

There, she finds the prince, who has forgotten all about his planet and his rose, thinking himself to be just a normal human. From there, multiple things could happen revolving around her attempting to get him to remember, as well as him coming to realize that she is not just another 'common flower' because he loves her. I also have some other ideas as well but I'll save those for the rp lol.

If you are interested, please pm me so we can discuss the rp.

As a side note, here's some fan art I found for the rp XD

"You know--my flower...I am responsible for her. And she is so weak! She is so naïve! She has four thorns, of no use at all, to protect herself against all the world..."
Not quite sure. Something where Luke can feel the darkness from Ben. Maybe a practice lightsaber dual? Or something that gets Ben angry?
If you could? XD Figured it'd be best since Luke would be more so reaching into Ben's emotional status through the Force. Should I go ahead and post or would you want to edit Luke in first?

Odette felt so content as she sat there in his grasp, feeling his face against her shoulder and his words sent her heart soaring. She loved hearing those words from him. To her, there was nothing better in the world than this. Yet, of course his embarrassment and other emotions took over and soon she was pulled from his grasp, though this was something she expected and laughed softly at, as this happened quite often when he had to share his emotions in such a way, "Well, Ben. It wouldn't be the first time you've done something like that. Though, perhaps it was a good thing you didn't do so this time, as normally when you do we're by ourselves on a ship for our missions, rather than here where someone might catch us." Still though, she leaned over to press another kiss to his lips before she turned and started making her way back up the path toward their home, "Come on now. Best not be late for our training with Master Luke."

She walked along side him, return back to their small little Jedi village, where young padawans ran about, playing games and such being that they had some free time. Odette happily greeted those that they passed with kind words and the occasional hug. Many of the padawans chatted excitedly with her about accomplishments in their own training, as well as discoveries they made in their own explorations in the Force. Finally though, they made it to where Master Luke awaited for their solo session.

Odette smiled brightly, as they approached. For the most part, their robes had dried. Perhaps a little damp, but not nearly as noticeable as it normally where when they were out cutting up at the lake, so she hoped it wouldn't be nearly as noticeable to Master Luke as well, "Hello, Master Luke." She gave a small bow of her head in respect to the older man and looked back to him, "What would you have us do for today's session?"
Sorry, it's been a crazy few days XD I'm working on a post now.

When Odette was suddenly splashed with the water by Ben's use of the Force, she could do nothing but laugh, a bright smile on her face. Just being alone with Ben made her so upbeat and giddy that nothing could honestly bring her down. She walked out of the water and over to him, smiling as she wrapped her arms around him despite it getting him wet too, "Oh come now, Ben. The sun will dry us both before we leave the lake. Besides," She smiled, standing on her tiptoes to kiss his lips, staying close to him as she did, allowing her light to wrap around him just as her arms did, attempting to wash away any ill feelings, "You know you love goofing off here. It makes us feel...normal." Not a Jedi, or a Force User, just...them. Just Ben and Odette.

She stayed close to him, letting out a soft sigh of contentment as she rested her forehead against the front of his shoulder, breathing in his presence, "Have I ever told you how much I love you Ben? Because if I have, then I could never tell you enough." She joked softly, looking up to him, their faces inches apart and her voice soft as she spoke all of this, a grin on her lips, "You know, you should be ashamed. Jedi aren't supposed to steal, and yet here you are, stealing my heart and sweeping me off of my feet every moment that we're alone."

As she said this, her lips brushed softly against his with every word. She just couldn't seem to imagine her life any differently than this. Than being with him, so close. When they were like this, it was almost as if they were one being in the Force, rather than two separate. Her light encircling him, while his presence dwelled in hers.Their presence melded together and it left her feeling at peace. As though when they were separated she were truly whole. Yet, with him, it was as though a missing piece had rejoined her to finally make her one being.

"Tell me you love me." Odette requested softly, her lips brushing ever so gently against his, smiling softly up at him as she did. She loved hearing him say those words, though she didn't ask of such a thing often, knowing how difficult it was for him to speak about his feelings. Yet, she wanted to hear it now. While they were alone and it was just the two of them. With the last part of their mission in finding the last piece of the map, there was no telling when the next time they could say such a thing to each other might be. And though she wouldn't force him if he didn't feel like saying it, she still would hope that he might say it, as the beautiful bass of his voice saying those words always left her feeling aglow and more joyful than ever. Words just for her ears, straight from his heart to hers. And she wouldn't have it any other way.
Lol, I had gone to bed by the time you posted back. I'm working on a reply now. Hope your trip is going well :)
No prob :) Have fun on your trip!

Odette smiled softly as Ben took her hand and laughed softly, giving a nod as she walked along beside him, slowing down so that the two walked beside one another, rather than her dragging him along the path toward the lake, "I suppose you're right. We've been away from home for so long on these missions that we haven't had a chance to take it slow in a long while. Though I doubt anything will change soon." She grinned to him and moved so that she walked closer beside him, leaning up to press her lips against his cheek, "I can't see it being any different. With you, me, Master Luke, the padawans. Everything is so perfect that I can't see anything changing"

She smiled as she looked forward again, "Most of all though, I can't see anything changing with me and you. It's nice, to be able to just spend time with you without all the worry of keeping on our toes or wondering whether or not we might be attacked. Just me and you, able to be just us."

She walked along beside him, taking in the clean mountain air and the sights all about them, until finally they made it to the lake. As always, it was a beautiful sight, the water glistening as the sun reflected off of its surface. She let go of Ben's hand to walk over to the water, slipping off her shoes and stepping into the water until she was knee deep in it, taking in a deep breath of the fresh breeze that drifted off of the water, "I love it here."

She turned to look over her shoulder at him from where he stood at the water's edge, her lips breaking out into a wide grin before she suddenly hit her hand through the water to splash some of the water onto Ben, getting his robes and his face and hair wet. And of course, seeing his expression when she did this only had her break into giggles that she attempted to hold back as she spoke, "You're looking a little wet Ben. Master Luke's not going to be happy when he sees you were playing in the water." She joked, trying very hard to hold back her laughs, but ultimately failing.

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