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Current So people are so petty XD Liking a message that dissed them from two years ago. Salty much?
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2 yrs ago Check out my new music video for Star Wars: The Force Awakens
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Star Wars the Force Awakens was amazing XD Just say it for the second time lol.
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Back for a little bit I suppose....gunna try this site again and see how it works for me. :)
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I have migrated to If you wish to continue rps with me that we had going before my absence, then feel free to look me up there so we can continue it. I'd be happy to do so :3


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Sorry for taking so long and sorry that its short ;^_^ Guess I gotta get back into the swing of posting now that school work has ruined my brain.
Anna watched as he looked through his schedule for the week. It seemed as though he was a very busy person if he had to keep up with everything through a calendar. All she knew or ever wrote down to remember was the due dates for assignments. Never any social events or hanging out. She didn't even have any events to go to or anyone to hang out with anyway. When he mentioned meeting Saturday for lunch at the hub and to work on their project. She nodded, "Sure. That should work for me." She said and watched as he picked up his phone and asked for her phone number. Well, she supposed he was right. It would be easier to keep in touch that way in case something came up or they had any questions to ask each other.

"Um...okay. I just got a new phone, so let me check and see what the number is." She had indeed just recently bought her phone after her left over money from the scholarship had come in. She figured it would be a good way to communicate with others, being that she couldn't use her old one since the phone plan was under her mother's name. She took out the phone and after going to the numbers, found hers and read it out to him so that he could type the number into his own phone and could text her so she knew what his number was as well.

Once they both had each other's numbers, she put her phone away and looked back at him with another shy look, slightly unsure of what to say now, "I better go get some school work done." With that, she stood up, gathering her things together and placing them in her bookbag. Once everything was packed, she looked back over to him just as shyly as before, "So, guess I'll see you Saturday."
Heya. Just letting you know that I haven't dropped out of the rp XD Things have been crazy with school and we're moving tomorrow so I've been super busy packing (don't worry, its not a storm related move lol. it's a move because we wanted to). I'm going to try to hopefully get a post in by the end of this week.

Heya. I'm just letting everyone know that I live in GA right next to a river and with the upcoming hurricane, we're expecting rain, very strong winds, flooding, fallen trees and power outages. I will stay safe and will evacuate if things are looking to be too bad, so don't worry about my safety. I'm just letting everyone know that starting late Sunday/Early Monday I may lose power and may be unable to post, depending on when the storms hit. I will try to get as many posts as I can get in before then though. I don't know how long I would be off of the Internet if the interbet goes off, but if thats case, then I hope it will all be fixed by Wednesday or Thursday. If you are in the path of the storms as well, stay safe and take care.
A survival aituation? Once again Anna could feel herself beginning to grow nervous. In a survival situation, her powers were going to be a problem. If she felt endangered or threatened, her powers always just seemed to act on their own, something that wasn't good when she was still trying to hide her powers and her past from people. But, he was saying he wouldn't try to make it dangerous and that he would make sure that they were safe. So, whatever they came up with wouldn't be so bad. Right?

She looked to him and slowly nodded, though there was still a slightly unsure look on her face about all of it, "Well...I suppose if you promise it will all be safe, then we could go with something like that." What sort of survival situation would it be she wondered. It wasnt like there were many safe things to do to go into a 'survival mindset'. But then again, looking at Jay, he seemed like the type of guy that would like the outdoors. So, of course her first thought on the type of survival situation would he choose would have to do with the wilderness.

"Ummm...I can go ahead and do some research while you look for or think about our survival situation? Maybe we could get started on working on the research through out the week and then try the survival situation this weekend? If you've picked the situation by thus weekend that is, or didn't have any other plans?" She questioned, not wanting to intrude if he had already made plans this weekend.

Judging from the way the girls in the classroom seemed to swoon over him and how undeniably good looking he was, he probably had a girlfriend or something to go out with. If he did, it wouldn't surprise her at all. She on the other hand didn't have anywhere to be or anyone to hang out with. It was all about school work for her, so that she could keep her scholarship. Plus, it wasnt like she had anyone to hang out with anyway, "I'm pretty much free to work on the project any time."
Lol no prob xD I understand. Imma get started on my post and hopefully it'll be up by the end of tonight. :)
Finally got one in @_@ I got sick this weekend so I had to hold off on writing until now XD
Being away from the crowded classroom, Anna felt a little more at ease. Perhaps not as at ease as she might have been if she was by herself, but it was still better than being stuck in a room surrounded by over a hundred people that she didn't know. Sitting in the study room of the library, she felt like she could finally breathe. She took in a deep breath and got out her own laptop, placing it on the table. Then she began searching, trying to find some interesting topics that they might be able to do for their project. She supposed she wanted to something simple. After all, psychology was a...touchy subject for her. She didn't want to do research and find all the things that she knew was wrong with her. So, she needed to stick to the most simple things they could do, while at the same time keeping it at a college level content so that they could get a good grade.

She went through topic after topic on the internet, and when she would find one that seemed interesting, she would jot it down before moving on to the next topic, trying to find some that would be good to work with. After a little bit, she finally had her three topics and wrote them all down on the index cards, before flipping them over and placing them in the pile with the three cards that he had written up as well. With all six cards were settled on the table, she turned her head away so that he could mix them up and she wouldn't see which cards went where. Once they were all mixed up, she turned back to the cards and picked up the one that was furthest from her, and lifted it so she could read it.

"The Psychology of Survival?" Anna wasn't sure how she felt about that reminded her too much of the past. Back when the...incident happened. It had truly felt like a moment of survival to her at the time. As though it were her or those people. They had already killed Danny...

Just thinking about it made her hands tighten ever so slightly on the card, though after a moment she took a few deep breaths to calm herself, making it all seem almost unnoticeable by Jay. She needed to be careful. She couldn't let her emotions get int eh way and have him start to get suspicious of something. She slowly nodded, "Okay, so how do we want to do this? Did you have any ideas for it? Or should I do some research on it and we come up with something based on the research?"
School has been super busy @_@ I'm hoping to reply sometime tomorrow.
No prob XD Take your time.
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