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Current So people are so petty XD Liking a message that dissed them from two years ago. Salty much?
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Star Wars the Force Awakens was amazing XD Just say it for the second time lol.
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Back for a little bit I suppose....gunna try this site again and see how it works for me. :)
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I have migrated to If you wish to continue rps with me that we had going before my absence, then feel free to look me up there so we can continue it. I'd be happy to do so :3


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Sounds good :)
Anna wasn't quite sure, but it almost seemed like the boy that had asked her to be his partner was about to change his mind. She hadn't missed the glances he had taken toward a group of girls standing off a little ways. Sorority girls. Anna had nothing against girls who decided to be in sororities, but she would never be in one. Perhaps if things had turned out different. If she didn't have these...powers. Maybe then she could live normally and be able to join a sorority and have friends. But, fate just wasn't kind to her in that way. She would never be one of those girls. She would just always be on her own.

As he gestured for her to take the lead, she nodded, walking out of the lecture hall, walking out of the building and toward the library where they could find some quiet to think and discuss their project. At his question on what she thought the project should be on, she looked over to him, thinking quietly for moment before speaking, "Well...I'm not all too big on science or psychology in general..." She said sheepishly, knowing that probably looked bad on her part. It was just a course she had to take and wasn't something she was all too interested in. Specifically for the fact that she felt as though she were a science experiment herself. Felt like, if people knew about her, she would become a science or psychology project for some company or government.

"I'm up for anything you have in mind though?" She said, giving a small shrug, shyly brushing her blonde hair behind her ear, looking over to him, "Or, if you have no preference, we can choose a random topic? A 'pull from the hat' sort of thing?" Even though science or psychology wasn't her thing, she would still work hard to make sure their project was good and that she wouldn't be one of those partners to make one partner do all the work while she goofed off.

Walking into the library, the two of them made their way into a study room, where they closed the door and she sat down at the table, glancing up at him shyly again, "I'll help in any way I can too. I'm not too good at putting together presentations, but I'm good at doing deep research." She had to, especially when her powers first began to show themselves, do a lot of deep research in high school, finding all sorts of sources to figure things out.
You're fine :3 That's important for you to go see and enjoy. Have fun!
I love it X3 I'll do that now lol
XD They are both so nervous haha. Poor things.
Anna was hoping and praying that no one would choose her. Perhaps then maybe she could convince the professor to give her an alternate assignment of some sort. But it seemed her prayers were in vain, because soon she spotted someone walking toward her. The boy from the hub. She could feel her nervousness rise as she stood there, silently pleading for him to change his mind and turn around. Or that he was heading for someone near her and not actually her. But, he stopped in front of her and spoke, her wide blue eyes meeting his gaze, an unsure look on her face as he spoke. He spoke causally to her in greeting before asking her to be his partner.

There was a reason she avoided him in the hub. Unlike most guys here at the college who were very vain and full of themselves, he didn't seem to be like that. It reminded her so much of Danny...and it hurt. Danny had died because of her, or well, because of Mira. She didn't want to be the cause of someone else getting killed. She didn't want to get close to someone, only to have something terrible happen to them and have to relive that pain all over again.

She would just have to be careful. She couldn't get too close to him. She wasn't meant to have friends or anything of the sort, so she just had to make sure that, if they were partners on this project, that she kept it as just that. Nothing more than partners. She woudl have to keep telling herself that and keeping herself in check. She couldn't hide away forever and had to learn to control her emotions, no matter how hard it was. Keeping herself distanced, but at the same time being able to work with others, was something she needed to practice, and here she had a chance to do just that.

Taking a deep breath in attempt to calm herself, she looked to him, meeting his gaze once more, speaking quietly, a slightly unsure expression on her face as she spoke, "I...ummm, sure? I suppose we partners that is." She could feel her heart racing in her chest, her nerves over whelming her senses. No. She had to stay calm. She couldn't let anything happen here, in front of so many people. She couldn't let the horror of that night repeat itself. Taking a few deep breaths, she spoke again, looking up to him, "My name's Annabella. Or...well...Anna for short. If it's easier for you that is."

Maybe going to a place that wasn't so crowded would make her feel better. There were plenty of places to go. The library, study rooms, even some of the restaurants around the food hub woudl be quiet and less crowded than this packed room of students, "Should we....go somewhere? To talk about what our project will be about?"
There we go XD Sorry if its not the best. I was so tired and almost didn't finish lol. But I got it up! X3 Now time for bed.
Anna could feel her heart racing in her chest as she made her way quickly down the path toward the building her class would be in. She couldn't be around people. She didn't know why she thought she could do this. Why hadn't she just settled for a job without a degree? Her anxiety was up, eyes glancing about everywhere as she walked, worried and fearful of every person near her. What if someone found out what she could do? What if she was found out and locked up in jail? Or worse, experimented on? Panic began to rise in her and she had to force herself to stop, leaning against the wall of one of the buildings as she caught her breath and tried to calm down. No one knew what she was. She could keep it a secret. She just had to be more careful.

It was a psychology class, something that Anna wasn't too fond of. Perhaps it was because she knew she wasn't a very sound person psychologically that she shied away from such topics that were related to psychology. Yet, it was one of the required courses and so she had to take it, as much as she didn't want to. She took a deep breath as she made her way into the classroom and took a seat in the back, closest to the door in case she had to leave the class quickly and without much notice. Hopefully that wouldn't be something that would be needed, but it was still best to be safe, just in case.

Slowly, the students filed in one by one and she sat there as still and as quiet as possible, pretending to focus on the text book, her blonde hair acting as a curtain that shielded her face from those around her. It made her feel safe and hidden, so that she could look ahead and see the board as the teacher spoke, but those beside her couldn't see her.

The professor walked in, talking about different hings that she barely listened to, until he said the word 'group project'. Her heart sank at that term. She had to work with someone else? How could things get any worse? He explained the details of the project and she realized that, indeed, it could get worse. The partners were supposed to psych analyze each other and then choose a subject related to psychology to research. She didn't like this at all. The professor finished the instructions and then informed everyone to go ahead and choose partners, to which most people would immediately turn to their friends next to them to pick them as their partners. Some got up, walking around the large lecture hall to try and find a partner as well.

She herself felt so tense, standing there and looking around, hoping and praying that, perhaps, there might be an odd number of people and she could just do the project individually. Though, luck never really seemed to be on her side and she had a feeling that, despite her hoping for no partner, she would likely have a partner whether she wanted to or not.
Lol, tell me about it. Our professor pranked us too when that happened. He said he was gunna go see something and went off into the woods. We're all like 'no, don't do that' but he didn't listen. He started screaming and we're all freaking out. Only to have him come out laughing his head off at us -_- It took like four hours for them to come get us in another van, so we were stuck there for a very long time, pllus the ride back once the replacement van got there. Good crazy college story to tell though XD

Imma start on my post. May not be finished until this evening as well though lol.
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