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Here, just... Contemplating
Yeah.. That's an issue.. I really don't want to lose people's interest even more then we already have..

A reboot could work, but everyone here has already put so much work into the story and the world, it doesn't seem fair to just wipe the slate clean.. Damn, why did the site have to get taken down? Everything's screwed up now..
... If we have to, we may need to reboot it and think of a new strategy, or try to carry on. I have faith in this RP still, its just so many things have happened that it seems like Exoria isn't what it used to be.
I think its because of the amount of people we've lost and the fact that we can't get updates regularly. Ever since the guild went down this has been declining. I hate to say, but from the looks of things, Exoria hasn't fared well since the old guild's death.

Strong with the Force, you are. May the 4th, be with you.

*normal voice*

Also, who just wants to skip ahead to when we get to Rectja's palace? We could skip over the race because lets face it, its just gonna be me going "VEEEEERRREOOOOOOOOM" and you his going "YAAAAY! GO MAARCUU, GO!"
So. May 4ths tomorrow... Anyone here a Star Wars fan?
Yeah, there are a few positions.. But I'll be hopefully getting that time skip up soon. Just haven't found the time, life's really kicking me in the ass right now.
That's fine, no worries!
Did you find this RP interesting and want to watch, or are you just here to recon?
TheSovereignGrave said
All right everyone, I really hate to say this considering how long I've been in this RP and have far we've come and how far we've yet to go. But I'm dropping out of the RP. It's nothing personal, and it's absolutely nothing to do with this RP in general. But having been ill the last couple of days and not RPing, I came to realize that it felt like a welcome break from RPing. That's not how I should feel about RPing, and I think that it's because it's been so long since I haven't been in an RP. I've consistently been in at least 1 RP for so long that it feels like RP is something I have to do, and not something I do because I want to since I find it fun. And that's really not how I should be feeling about RPing. So I think it's for the best if I just take a complete and total break from the Guild, and I'm actually dropping out of all the RPs I'm currently in. I'm not sure how long the break will last and I'm extremely sorry about this. I absolutely loved Exoria, and I don't really want to leave, but I think this is just for the best and I feel like I should mention this now and not wait. I honestly can't express how sorry I am, but I do want you all (Sora especially) that I had a great time in this RP. Sora, Kyelin, Pyro, Silver Carrot, Fabricant, everyone; I guess this is goodbye for now. I guess I'll see you all later when I return; though I have no idea when that'll be. Goodbye.

Sov, you are an absolute pleasure to RP with. I'm really sorry to see you go, but I can't help but thank you for all the work you've put into Exoria to make it into what it is today. When you return, I promise that I will have a spot left open for you so you can return to the world. We may have moved past the main plot and are doing continuing adventures, but who knows? Until then, all I have to say is:

*HK-55 whips out robot junk and salutes* Beep-Boop, you glorious Motherfucker.
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