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2 yrs ago
Current I'm back. But not to RP. Only to answer what messages i do get in my PM. You all have hurt me in the past & i won't allow for anyone to get a second shot. I'm here for messages only. Nothing more.
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2 yrs ago
You all hate me. But none of you know a DAMN thing about what my life is like. However... no big deal. You all can just do what you do best.
2 yrs ago
Anyways... I'm out. You all want me dead. Fine. Once i get what i need from here... i'm outta here. Just see if i give a damn about what any of you think anymore. Toodles. Cretins. It's been fun.
2 yrs ago
All it shows is that you people are the true immature ones. Thanks for clearing that up. Now i know. You're all immature. Nice to know that immaturity in people is universal.
2 yrs ago
I can see your posts people. You think i'm that stupid that i can't see you all talking trash about me and when i call you out on it... you all go cryin' like little babies instead of owning up to it.


The Background is just as you may see. Macie's a Singer and a Celebrity. She is said to be identical to the appearance of the S.Korean superstar Eunha. but in all honesty... she's just a casual person living the dream. When there are others who're not trying to constantly place her upon the pedestal and lean it to where she endures the same destined fate as the Fallen King... The one who spread love and peace before her time.

Interview about me:

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Love one and all...

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(For all who want to consider being a part of the Adventure... or part of it... again. This is where it's at: role-player.net/forum/showthread.php?…)

(But for those who were banned from the Adventure. Do not think on coming in via a different name. Because in the modern world... everything eventually gets exposed and i will know if you attempt it. I have Admin on the site where this Adventure continues watching out. So... don't try to be finding your inner "Austin "Danger" Powers" It will not work and you'll only look stupid for trying.)
Funny how this gets posted after I had to private message a mod...

Drop it. You said your peace. Clearly… you don’t like me anymore. You turned on me and became just like all the rest who always find fault in all I do. You betrayed me. That’s just something that you are gonna have to live with. Good day.
I have made the decision to give up on RP. I blame you all for it. You know who the hell you are too. I came here looking to create. Make a rather wonderful RP. Successful and exciting. However... as i started to get it set... i started to embark on the roll of looking for people who would be interested in being a part of it. A good part of it and rather vital too. However i got no one to take notice. No one cared. Other than one person. No. Make that two... possibly 3. 3. 3 out of a hoped for 50. I was looking to conduct a Rp that meant something to me in a way or so. What i soon as time passed on... found out that it was never gonna happen.

I don't know as to why i bother anymore as i tried and tried. I even tried to meet one and all on a equal level and all i got was disappointments. Disapprovals of how i were to see things. How i envisioned things. Every time i put it out there for all. You all smeared me. Put me down and insulted me. Insulted me at every turn. Like i was never gonna be enough for any of you. Truth was... i knew that i was gonna face the same shit as i did other places but was having faith that i wouldn't have the same sour treatment. The only thing that i had come from it... was discontent.

You all have made me feel like i am nothing more than a bastard member who you would wish was dead. Never born. Hating me and made sure i knew it by constantly demeaning me... My characters... my Rp styles and the whole kit. Demoralizing how i perceived things. Well... guess what? Message received. I get it. You all hated me. Want nothing to do with me. Want me to be alone unless i start doing RP's that have smut and gross. Unless i were to start cowtowing and stepping in the way you all demand.

I am nothing more than just some joke to you all. Well... go ahead and laugh at me. I don't give a shit anymore. I am tired of trying to do what i can to please you just to come out failing miserably. For those of you who are so into attacking me at every single turn. My statements here should be a rather sweet treat for your eyes to read. because knowing you... you are gonna be thinking: "Oh... we're being praised for what we done to the individual. Bless that person's soul. Praising us." No matter. Go ahead and speak ill about me. All you people care about... is yourself. Seeking any and all to take away my sense of safety and security here. Congrats to all. To those who are responsible. You know who you are. Plus to the one who clearly turned against me by always ditching convo's... You stung me and broke my heart. So much for friendship.

It isn't like i am attacking aimlessly. I'm not. But i'm just throwing in the towel. I'm admitting defeat. You people... and you know who are... wanted to see me destroyed. Wanted for me to be reduced to nothing and torn asunder. Guess what? You got your wish. Enjoy your spoils. All of you.

Have a nice day. The whole bunch of you... who again... know who you are.
Where is this supposed to go then? Huh? Where? This was for the interest check... so... if i am not supposed to put it here... where do i put it? There is no where else i can put it...
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"Staryu, use Dazzling Gleam; Honedge, launch your attack; Brionne, help our team with Misty Terrain!" Donald commanded after Honedge finished charging his move. Staryu let off a bright and powerful flash at all the opposing Pokémon. Honedge shot out like an arrow and with his red blade glowing like the sun started slashing away at the opposition. Brionne let loose some mist that covered the entire battlefield floor, rendering every Pokémon who wasn't airborne immune to status effects.

Jeremy and Sandy continued the onslaught against Team Aqua. They knew that if Team Magma was bad... and just as hellbent on seeking the reawakening of the legendary slumbering pokemon Groudon. Team Aqua had to be just as bad if not worse as Team Magma.

Lisa and Nicole unleashed a couple of team attacks. Combining two attacks into one and sending them off right smack into team Aqua.

Jeremy: Simisear... Turn up the heat and unleash Incinerate... followed by a Flare Blitz!

Sandy: Fearow, Let it loose and fire right at the squad of pokemon that Team Aqua called out... TRI-ATTACK!

Fearow: *Nodding* One tri-attack... coming up and coming up hot!

The attacks continued... However... this was only the First wave. The Second wave was feared to come and be worse... Question was... When? and Where?
<Snipped quote by MacieLightfoot>

"Houndour and Poochyena aren't exactly friendly at first, but they'll eventually trust you. Riolu, I mean, Rocky, is more open to strangers, but as a general rule, gaining the full trust of a Riolu, or a Lucario, is easier said than done. I had Rocky for a while, and I don't think that he trusts me enough to evolve yet." James exaplined, advising against approaching Poochyena and Houndour until they decided to trust the newcomer.

"You talk like I'm not even here and listening." Rocking Fist said, sitting down next to Poochyena.

"Sorry. I just didn't know how to put it." James apologized to the fighting-tupe pokemon.

Abigail: It's okay. I was a little timid when i first ran away. Didn't know who to trust. But it was halfway to where here is that i met Mewtwo. He was living solo and didn't really care much for human contact. Only thing was when i came across him... He looked at me with a means to perhaps of course aim at me. But when he saw that i was scared and i really was scared from the ones i was running from. He saw that i was all alone and terrified. He brought himself out from being distrusting of all humans and swore to protect me and defend me. I had a couple pokemon back at where i was staying... living with my guardian Miss Hilda and the man Beaumont. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to get out. She would call me Orphan and put me in the attic... Giving my room to her dog. Fernando.

Jessie: Fernando? What kind of trippy ass name is that? Who'd want to name a dog... Fernando?

Abigail: She even tried to steal my locket once. But i climbed out and got it back. I got it and made the move to get out and i started running... I knew they were gonna catch me if i were to stop...

Jessie: So you just kept running.

Abigail: As fast as i could and i'm not going back. *Turning in stubbornness*

Jessie: *Scoffs* Oh god. I can't believe what i'm hearing come from you just now. You have run away from a home. With a roof over your head and 3... count them. 3 meals a day. A Warm bed to sleep on and not ever having to know what it would be like to be without. Why the hell would you do that? Are you cracked? Abigail... Kid. You are making a rather dumb move.

Mewtwo: Abigail... Not to add salt to the issue... but they happen to be right. You have a home. A place to live and with 3 meals a day. A place with a warm spot to sleep. Comfort. Running away isn't the sole smart answer. it solves nothing. All it leaves a person is a sense of loneliness.

Jessie: Besides... you don't ever have the idea of what you got... till the moment comes when you just find yourself being without it. Like me.

Jessie then got to explaining...

Wichita, Kansas then Metropolis was my one known home. But then when i dealt with a heavy loss... a Deep and personal one over the last 2 years close to 3... My new home became California. Been there since. However now... i'm on the journey to get my chance in competing in the Pokemon League then getting my chance at nailing the bastards who done away with my Landlord/Benefactor Andre Possleson. He took me in and gave me a home. An allowance and it was like 50-100 dollars a month. But i'd do some errands for him and earn my keep. All he asked was that i went to school and got an education for myself and that i stayed out of trouble for as much as i could. Because i'll tell you. He could frickin' tell that i was troubled and from the shit that i went through... It shook me and numbed me so much... I took to smoking. *Pulling out her pack of smokes* Cigarettes. I was that screwed up and it got to where... i could just shut down and say... the hell with everyone. But while i was going through the pains of what i lost. I dug deep and remembered that i still had a talent of singing. I did some Karaoke and there would be contests. One of them... no. two of them... were with prizes that came with Pokemon. Which are some of the ones i got with me. Charmander... Andre gave to me. Pidgeotto... i caught on my own. but the rest... Won from a contest. I came across a troubled person who also smoked. She's the daughter of a family that didn't give two shits about her. So... she did whatever the heck she wanted. This whole thing makes me think about the hell i went through... The things about it though... It's that... I am learning to flip it and put a positive spin to it. I focus on how to make better with myself. Because i know that i can get past it and make things better. Do i miss my father and Mother... And Brother. You better believe i do. I miss them alot. But i also know that in spite of it all... their passing was a blessing because it reminded me that we're only here for a short time. A very short time. And while alive... we have to make best of what sort of life we happen to lead. Just keep looking forward and keep going. Living. Because when it's your time to die... that's it. It's over. There's no redo's... no takebacks... nothing. You're done. But my habit... it's because i came to california... troubled. I dealt with my brother getting shanked and left dead like Cesar's ghost. Which was after my mother died of Scleroderma. End stage. It took her like a prized billy goat. Then my father soon after left and went for a drive... never came back. a little later... i learned that he died in a car accident. Then after that... later down the road... My brother gets mugged and beat up... Shanked and left dead. I am the only remaining member of the Levinson family left. I'm it. When i'm gone... it's done. The family line is defunct. Dead on arrival.

Jessie: You see... Abigail. You have it lucky. You might be an only child in your family. But at least you still got a daddy. Me. I got nobody. No family. The only type of family that i did happen to attain... if at all for a while was when i was taken under the wing of my landlord Andre. However he was snuffed by Team Magma. So... now i don't seem to have him. You are throwing away the good life you got. That's a rather crappy thing to do. Wouldn't you think?

Abigail: But you don't understand... You don't know Aunt Hilda. On the surface... she seems rather nice and kind. Sweet. But deep down... she's mean. REALLY Mean.

Jessie: Tell you what, Kid. Come tomorrow morning. We'll take a trip with you back to your place. We'll stick by you for a couple days and see how things are. If things are really that bad as if may seem as you're the one that lived it. We'll help you pack some stuff up and grab your pokemon. The ones you left behind and you'll come with us. And yes. We'll also help you reunite with your old man. Trust me. I know what it's like to be without a loving home with loving parents and all. It sucks. Sucks the big one.

Abigail: *Nodding slowly in understanding* Okay. I guess.

Jessie: James... Would that sound like a rather sincere plan. It's the best move to make as this kid... as courageous as she's tryin' to be... in reality... when it comes right down to it... she's not gonna make it out on her own for much longer. She's gonna be pretty damn lost. Not knowing where to go... who to turn to. Nothing. And if any of those Team Magma and or Team Aqua dipsticks catch sight of her... she'll be lucky if she doesn't get clobbered into jerky pow by them.

It was now a move to become guardians to the girl. But what could they see to do for her? Would they be able to help her and protect her from the cruel Guardian that she had ran from home just to get away from the clutches? What were they to do?
<Snipped quote by MacieLightfoot>
"Brionne, join Simisear's attack with a Water Pledge; Staryu, zap the bogeys with Thunderbolt; Honedge, slice and dice with a Solar Blade!" Staryu jumped into the air and spun around like a turbine unleashing bolts of electricity at the incoming wave. Honedge hung back as his blade issued a fiery red glow, charging up his attack. Brionne joined in with Simisear and started singing, unleashing a column of water that joined with Simisear's fire column for nearly double the power and creating a rainbow effect that doubled the probabilities of moves causing their secondary effects.

Lisa then called out her pokemon Crawdaunt and Zebstrika... Nicole called out her Druddigon and Pyroar.... It was a full on assault. Team Aqua had sent out their pokemon... A bunch of Golbat's... Crobat's... Pelippers and Cloysters. They were ready to brawl too...

Lisa: *Commanding her pokemon* Crawdaunt, Attack at team Aqua and their battalion with your Crabhammer and then Sludge Wave. hit it where it hurts. Zebstrika, Wild Charge and then with a aimed hit... Use THUNDER!

Nicole: *Commanding her pokemon* Druddigon, Use Dragon Claw and then Dragon Breath... Pyroar, Use Fire Blast and then Flame Wheel. Nail Team Aqua down hard. FAST!

The attacks continued... there was no way that they were gonna allow for Team Aqua to get the upper hand...
<Snipped quote by MacieLightfoot>

"Nice to meet you, Abigail. I would do introductions, but I was beaten to it. Anyways, may I ask where you come from? I don't see too many kids your age without an adult with them. Well, unless you count Mewtwo, of course." James said, looking to the young girl and giving a nod.

Houndour wasn't convinced that this wasn't a trap, but didn't say a word. For now, being on guard was better than being catch with one's guard down.

Riolu and Poochyena watched the scene, the dark-type Pokemon having its head tilted to the side in curiosity. Riolu, however, showed no sign of being curious, though he was.

Abigail looked at the pokemon nearby and smiled...

Abigail: They look so sweet. Are they friendly? Nice? *Suddenly facing the two again and trying to keep a low profile due to what she was running from* I'm Abigail Grayson....

It was when they managed to all sit down...

Jessie: and you ran away from home. Do i seem to guess right? No offense... but you do happen to look as though you're a runaway.

Abigail: Yeah. *Looking down* The thing is though... i don't have a home anymore as my mom died when i was just a young girl. I was only 4 when she died.

Jessie: *Gasps* So? Y-you're an orphan?

Abigail: Uh-huh.

Jessie: What happened to your father? Where did he go?

Abigail: He went on an expedition all the way up in the swiss alps and he was on his way down the one side of the mountain when a piece of the ground gave way and the snow started coming down... causing an a-a-

Jessie: Avalanche, Right?

Abigail: *Wiping a tear from her eye as she was obviously upset mentioning about it for the fear that her father could possibly be dead* Uh-huh.

Jessie: *Whistles* ... *Sighs sadly* Shit, kid. That sucks. Although at least you have had a family to hold dear to. That's something... isn't it?

Abigail: I guess.

Arcanine: Why are you out all by yourself? It's kinda cold out tonight and not exactly safe to be out alone. There are possible scouting teams of Team Magma and Team Aqua out roaming. Either one of them could have spotted you and really done a #.

Abigail: I know. but my father... He was the most wonderful father in the whole world... He had this place up in Denver... A place just for the two of us. It was a really amazing place. *Pauses* What... Wait a second... Did that Arcanine just talk?

Jessie: Sure did. Cinnamon Flame has the english speaking capability. All our pokemon do. We have this thing with us that gives them that particular knowhow.

Mewtwo: *Looking to see the object* Wha-? Those things were said to be rare...

More questions were being in the throws... however it was a good thing as it kept their minds from wandering about worrying of where Team Aqua and or Magma were possibly lurking. If they were even close by at that particular time...
"Brionne, Staryu, Honedge, come on out!" He sent out the aforementioned Pokémon. "Listen up, we have bogeys nearly 200 feet to the south," Donald elaborated, "Coordinate with the other allied Pokémon."
"Ready to jam!" Brionne acknowledged. Staryu saluted with a limb and Honedge drew himself from his sheath.
"Porygon-Z, search through their copied data, go right for the jugular and make like a Crobat," Donald commanded.
"C-c-c-c-compliance," Porygon-Z acknowledged before disappearing into Donald's phone. What Donald had just commanded his Porygon-Z to do—after the copied data had been searched—was to drain their treasury and hopefully cause their operations to come to a crashing halt through insolvency…assuming someone had stored passwords on at least one of the affected terminals.


Jeremy: *Calling out a couple of his pokemon* Excadrill, Electrabuzz, Scyther, Gurdurr Come on out and enact a defense... Time to battle out.

Seconds later...




Gurdurr: I'm ready. Jeremy... Just command for an attack.

Jeremy: *Commanding* Gurdurr, Attack the south wave of Team Aqua and or Team Magma full on with a Double FOCUS BLAST! Electabuzz, Fire at the incoming danger with Wild Charge and then hit them hard with THUNDER! Scyther, Attack with your Wing attack then give off a X-SCISSOR! Excadrill, Drill Run... Then use EARTHQUAKE! Simisear, Buddy... Hit the wave of incoming danger with a Flame Charge then a FIRE PLEDGE!

Sandy: *Calling out a couple of his pokemon* Krokorok, Come out and attack the incoming danger with A Sludge Bomb then give them a nice bout of a Thrash. Fearow, Use your Sky attack and then dive with a Drill peck on the incoming danger... Pansage, Use Leaf Storm and then fire deep with a Leaf Tornado... Right at the target. HIT IT!

It was seconds later when the attacks all began. This was the first wave and already... it was becoming a imminent brawl.


Kimberly: Ella, Get on it. Order them to attack at the incoming wave. The incoming wave of Team Aqua and Magma is nearing...

Trouble was here... and with the sighting of the incoming danger just only mere feet away... it was either attack or be bombarded by a imminent assault...
[quote=@James Davy]
<Snipped quote by MacieLightfoot>

"Were they expecting my cyber attacks as well?" Donald asked, feeling troubled they knew of his connection to the family.

Jeremy: I think that they might also have been expecting that... however... i don't think that they figured it being you who done it. But when i announced in front of the stage and facing the audience... that you were also a member of the family... I think they might have been listening in and from all that... i think it was enough for them to put two and two together.

Sandy: I don't think it was that obvious. Surely they were listening to that... but why would they act on just that alone. There had to be more to it. There just had to be.

Gothorita: *Sensing incoming danger* We've got incoming... First wave... From the south side.

Jeremy: How far?

Simisear: 60 meters. But they're close.

Anistar: This is gonna be trouble. *Calling out her pokemon* Beauty Vines... come on out... we might have a battle to tangle with.

Was this gonna be a real fight... or was there a slight chance for it being only a false indication of there being a possible ambush? High alert... Stay on guard.
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