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Current Well I'm sorry that my RP's are so flavorless & without the "Oh my GOD!" drama. plus the Advanced detail in time & place. I Rp differently, Which clearly; everyone here seems to have a BIG Issue over.
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Why am i boring? Because i won't cowtow to everyone's demands and write Smut? Is that it?
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Why won't anyone reply to me? Am i that boring?
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Note to all: Wanna be friends? Fine. Welcome. Wanna be a total Jerk or a prick; whichever is first to light? Get the hell away from me. Because i happen to be a fond believer of god don't like Ugly.
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I am here to have fun Rping and create memories. Not drama and bullshit. I deal with enough of it in real life... I don't need to be dealing with the crap here as well.
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The Background is just as you may see. Macie's a Singer and a Celebrity. She is said to be identical to the appearance of the S.Korean superstar Eunha. but in all honesty... she's just a casual person living the dream. When there are others who're not trying to constantly place her upon the pedestal and lean it to where she endures the same destined fate as the Fallen King... The one who spread love and peace before her time.

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Love one and all...

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"Sergeant, they're after the Red Orb," Donald stated, showing Sgt. Lerner pictures on his phone of a large red crystal with a yellow Greek letter omega within, "They mean to awaken Groudon and create more land. I believe Macie joining Team Magma is just military propaganda."

Sgt. Lerner: I would like to think it is too... but the way that they were telling it... I don't think that it is Propaganda. I think that they did something to her that made her jump ship and allow herself to be willing to serve their cause. Now... i don't think that i'd see to believe that such a gal like her would just walk on along and join in on their endeavors without some kind of scare tactic. Not a chance. However... It does seem pretty damn bad. Really bad. They've been also reported to be the cause of several reports of Pokemon being found wounded. One was in Pasadena, California. Someone named Jessie Levinson brought in a Wounded Magneton to a Pokemon Center. The Nurse there... reported that over the last week... 15-20 Magneton's were brought in wounded...

Jeremy: Why would they come to just wounding pokemon... Random ones like that? It's gotta be something more than that. We've run into them a few times and their M.O spoke nothing of that. Something... Something... something is up... Otherwise why would they do all this and go out of their way to bullshit us? Why? What would harming random pokemon have to do with going for their end game and doing all possible to awaken Groudon? What is it that makes them feel it'd be beneficial to them to just do that?

Sandy: We can't figure that out... however... We won't let this come to pass. We'll find a way. Some way.

Sgt. Lerner: Where were you guys heading off to anyway?

Darlene: We were on the way to St. Louis with the wounded pokemon.

Sgt. Lerner: We can't leave a soldier behind. We shall carry them over there and get them help.

Jeremy then had his Gothita use Teleport one them all to St. Louis...

A Moment later...

St. Louis, Missouri...

Jeremy: *Looking at the city* Here we are... Now... we have to get to the pokemon center.

It was a run for getting to the pokemon center to get the wounded pokemon some help...
"It looks to be going as well as could be expected," Donald answered, watching the Pokémon do their work, "Has Fearow returned with the cavalry yet?"

It was only then that a cry called out...


Sandy: Fearow's back. I think that he found someone...

Sandy's Fearow came into view and swooped down with a Wing attack at the ground. It was quite clear that there was something to be told. Something for her to say. It was gonna be giving off the details and letting them know what she found. However... she didn't seem to come alone. She had someone with her alongside and it was a couple of nurses and few Chansey's.

Nurse Joy: *Hopping off with a medical kit* This is a ways away from St. Louis.

Darlene: ST.LOUIS?!

Saphiroth: Where... H-h-h-how is that possible? Sandy, Your pokemon wasn't gone for all that long. How... how could it reach itself as far as St. Louis?

Curtis: That's fast. Quicker than me.

Jeremy: *To Nurse Joy* Can you heal and tend to them? They were attacked by Team Magma. They need help.

Nurse Joy: I'll see what we can do. However... for the kind of treatment that might need to be done... We're gonna need to get them to the Pokemon Center in St. Louis. It's got the equipment needed to best tend to them. All that can be done here is Dulling the pain. That's about all that can be done.

Jeremy: We have the pokemon that can get us all there... fast.

Sandy: Which one is that?

Jeremy: Gothita. However... i think that she's evolved into Gothorita.

Sandy: Not yet. She hasn't had much time out in the open to get any experience.


Sgt. Lerner: *Coming over from behind and riding on his Luxray* Darlene... Privates...

Jeremy: *Turning to look and see Sgt. Lerner* Sgt. Andrew? Wha- What are you doing here?

Sgt. Lerner: *Hopping off and walking over to the crew* I'm glad that i've caught up with you...

Jeremy: What... What's going on?

Sgt. Lerner: It's not good. I was resting at my home when something came over the Official Military airwaves. I still listen to them from time to time as i like to keep certain tabs on things. Curious like. But what i heard come over the waves is bad. Bad news. Team Magma... That Elusive team with the red attire... The word came in that they're in California... Sticking to set up some bases... A couple of Battalions are being formed to go on the up&up for a searching of some Orb.

Cilan: Orb?

Sgt. Lerner: Yeah. An Orb. It was talking about some key item that the team was after and needed to form a couple teams of men just to venture out to locate it. They mentioned of some Admin... Tabitha. Team Magma Admin Tabitha. She/He is said to be fronting one of the battalions. There's said to be 3 battalions. on the move from 3 directions. 3. closing in on a location somewhere in Mammoth. Over by June Lake. One team coming in from the East... One from the North. and the one that... that Tabitha dame is heading... coming from the West. It's bad. The Battalion that Tabitha's leading is with some gal. The gal's got a real voice and it's a peach. Sings like a canary... tweets like a songbird and then yet can carry a tune that blows your mind. Literally blows your mind.

Doralee: Sounds like the gal is a famous dish...

Sgt. Lerner: You better believe it. It's a real slice of bad regimen too. Because the gal happens to be a mother. A Famous darling all the same and happens to be the Rising Star. The Military channels are talking of the idea that she could be starting to join in on their exhorts willingly and make the leap to get all in on it. Joining them. Not saying it would be accurate. But from the reports coming in... It ain't anything good to be paying it off no mind.

Sandy: Oh dear...

Jeremy: Don't let her Camerupt hear of it... he'll let loose. He's done it many times before and you might know as to how violently enraged he tends to get when you make him mad and drive him into a fury.

Something was rising...
Brionne was called out and accompanied Jeremy in his song. In the meantime Spinarak was patching up the Pokémon's injuries with her silk and Espeon was using her psychic powers to lift the injured into any makeshift stretchers that were brought in. "Jeremy, does your Roselia know Aromatherapy?" Donald asked.

Jeremy: I believe that she might. *Giving a command to Roselia* Roselia... Use Aromatherapy on the injured pokemon. Provide some healing to them.

Roselia: *Nods*

Jeremy: *Thinking* Music might amp up the power and make it stronger... Giving stronger healing... Here goes... Roselia, Do it. Use your Aromatherapy...

Within seconds...

Jeremy: *Singing towards the move that Roselia's performing* "Whenever I've chance to meet
Some old friends on the street
They wonder how does a man get to be this way
I've always got a smilin' face
Any time and any place
And everytime they ask me why, I just smile and say

You've got to kiss an angel good mornin'
And let her know you think about her when you're gone
Kiss an angel good mornin'
And love her like the devil when you get back home

Well, people may try to guess
The secret of a happiness
But some of them never learn it's a simple thing
The secret I'm speakin' of
Is a woman and a man in love
And the answer is in this song that I always sing

You've got to kiss an angel good mornin'
And let her know you think about her when you're gone
Kiss an angel good mornin'
And love her like the devil when you get back home

Kiss an angel good mornin'
And let her know you think about her when you're gone
Kiss an angel good mornin'
And love her like the devil when you get back home"

Alice: That was Charlie Pride.

Doralee: Gee Willikers alive, Jeremy. How did you know to sing that? That was one that darlin' Macie had done from one of her darlin' albums. You sang that like you knew it from the good ole' heart.

Jeremy: *Shrugs; Blushes* It just... came to me. All i had to do was just think... and out it came.

Sandy: Jeremy is one who's always known to have that knack of carrying a tune or two.

Anistar: That's a fact.

As they got to tending more so to the healing...

Saphiroth: How do you think the healing's going?

Was it helping?
"Alright, listen up," Donald called out to the injured Pokémon, "I'll have my Spinarak immobilize you lot and my Espeon will carry you to safety. My Brionne can Sing you to sleep if you need it. Jeremy, we may need to set up a makeshift infirmary in our vehicle until we can get the injured to a Pokémon Center."

Jeremy: Sing? Here... Now?! Well... Okay. *Calling out a couple of his pokemon* Roselia... Gurdurr... Come on out. I got a job for you two...



Jeremy: Roselia, Gather up some vines and see on tying them around some Steel poles that Gurdurr might find around here... We're gonna see on setting up a check marker to draw attention to anyone overhead that happen to fly by and seek to rescue the wounded.

While they got to work...

Jeremy: *Singing to lull the wounded to sleep* "Me and Mrs. Jones
We got a thing, goin' on
We both know that it's wrong
But it's much too strong
To let it go now

We meet every day at the same cafe
Six-thirty and no one knows she'll be there
Holding hands, making all kinds of plans
While the juke box plays our favorite songs

Me and Mrs., Mrs. Jones (Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones)
We got a thing, goin' on
We both know that it's wrong
But it's much too strong
To let it go now

We gotta be extra careful
That do we don't build our hopes up too high
Because she's got her own obligations
And so, and so, do I

Me and Mrs., Mrs. Jones (Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones)
We got a thing, goin' on
We both know that it's wrong
But it's much too strong
To let it go now

Well, it's time for us to be leaving
It hurts so much, it hurts so much inside
Now she'll go her way and I'll go mine
Tomorrow we'll meet
The same place, the same time

Me and Mrs. Jones
We got a thing goin' on
We gotta be extra careful
We can't afford to build our hopes up too high
I wanna meet and talk with you
At the same place, the same cafe, the same time
And we gonna hold hands like we used to
We gonna talk it over, talk it over
We know, they know, and you know what I know that it was wrong
But our thing is strong, we gotta let 'em know now
That we gotta thing going on, a thing going on"

The tune was a grabber and it soothed the atmosphere. It felt rather calming...

The time to get help was growing short. They were gonna need to be more resourceful... Fast.
<Snipped quote by MacieLightfoot>
Donald sent his Espeon out. "Espeon, scan the surrounding area for the minds of anyone who's hiding," he commanded.
"You got it, master," Espeon acknowledged before scanning the surrounding area for the minds of anyone hiding. Donald didn't like the idea of using injured Pokémon as live bait for a trap and did not want to take any chances.

Once at the spot...

Hitmonchan: *Standing up and limping a little over to the group* Which one of you... is the one they call Passion Kiss?

Jeremy: *Posing* That'd be me. You're a Hitmonchan. Aren't you?

Jeremy's pokedex chimed in...

Pokedex: *Giving out some information* Hitmonchan- Punching Pokemon... Height 1.4 m (4′07″)
Weight 50.2 kg (110.7 lbs) Average physical stats... While apparently doing nothing, it fires punches in lightning fast volleys that are impossible to see. Punches in corkscrew fashion. It can punch its way through a concrete wall in the same way as a drill. To increase the strength of all its punch moves, it spins its arms just before making contact. HITMONCHAN is said to possess the spirit of a boxer who had been working towards a world championship. This POKéMON has an indomitable spirit and will never give up in the face of adversity. The spirit of a pro boxer has infused this POKéMON. It throws punches that are faster than a bullet train. When Hitmonchan twists its arm while throwing a punch, the blow will pulverize even concrete. The Pokémon rests after three minutes of fighting.

Sandy: What happened?

Himonchan: It was an ambush. They came from the north and charged us down. It came like a thundering stampede. *Trying to remain standing* The flock of Mankey were just hopping around and dancing. Swinging from tree to tree... I was practicing some punches and out of nowhere... an Alolan Marowak came barreling through with an alarm saying that something was coming. It was only then that a group of men came in... They were in this red garment. Wearing Red garments and were looking for more land to use for their schemes that serve a dark purpose. We don't know what they were intent on doing. We tried to thwart them off. But they were with a woman. This woman looked like a model... A singer. The woman was expected to sing and she sang something that sounded like... with the words... "Lover in me"

Jeremy: That was the Rising Star.

Saphiroth: Our mother. You saw her?

Hitmonchan: We did. We heard one of them say: "If you ever want to see your kids again, Rising Star... You will do as we ask. SING!"

Jeremy: *Glares* Where did they go? WHERE?!

Hitmonchan: East. They went east from here. That was about a couple hours ago.

Jeremy: Are you gonna be okay?

Hitmonchan: Not sure. The Alolan Marowak is wounded and hardly moving without pain.

Jeremy: Don't worry. We'll get you and everyone to someplace safe. *To Donald* Don... help me round them up. We need to get them to safety and get them some help.

Sandy: *Calling out a pokemon* Fearow, come out...


Sandy: Fearow, Fly up ahead and see if there's a pokemon center that is within a couple miles and grab someone's attention. Inform them of there being possible wounded coming.

Fearow: *Nods*

A Minute later...

Jeremy: We'll get you guys some help. We're sticking with you guys.

IT was a race against time to get the wounded some help... was there more to come?
James looked around for the $20 he lost, thanks to Pidgeotto. He even called out his other Pokèmon to help him search.

"Pidgeotto, do you remember where you dropped that $20 bill? It's okay if you dropped it off to the cashier, but we need to know if that is where it ended up." Houndour asked Pidgeotto.

Pidgeotto winked in a pose before...

Pidgeotto: It's been given to the cashier. No worries. *Whistles* Come on... i sometimes play around... but i don't lose money that ain't mine. Besides that the cashier is only past those 4 stands of merchandise... I dropped the $20 dollars right in front of the cashier and made certain that he knew where it came from and from who.

Arcanine: Someone should go ask anyway... We can't take that chance. This is the only place that's with an available spot to stick to for the night and camp out. Zebstrika... Come out... You have guard duty tonight.

Jessie's Zebstrika came out and patrolled over to the camping spot and kept a watch on it. Checking to see that there wasn't any danger.

Jessie: We'll get this. One way or another.

Timburr ran over to set up some beams to help pitch up camp and get it set for the night...
<Snipped quote by MacieLightfoot>

"$20. Alright. Good thing that my parents gave me a lot of money that they told me that they had saved up for me in case I decided to go on a Pokèmon Journey." James said, before going off to find a cashier.

However, his Riolu stayed with Jessica.

"His mom told him that when traveling with a women, he should do the paying. Not saying that women can't pay, but it's more polite if a man does it." Riolu explained.

Pidgeotto snatched the $20 dollars and flew up high into the air...

Pidgeotto: *Crying out in a gliding cheer* pidgeotto!

Jessie: *Chuckles* My Pidgeotto is wanting to just play... Pidgeotto, You silly bird... Come back with that $20. That's for paying for the Camping spot for the night. Come on. Silly bird. *Seeing what was about to happen next*

Pidgeotto: *Hovering in the air and then Swooping down in a fast dive leading to the cashier with the money* Geotto!....

Arcanine: This isn't a time to be playing, Pidgeotto. It's nice out here... but we can't afford to do anything that will draw attention to ourselves. There could be some wayward grunts from Team Magma close by. We don't want to expose the idea that we're here and they catch notice of us.

Timburr: *Grabbing a piece of wood and using it to catch onto Pidgeotto's claw and stop him from flying around consistently* I'll get him. Time to have him calm down...

Once calmed...

Jessie: Okay, birdie... You done with the flying?

Pidgeotto nods...

Where did the $20 go? Did it already reach the cashier?
"At least our mother will be glad to have her full team back once we rescue her," Donald replied, "Still, 17 years is a long time to hold a grudge." He had listened to Alice's fateful encounter with Onix and considered her lucky to have a friend like her. It reminded him of how he and his Mimikyu met and became friends.

Jeremy: That's not the full team. There are others. There's also Mystic Eye which is her Gothitelle. Electronic Sparky Which is her Magnemite. Starry Steelwing which is her Skarmory, Starshaper which is her Eevee, Sparking Flash which is her Luxray. Muscle Star... which is Machoke. Music Blaster-Loudred. Illuminator-Illumise. Those are the rest of her team of pokemon. Donald... they've been left at home. They don't know about the situation... Yet.

Saphiroth: Uh, Jeremy... Muscle Star... he's with us also.

Jeremy: He is? *Curious* Why doesn't he come out then?

Saphiroth: He's always been with us. Since the start. But after Lisa and Nicole got abducted and we were knocked down a little bit by Team Aqua... He went into his pokeball and has been afraid to come out. Plus... before he got into his pokeball... He Lost his temper over the loss/Abduction of Lisa and Nicole that he grabbed a bench and chucked it up into the air like it was a softball. He was very upset. It kinda startled us a little and he was afraid that it'd likely hurt us... so he went into his pokeball... Not wanting to come out.

Sandy: The poor thing. That's so sad...

Alice: He'll be alright. He just needs some time to calm down.

Sandy: *Looking ahead* We have some pokemon up ahead...

Anistar: It's a flock of Mankey's and an Alolan Marowak... Plus there's a wounded Hitmonchan.

Cilan: Should we go tend to them?

Curtis: It'd be a good idea. We can't just abandon them.

Jeremy: Let's go.

To then to the wounded they went... but was it really what they were seeing... or was it a lure?
<Snipped quote by MacieLightfoot>
On the way to Mt. Sterling, Donald asked, "Alice, what were the circumstances behind your fateful encounter with Onix?"

Alice thought back to when she first met Onix...

Alice: It was back when i was on the way to find Lisa and Nicole... and Jeremy. I was at home for most of the time and just keeping things cleaned up. Cleaning things and making sure that things were smooth. The thing that got me concerned was the note i found... It said something in terms of... *Reciting the Note from memory* "You Rising Lights... Passion Kiss... Wherever you are... Consider this as a warning. 17 years ago... your mother stopped us from our greatest triumph. Foiled our plans. But this time... we are not taking that chance as last time we didn't consider a measly Lightfoot to be much of a threat. This time... we're taking precautions in ensuring that none of you lightfoots can stop us. You stopped us once... this time... things will be in our favor. If you want your mother... to be healthy... You will heed our warning and back off from our ambitions. Don't interfere with our plans. Because for doing so... will mean the end for the Rising Star. She'll be the first meal for Groudon. You won't be warned again." It was then that i made plans to head out to come find the kids. I didn't think that i'd come across a pokemon as tall as Onix. However... as i was in the front yard starting to close things up and tidy things up a bit... I heard this low roar which at first seemed pretty low. But gradually grew louder. I stood and listened and it was when the noise stopped when i went to where the noise was coming from. Suddenly the ground under me pushed up. The Spot i was standing on...Rose and broke away and up came a pokemon... A big rocky snake one. Next thing i knew... It lifted up high and then spoke to me. I told what i was planning to do... It showed concern and didn't want to see me going out without some type of protection. So... I asked it if it would help. The Onix there... It's a she. She hung with me since... Faithful.

Darlene: That's cool. So... That king-sized Onix is like a protector.

Alice: Sure is. Those aren't the only ones i got... I brought a couple of others with me... that belonged to the kids mother. An Ivysaur, Beedrill, Crawdaunt, Dewott and a Roserade.

Jeremy: Dewott is Water Starchild, Ivysaur is Starbud, Crawdaunt is Sea Dream, Beedrill is Star Stinger and the Roserade of our mom's is Master Starflower.

Sandy: Those are awesome nicknames.

Jeremy: You better believe it. But were given out of love and care.

The Journey presses onwards...
<Snipped quote by MacieLightfoot>

"Sure. I rather not stay out too late, so that sounds like a plan to me." James said, pulling out his wallet and started going through it, trying to figure out how much camping here would be for the night.

"Does it cost anything?" James asked, putting his wallet away.

"If it does, I can probably cover it, depending on the price." James continued.

Jessie: It shouldn't cost much. Maybe about 20 bucks flat rate. I think.

Pidgeotto: There should be a cashier nearby to give the money to... to pay for the spot we're wanting.

Jessie: James, Let Pidgeotto do the paying. He can get there within just a few seconds or so.

It was gonna be a campout... just one step at a time...
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