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15 days ago
Current Back from a log time gone because I was in a mental hospital im sorry to everyone i left hanging
10 mos ago
Back and working on a new rp topic around star wars
10 mos ago
Going on a school trip wont be back till the 2nd
1 yr ago
Busy but still getting replies in
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I love to RP! I wouldn't be here if I didn't XD. I've been rping for a good 4 years now its become my form of escape from my rough past. I'm currently looking for a WWE or Cobra Kai RP but I'm also browsing around for other RP's as well.

Writers Block ATM?: No, but replies are not as good because I have some stuff going on

Do not: Control my characters, leave the RP without a reason unless it's sudden, give me a warning if you have to leave, write one-liners, and be afraid to ask questions.

Do: Write long posts, ask before you do something with the plot that's major involving one of my characters, tell me what character you plan to use or any triggers.

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I'd prefer here as I don't have a phone and only my school laptop.
imma try to get to work on a CS but I'm so busy rn i have no clue
I love this idea! My character would be called Ella but she would have the ability to like change shape kinda like mystique from x-men. She would also have the ability to control water and or fire
Definitely interested in something like this
I rlly want to do this but I keep messing up the character sheet and I just got rlly busy and don't think I have the time anymore. GL everyone.
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Kind of a huge question, at least for me. There's Cyberpunk the Genre and Cyberpunk the Setting. I'd check out Cyberpunk 2077 or Edgerunners on Netflix (or at least hit up TvTropes or something) but the gist of it is that advanced technological progress like cybernetics and AI are played off against societal decay. Most people are in poverty or skirting the edge of it, power is in the hand of massive corporations, the world is polluted and humanity is generally struggling.

Not a great summary but it should start you off fine

Thanks for the summary!! Im still gonna try to learn more before going into a rp such as this one
I'm definitely interested are there any spots left??
Ok this is my first time doing a cyberpunk Rp so can someone like fill me on what it is?? Or like give me a small background of it
Count me as intrigued I hope its not to late to join! What spots do u need me to fill or if you need a certain thing I'm open to get involved! I could also do a Hacker, but preferably a solo.
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