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things arent as busy but still slow replies
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I am 14 years old. I've been through a lot of ups and downs. My life has been a roller coaster, and role-playing has become my escape. My mother is blind and on the verge of death, and my father is no longer in my life. My heart has been broken more times than I can count; it may appear that I'm looking for sympathy, but if you really knew me, you'd understand how complicated my life is; but enough sob stories; I should talk about me, not my past.

Now that I have a family who cares about and understands me, I am living a better life. I adore music; it would make me happy on any given day. I sing and play the clarinet. Singing and music had been extremely beneficial to me throughout my ordeals and trials. I still cry at night because some of the people I used to care about have died. RP has become my escape, through the ups and downs I have had some people by my side. The bullies of my school are getting worse, and worse but I keep on a brave and tough face.

I have a lot of fave fandoms that I'm searching for RP's on my major one right now is Fast and Furious but I also like Twilight, Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Harry Potter, Throne of Glass, and Divergent.

Writers Block ATM?: No, but replies are not as good because I have some stuff going on

Do not: Control my characters, leave the RP without a reason unless it's sudden, give me a warning if you have to leave, write one-liners, and be afraid to ask questions.

Do: Write long posts, ask before you do something with the plot that's major involving one of my characters, tell me what character you plan to use or any triggers.

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@Omega Man See I couldn't even tell you that much! LOL imma go work on my character sheet, I'm wondering since Fury is descended from an amazon could I take their abilities and make them her own but add something special like Wonder Woman has? It's just a thought and it might make a character arc easier to work with

@Omega Man OOO that sounds perfect for me to use! I love it I'm going to start spitballing ideas now and put them in as soon as I get the character sheet. The only thing I'm scared off is every time I take a cannon and try to make it my own it becomes a whole new character. I also haven't read the comics in a long time and I could never get my hands on the ones we'd be using to base some of our chareters.
<Snipped quote by FrostWolf>

Any ideas what character you're gonna use?

I haven't figured that out yet once I get a character sheet I can figure it out I might do something like Wonder Woman but make it more original if that makes any sense.
Im down for this
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