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So, I just watching the episode of Danny Phantom in which he fights his alternate future self and I had a idea for a one one one roleplay.

Dark Dan, Danny's alternate future evil self after being held captive for a few years by the ghost of time name Clockwork proposes a new idea to Clockwork. Dark Dan offers to help his younger self become better at fighting ghosts and take the the teenager under his wing. Clockwork hesitantly agrees and releases Dark Dan to train young Danny, on the condition that the training is monitored, so Dark Dan doesn't try to force young Danny to turn into him.

Please comment on the thread if you are interested in doing this.
This roleplay is meant to be a Danny Phantom alternate universe roleplay. Sorry if that wasn't clear.
Here's my first character. I will post my second character later.

Human form:

Ghost form:


Daniel James Phantom




21 and a half years old




Human/Ghost Hybrid


Bi-sexual (More Interested In Women, But Is Open To Dating Men)


Danny lived a normal life. Up until he was six years old. That was when the king’s men broke into the home of the last living hybrid family. His father died in attempt to protect Danny and his mother, and the mother and child almost escaped, but Danny’s mother tripped while running away from the knights on a tree root. After his mother fell, though he was hesitant, Danny fled from the scene after his mother told him to run, as he ran off, he heard a scream that was cut short from his mother.

After the death of his parents, young Danny took to the forest. He was soon found by a female wolf who let him join her pack and raised him along side of her pups. Danny lived there for quite a few years, learning how the world functioned through the eyes of a wolf. That was not meant to last either, sadly, as tragedy struck once more.

One summer, the forest was hot and dry, as there wasn’t much rain that summer. As a result, the forest eventually caught on fire, and Danny was also able to escape. However, he was not the only one who made it out of the fire, as one wolf pup from that pack followed Danny out of the fire. The rest of that pack didn’t make it, leaving Danny and the lone wolf pup, whom he later named Aniu, as the sole survivors.

In the time that followed the forest fire, Danny and Aniu become companions. They developed the special bond that hybrids had with their animal companions, making them inseparable. They duo also fought the knights and the bounty hunters that were sent by the king to kill Danny and his wolf alongside each other. They also hunted, ate and slept together. The pair both knew that they could only keep fighting off the king’s men for so long, though.


Due to being raised by wolves for the majority of his childhood, Danny had a rather wild and unpredictable personality. He is stubborn, short-tempered, courageous and protective of those he loves. He capable of compassion, but he rarely shows to humans due to his past and thinks that all humans are evil and self-centered.

None At The Present Time


None At The Present Time


None At The Present Time, But Wants Some Someday
It's up to you. But I prefer at least the basics like appearance, age, name, gender, history, personality and whatever else you feel is needed. I am still working on my character.
Yup. I am going to post my characters once I get the information sheets finished. Please post them in the characters section of this thread.
The Last Hybrid

War is over. Well, the war between the humans and the ghost hybrids is at least. The human-ghost hybrids were said to be an extinct species. That was twenty years ago during The Hybrid Wars. But, some the hybrids lived. One bloodline did. Now, twenty years later, there is only one human-ghost hybrid left. He knows nothing of his ancestors, other than they all died in The Hybrid Wars. He carries the blood of the hybrid royalty, but he does not know it. But the current human king knows about the last hybrid, and is determined to get rid of him. Before the hybrid overthrows him.

You are a knight that was sent out to capture him and bring him to the king, so that he may have the honor of executing him. But, you find him in the forest. He is injured after a fight, and human bodies lay around him. He is so weak, you could easily bring him to the king. But because he is so weak, it would be unfair to kill him now. Will you bring him to the king to watch him die or will you take him in? The choice is yours.

About Hybrids:

Their injuries heal faster than a human’s, unless they are killed before their injury can heal

Each hybrid has or had a companion animal

They can see better in the dark than a normal human, due to their ghost half

Each one has a unique set of powers

They have a weakness to Jade, Sapphire, Bronze or Silver (Prevents use of their powers, and if a hybrid is exposed to one or more of the listed gems over a long period of time, it can cause the slow and painful death of the hybrid) Blood Blossoms, the flower of a plant species called 'Hybrid's Blood' is also known to be weakness to a hybrid's weakness, not blocking their powers but causing extreme pain to the hybrid exposed to it, though it does not bother them when they are in their human form.

-Some hybrids can use magic, as well as have visions that tell of the past, or future

-Hybrids have a keen sense of smell, and acute hearing

-They were killed in the Hybrid Wars, but there is one hybrid remaining
@Crimson Flame It's quite alright. I wrote my reply.
Kiara continued listening to her music, and watching the other students. She didn't know anyone here, and she thought it would be rude and rather unbecoming of her to just barge into a conversation. She would only join if she was invited, and so far no one had invited the teenage werewolf to join them. But really, if she wanted to, she could just take off her headphones in case someone tried to talking to her, but for now, she was content watching the others and learning about them through their body language.
Danny froze, alarms going off in his head as he stared at the girl before him. He didn't trust any humans, nor did he wish to talk to any. However, this girl seemed to know about his current residence, which was the old castle. He was silent for another two minutes before finally speaking.

"No. I am a hunter going after a bull moose that has been plaguing this forest. They say it is processed by a demon of some sort. I am not sure if there is any truth to the words about it being possessed by demons, but I don't wish to take the chance." Danny said, trying to scare off the stranger with the lie about the bull moose possessed by demons. He didn't need her pestering himself on his hunt. It was true that he was hunting a bull moose, but not one possessed by demons.

He looked back to where he last saw his prey, and cursed when he realized that his prey was gone. However, he held back his anger at getting distracted and tried to focus on the hunt. But the first step was to ditch the girl.
Kiara was in her human form, taking a walk outside the school. She had just arrived, and she looked at her potential classmates as she walked around. She had expected there to be all sorts of other creatures here, not just werewolves, but she still felt somewhat awkward. She had wanted to go to school with humans, but her father had insisted that she wasn't allowed to. It was a compromise between the two of them as well as the rest of the pack to allow her to go to this school.

Eventually, the werewolf sat under a tree, and opened her bag up to look for her MP3 player. She found it, along with her headphones and got ready to listen to music while she waited for school to open.
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