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Closed at the moment. I don't know if or when it will be reopen, but I will keep people posted.
That works for me!
@NecroKnight I can make the thread if you want. I will be playing the teenage Danny Phantom, if that's okay.
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Danny's ghost form faded as his body lost its ghost energy. His white hair became black, and his bright green eyes became a baby blue color. His skin became its normal human color, losing the paleness it had in his ghost form.*

"Change back. Change back." Danny said, willing for his body to change into its ghost form so he could get out of the area. His keen hearing picked up the sound of another knight approaching, and Danny knew that it wasn't wise to try and fight in his current state.

Aniu resumed her pacing, only to stop a few steps later. Throwing her head back, she let out a territory claiming howl, trying to chase off the other knights.
The all too familiar scent of his own blood hit Danny's nose as he finished off the last of the attackers who attacked him. The young hybrid was bleeding from several wounds and his body tried to regenerate itself by healing itself, but Danny's body didn't have strength to finish its attempted task. Weak from his wounds and exhaustion, Danny fell to his hands and knees, his body shaking. He looked to his companion, a white wolf with the name Aniu.*

*The snow white wolf looked around, sensing that there was more danger approaching. She let out a small growl, ears back as she tried circling the area. Whatever danger was approaching, she wanted get Danny and herself out of the area before it was too late. Aniu looked to her hybrid companion, trying to figure out what he was in the position that he was in. Usually, he was able to get back up a few minutes after a fight, but this seemed different. Her master almost seem too weak to move. Aniu returned Danny's look back to him, unsure of what to do.




She doesn’t have one


5 Years




Gray Wolf (Her pure white coat is rare among gray wolves, and would be considered good luck to the hybrids.)


Aniu was born in the same pack that recused and raised Danny after his parents were murdered. The first seven weeks of her life were normal, just a wolf pup learning how to be a wolf. That was, until the forest fire struck, and killed most of the pack, leaving her and Danny as the lone survivors of a once great and powerful wolf pack. She decided to follow Danny, thinking that the young hybrid was her packmate. She had always manged to find her way back to Danny, no matter how many times Danny tried to ditch her. As Aniu and Danny grew up, they became companions and formed a bond that not even death could break apart.


Aniu is a curious wolf. She will often go check out things that seem to catch her attention, which was not always a good thing as it led her and Danny into trouble more often than not. She is also intelligent, learning the tricks that Danny taught her very quickly. Aniu is not known to be friendly with strangers and will often attack someone or something if she or Danny feels it is unsafe, but she will wait for the order from her hybrid companion.


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None At The Present Time, But Wants Some Someday
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