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2 days ago
Current Yeah, then they come back in another conversation message asking about the same roleplay again.
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9 days ago
Good luck, you got this.
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10 days ago
Heck yeah, because it's hilarious when people love to dish out stuff they can't take.
10 days ago
Calm your ass down, it ain't even that serious. Want to use all caps and shit lol.
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I've been participating in roleplay for seventeen years with a couple of breaks along the way. As I do enjoy it a great deal, there are times when real life hits harder than even I imagined with my writing taking a back seat but while I'm here, I am here. If we click as partners, I will do what I can to see that we both enjoy the story we decide to create together.

Just a bit about me. I love videogames, am a music lover-you'll find me usually writing posts to music, movies, and all that good stuff. I love funnel cakes by the way. Please don't be that one person to act like an ass because you will quickly be shown the door.

If I'm not talking to you that means I'm not talking to you. Don't act like a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger by involving yourself in something that is not your business.

You can't act like an asshole and don't expect to not be treated like an asshole.

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Only one person through my years of writing and that person I actually married. That's the only exception. These days I'm not looking for anything beyond writing partners.
Always a collaboration with any partner I've had. We take a plot or idea and build on it with our own put together ideas until we have somewhere to start. This is of course all other partners I've had and people I look to write with. It's a team effort. We also never plot too much where we have the whole roleplay talked out because it gets stale. There's no excitement in already knowing what will happen. There should surprises, plot twists, etc.

Probably. There could be a lot of reasons for it. Who knows. I remember when I first started there were a lot of places where you could roleplay. Groups, forums, etc. But, with time, a lot of those places have become unavailable not to mention people have lives outside of roleplay.
What you may have been able to do as a teenager, you can't necessarily do when you are an adult, have a family, and so on. I know some people get to a point where they ease out of it completely. Everything is changing, it's the nature of the game.
Open for one more.
I apologize for my late response. That's a good question. Probably something action and adventure, a bit of romance too on the side.
Thank you.
Thank you both.
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