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Current One donette to rule them all.
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Yes, yes they do. I have the whole series.
1 yr ago
Ah. Well maybe we can do some plotting soon if you want.
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The arranged marriage thing sounds cool...without the vampire stuff.
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I've been participating in roleplay for seventeen years with a couple of breaks along the way. As I do enjoy it a great deal, there are times when real life hits harder than even I imagined with my writing taking a back seat but while I'm here, I am here. If we click as partners, I will do what I can to see that we both enjoy the story we decide to create together.

Just a bit about me. I love videogames, am a music lover-you'll find me usually writing posts to music, movies, and all that good stuff. I love funnel cakes by the way.

Note: If you are easily offended by my bluntness, you probably shouldn't talk with me. Also, I'm only mean when stupid people say stupid things other than that I'm really nice unless you piss me off.

Anyone who likes to write about Pokemon and smut together needs serious help. Try to convince me otherwise.

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Watched Black Adam....yeah, it was something. Really something...

So I came across a character....

A princess vampire assassin mayor who:

-Wears 12 inch heels in combat.
-Has met every American President. Responsible for the assassination of Kennedy.
-Can disarm men with a smile.
-Knows all magic.
-Been an intern for Apple, Sony, SpaceX, etc.
-Can speak ten thousand languages and is an animal whisperer.
-Is a poet, a mother, married to Matthew McConaughey.
-Graduated from Princeton.
-An immortal.
-Advocate for orca rights. Also can turn into one.
-Won three Academy Awards, the Noble Peace Prize for a hip hop album.
-Cooks 5 minute rice under 30 seconds.
-Is 12 years old.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3.
Nevermind. I misread what was said. Quietly moving into the shadows again.
<Snipped quote by Gravity Bounce>

>I might be explaining this poorly, but what I mean is imagine you write a character that seems like a stereotype at first. Like the Dumb Blonde stereotype, only to subvert it by not playing into said stereotype, or even deconstructing it. That's what I mean. You're still writing and using a stereotype ultimately, just not at the most basic level, and generally not in a way that positively enforces or promotes it.

Ah, that clears it up. Thanks.

You too, @BangoSkank
<Snipped quote by Gravity Bounce>

>Agreed. Unless it leads to a subversion naturally, but even then you aren't using it just to enforce a stereotype.

Can you explain what you mean?
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