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Maybe they haven't gotten a chance to get to it yet. Give them some time. Not everyone replies right back.
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Chrono Trigger!
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Customer: I am never coming back to this store again! Me: Okay, have a nice day. *Customer returns the next day and the day after*


I've been participating in roleplay for seventeen years with a couple of breaks along the way. As I do enjoy it a great deal, there are times when real life hits harder than even I imagined with my writing taking a back seat but while I'm here, I am here. If we click as partners, I will do what I can to see that we both enjoy the story we decide to create together.

Just a bit about me. I love videogames, am a music lover-you'll find me usually writing posts to music, movies, and all that good stuff. I love funnel cakes by the way. Please don't be that one person to act like an ass because you will quickly be shown the door.

If I'm not talking to you that means I'm not talking to you. Don't act like a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger by involving yourself in something that is not your business.

You can't act like an asshole and don't expect to not be treated like an asshole. I'm nice until you poke the bear.

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Tales of Arise!

Me after watching the new Saints Row trailer.
Finished Scarlet Nexus....meh. Playing Yakuza 5 until Tales of Arise comes out.
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