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26 days ago
Current I'm back. But not to RP. Only to answer what messages i do get in my PM. You all have hurt me in the past & i won't allow for anyone to get a second shot. I'm here for messages only. Nothing more.
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2 mos ago
You all hate me. But none of you know a DAMN thing about what my life is like. However... no big deal. You all can just do what you do best.
2 mos ago
Anyways... I'm out. You all want me dead. Fine. Once i get what i need from here... i'm outta here. Just see if i give a damn about what any of you think anymore. Toodles. Cretins. It's been fun.
2 mos ago
All it shows is that you people are the true immature ones. Thanks for clearing that up. Now i know. You're all immature. Nice to know that immaturity in people is universal.
2 mos ago
I can see your posts people. You think i'm that stupid that i can't see you all talking trash about me and when i call you out on it... you all go cryin' like little babies instead of owning up to it.


The Background is just as you may see. Macie's a Singer and a Celebrity. She is said to be identical to the appearance of the S.Korean superstar Eunha. but in all honesty... she's just a casual person living the dream. When there are others who're not trying to constantly place her upon the pedestal and lean it to where she endures the same destined fate as the Fallen King... The one who spread love and peace before her time.

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Love one and all...
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