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l love Ben Affleck's desert batsuit


Greetings, I am a member of an alien race from a distant and weird dimension. I happen to have a developed a taste for role-playing on the human internet and I am looking for a good community. I am very interested in joining Pulp Fiction, superheroes, Naruto and fantasy roleplays.

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Stormbringer's body is covered in thunderclouds and radiates electricity. His skin is a bluish gray and his head has spikes that spark with electrical currents.

80 meters tall

First Appearance:
Stormbringer appeared during an ocean storm in the Atlantic ocean.



Electricity Manipulation:

Electricity Absorption:

Weaknesses: electromagnetic pulses destroy his energy reserves and he is vulnerable magnetic attacks.

(What is your creature like? Is it highly aggressive or more passive? What does it think of the humans?)

(Tell us about your creature. Feel free to be mysterious or vague, though, uncovering strange truths is always part of the fun with these things.)

(Optional - Anything about the creature that one should know?)

(Optional - No monster is complete without a badass theme song.)
I have plans to make a Jackalope kaiju.
Name: Gilliam Morris
Age: 13

Stats: (Letter grade S-F, include any bonuses from abilities/spells)
(S=superior in every way, a one-in-amillion standout/A=Super human ability/B=Peak human ability/C=high end of average human ability/D=low end of average human ability /E=below average human ability/F=any ability in this field is almost negligible)
Strength: D
Speed: C
Precision: D
Endurance: A
Patron/Pact Info: Baal- demon
Gilliam has a pact with a demon from the infernal depths named Baal. Baal is one of the arch dukes of the infernal realm and has incredible hellish powers. Baal prefers more direct and flashy solutions to problems. As a high class demon Baal has control over lesser spirits and powerful black magic. Pacts with Baal can lead to overexertion of the user and strain their mental state. At Gilliam's current state he has only a small portion of Baal's power.
Control: B

Spellcasting Class: Warlock
Specialization: Pact Magic, Necromancy
Notable Spells/Techniques:
Arms of Agony:

Infernal Fiends:


Demonic Defense:

The Eye of Baal:
Magical Items/Equipment:
Staff of Baal:
Short History: (just some basic information about your character's past)
Interesting. I kind of want to make a monster who based off an Egyptian god
Name: Kin Zoku
Race: Human Mutant
Ki Color: Silver
Power Level: 1365

Location: Ginger Town then North Capitol

Kin explained everything including what had happened with the alien threat and after he finished, Rand was in shock at what he heard. He had never thought that his friend would be Magnetar the superhero of their city.

"So you defeated the alien with the help of some other people? cool!" Rand replied and Kin nodded.

"Hay, can you show me your superpowers? Let's get out of this place and go somewhere where you can demonstrate."

"I'm not sure" Kin replied.

"Come on, let's see what you can do Kin" his friend pleaded. After a moment of thinking, Kin gave in and decided to head out of the house with his friend. fortunately his parents were out and they were able leave his home and Kin grabbed Rand by the shoulders and hoisted him up into the air and flew to a more obscure place where they wouldn't be seen by lots of people. Kin decided that a junk yard was the best place to practice his abilities.

"Okay Kin, let's see what you can do" Rand said and Kin proceeded to use his electromagnetism to make scraps of metal to lift off the ground.

"Oh that is so cool!" Rand exclaimed. Kin let the metal fall to the ground and then he got an idea.

"Hay Rand can you try hitting me with one of those metal bars? I want to test something" he said to his friend and Rand looked puzzled, but complied.

"You sure about this?"

"I'm sure" Kin replied and focused his mind on making a barrier to protect himself. Rand swung the bar and it struck Kin right in the chest. The piece of metal banged off of him like it had struck a solid steel wall and flew out of Rand's hands.

"Holy cow! You have super durability!" he shouted and Kin was even shocked himself at what he had just done. Another thought came into his mind and he walked over to a junked car and focusing on the task at hand Kin was able to lift the car from the wreckage and hoist it up above his head like it was made out of light plastic. Rand was in shock and his eyes were wide.

"You've got superhuman strength!" he shouted and Kin then tossed the car into the air and watched it crash into another pile of garbage many feet away. It had been easy and this made him wonder just how far he could potentially push himself. Well with his friend now knowing his secret, this meant that he had someone else to come with more ideas to test his abilities.
@Weird Tales Digging up some oldies, eh?

- Ω

Yep. I want to keep track of CSs
@PaulHaynek so there is rape involved? Lol
By monster girl, do you mean like monster girl quest where our characters have their way with a defeated male hero?
Fine. Don't really care eitherway. I'll find some rp that will take my characters
third time's the charm. Here's a detective character

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