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l love Ben Affleck's desert batsuit


Greetings, I am a member of an alien race from a distant and weird dimension. I happen to have a developed a taste for role-playing on the human internet and I am looking for a good community. I am very interested in joining Pulp Fiction, superheroes, Naruto and fantasy roleplays.

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Name: Kin Zoku
Race: Human Mutant
Ki Color: Silver
Power Level: 1365

Location: Ginger Town then North Capitol
Tag:@IceHeart@Double@Chev@Holy Soldier@King Cosmos@CaptainSully open

Kin starred in amazement at the sight of where Dyce had been defeated by their combined efforts. He had to admit that he was not sure that they could win, but it seemed that he was wrong. He then felt fatigue start to set in and he lowered himself to the ground and staggered a bit upon landing on the ground. He was glad that the alien threat was over with and he could soon rest. This battle had definitely taught Kin one thing and that was him needing to train more to get closer to mastering his powers and be prepared for more insanely powerful foes.

He had not used his electrobull technique in battle before and he was still surprised at the technique worked as well as it did. He looked at the others to see if any of others were hurt or needed help recovering from the battle.

just then another person appeared and Kin turned to look at the arrival. this new person asked what had he missed and Kin almost laughed.

"Oh nothing really. Just some genocidal alien menace who wanted to murder millions of people and blew up a city. You know the usual" he said jokingly. Once they were finished here then Kin would try to focus on his training and push himself to get better with his mutant powers. This battle showed that he couldn't get complacent with growing the strength of his abilities.

@CaptainSullyGoku is a Mary Sue, and I will not allow those in my game lol. So please put a proper limit on that move.

You consider the main character of the series that this is based off of a Mary sue? That's interesting lol
Name: Shazam
Race: Kajit
Gender: male
Age: 26

Major Skills: Sneak, Hand to hand, Acrobatics

Minor Skills: Light Armor, Marksman, blade, block
Equipment: two steel daggers, 1 rapier, shrouded armor that boosts stealth.
History: Can be as long or as short as you'd like. Mention how your character ended up with Skingrad Company.
Name: Kin Zoku
Race: Human Mutant
Ki Color: Silver
Power Level: 910
Location: Ginger Town then North Capitol
Tag:@IceHeart@Double@Chev@Holy Soldier@King Cosmos open

Kin watched as Ryuhei engaged with Dyce and his mind was racing through what his next move would be to aid in stopping the alien menace. When the alien took off and Ryuhei followed, Kin immediately flew at high speeds in their direction, Dyce was trying to split them up and try to take them down individually. He wasn't going to let that happen and hurried after the two fighters. He was sure if his allies would follow as well, but he was still confident with him and Ryuhei putting up a good fight.

He noticed that a third person had met up with them ahead and he appeared to be an older man and was the master to one of his allies. That was good, it meant more help in fighting this foe. This martial arts master began to use some powerful technique that Kin had never seen before and began to try and subdue the alien menace with the aid of his student. Kin saw this as his chance to get in a direct attack while the alien was being subdued.

Kin charged up energy in his hands and the glow became bright. He had only used this technique in battle only once and now was the best time to use it.

"Electro-Bull!" he shouted and a giant bull made of pure electromagnetic energy shot out of his hands and flew at Dyce. The attack moved at insane speeds and hit the area where the alien was being subdued by his allies' technique. The technique hit Dyce and caused a big explosion bathing the area in bright green light.
I can't wait to kill some Thalmor scum
If we call thalmor pigs then sign me up
@Altered Tundra sorry, I don't have the time join the rp
Name: Kin Zoku
Race: Human Mutant
Ki Color: Silver
Power Level: 910
Location: Ginger Town then North Capitol
Tag:@IceHeart@Double@Chev@Holy Soldier@King Cosmos open

Kin wasn't what to make of his new companions, but he didn't have the time to evaluate them as people since there was a more pressing threat to attend to. He looked and took off into the air towards Ginger Town at high speeds. The girl known as Erika said that there was equipment for her at the town and said that it would be helpful in their fight against Dyce. He wanted to go into a battle with as good of a chance to win as ever so he was fine with her making a quick stop in the town. He did roll his eyes when she referred to him as scrawny, he was probably way more powerful than her in his mind since he didn't have a way to sense power levels.

Once at the town she got her equipment and offered some type of healing serum to him. He had never anything like it, but he didn't say no and used to heal up. It worked pretty well and he felt things begin to heal up pretty good. She then told them that the alien was headed towards North Capitol. Kin then saw that they were joined by another fighter, this time it was a girl with what looked like a monkey tail. This was strange, but there wasn't time to say anything and kin immediately lift off into the air and fly in that direction. He didn't want anymore innocent people dying, not after seeing what happened to Parsley City.

He flew at incredible speeds in the direction of North Capitol, not really caring if he had left his allies behind, he was focused on stopping the alien menace from destroying another city. His companions got to the city ahead of him and he saw that there were several fighters engaged in combat with the alien menace. Kin this time would be ready for the alien. He saw the alien raise his hands in the air and he assumed it was preparation for some kind of attack.

He watched Yang get in the alien's face at high speeds and then unleashing a blinding flash of light to distract the creature, which succeeded. Erika then rammed her motorcycle into Dyce causing an explosion that smashed the alien onto the ground. Then the monkey tailed woman attacked the alien and Kin decided that it was his turn to attack the creature.

He raised his right hand up to the level of his face and it began to glow a bright silver. Buildings began to shake as his electromagnetic powers pulled large steel pilings from the structure. Once he had four of them floating in the air above him, he was ready to make his move and had the first one shoot towards the alien. When it came to Dyce the steel piling ensnared the alien like a python restraining his entire body below his head. Kin then closed his hand into a fist and the piling began to tighten around the Dyce, causing him to grunt in pain.

With his hand Kin then made a forward motion and the other three pilings slammed into Dyce at incredible speeds causing the alien to go flying through a building. Kin then made the ensnared Alien soar up high into the air and then made him slam back down into the concrete street with a loud boom causing the asphalt to crack and the ground to shudder. The smoke obscured his view of the crater where the alien had landed, but he used Electromagnetic Vision technique to check the electromagnetic energy of his foe. Kin was fortunate that he had chosen to use the technique because he saw Dyce break free of his restraint and come flying towards him at insane speeds.

"Your head shall shatter against my fist!"

The alien shot towards him like a missile with his fists drawn back in preparing to land an insane punch aimed at Kin's face. Kin stretched out his arms and as Dyce came within mere feet of him he shouted "Almighty Force!"

Dyce's punch made contact with a powerful wall of invisible force and it created a massive shock that shattered the glass in windows, cars and signs all around. The force of the shock wave made Kin fly backwards and slam into the side of a building. He had managed to protect his back from the impact through the use of light repulsive forces, but the impact still knocked the breath out of him and caused a good deal of pain.

He pulled himself away from the building and landed on the ground. He was breathing heavily and his mind was running through the different ideas on what to do next. His attacks had done some damage to the alien, but it wasn't enough to take put him down for the count.

"Not bad for a weak earthling, but you'll have to do better than that to beat me" Dyce spoke to him and Kin stood his ground focusing his attention completely on his opponent.

"I still have some tricks to show you. I also have the numbers on my side" Kin replied with a nervous smile as his red cloak blew in the wind.

"Ha! You could have a hundred of your weak little friends and I would still be able to destroy all of you. You won't be leaving this city alive earthling!"

Kin kept his unease hidden under the guise of a neutral and controlled face. He wasn't going to give Dyce the satisfaction of looking afraid or nervous.

"You talk a big game, but can you actually win this fight?" Kin said in a slight mocking tone. The alien then growled and shot a ball of energy at him. Kin launched into the air dodging the attack and hoped that his allies had more tricks up their sleeves to take this alien down.

"Famous quote relating to your character goes here"Author who originally said quote goes here

Carl Jonathon Kant

16, March 21


Sexual Orientation

Anglo American.

Years at Olympus Academy
first year

"Lyric from theme goes here (if more than one line, make it a full sentence)"Song by band/artist goes here

Carl stands at five feet and nine inches tall. Thanks to his life as farmer his body has the build of an athlete with strong muscles. His hair is a light blonde and his eyes have been described as a beautiful ocean blue. His clothing attire is overalls and a plaid short sleeve shirt and work boots. Carl also likes to wear a straw hat.

Here you describe your character's personality. How do they act? What kind of impression do they give off? Be as specific as you feel is necessary, though it should be noted that this will be a one-paragraph minimum section. Please also list positive and negative traits.

Here you will describe your character's upbringing and explain how they came to be at Olympus Academy. This should include information about their mortal parent, exactly what it was about them their Godly parent was attracted to and exactly when their Demigod/goddessliness first surfaced. Length will be up to you, the player, but it should be at least two paragraphs. Be as detailed as you feel is necessary.

"Quote about or said by your Godly parent about your character."Put name of Godly Parent or person who said this (likely your character's mortal parent) here

Godly Parent

Relationship With Godly Parent
What is your character's relationship with their Godly Parent? Are they close? Does your character hate them? Or do they not have a relationship with them? At least a paragraph is required here.

Demigod Abilities
For All Season: Carl has the ability to have some control over the atmosphere. This grants him some control over the weather. While not on the same level as a child of Zeus, Carl can manipulate the temperature of the area around him, which can range from super hot to below freezing. He is also able to create rain storms as well as snowstorms.

Put the Face Claim name of your character here | Put the code of your character's speech/dialogue color here
Superhero Alias

A character quote or motto

Birth Name | Age | Gender | Sexuality | Hometown


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So, I know that your conception of the character(s) can change as the story moves along or even as you write your CS and get a feel for her. The purpose of this is to try to think of five (or possibly more) essential traits, followed by a brief paragraph below the bullet points to summarize what your character is like and how we can expect her to interact with others.


What does your character look like? How does he dress? How old is he? What are his defining features? Do they have any particularly noteworthy markings, birthmarks, tattoo, or scars?

P O W E R S & A B I L I T I E S

Just what can your character do? What makes her more than normal but less than reliably 'super'? Please provide a clear description of powers, including ancillary effects, limits, and weaknesses, as well as anything needed to facilitate them. Remember, this is Blooperheroes, so let's keep these on the lower end of the power ladder. The goal here isn't to be the strongest; it's to use what you have well.


Every cape needs an origin story, right? This is where you tell us where your character came from. Where was he born? How did he get his powers or was he born with them? What led him to this point in his life? Please try to keep this below three or four meaty paragraphs.


What gets your character up every morning and, more particularly, why is she doing this? What does she want out of this opportunity (if she views it as one) and what does she want out of life in general? What are her goals?


What sort of personal items, tools, cash, or weapons (!) does your character usually carry, and what might we find stashed in his home or hideout?

S T R E N G T H S & S K I L L S

There's more to a character than her superpower! What other skills has she acquired outside of her 'superpower'? What are some of her personal strengths?

W E A K N E S S E S & F L A W S

Nobody's perfect. What are some things that your character just tends to struggle with? What are some personality traits that may be problematic?


Anything not covered above goes here. You can leave this blank if you like.
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