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l love Ben Affleck's desert batsuit


Greetings, I am a member of an alien race from a distant and weird dimension. I happen to have a developed a taste for role-playing on the human internet and I am looking for a good community. I am very interested in joining Pulp Fiction, superheroes, Naruto and fantasy roleplays.

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here's my CS

I noticed that there weren't any super soldiers accepted yet
I'm making a super soldier/techno character instead of my original idea
Archetype: Alien/wildcard
Name: Spotts
Alias: Yellow Streak
Age: 24
Super speed: Spotts is able to move and react at supersonic speed.
Alignment: [hero or villain, or walking the line]
Personality: [5 words best describing your character]
Appearance: [pic or description]
Potential Storylines: [What do you have in mind for your character?]
Notes: [anything else you need to tell us?]
sorry for my absence. I will to finish my cs as soon as possible
I'm going to try and make a size manipulator
Archetype: Size Manipulator
Name: Andrew Wagner
Alias: Captain Alpha
Age: 28
Partial Size Manipulation: Andrew has the power to alter the size of different parts of his body. This can range from limps and even his body internally. One method he uses this ability is to increase the size and density of his muscles thus granting him strength several times greater than a man. He is also able to increase the size of his fast twitch muscles, which grants him great speed and faster than the fastest human. For combat Andrew will throw a punch or kick and while in motion he will greatly increase the size of his hand or foot hit his foes with an incredibly power blow. He has also increased his hand size to aid in climbing certain surfaces and by increases his foot size he able to land safely from high falls.
Weaknesses: excessive amounts of size shifting can cause fatigue and severe muscle soreness. While increasing the size of parts of his body can make them more durable they don't make him invulnerable to piercing damage.
Alignment: Hero
Personality: Determined, loyal, headstrong, fearless and stubborn.

BRIEF Bio: Andrew was born to world famous wrestler and bodybuilder Arnold Wagner. His father had been a 7 time Mr. Olympia champion and 4 time gold medal winner in wrestling. Andrew spent his childhood hearing all of the amazing accomplishments of his dad and dreamed of one day following in his father's footsteps.

When he turned 12 he began training with weights and focusing on building his body. He ate more protein rich foods and worked out several times a week. He felt himself get stronger and he was confident in his abilities. He competed in his school wrestling league and found himself to be above average to good.

Andrew found it to be a very fun experience and he continued on his journey. He hoped that his wrestling would help him get a scholarship into a good college, unfortunately that wasn't what happened and in his senior year at high school his skills at the sport slipped and he found himself not receiving any scholarships.

This made Andrew disappointed in himself and he began to doubt in his own abilities. While in college he didn't do any wrestling, but still kept up his bodybuilding. It was during his senior year that his powers manifested and he learned that he could manipulate the size of parts of his body. After a while of testing out his skills Andrew used the powers for crime fighting.
Potential Storylines: [What do you have in mind for your character?]
Notes: Here's his theme song
<Snipped quote by Weird Tales>

My understanding is that it's not first come first serve, but a spread of archetypes might be ideal - so we can have more than one demigod, for example, but demigods might not be accepted if we have plenty of demigods and other stuff is lacking.

Am I understanding that right?

there's only one right now
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