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l love Ben Affleck's desert batsuit


Greetings, I am a member of an alien race from a distant and weird dimension. I happen to have a developed a taste for role-playing on the human internet and I am looking for a good community. I am very interested in joining Pulp Fiction, superheroes, Naruto and fantasy roleplays.

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I'm going to try and make an Ares chosen one
I'd like to join. I've been looking for a dragon ball rp
looks interesting
Looks cool.
@Artifex I finished my second cs if it's alright that I can a play a second character



Morris was checking out the local game store to see if they had the latest Ultra Nikolai Brothers game. He was a big fan of the game series and had collected most of the games except two of the more rare ones. After asking one of the employees if the game had been released yet, Morris was told that the shipment got delayed and wouldn't be in stock for another three days. Disappointed at the news, he walked out of the store and headed down the street with his hands in his pockets. After walking for nearly a whole block his attention was drawn to a T.V. screen in the window of a electronics store. People were gathered around and Morris went closure to get a look at what all the fuss was about.

He watched as the screen was giving a breaking news story and showed the images of a local lab catching on fire. The headline mentioned the location of the lab and Morris realized that it was not very far from his location.

"It looks like they could use help of Nightwolf" he said to himself as he quickly moved away from the crowd and found a an alleyway to hurry down. Once he was sure that he was out of sight Morris clinched his fists and growled as he began to transform. Every bone and muscle in his body ached as he felt it change and become more bestial. He grew dark gray fur and his mouth elongated into a canine snout with large fangs and his fingernails became long sharp claws.

Once the transformation was finished, Morris leapt up onto the wall and in an instant scaled the building and once on the roof he surveyed his surroundings. Morris' sensitive nose picked up on the smell of burning wood and smoke and began to leap from rooftop to rooftop in the direction of the lab. It didn't take him long to get the crime scene and once there he decided to try and rescue the people inside from the flames. It wasn't something his feral side wanted to do, but through strength of will Morris was able to win out and quickly smashed his way through one of the windows to get inside the burning building.

It was super hot inside, but he wasn't going to let a little detail like that stop him from doing some rescuing and quickly made his way to a room with several scientists all huddled into one corner. A few of them screamed loudly at the sight of him and Morris raised his paws to show them that they didn't have to worry about him and made motions with his big arms telling them that he was here to help them get out of the building to safety. It took a couple of moments until they started following him and this made Morris annoyed.

"They always scream and cower" he thought to himself as he looked for a safe way out of the lab.
@Artifex we starting soon?
I want to make a joke character inspired off of Shazam
When do we get a cs format?

Name | James McCarthy
Alias | Atlas
Age | 30
Gender | male
Appearance | James stands at 6 feet and has athletic type of body. His costume is black trench coat with a black fedora and black pants as well as black leather shoes.
Notoriety | employed
Variant Type/Danger Level | Amplifier/green
Abilities |
Clue Finder: James' power allows him to pick up on the smallest details of an object or area around him and thus aiding him in detective work. This can range from noticing tiny scratches on wood to seeing the flaws in the design of an image. This power is sight based and because of its nature James has a hard time focusing on one task when his eyes are drawn to so many details in his surroundings. This can cause him to become distracted and makes him multitask. It also makes being in large crowds disorientating and forces him to concentrate on keeping his senses from wandering.

Attire |

Armament/Equipment | He has two nightsticks, a taser and a standard police handgun, a pair of police handcuffs and law enforcement shotgun.

[Temperament & Lifestyle]
Affiliation | New Haven PD
Alignment | Peacekeeper
Personality/Habits | James has a large sense of duty to keep order in the city by solving cases. He has eyes for a mystery and solving a case. James tries to approach situations from a rational and logical perspective instead of an emotional one. He believes that law enforcement should focus on practicality and rational solutions instead of emotional and sentimental ones.

Many have called him apathetic, but he doesn't call refer to himself in that way and just views that statement as something people call him from a place of emotion. James believes that Variants should use their powers to the best of their abilities to make their lives better without turning to crime.

James also prefers local law enforcement and his very suspicious of federal government agencies.
Occupation/Trade | Detective
Skills/Talents | expert boxer and brawler. sharp shooter and excellent detective skills.
Family | he has both his parents as well as a brother and a sister.
Background | James was born in New Haven in the Ville Rouge district, to a upper middle class family. His father was a doctor and his work kept the family's wealth in good shape. His father was good man who viewed his job a noble cause and loved helping people. James however never had any interest in the career of a doctor, no he always preferred things like detective work. When he was a little he read lots of detective stories and watched many detective movies. His favorite birthday present was when his parents bought him an expensive detective's kit with all of the tools needed to try and hone detective skills of his own.

When James had started high school he developed an interest in philosophy as well as become an avid reader of the Sherlock Holmes novels. It was around this time that his Variant ability activated and he discovered that his ability to pick up on very minor details had become inhuman and he quickly put this good use helping him solve cases as a Private Investigator and had great success.

When he went to collage he studied in philosophy as well as forensics and criminal psychology. In his study of philosophy James developed a strong belief in individualism mixed with an equally strong belief in logic and rationalism. Once he was out of college he went through the process of becoming a detective for the New Haven Police Department.

Some in the department thought that it would be a good idea to have a variant be a part of the police force as a sign of good faith with the variant population in the city. Once he became a real detective James saw himself helping solve many cases throughout the city, some even jokingly called him 'the world's greatest detective'

Even as a member of the New Haven police department James still chose to take an alias and used the name Atlas when dealing criminals.
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