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l love Ben Affleck's desert batsuit


Greetings, I am a member of an alien race from a distant and weird dimension. I happen to have a developed a taste for role-playing on the human internet and I am looking for a good community. I am very interested in joining Pulp Fiction, superheroes, Naruto and fantasy roleplays.

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Porci Stands at about 5.1 and is pinkish red in color. His hair is the same color and spiky, he also has two small horns sticking out of his forehead. His appearance gives off a look of not being strong and an easy target for defeat, but he use to using that his advantage.

Chromatic Demon: Porci is a member of a race of supernatural alien beings known as chromatic demons who originated from the planet Limbo. Their main features are small horns on their foreheads and having different body colors. These colors can determine the style of personality as well as the techniques of the demon. They can live for hundreds of years and physically he is in his mid 20s

Power Level

If there is one word that would be used regularly to describe Porci it would be lustful. Porci will be easily distracted by the sight of a hot girl and these kinds of distractions can cause him to lose focus on his training and development as a fighter. He is also a laid back type of guy and tries not to take things way too seriously. Despite these things, Porci does have a dream of becoming the demon harem king of his planet.

Like with other chromatic demons Porci is mischievous and obnoxious. He can't resist telling a joke even it isn't an appropriate situation for it. He is the kind of guy who would loudly play video games at wedding and burp loudly at tragic memorial if he wanted to. Porci does however have a very strong sense of loyalty to those he calls friends and despite his flaw will understand the difference between the greater good and pure evil.

When angry he can become very reckless and not think ahead before he acts.

Porci was born to a lower class family on the planet Limbo and from the moment he hit puberty he has always dreamed of becoming the harem king and he's gotten laid throughout the galaxy. Being a lower class demon he was considered to not have the same amount of potential as the higher class members of his race, but despite this he was naturally gifted in the use of Ki for combat.

As the years went by his training went along smoothly and he of course balanced out his training life with some quick flings in his life outside the world of martial arts. Eventually his people chose him as one of the few chromatic demons who would be given the task of going out into the vast universe and find their path that would lead to their destiny. Porci didn't know what it meant exactly, but he guessed that he would find out when the time came and he didn't think too much about it.

He just assumed that it would help him along his journey to become the harem king of his planet. Once he came of age he set out into the vast blackness of space on a small ship and began his journey. Porci ran into many kinds of aliens and other strange beings and most importantly their women. His charms worked pretty well on the dames of other worlds and he decided that he liked being on this quest for truth.

Eventually his travels took him into Frieza's empire and there he ran into the rebels. He knew that several of his elders would tell him to not get involved with such conflicts, but he couldn't help but feel a sort moral obligation to help the rebels fight against the tyrant Lord Frieza.

Porci wasn't sure how this would shape his destiny, but he wasn't going to back down from a fight.

Ki Telekinesis: Chromatic Demons have the universal ability to use their mind to manipulate their ki into moving objects and beings with telekinesis.

Ki Healing: Porci's species has an inborn ability to heal themselves by channeling their Ki through their bodies to repair damage. This healing factor can heal broken bones and severe cuts, but it can't heal mortal wounds and limbs take a long time to grow back. The ability also uses up a large amount of Ki.

Demon Orbs: Porci creates two orbs of solid glowing pinkish red energy, which he can control mentally and have them smash into his opponents at incredible speed. They do not explode upon impact and instead bludgeon an enemy with great force. The orbs are not indestructible and will break if hit with enough force.

Chromatic Ray: Porci fires off a beam of bright blue energy from his eyes and depending on the power put into it the beam can range from various sizes.

Demon Force: This technique utilizes his telekinetic powers to power his physical attacks making them more powerful and damaging through the use of telekinetic bursts from the strikes. Unlike energy waves this technique requires less Ki to use and is easy to manage in long term combat.

Googles: Porci uses googles that have a database inside it to look at information as well as communicate with others through a voice chat.

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