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l love Ben Affleck's desert batsuit


Greetings, I am a member of an alien race from a distant and weird dimension. I happen to have a developed a taste for role-playing on the human internet and I am looking for a good community. I am very interested in joining Pulp Fiction, superheroes, Naruto and fantasy roleplays.

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<Snipped quote by Weird Tales>

If I do a secondary character it maybe either be Jessica Cruz as the new Green Lantern or possible Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner as a different hero.

Okay. Quasar is a mercenary, but he isn't opposed working with Lanterns
<Snipped quote by Weird Tales>

Are you wearing space pants?

His costume allows him survive in space and he has a ship for space travel
Who wants to have space adventures?
<Snipped quote by Weird Tales>

Cyborg has been completely reimagined for a space theme!

Okay becuase Quasar will be spending a good amount of time in space doing jobs
Anyone playing any space themed heroes?
@Omega Man finished my CS.

Player Name:
@Weird Tales

Primary Character:

Secret Identity:
Allen Strange

Reservist JLU


Chicago Illinois

Day Job:
Bounty Hunter

Alien Cybernetic Eye: Allen has an artificial left eye made from highly advanced alien tech and grants him several ocular abilities. He can read the energy signatures of machines and lifeforms. It also grants him X-ray and telescopic vision as well as a targeting system. Finally it can work as a scouter for keeping track of information on objects and people.

Starbuster 3000: He wields two energy guns that fire off blasts of energy. The gun has multiple modes of firepower for different effects.
Normal Mode: The gun fires of a blast of energy with the same power as a basic blaster.
Incendiary: This mode has the gun fire off jets of white hot flames that burns extremely bad.
Power Shot: The gun fires of a extremely powerful blast of energy that can blow all sorts of metals and armor. It is very useful against enemies with superhuman durability.
Rapid Fire: This mode allows the gun fire off average power shots in rapid succession like a machine gun to hit multiple foes in big numbers.

Gravity Belt: This belt grants him the ability to perform superhuman jumps and fly for a short distance of up to 2 miles.

Protective Energy Field: He has a device on his belt that produces an invisible field of energy that protects him from powerful assaults in a similar fashion to the Green Lanterns' shields generated by their power rings.

Utility Belt: He has a utility belt that comes with some basic tools as well as a combat knife made of alien metals for when he doesn't have access to his guns.

His Starbuster 3000 can run low on power if used for too long and it will take a good amount of time to recharge.

While he has advanced tech for combat, Allen is still a normal human and if you away his gadgets then he will be at a big disadvantage against superhuman foes.

All of his tech can be damaged by high powered energy attacks and his protective field can be destroyed if it is gets hit by to many super powerful attacks.

Expert Fighter: Thanks to his job as a mercenary and part-time hero Allen is very skilled in combat. He is highly trained in American Boxing and an alien martial art that focuses on tripping and using an opponent's weight and power against them. He also is very skilled in fighting with a knife.

Superb Marksman: Allen is excellent at marksmanship and is extremely accurate with his weapons.


BRIEF Bio: Allen was born in Chicago Illinois as the son of the hero of Raan Adam Strange and from an early age he always had a fascination with the stars. His dad wanted to get him away from such adventures until he was older and knew the dangers of the universe outside of earth. When he was twelve enemies of his father kidnapped him and killed his mother. They took him off the planet and to one the enemy civilization of Raan's and he was used as a hostage to get at his dad.

His dad tried to come to his rescue and he had brought help with him. When the fight broke out Allen was able to escape, but his father was killed. With both of his parents dead and nowhere to really go, Allen was taken under the wing of a mercenary who had been part of the rescue party with his dad. After the tragedy that had become his life Allen decided that he would become one of best intergalactic mercenaries.

He now has been at the job for years and has on occasion teamed up with the team of superheroes known as the Justice League to take down some threats to earth. He currently has a residency in Chicago as his base on earth in case he needs to operate or do work on the planet. For keeping his identity a secret Allen uses the alias Quasar when doing jobs and performing acts of heroism.

Story Arcs: Most of his story arcs involve him hunting intergalactic criminals and monsters on earth and in space.

Supporting Characters: He occasionally will have run ins with Lobo when on a mercenary job.

Secondary Character:
This is simply where you put down who you want as your secondary character be it original, cannon inspired, or reimagined cannon.

Additional Notes: He hates modern entertainment.
I want in on this
@Demon Shinobi my discord got hacked so I abandoned it. You should eject my account from the server. The name is Billy Shakespeare

Location: Balsora - Rebel Radio Outpost

Porci's left eye twitched as he felt his anger rise a bit when Light made the suggestion of diplomacy and he was about to become very stern with her when alarms went off and he didn't have to be a genius to know that they meant something not right was happening. He saw Sully's facial expression turn into one of great anger and Porci immediately knew that they were not going to be doing any sort of diplomacy. Sully said that they needed to head to the city of Beta immediately and he then took off into the air.

Porci smiled, finally they were going to get some action soon and he powered up a bit causes the ground to shake and dust to fly up around him. He took off into the air after the Alterran and quickly hurried to catch up to his ally.

"So what's the plan of attack? I say we hit hard and hit quick and ask questions later? Just kick some PTO ass that's what I say" he said to Sully as he flew up beside him.
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