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l love Ben Affleck's desert batsuit


Greetings, I am a member of an alien race from a distant and weird dimension. I happen to have a developed a taste for role-playing on the human internet and I am looking for a good community. I am very interested in joining Pulp Fiction, superheroes, Naruto and fantasy roleplays.

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I'm interested
@Member 00492 where are we right now?
this looks interesting. I might do a blue and red magic user
I wonder how Finn's bubblegum powers will do against saiyans and Namekians


Gum King





student and part time hero

5.2 ft

82 lbs

Hair Color

Eye Color

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Written Appearance
Finn wears very basic clothing that is common for humans who live in the big cities and he likes to blend in. His clothing is a sky blue hoodie and navy blue sweat pants. His hair is golden blonde and his eyes are sea blue.

Finn is very dualistic when it comes to his personality. There is his social side when he is interacting with others and his friends and is happy and a loyal friend. And then there's his vigilante side where he is serious and determined in carrying out his hero work. He tries very hard to keep his powers and hero work a secret from others. Although his powers are weird, Finn isn't afraid of them and tries to control them and develop them.

Finn was born like any other normal human being and he never showed really any potential for Ki power. He lived in South Capitol and went to school and made friends like any ordinary child. This all changed when he turned ten and his mutant powers manifested. Unlike the abilities granted to martial artists through Ki, Finn's powers derived from his mutated biology.

His powers was the ability to create and manipulate bubblegum for various effects. It was a strange ability, but Finn didn't take long to gain some understanding of his abilities and he kept them a secret since he didn't feel like having to constantly explain them.

He never really thought about using his powers for hero work until one of his friends was beat up badly and had his money stolen. Finn managed to track down the thief and take him down. After this Finn decided to try out fighting crime and despite his young age, he kept very careful with handling small time crime.

At the moment Finn is still in school and trying to balance his life as a hero and life as student.

Weapon & Techniques

This is an optional area. I’m sure most people will use their fists, but for those who want a weapon, you are free to have one. You must answer these questions: Length? Weight? Appearance (Visual or Written)? Anything special about it? How many rounds per magazine (only if applicable)?

Power Level

Bubblegum Blast: Finn shoots a jet bubblegum goo that hits strong concussive force and is very adhesive and sticks to objects. It is mainly used as a way to stun and trap enemies under the goo.
I might make a mutant
Did this die?
@Weird Tales Damnation! I offer food to the students and they wander away, never tasting Leval's Suprise Chicken and Veggies.

aren't you in your room?

When he heard Red following him and asking him if she could come along he gave a sigh. He kind of wanted to be go alone, but Gill guessed that it would be best to let his roommate come along with him.

"Sure. I hope that classes aren't too soon" he replied as he went towards the dining hall to find some lunch.

"Do you know what food they serve here?" he asked curious to know.

@The One


Finn was relieved that his roommate had cooled down and wasn't mad at him anymore. He made a mental note to not call Allegro a butler and then proceeded to unpack his stuff, which was a small amount of clothes, a note book and a football. His roommate asked him what he did to entertain himself.

"I mostly play ball and other games, I also read a bit. That type of stuff" he replied as he blew another bubble and twirled his football with his fingers.

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