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l love Ben Affleck's desert batsuit


Greetings, I am a member of an alien race from a distant and weird dimension. I happen to have a developed a taste for role-playing on the human internet and I am looking for a good community. I am very interested in joining Pulp Fiction, superheroes, Naruto and fantasy roleplays.

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He was taken aback by his roommates indignant response and it looked like he had struck a nerve calling him a butler. Even before Allegro explained who he was Finn was convinced that he had to be rich. He had no knowledge of the satyr's family and wondered the what the heck was this fairy court.

"Okay okay, sorry if I offended you. I've never socialized with a rich person before" he replied with a slightly amused face. He was genuine when he said that he had no experience socializing with the rich and their mannerisms, he always guessed that they were snobby and not the nicest people. His roommate talked about how his comment had also insulted his family and Finn almost rolled his eyes, but he refrained from doing so.

"Again I'm really sorry. I had no intentions to insult you" he stated as he blew a big bubble of gum.


Gill was not in the mood for games, especially not a potentially dangerous one since he was tired from the chaos that happened at the meeting.

"No thank you. I am not in a state for games involving force of will. Anyway it is nice meeting you red, I'm going to go find some food and rest for a bit" he said as he headed off to do just that.

@The One


Finn was glad that his roommate wasn't one of the crazy ones. He had already gossip from some of the other students at the academy about the incident that happened before people were transported to the school. Hearing the story made him grateful to have the luck of being with someone nice. Finn did notice that his roommate carried himself a very gentlemen type of grace and that made him wonder if the Satyr was from a rich family, in truth he had never gotten to know a satyr before.

"You lead the way" Finn said as he followed the cloven hoofed creature towards their room. When they finally got there he watched Allegro hold open the door for him like some servant and Finn found this a little amusing, he had never had someone hold the door open for him before and he chuckled a little.

"Are you a butler or something? I thought you were rich at first, but your mannerisms seem like those of a servant" he inquired curiously as he blew a small bubble with his gum.


Gilliam was glad to hear the headmaster was happy with his action to try and stop the fight. It was successful and he felt proud of himself. The moment he dispelled his summoning and illusions, Gill felt a great amount of fatigue wash over him as the use of performing that many summons in quick succession had taken up quite a bit of power. When the headmaster teleported them to the school Gill had to drop to one knee and catch his breath.

He needed to rest somewhere and then he heard a loud voice call for him to meet his room mate in his room. After a couple of minutes he entered the room and saw the woman named Red in there already. He tiredly waved at her.

"Hello, you can call me Gill instead of Gillian if that is easier to remember" he said to her as he set his things down and laid on a bed.


Finn was late and missed almost all of the action that went down at the meeting place, but he did watch the headmaster make them appear suddenly in the academy. It was an impressive feat and Finn wondered if he will someday have as much power as him. Once inside the academy many of the students were looking for their room mates and he guessed that he should too. It didn't take long to find his roommate since the satyr had found him first. He introduced himself and Finn was glad he wasn't one of the angsty or angry students. He shook his roommates politely and introduced himself as well.

"I am Finn so I guess that makes us room mates" Finn said as he was chewing on a piece of bubblegum.
@Sebastian how about a saiyan invasion arc?
Name: Finn O'Connell
Gender: male
Species: human
Age: 15
Room Number: 340
Rooming With: Allegro Vivace
Alignment: neutral

Personality: Finn is quite the joker and he has a habit of popping jokes when it not appropriate. He has a quick wit and loves to have fun. He can sometimes get a bad temper when people piss him off. He is easy approach and pretty social and while he does play jokes on his friends, he is willing to stand up for them when they need help.

Bio: Finn's mother died giving birth to him and so he was raised by his father. When he was nine years old his magical powers manifested and Finn found that he had bubblegum magic, which granted him a strange and incredible power. For him it was fun and games when it came to using his magic, but his dad wanted him to learn how to properly use his abilities and for something more than just pranks. And so it wasn't very long until he received a letter to come to an academy for magic users like himself to learn how to control their powers. He was excited and couldn't wait.

Power 1: bubblegum magic
Power 2:
Likes: bubble gum, comedy, games, pranks and funny people
Dislikes: edgelords, emos, party killers, principals and strict teachers.
Family: just his father
Friends: none yet
Sentimental Attachment: his first pack of gum
Weapon: none
Ok interesting. Well if you want that I'll accept it. Are you sure you don't want another power?

Anyway, I'll give you a room and roomate soon. I'll be making another character for you.

It's fine. I was under the impression that having one power meant more control over it
@Weird Tales Good cs just quickly explain what your idea of bubblegum magic is.

Basically he can create and manipulate as well as transform his body into bubblegum. He can create gooey bubblegum and hard bubblegum in its ball form
What do you think about auto hitting? I've been in a couple of db rps that allowed it for physical attacks and basic energy blasts, but we couldn't auto hit with powerful energy techniques or kill moves
I'm interested. I do not really like the idea of a point buy system in a forum based rp. to me it takes away from the creative writing side and goes more into a tabletop game. The successful DB roleplays I played in used a limit on techniques. So basically our characters would start off with three or four average techniques with one strong one and as the rp moved along and our characters got stronger then they would develop new techniques and potential transformations. Trust me when I say that the characters were fairly balanced and we had some awesome figts
@Weird Tales I am not following

I think you mentioned me by accident
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