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17 min ago
Current What about "Marry me, will you?"
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16 hrs ago
Have you ever played a character in a fighting game that you wish you didn't like?
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17 hrs ago
Financial decisions sure are fun! (i spent 34 dollars on street fighter 4)
20 hrs ago
This isn't a town, it's more of an asylum.
23 hrs ago
Hey, at least it's not over the top annoying spam. I think they're also new here and don't really know...
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In wilds beyond they speak your name with reverence and regret,
For none could tame our savage souls yet you the challenge met,
Under palest watch, you taught, we changed, base instincts were redeemed,
A world you gave to bug and beast as they had never dreamed.

Pet the gud boi. (his name is Houdini)

Weeellll, hellooooo there!

I'm just a guy who does things that sometimes involve other things. Also, I don't use discord or anything like that, no reason in particular, I just don't.
I am also more "mature" than my age suggests, that doesn't mean that I have an excuse to be in 18+ roleplays, which I don't participate in anyways, but I do roleplay with more adult themes (gore, violence, etc.). It may seem confusing, but confusion is basically my middle name.
Anyways, here's my ♦︎♠︎information♣︎♥︎

Names/Aliases: Roadkil, Luigi, Microwave, Spooky
Gender: Male, also probably Ace... Not sure.
B-Day: le 19th of July
Current exact location: earth, waddaboutyou?
Favorite food type: Spicy

♣︎♥︎Other stuff♠︎♦︎

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