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Current Got an Exalted game that meets Tuesdays now. Fun group, I like 'em.
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7 mos ago
Me: "I love how warm it is in Texas." The Weather: "Are you sure about that?"
9 mos ago
ugh. No, those 2 jobs didn't work out either. At least Uber finally got back to me.
9 mos ago
hokay. New jobs, take 2 and 3. Let's hope these actually go well.
10 mos ago
On an entirely unrelated note, does anyone here play Exalted?


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Does anyone here play?
Thanks for the candy.
Alucio Aversano

It's hard to quite grasp how vast the world is until you travel across it.

Alucio had lived most of his life within the same five or six square miles. His family's estate in the kingdom of Varjik, the capital city of Dejan, and once a lakehouse owned by his aunt. It was not until they'd traveled for two weeks and STILL not quite reached the frontier that he grasped just how massive the world actually was.

It was a good thing the Lord and Lady Aversano had sent several servants along with him to aid in this task.

"Are we THERE YET?!" Kyras shouted.

On the other hand...

"It should be another hour or so, tops." Maria told him. "Though"

"We will never even find the criminal out here." Ronan mused. "Even if we did, how, precisely, do you plan on capturing her? We are sorely underequipped to imprison and transport."

"We can get a carriage in town, and there is no need for chains. We are here to help a friend." Alucio reminded them. "She will come willingly."

"Of course, master." Ronan said, voice dry. Maria and Kyras glanced at one another, but kept their mouths shut.

Alucio sighed and looked between the three of them.

Maria was a runner (and held the map), Kyras was his personal caretaker, and Ronan was his majordomo... or more accurately, his handler. The three of them were loyal servants of the House, and so they would do as he asked (though Ronan would push back). They would not be fighting, and he doubted they would help bring Damaria back to the light, but they would be able to help with smaller tasks while he focused on finding the tiefling girl. The servants (and his own mother and father, for that matter) were convinced he was a naive fool, and the fact that he'd brought them so far beyond civilization to chase a woman that had stolen from the house had only cemented that feeling.

But Alucio had not told them everything. Damaria had been his friend; some of it was an act, but not all. She had always spoken of getting as far from Varjik as she could. She spoke of the fortune and adventure that awaited those willing to travel to the edge of the world. There was so much to be had at the edge, where the world forever expanded.

She was a good woman. He would bring her into the light, and Frontier Town was the start. Of that, he was certain.
Edited a minor typo in my character sheet ("4 older brothers and 3 older brothers" to "4 older brothers and 3 older sisters")

And thank you!
@Lucius Cypher

Here's an attempt.

@Lucius Cypher

Two questions.

1) The opening states that the players are commoners, but the Noble background is there. I'm thinking a noble from a recently scandalized family looking to clean up their name, possibly? I also might go for an Urchin, dunno yet.

2) I'm a little unclear on religions of the area. Grugh is a thing, but what about other gods?
Been wanting to get into a 5e game.

Got some reading to do, looks like...

I'm looking to get back into playing dnd. My experience with DMing has been... poor, shall we say. But I'd be willing to at least try, if we get no one else.
Azena said
It's not Fairy Tail. It's Fairy TALE. Storybook characters kind of thing like Snow White, Cinderella.

... well I'm an idiot. xD

Okay. Sounds good. Does Jekyll & Hyde- never mind, found another one.
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