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Azena said
It's not Fairy Tail. It's Fairy TALE. Storybook characters kind of thing like Snow White, Cinderella.

... well I'm an idiot. xD

Okay. Sounds good. Does Jekyll & Hyde- never mind, found another one.
Azena said
in case you didn't come from the Interest Check thread or forgot, this will be a story about the descendants of Fairy Tale characters. Our characters don't know who they are, but you resemble your ancestor in looks, abilities, and even personality/history. However, I still want to see original characters so take unique twists to them. For example, Red Riding Hood can be a werewolf, which she hates so her hood is actually enchanted to keep her from changing, hence why she always wears it. It's also a good flaw as it means it is something she must always protect and be concerned about. It can even be simpler like Ariel's descendant can turn into a mermaid when she gets in water, making her a faster and agile swimmer, but she can't stop the change, it happens every time. Their unique traits should be designed to benefit them, but also have a flaw. Character flaws make for more interesting games.If you have trouble thinking of a good character, or giving your favorite Fairy Tale that unique twist, I am happy to help and have similar descriptions like Red and Ariel for pretty much all the big players. The setting is 1850's United States and I'm looking at more of a Victorian feel with some minor Steampunk elements (mostly fashion and some weaponry, but not automatons and mechanized limb replacements, the world still looks historically accurate for the most part). Also an important note, Guild Members don't know they are descendants. Merlin is the original Merlin and he has been tracking the bloodlines, so he knows but never tells anyone about it.Contracts will be taken as a team for now. As new recruits, you will go on hunts with the other recruits and your Mentor. Also, as GM I'm likely to throw curve balls on contracts and often set up opportunities for story-driven events to happen for the guild members. This will be much more effective when Mahz adds the multiple tabs feature, but for now contracts would be posted and monitored on the OOC and the IC will just be closely monitored by myself and any co-GMs. I choose Advanced because of the level of detail I'm putting into it. I don't expect 5,000 word posts from you. A few well-thought out paragraphs will suffice.

I've read quite a bit of the Fairy Tail manga but am not up to date (and haven't really tried to be for a while). Can I still come in on this?
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