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Current Yo geeks and weirdos of the Internet (aka Role Players, it's okay I'm one too) I apologize if I don't answer right away but I will get back to you ASAP.
4 mos ago
Hello fellow people. I am simply a writer that lacks the patience to continue with a story so I stick to rp. I know I'm new and everything, but I hope you can find a me-sized hole somewhere in there.


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“Faster,” Cesidia takes a deep breath.
Cesidia nods in agreement, then she looks down. “There?”
Cesidia tilts her head. “And yet you survived. Kismet,” she smiles faintly and traces where she knows his scars are.
Caimeag nods and pats herself down for devices. There’s virtually nothing, and she’d already taken her jacket off. “Alright, what now?”
Cesidia grins. “You have no idea. Actually I take that back. The thing that drives my fear away isn’t hope itself, but what it leads to. It leads to faith, then to trust, and when it becomes belief, enemies beware.” She smirks.
“It’s... kind of like when you flew for the first time. That weightlessness, that freedom. There’s always that nagging worry that your trusting in the wrong thing, but if it’s absolute hope then you feel... invincible. Hope is the reason I’m not afraid.”
Caimeag blushes faintly when he removes his shirt. She nods. “Yes, but the removal of clothing isn’t necessary... is it?”
Elena is still unconscious, and Sobek is yelling.
Aria starts to walk back, instinctively walking to her post. When crackling forms in her ear, she yelps in surprise and tries to bat the sound away. She sighs, ruling it as a sign of insanity, when a voice sounds in her ear. “We need another one, Osprey.” “I-I’m not the Osprey.” “Then who is this?” the voice sounds agitated. “Uh I’m Aria.” The voice sighs. “Right. Sorry to bother you Aria. Bye now.” More crackling as the voice backs away, leaving Aria and her scattered thoughts. When she returns to her post, she rips the coat off with a flourish and settles down with a satisfied sigh. “Come in, control. Do you read me?” “I read you. We need more, Osprey. They’re getting antsy.” “Alright alright.”
Athelis walks him through the jumps, crawling, and other exercises. “Got it?”
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