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Current Yo geeks and weirdos of the Internet (aka Role Players, it's okay I'm one too) I apologize if I don't answer right away but I will get back to you ASAP.
27 days ago
Hello fellow people. I am simply a writer that lacks the patience to continue with a story so I stick to rp. I know I'm new and everything, but I hope you can find a me-sized hole somewhere in there.


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Winter practices with the blade, fumbling at first.
Ivy takes the jewels and hugs her back. “Please, don’t. If I lost you too, i don’t know if I’d be able to take it. I’ve already failed five people, I can’t fail you too,” her voice breaks. “I know it will be hard, but please keep fighting, never give up. If there’s no one else, at least for me. Please.” She takes a deep breath. “Should it come to that, though, I promise I’ll take care of Nona as if she’s my own.”
Winter huffs, raising an eyebrow. Then she goes to stretch and take in the details of the arena.

Ivy turns towards the tapping. “Hmm? Oh hey. Sure, what is it?” She asks with a gentle smile.
@outLand01 welcome back! Holy shit how would Lyn react to Ivy dating? XD
Ivy watches him. “What are you thinking?”

Winter frowns and tentatively pokes his face. “Aren’t you human?”
Winter blushes lightly. “Thank you,” she murmurs.

Tears fill Ivy’s eyes as she nods and kisses Jacob. “I promise.”
Winter tries to adjust her armor, frowning. “What did I do wrong?”
Winter awkwardly suits up in light leather armor and checks out the arena, braiding her hair back with a piece of leather.

Ivy stretches as she walks around, and catches Jacob. “I want you to promise me that you’ll try to be okay, that you’ll keep fighting no matter what, even if I didn’t make it,” she says quietly.
Winter takes the blade and tests it out. She leans into Arty’s hug in surprise, then turns to Kerian. “Winter Campos, host of Bast.”
Winter raises a brow. “No? Sorry, it’s the truth. I have no weapons, and no skills. I’m okay with it.”

Ivy nods. “Of course. I promise.” Ivy hugs her. “Arty, you know your family to me. I love you too.” Then she turns to Jacob, tears in her eyes. “Please, even if I don’t make it, please promise me you’ll try to be okay.”
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