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Current Ran in my house, grabbed my clip, with my computer on side of my hip
3 yrs ago
I'm away until next Monday... Happy 4th EVERYBODY!!
3 yrs ago
I have defined stress: from darkness to light.... sue me Freud
3 yrs ago
I've been mentioning pot and pills lately, but I don't need it.. four cigarettes kept me happy.
3 yrs ago
I don't know how much it costs now, then later, but I am asking that the midi strain "White Widow" be put in at $15 for a gram. Until then, I only have infrequent "best" highs.


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I have a character who I cannot find a place for. He is Kobe, a vampire with superstrength, vision, speed, stamina, flight, agility, teleportation, telepathy (no telekinesis), and he uses a magical gem that he tunes in to so he can control the element of wind low to mid-level... I felt like that would siphon me out to other website members who may have similar tastes/preferences.

I am not always too descriptive, but I think I'm OK. I hope some one has an interest? I don't want to fill out a new CS and then get no feedback from the players.
I missed a week from last Thursday to this Monday. I read the big ole AI post(which was grand) and every one else's. However, I cannot recall the crew's status. I know we're picking out a ship, too.

My basic question is, what format are we on after the Manager's toll booth??
I have a character I'm developing, he's 95 years old, superstrong speed stamina, etc. Also, he can control the wind although I have only posted him controlling an element one time. Immortal, etc. For anything else, I could be Juggernaut. Punisher, too. I may not be here when/if you respond, but I'll be back.
I never read Exiles. I should have, people said it was a goody. I don't know what's printed these days. I picked up a Venom issue but besides that I head straight to the back issues when I go in the store. The best character I know is Juggernaut. I do him pretty well, even for sex rp.
I don't think my post is accurate. I've got myself settling down in a new bunk, then communicating with AI and then jumping into the community and voting for a ship??
He tentatlively observed Martel. Kobe hurt his feelings. The intentions of the psychodelic rape was to produce a golden weapon, or perhaps an ancient one. The nobleman represented himself well, Kobe concluded. He had responded with a word, and he was angry which rooted from embarassment and confusion. Kobe spoke only under his breath, only to tease Martel, and shut his trap until Shadow took a shot at him.

"Oh Hey! I'll put you in the grave! You will be the new spirit among the foggy haze...!" he said and then said more while he created a mental connection with a gem he kept in his pocket, and something that could not be pilfered from him. Soon, a piercing cold swept over the bar and every one become affected, be it they witnessed a wind so freezing that only the devil could have the skin to apreciate it. He supposed Martel wanted no more, so he looked at Shadow.

"You like that? I like the Leprechaun movies. They're fun, how about the wind?" and he grinned.
Allright, I appreciate it.
OK. I was told that Friday.

Is it allright if I enter another CS some time this week? I will be logical, immersed, and know the guides.
Grammar can be worked on, but I think it's the story, TY…

Please delete this post. ty
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