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Current I have a cigarette in the top drawer of my TV stand, and some times I try to speak. It just lies there.
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2 mos ago
Welcome to RPLand, ain't nothin' like it. Except for TV... or, sleeping. ewh... it's an entertainment option.
2 mos ago
Am I the last of the millenials that doesn't know generic html? hmm..
2 mos ago
I am so bored... that I rubbed one out and then had some cookies... rofl?
3 mos ago
I need a new lens. My left lens on my 'scription is cracked. I got like... 30% vision lost
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I never lost buy money for hydrocodone. lol
I was interested in this board, but life did a tilt and I lost my mark. Forgive me.

But uh, I've done some minute research about freighters that smugglers captain, but I cannot find types w/specs.

Can anyone throw me a bone?
Go kick a droid. lol

It is 2:00. I am leaving in t-10 minutes my compadre. You caught me stealing the cookies.

Have a good day.
Alright, folks. This is the second try at starting up a SW themed message board. It's been more than two weeks, and I had several interested players, but they've all dispersed, I guess. It really sucks because I'm only here for three or four hours a day, excluding weekends. Weekends, I'm vacant. But for now, on this Monday morning, I'm going to introduce the CS template. But before you jump, I've chose to keep it wide open. This means it's the rebel fighters vice Imperial forces. And, I want one active Jedi and one active Sith.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I need for the players that are interested in being a Force character to submit their best background story and also an example post to show how well you can know, and what you can do with a lightsaber and the Force. Keep in mind, this is free-casual... let's have fun.






Consider Chris there. He left the hotel heading your way.

Is there anyone else planning to have the conference?
I'm hoping the gangsters all have the sitdown, then we could do the dialogue with a little action in the Discord.
Chris is on his way to meet his fella henchmen.
Chris didn’t know the time, why he was being asked to consort with the same people that more often than not wanted him gone, and plus, something had happened to his coffee. He looked at the corner of the room, and he must have knocked it onto the floor when he ejected from the chair. There were also some narcotics sitting on the rickety table.

He wiped the dope away. Next, there was something he was looking for. His khakis! All three of his phones were inside of his pant pockets. He lifted them from the floor, ringed them out, put his legs on for pulling them up, tucked his shirt in, and buttoned up.

He was already dressed and groomed, but remembered his priceless leather jacket. He zipped to the closet, yanked it off the small rack and threw it on. He did a shake, then a stretch. Besides that, he surveyed his hair and his shave, and his nails and finally, his teeth. He looked good.

He picked out the phone that the Colombians had the number to. That could be bad, or good.

He put the other two beneath the left side of the bed, where he had twelve ounces of cocaine. He had received a call earlier in the morning, one of his pals’ son, who was coming up. He promised he had $5,000, but he didn’t call anymore since 6:00a.m., so Chris kept it in the room.

He exited his hotel room, not so much looking around suspiciously, just taking a gander around the court. He didn’t see anything, so he walked to the stairs of the old, cheap hotel, raced down the stairs to the managerial office, told her that he had left a Do Not Disturb notice hanging from, outside of the, made a point for housekeeping to know that, and rented the room for one more day.

He went to his car, a Cadillac equipped with a thick, reinforced steel so he would not die if it ever exploded, and Bluetooth technology with a featured satellite radio, DVD players, advanced GPS, and etc. He stepped in, and slid down, and started the car. He backed up, and was on his way to the gangland conference.
I got sick Monday, turned up the background portion CS from 6 to over 800. And, I'm not here on the weekends, can't do anything.

PS... not done with CS, still have quite some things to declare
@The Fated Fallen
That would be awesome. You made me feel like a kid asking for a PB&J munchy. lol And, if you do it, PM me so we discuss it.
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