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11 hrs ago
Current How do you make the office watxh game of thrones.... They watch Doctors and soaps... It's like a alien world...
7 days ago
Notre Dame. 200 years to build. 2 hours to destroy :( all that lost work... Centuries of history :(
10 days ago
If your surname is Winchester. Feel free to triple cross, it's not like your first rodeo... Or death, or hell escape... Or anything really.
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12 days ago
You wnat a game of thrones wedding.... So a machavelion massacre with half the guests dead and the other half stabbing you in the back?
17 days ago
Do what you want to do. Your choice. Not your man, or anyone else's say in how you live. (long as not illegal or so lol)


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Can I help you, Alexus?, you lurker you.
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