Fate: Accelerated (Play-By-Post) Edition

Hello there! This wall of text is a guide to the Fate: Accelerated Roleplaying system, and how you can adapt it to Play-By-Post. I aim to update it now and then based on experiences using it in play. Please contact me if you have questions or suggestions. Enjoy! :)

Fate: Accelerated, by Evil Hat Productions is a minimalistic roleplaying system. As a fiction-first system, play will not be very different from your usual RPG on this site, but it adds a controlled randomness and reward system that you can use in PBP to help guide your storytelling. It is not as free-form as some games, nor as specific or defined as DND or wargames. Rather, it is generic and customizable, so that you can apply it to any setting, and decide on-the-fly which gameplay mechanics to focus on, change or even drop.

The Guide is structured as follows:
  • Summary: a one-page Quick Reference sheet and the essence of the system in just five (!) bulletpoints.
  • Playing Fate: containing explanations and examples on how to play using the Fate System.
  • GMing Fate: containing explanations and examples on how to GM using the Fate System.
  • Resources: useful resources you can use for your games, including character sheet and post templates.
  • Acknowledgments: further references like the System Reference Document and example Let’s Plays.

So, without further ado...


Click here for the One-Page Quickref Cheatsheet.

The Essence of the Fate System in 5 Bulletpoints:
  • Play as you normally would. Don’t focus on the rules, but let them inspire and guide your storytelling.
  • Roll Checks if success or failure both would be interesting outcomes.
  • Compel Aspects that you think would make for interesting complications to the scene.
  • Introduce new Facts that you think are fitting and interesting to the scene.
  • Reward yourselves for both the Ups and the Downs in the story.

That’s it. That’s all. The rest are implementation details that you can refer back to through the cheatsheet above, this guide, or through custom rules you agree on between GM and players. The rest of this guide will give you a good enough understanding of the default Fate: Accelerated system to play and GM using it. And on that note: Happy playing!

Playing Fate

GMing Fate