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Niallus Saberhagen

Event: Metropolis | Location:ReTan

With Ingrid storming off, Niallus thought it would be best to let her be for the time, Rikard little remark, caused Niallus to stick his middle finger up at the little perv. Turning to the path he wanted to take, he take a couple of seconds for him to get ready to head out. He did hope that he was able to come back in one piece.

Niallus traveled quickly on his own, with nobody else to worry about except himself, and no burdens to slow him down. When he was thirsty, he melted some of the snow and drank it. When he was hungry, he... well, went hungry, but it would only be for a few more hours and he'd gone longer without food before.

But there were other types of slimes on the far side of Bailong Shan, and other types of plants and animals too. It was colder and more remote, with a whistling wind whipping by his ears. In the distance, Niallus could see a large road, full of wagons, horses, and people, winding northwest through a valley, towards the other great cities of Retan. The northeast was comparatively empty, with some other lesser mountains and perhaps a couple of farming villages closer to the coast. Otherwise it was all forest and alpine tundra.

After a while, even with the use of magic, Niallus' caloric intake was just too much. He found himself casting about for something edible, but he was not much of a forager or hunter, truth be told. He passed on a berry bush with unknown fruits and on a Crown Tundra Thumper, a considerable distance away from its usual habitat. Finally, he came upon a yellowish-orange mana slime, draped over a cloudberry bush. These, he recognized from home, wondering briefly if they actually had this sort of ranger or were invasive in one of the two places. After plucking a couple of berries and running a chemical sweep and detecting nothing bad about the slime, he fried it up with a simple heat spell and...

It was, simply put, FUCKING HEAVENLY. It was ambrosia. It was nectar of the gods: soft and sweet and just a bit tangy. Not only that, but he felt... instantly restored and... more than that. A brief headrush caused him to stagger, but then... his energy sense! It was like nothing he had ever felt before! He could sense with incredible precision, and he could sense for... more or less a mile! It briefly occurred to Niallus that maybe he should bring some back to share, but it was just so good that he couldn't do it. He scarfed the rest down with only a tiny shred of guilt. It probably wouldn't have kept that well anyhow.

Thus satisfied, he found himself moving much quicker and much slower at the same time, reveling in his newfound range and keen perception. It was... a magnificent feeling and it would not be long until this new ability would be put to the test. There, in the distance, he could sense energies: Three appeared to be human. A fourth seemed human as well, but... huge. A second scan cast doubt upon the latter assertion. What was that figure!? It... wasn't human at all, though it was close, and its power was huge. Regardless, all four were drawing and casting and it was not the friendly sort. Niallus had a decision to make: to try to get closer and gain more information, or strike decisively from afar. Who to strike, though, if anyone?

Then, as if just to make things even more complicated, he noticed a fifth energy signature, headed at high velocity towards the other four, and it was... weird. It seemed to be one person, but two separate mana colonies, each drawing and casting their own energies. Was this one friend, foe, or something else entirely?

Niallus struggled to adjust to his new found range in sensing magic. Holding his head in his hands in pain from this sudden increase. "This is ridiculous. How can I sense so far away?" he mumbles to himself. It seems that the head spinning effect had passed for the moment and he could focus his ability to sense again. At the end of his range he senses some figures in one direction. "Odd, I didn't think anyone would be up here. Still some are obviously human but that other one could be troublesome." his voice to low whispers. Wanting to investigate, it would be best to stay hidden, with a quick cast of Arcane to make himself invisible, he slowly moves up. Luckily from their mana's acting and drawing they seem to be more preoccupied in other things. In each other or something else he wouldn't know unless he took a look, hopefully they might not take notice of him at first, if they do, he'll have to improvise a way out of this mess.

Getting closer, another person comes into his range, this one had Two mana colonies. What the...Two colonies! he thought to himself. He needs to be more careful now with these strange events.

Niallus Saberhagen

Event: Metropolis | Location: Wanggang, ReTan

Part II

It was Niallus's turn to be questioned by Ming and Zihan. However, to him there wasn't really much he could tell them since he was in a burning building. "You want my statement of course." he cleared his throat then continued. "Nothing really much to say really. When we sensed the Manas around Abdel we decided to break in a try to help him, however me and Ingrid were trapped inside as the building burst in flame while most of them escaped. I don't think they expected us, I think they were expecting you. Considering how fast they left that building." his tone was calm while explaining.

"Only two stayed behind to try to deal with us, but they were immediately immobilized by the Abdels Skugvars. Even myself and Ingrid were injured by them".

"Ingrid wanted to freeze the place to keep most of it intact, so I helped with that, we froze the two people, as well as a Skugvar, by accident Then again we were even attacked by them. It seems they used something on them to make them more aggressive. We tried to subdue it without killing it, but it was tough. Even Abdel couldn't calm it down."

"Anyway the two we managed to capture were killed by this flash of light. Not sure what type of magic that caused it. Apart from that, that's pretty much all I have to offer."

Niallus had to be questioned by both Ming and Zihan, and so he waited to be last among the group, but he was not so special as he thought and there was a method to things in Retan, unlike the chaotic lands he had come from.

"A flash of light, you say?" Ming stroked his chin. "Interesting. I'd not heard anything about there being something visual to the attack." The lieutenant knew some words of Avincian himself, but they were not enough, and so he was left to rely on a translator. "Perhaps there was more than one..." He trailed off. Aside from the light - perhaps an artifact of his perception due to the stunning nature and intense energy - there was nothing new in this one's report. A follower, Ming decided. The sort to make Old Guard and perhaps even lieutenant, for he is certainly strong, but the sort who takes orders instead of giving them. Perhaps he would be useful. "Niallus," the lieutenant began, "I would like nothing more than to catch these people who so willingly endanger others for their misbegotten crusade." He pursed his lips as the translator did her work. "However, we must first know who we can trust, and the reason that your group is being held at... arm's length, so to speak, is that we have been given cause to believe there is a double agent among you." His eyes narrowed. "I would like you to find out who this is for me." He extracted something from a small bag that had been slung over his shoulder this entire time. It appeared to be... some sort of firework. "Once you have, at 20:00 in the evening on any night, light this off at your location and I will come. In addition to saving lives, you may count on a rich reward of a more... concrete nature." He smiled professionally. "I need not remind you, of course, that this conversation is to be kept strictly confidential."

Niallus eyes widen with shock. "A Traitor?"
He shook his head, at the idea at first, plus would he really have what it takes to turn them in? "I'll... I'll try." He says softly taking the flare that was given to him, then puts it away. "One question, what if I can't find anything that proves any of them to be a spy? " he asks them.

Ming leaned forward and lowered his voice. "Zen you are fail." He started to pull back but paused, thinking. "Look for some way zey to contact zeir boss. He that have zis, I sink, is ze traitor." He shook his head. "Zis sing zat happen here is not luck. We look zis place many monthes. Someone to cause zis fight on purpose, I sink. To let you to be part of it on purpose. It was a trap. Zere is a traitor."

Later that night after the little adventure Pagoda and our three people Niallus, Abdel and Rikard.

Ingrid was in her room waiting for Niallus to come home from whatever he was going out for. Maybe he had a nice time or gained something from his time, Ingrid thought as she wrote some very improper Eskandish. She threw out her senses every few minutes to check for him. Once he appeared she traced his collarbone with her kinetic magic to let him know she was still up.

Feeling Ingrid's magic, this made Niallus smile. "I guess she's still awake.". Upon arrival back at the Inn, Niallus said farewell to both Rikard and Abdel for the night, hopefully they aren't too hungover, from the alcohol. He opened the door to his and Ingrid's room, where she was there to greet him. "Hi Hun, I'm sorry if I made you worry."

"Maybe a little," Ingrid teased, she was already in bed and in her nightwear. She told him to come over with a finger. "So..." Ingrid paused as she smelt alcohol and perfume, "How was your time out?"Niallus walked over to the bed, to sit down on it. "It's been, interesting." he began taking off his boots. "I went on an adventure around with Rikard and Abdel. Rikard decided to take us to a strip club.""A strip club?" Ingrid questioned as she helped him get ready for bed.

Niallus nodded, "It was only for a quick drink. Don't worry, you are way more sexy in my eyes." he said with a smile. "There is more but I'd like to know what you got up to?" he asked as she helped him get ready.Ingrid blushed slightly, "Well, I guess that's okay then. And for me?" Ingrid seemed to get lost in some thought, "A lot of stuff," Ingrid held him from behind, "Lay down with me."

As they laid Ingrid cuddled into him, kissing him as they settled in. Half because she wanted to feel him, half because it would hopefully deter onlookers. "What's your thought on all this, what happened today, searching to snuff out the traveler agent."While laid there hold her close to him, he lets out a sigh. "I think we haven't really been doing that much at all when it comes to looking for this agent. The only chance that we get and we got, and we get injured in the chaos." he holds her tighter. "Honestly, I kinda wished it was going better."Niallus seemed more focused on the mission and she couldn't fault him on that. In the last fight they floundered and could have been killed. "I'm just not as sure about things. I learnt some of the plights that people face here to have this place." She seemed unsure, "... I think Y knows more but whether to press it I'm not sure." Ingrid was deeply uncomfortable with the decision.

She weakly smiled, "was there anything of interest on your end? Maybe something for us to do tomorrow."He kisses her forehead, to make her feel better, "Don't worry my love, hopefully we'll have better luck in future. But we can ask Y more about it, I'll be there with you." he smiles while he holds her close. In an attempt to make her feel better.
"The other thing that happened was something that we were supposed to see and that was something known as The White Dragon King. From what we saw it was a giant dragon, breathing streams of fire. That lit up the night sky, it was awesome. It only lasted for a short moment then the dragon took off."
"That might be something to check tomorrow. You never know in Retan, the greater the public appeal the deeper the roots seem to go," Ingrid said somewhat conspiratorially. She was starting to get in her head more and eventually just placed her head on Niallus's, "You mind helping me asleep?"
Niallus wondered what she meant by that. "Seems you've had a pretty rough night here." but he didn't want to push her, since she looked completely drained, nervous from talking about it. When she asked to help her get to sleep. Placing the cover over both of them. His fingers run through her hair, to comfort her. "Let's get some sleep, then we can discuss this, sometime tomorrow."

Niallus Saberhagen

Event: Metropolis | Location: Wanggang, ReTan

The next morning,the students walked around, escorted by some guards. The sights, the sounds. Hearing the civilians go about their day to day lives is different from Ersand'Enise. There were a few people staring at them, no surprise since the students were outsiders. Kaureerah happily played her lute, as they walked. They entered a small market area, the trees fitted perfectly the amount of stalls there was. People stopping and chatting. Niallus couldn't understand what they were saying of course. Children running around playing. They seemed to be heroes of some kind, based on them preforming odd poses.

An owner of a stall waved Niallus over, he held a box with a hole in front of Niallus, the owner spoke Retannese to him but Niallus didn't understand him. Luckily Ingrid came over to help her boyfriend understand what the owner was saying with the Universal Translation Trout. The owner was offer Niallus to pull a number from the box to win a prize, at least that's what the trout translated. He reaches into the box and pull out a parchment, showing it to the owner, he celebrates, apparently Niallus pulled out the highest number that was in the box. The owner presented Niallus a pair of Chopsticks. Niallus was confused this gift. The Trout translated, apparently these chopsticks have temporal magic to them, but the owner never really tested it.

After taking his prize, he gave Ingrid a kiss to thank her for her help, then walked back to the rest of the group. Thinking of on objects that he could test the chopsticks on, of course he'll wait until then, for now he placed them in a pocket. Then waited for the others.

Niallus Saberhagen

Event: Metropolis | Location: Wanggang, ReTan

Some of the foods that were on the table in front of him, Niallus never really tried ReTan cuisine before. Either way it smelled pretty good. Picking up a dumpling then taking a bite out of a dumpling, it's soft, other than that, it was good. Looking across the table, it seems Rikard is having a conversation with the guide. After taking another bite of the dumpling.

"Do you think that matter outside has been settled?" he asked Xiulain.

Xiulan smiled quickly at Niallus' inquiry, but it did not reach her eyes. "I sink it is probably be done," she replied. "The police are very good to catch people." She tried another dumpling. "So," she exclaimed, moving the conversation along, "How do we like the food?"

Niallus smiles, nodding his head. "I do. I've never tried food like this before." he takes a sip of his drink to wash it down. The drink was pretty good too. "By any chance, could I be shown how to make these, so I can make them back home?"

Niallus ponders to himself about this police that Xiulan mentioned. Something seemed off to him. If the police were good at capturing people, then why ask us to come here. Then again it might just be that he knows very little about ReTan and its culture. "Can I ask you something. What can you tell me about this police that you mentioned? Do they have titles based on rank? I'm only asking since I know very little about ReTan." he asks her.

Xiulan's face grew visibly paler - almost comically so if it wasn't for just how strong the reaction was. "Oh, you know. Zey have ze ranks." She waved her hand dismissively and let out a nervous laugh. "Zis isn't really my specialty, you know." She hammered back her cup of baiju in a most unladylike fashion, but then Captain Zhu was there, laying a gentle hand on her shoulder. They conferred rapidly in Retanese for a moment and the head guard's eyes flicked between Niallus and Xiulan. A handful of Avincian words could be heard mixed in with the Retanese before Captain Zhu spoke. "Retan have many police. You see tomorrow." He addressed Niallus directly.

Something wasn't adding up. She's definitely hiding something based on how she was suddenly acting from that question. Looking at Captain Zhu, he's response made Niallus smile "That's good can't wait to see." he said with a smile. It would best for Niallus not to ask questions like this, especially in front of Zhu. He would have to ask Xiulan when she on her own. But for now it'll be best to avoid them for now.

After he finished eating he asked Xiulain if she, or the some cooks could show him how to make the dumpling. She happily shown him to the kitchen, where he was shown how to make them. It wasn't actually that difficult. First, he poured boiling water over the flour while mixing with chopsticks, Then added the room temperature water. Stir until no more liquid can be seen.
Combine and knead the dough with your hands until it becomes smooth.
Cover the bowl then rest for 30 minutes. While waiting he sorted out what filling he would like to choose, but Xiulan mentioned that he could try different fillings when he is home. After putting the filling into some of the dough, the time came to fold the dough to hold the filling. Niallus thought he did a good job. When they were fully cooked some of the dumpling had their fillings bursting out.

Niallus just smiled and figured that he put to much filling in them, but didn't mind, he'll just have to practice some more. He thanked Xiulan for showing him on how to make them. Then tried to find his way back to the others.

Niallus Saberhagen

Event: Metropolis | Location: Wanggang, ReTan

As Niallus and the others came out of the other side of the portal, somehow Yalen arrived at the same time as everyone else. He greeted his friend. A crowd of people seemed to look at the group with their sudden arrival. Others shortly arrived, not doubt the people who the group are supposed to meet with. Didn't expect this many to meet us.

The people that greeted them seemed to be guards and one of them other people seemed to be a translator. The guards bowed in a greeting matter, Niallus smiled and leaned forward, returning the bow to them."A pleasure to meet you.". He didn't seem to mind the assuming that Yalen is the leader of their group. Listening to the translator introduce themselves and the others. Maura was already on that by introducing the party to the translator and their company.
The one thing that did interest him was why all the soldiers have to be introduced, I wonder if it's a tradition for them to introduce themselves, but still it seems over the top. no matter, he kept that though in case someone else picked up on it. With all the introductions it was already starting to get dark, so the party was escorted to the inn that they were staying. That's another thing that Niallus kept to himself for now, Why are we staying in an expensive inn as she explained it completely free of charge?

As the group walked through the streets. The residents seemed to just look at the students, it seems they are all the centre of attention. But that could mostly be because of Kaureerah. He could hear people speaking in Retannese. Hearing Kaureerah play her music seemed to put people into high spirits. Rikard was even joing in with her little musical moment. The couples of the group walked together. Abdel and Maura holding hands. Niallus offered his to Ingrid. The culture and the scenery here is amazing. Hopefully we'll get some time to do some exploring around, trying some the food. Maybe the couples can spend time just with each other

His thoughts came to abrupt end, as the party stops to a small disturbance. whatever it was, it put the guards on alert with them mobilising to respond with Captain Zhu taking charge. Somethings going on, probably best for us to not get involved just yet. Xiulain explains that it is just a petty theft and we shouldn't worry about it. In front of the group, was the inn. Given how quick the day went by, seems that everyone wants to get settled in first before we start with our task.
Niallus Saberhagen

As life for the school was coming to an end for this year. Students already set off on their own little journeys during these months until school started once again. The time had come for Niallus to spend some time back home. He said his farewells to his friends. While getting himself ready he felt a sense of joy, just from the things he had done in the short time from coming to Ersand'Enise. He said goodbye to a few others who were still around, saying he'll see them all in the next school year.

As he was about to set off from his dorm. Waiting for him was Ingrid, wanting to spend some time with him before he uses the portal to travel to Meldheim in Eskand. At this point I don't think they cared about keeping their relationship a secret. As they got to the portal to take Niallus home, Ingrid didn't want him to leave, holding onto his hand. He reassured her that he'd come back to her. This seems to put her mind at ease. Just before stepping through the portal, he hands Ingrid a small box, curious what it is, she opens it. Inside was a pendant with an amethyst at its centre. Ingrid's light up with joy, she looked so happy by how lovely it looked. Wasting little time, she takes it out of the box to immediately put it on. She gives him a parting gift too, a nice lovely crafted dagger, to help keep him safe. Attached to the hilt was a note. Ingrid told him that the dagger will keep him safe until he comes back and to read that note once he's home. Niallus was happy about his gift, so after one last hug and a kiss he stepped through the portal back to Eskand.

While coming through the portal in Meldheim, he was greeted by some people who worked at his family estate, as they were here to pick him up, under the order of his grandfather. As the carriage got closer, he could see his family estate, from looking out one of the windows. It had been a few months since he left home. Nothing much had really changed, but he had changed himself. Reunited with his Eskandish friends Sven, Marlijn and Owain. Rekindling his friendship with his childhood friend Ingrid, who he is now dating. Even made some new friends. Had some crazy adventures that he could tell his grandfather when sees him. As the carriage came to a stop, some workers opened the door for him to get out. A few soldiers that have been trained by his family in combat, then again even though Niallus family is small, the amount of soldiers that they train makes up for it. Even some of the other Noble families hired them to help with escorts and just as bodyguards. Amongst the soldiers to greet him was his Grandfather.

After spending some time with his grandfather, sparring with some of the soldiers. Some didn't think much of him. Niallus went to his room to relax, greeting some of the servants as he walked past them. Inside his room, he opened up the letter that Ingrid gave him. All it said was to arrive at the hot spring that was half a day's journey from his family's estate. It even had a date on it of when he should leave, which was set a month from now. It even had how long he'd be there.

Until then he divided up his time. From sparring with the new recruits to help train them. The other part of his time, he was being trained by his grandfather on how to use dark magic. There was a catch however, since his grandfather was getting on in life, he would only be able to teach him the basics on how to draw from the void. Learning how to draw in theory seemed simple, but applying in practice was a different matter. A month almost passed, he slowly started to get the hang of it. But he needed to have a break, luckily the time he was supposed to meet Ingrid.

While spending time with Ingrid at the hot spring. They were able to be themselves, a couple. People often asked if they were together, they didn't seem to mind letting strangers know they were. They seemed to enjoy the days together. But sadly the time came where Niallus and Ingrid had to part ways once more.

When Niallus returned home his Grandfather was suspicious at first but considering how hard he was training to get this done, he didn't mind the boy wanting to get away and relax. Niallus went back to training feeling more energised with his training.

The second month seems to pass, watching his Grandfather train some recruits, while he trained with them. Throughout that time Niallus got a bit taller, making him about 6'5. He didn't even notice at first, until someone mentioned it. With only days left before he had to head back to Ersand'Enise for school, Niallus managed to get the basics for Dark magic done. With that being said, Niallus bid farewell to his Grandfather for now, and returned to Ersand'Enise.

Once back at Ersand'Enise, meeting a few of his friends. Once he got settled back, since he never told Ingrid that he came back, he figured to surprise her. Niallus found Ingrid in the library, with a pile of books around her, lost in her own world. Eventually she sees Niallus, with sheer joy she runs up to him giving him a hug and a kiss, his height wasn't noticeable throughout his time away, but when standing in front of Ingrid he's roughly the same height as her. Didn't matter that she welcomed him back with another kiss and hug and suggested that they should go to Zenobucks.

How long has it been? How long have I been like this? From minutes to hours, they just blur together to me. I've been like this, stuck in a state of limbo. It's been so long I don't know how long I can't remember what I was before this. I wonder how many years passed, or maybe centuries. My thoughts have been the only thing I can control, to call my own. While my body refuses to respond to me, it's in its own slumber.

If it truly has been such a long time since I was imprisoned, then no doubt in my mind that all my friends and family. Even trying to think about that, I struggle to even remember that too.

I long to be set free from this cage that confines me. To feel the sun upon my skin, gentle breezes that touch my skin. But, I believe that those desires are just a distant memory to me. The only way that I'll be free from my prison, is that someone from the outside turns the key. However, I do think that time will be soon. My only fear is, will this brave new world accept me, or reject me. One way or another, my time to awaken is drawing near.

Student Magic Specializations

Start of Arc Four

❖ Niallus Saberhagen: 0 4 0 1 3 1 0 0 1 0 0

Magnetic Arcane Binding Chemical Kinetic Atomic Blood Temporal Dark Command Primordial
Niallus Saberhagen

Nox Arcanum

With Nox Arcanum festivities in full effect, children dressed as monsters scaring each other while laughing. The five moons high in the sky, it clearly was a lovely night. Ingrid and Niallus planned to spend some time together. She had cooked a meal for both of them, then after they planned to enjoy the festival together. Walking to hers he saw Sven and Esmii together, they seemed to be enjoying themselves. That's good.

Hearing a distant scream caused Niallus to stop, at first he thought he was just his imagination, then he heard it again. Looking around, it seems that everyone else around him couldn't hear it. No surprise, this is a festival after all. Wanting to investigate, Niallus moves his way through the busy crowd. A rough guess of where the noise came from. He may have to apologise to Ingrid, for being a little late.

Seems Niallus wasn't the only one that heard the noise. Others arrived, or were already there. Two faces Niallus recognised, Ayla and Desmond. Kaspar, he only heard from Ingrid, since they were planning to open up a hotdog business together. The others were a mystery, A man in a Royal Frobas mask, a Nun and a Knight. He would eventually get their names after. But right now, it seems they have bigger problems. The source of the noises was in fact a dragon.

We managed to stun and topple the dragon. But we couldn't come to an agreement to finish it. Ayla was convinced that this dragon was Zarina. Due to this confusion, the dragon managed to recover and the fight happened again. Niallus managed to help Desmond. As well as helping Kasper however Niallus suffered a minor injury.

During the fight. Ayla managed to summon a demon somehow. It was a demonic egg. The yolk even had an odd shape to it, almost like it had a face. However the fight continued on, but we had the egg demon helping us fight. Even with the egg helping us, since the Nun who eventually gave her name as Sister Laska. While the man behind the Frobas mask revealed himself as King Sancho. This night was full of surprises.

The dragon started to get frustrated so it drew an enormous amount of energy sucked in by this monster. It was astonishing, all the members of the group were all concerned about what was coming next and it wasn't going to come next. Light started to build up in the beast's mouth, it was preparing a breath attack.

Then it fired its breath attack, starting at its feet, it was immensely concentrated, and the stream progressed into what looked like flames, just stand there everyone could feel the heat emitting from this attack. By merely raising its head, the beam sliced vertically like a hot knife through butter. The dragon couldn't even truly control it as its head started to go in different directions. The group was trying to evade as best they could, just enough to survive. However if some of the walls of the structure were destroyed then people would be killed outside. So, the group stood ready to defend, to contain the attack from getting out.

The others managed to defend themselves and the wall. Niallus took quite a bit of damage from it, but he protected the wall from only being destroyed. He couldn't risk taking another hit like that, but when the egg was about to be killed by the dragon, Niallus bravely defended it. This point he had nothing left in him. But somehow the egg managed to ascend to godhood. As the egg built up a huge amount of magic and obliterated the dragon. With its immense power, the god egg managed to produce a very slimy and very naked Zarina. Before it disappeared completely it left three small black eggs. Niallus got one of the eggs, it could be useful in the future.

With the dragon defeated, a naked Zarina was confused thinking that this whole thing is just a dream. Kaspar went round healing everyone who was injured while some others tried to get rid of some of the leftover radiation from the dragon's remains, there were a few things that could be looted. Niallus took A Primordial Egg, which was from the Egg Demon god thing. Fuming Obsidian Thick residue, but luckily his friend Desmond offered to borrow Niallus a glowvein chest to safely store the radioactive material until he found a use for it. With that being said Niallus finally remembered that he was definitely late for his dinner date with Ingrid. Before he left, he asked Desmond if he could drop the chest and the residue off at his dorm in the morning as he was running late for something. Desmond didn't ask questions, he just gave him a thumbs up.

By the time he got to Ingrid's door it was the early hours of Shune. He wondered if she was even still awake at this point. Knocking on the door, it opened. Ingrid saw that he turned up, she greeted him with a kiss, she has been worried about where he has been since he's a few hours late. She holds his hand as she walks him inside. Something was wrong, something icky so she let go. She had a mixture of grime and blood on her fingers. Looking back to him, she realised it wasn't a costume and her concern came through as she asked what the hell happened to him.

Niallus was just glad to see her, giving her a hug. Apologising for making her worry. He asked if he could get cleaned up here and get changed into some of the clothes that he has left here. Then he'll tell her what happened. She grabs a washing basin for him so he could clean himself up. He gives her a kiss. Hopefully they'll still be time to go out together to celebrate Nox Arcanum together, if not, at least they have each other.
Niallus Saberhagen

Big thank you to @dragonpiece I had a lot of fun with these Collabs
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