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6 days ago
Current Just succesfully repaired a keyboard my brother had made ready for disposal because he says he has spilled something over it and its broken. Never thought I'd get a ~$180 keyboard for free!
1 mo ago
I like 7.1379 PHz. It's a really nice color, not as aggressive as red but not as passive as black.
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1 mo ago
Posts / replies will happen tomorrow / in a couple of hours. I've been too busy otherwise :/
2 mos ago
Maybe people will reconsider dumping antibiotics into animals solely for the purpose of making them bigger faster for eating after this? It's not like we might breed the next pandemic... *coughs*
2 mos ago
Honestly I'd prefer Noone dominating. History has proven that domination is prone to invoke the ugly side in humans. In fact, the very desire to dominate might be an expression of it.


Welcome to my profile page!

Who the hell is this person behind those many miles of fiber optics and copper cable ?

  • I'm a 30 year old guy.
  • ... who's working as an embedded system's engineer.

And into which hell will I descend with you participating in one of my roleplays?

  • I'm a fantasy addict: medieval high and low!
  • I'd consider myself to be a low casual roleplayer, 3 paragraphs per post on average.
  • My schedule varies. It might happen that I won't be able to post at all for a week, but then again it might happen that I'll reach a sweet spot inside which I can go on a posting rampage. I'd say one can expect 1-2 posts a week from me, depending on the lengths involved.
  • English is not my native language, but so far I've not encountered anyone who had had trouble with me over that :)

Want to RP with me ? Shoot me a PM, but don't shoot me!

Thanks for visiting!
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