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2 days ago
Current Watch Demon Slayer.
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13 days ago
Happy Cirno Day! Time to celebrate the greatness of the Strongest Fairy!
2 mos ago
Like urban fantasy? Take a look! roleplayerguild.com/posts/4…
3 mos ago
And it's apparently a very BAD resub and redub.
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3 mos ago
... What if they're Death's nudes?


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Jurassic Weeb 1 yr ago
I do recall following you on dA, and you had quite a bit of magical girl art. Out of curiosity, would you have any pointers on writing a MG-style role play/story, and the characters?
Salroka 1 yr ago
Yo. What's up? Not sure if you remember me, but you were in an RP I ran a while back. I am considering rebooting it now that I am back on Guild and was wondering if you would like to reprise your role as Alison Chains. Let me know, either way.

Regitnui 2 yrs ago
Don't want to lock up the status bar, but I'd say that the misogynist assholes (forgive my language) who had their conservative safe space violated have been far louder than the people with actual criticism and so have poisoned the discourse.
Jurassic Weeb 2 yrs ago
Just wanted to run something by you real quick while I work on my CS. I was thinking of my character having two weapons (one primary, one sidearm), one of which would transform for her final attack. Is that okay, or should I just stick to one weapon? Or perhaps go with akimbo guns?
Jurassic Weeb 2 yrs ago
God bless Type-Moon.

Spike 2 yrs ago
Ah, thank you all the same :)
Spike 2 yrs ago
Ah, I beg your pardon, but do you know to delete posts? I may want to craft a new one. Not sure. If you could help me on this matter, I would be most grateful.
Gowi 3 yrs ago
How's your mahou shojo RP doing these days? Been awhile since we've interacted so I figured I'd give a hello and strike up conversation. Feel free to PM me anytime!
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