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Current @fetzen, that's a trait of politicians everywhere. Take it from someone who has to read their speeches.
12 days ago
TLJ wasn't star-studded literary genius, but it's _Star Wars_. It's a franchise about space wizards and glowing swords. Of course it's going to be silly.
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12 days ago
I am sick of people whining about TLJ. Can't fans just accept that you're an old, wrinkled adult. Nothing they could make nowadays can ever measure up to your nostalgic memories of the other movies.
15 days ago
There's a mod for everything
1 mo ago
@Penny, the problem with Valentine's Day is when you're not getting either .


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I think I should change the colour of my sheet. Olive seems kinda popular.
@Bluetommy Tell me what you think. I worked off what we discussed.

Laying claim to a waterbender/plantbender. Sheet will be in progress.
@Rokoran so where does plant- or bloodbending fall?
The gentle hum, as always, was Asterisk's companion as it slept. Well, it had never understood what sleep actually was. Were the terminal to be turned off, it would disappear, frozen in time. Running without purpose was tiring, but that's what humans seemed to do when they slept. So Asterisk had cobbled together a sort of apparent sleep; any running bodies were set on an automatic subroutine that maintained breathing and temperature while Asterisk itself went to do something else. Dreaming was out of the question, as was true unconsciousness, so Asterisk kept busy. Memories were backed up, some outright deleted, and the whole thing went off to long-term storage. Through the next day or so, the long-term storage would back up to the apocalypse bunker.

By the time roughly 14 hours, 57 minutes and 22 seconds of sensation had been through the initial stages of the memory process, Asterisk went to play with its pet. The AI that controlled the building was subsentient, but over the months it had been customised to have basic emotional responses, a small vocabulary, and high sensitivity to attitudes and body language. In short, Asterisk mused, it had the mind of a loyal guard dog. A thrum of amusement went through the circuits as Asterisk pictured the whole office building rolling around and begging for a truck to be thrown for it.

Not that the games Asterisk played with it were that different. Less property destruction was involved, but the nature of the game was very similar to fetch. First, Asterisk triggered one of the more basic bodies, little more than mannequin, on one of the upper floors. The Building then responded by tagging it with a laser. Another body was activated, and eventually Asterisk would pick up two or more, seeing how long it took the building to find and identify them all. Some were marked as friendlies, the equivalent of employees or security staff. Honing the Building's killing instinct was no use if it didn't know when not to kill.

So when the Building tagged two bodies in the lobby, it took Asterisk a moment to notice. It was only when the others were spotted and dealt with that the Building began to "lick" Asterisk's "Hand", expecting praise for finding those bodies too. By the time Asterisk had realised, focused its attention, and then deployed a body nearby, one of them had disappeared. The other was... the details spun out of the Employee Register, a part of memory that didn't get archived, so was always on call. The rest of the lobby was quickly searched, Asterisk setting the Building to do it while the body checked on and spoke to [font=Courier New]Houston Pavel Dukan[/font]. Basic subroutines satisfied [font=Courier New]Houston[/font]'s needs and instincts. It was amazing how little processing power humans needed for a conversation.

The note was dealt with after poor [font=Courier New]Houston[/font] had gone home in a taxi. Let him sleep off that injury with his family. (([font=Courier New]Wife, one child, one infant. Scholarship potential for child.[/font])) Asterisk shut down the Employee Register before more useless trivia was called up. The body unfolded the note and held it up for inspection.

Heya, Ast. Thought I might say hi, *wink*
~The Heretic~

Asterisk had the body crumple up the note. So, it was going to be like that, was it? The Building locked all of its doors and entrances, and was halfway through powering up all the arena-level measures before Asterisk told it to stop. It was confused, but some soothing treatment got it to rest again. Instead, Asterisk set its mind on hacking The Heretic's official files. It might be petty, but it's impolite not to respond to a letter, after all. After setting up a suitable surprise for the Heretic to find, Asterisk decided to run a classic movie file. Watching it without eyes wasn't the same, but it was an utterly unique experience.
@Bluetommy So either the Earth Pact or the Fire Islands have the new Avatar. But nobody is admitting anything.

And it's the Western coast of the Earth continent...
@Bluetommy So, if i've got this straight, the Earth King-type-person might be hiding the Avatar or intentionally not looking for them, and nobody knows if the last Avatar is properly dead yet?

Can I be a waterbender from the Eastern Earth Kingdom coast? The old tribe that eventually became the swampbenders, but are now waterbenders learning the "bending the water in plants" trick that allows their descendants to thrive in the swamp?
@Bluetommy What, haven't they figured out the cycle yet?
I am interested. No concept yet, but interested.
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