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Current Any native or fluent Japanese speakers willing to help me with a project?
10 days ago
Slaying a dragon takes 4 people of different skills of roughly level 13-20.
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14 days ago
I'm just sitting here in Africa watching one of the most developed countries on earth turn into a government similar to ours... Have fun!
21 days ago
Sales were down on JL because everyone expected another BvS... Which made one of the stupidest decisions to come anywhere near comics in years.
21 days ago
If anyone's got a decent map of a mansion for tabletop, PM me a link or image please. Doing plannings.


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@Zelosse after Lyra shows in homeroom. Zeke's pining.
@Zelosse Does Felix need a Zeke-hug?
Ardiane looked after Kiki, forlorn and terrified. As such, Cas dropped the persona and blew her fringe from her face with a heartfelt puff. "Alright then. Where did that mewling child throw my dagger? Paid good money for that thing, and I'll be damned if I lose it." She kept grumbling like this for a good length of time, until she found the dagger in the flickering light. "Finally!" Cas tugged on her hair, the length Ardiane usually had it, and her lip curled in disgust as she chopped it off, making sure the dagger was still sharp. When she was done, she shifted again anyway, to Hymn and back, so her hair would be the right length. Readjusting her clothes to compensate for what she lacked, Cas wandered over to the goliath, feeling shorter than she normally did next to his bulk.

"So, big man, need someone slim, lithe and gorgeous to check that hole for you before you get your fingers in?" She wore smile #23, deserved arrogance, while looking him up and down pointedly. "I don't think you'll fit." With a hand on his arm, she ducked past him to peer through the hole at whatever lay beyond. She thought she could make something out, perhaps an outline or something, but she couldn't tell what just yet. "Can the torch bring the light over here?" She turned around, addressing the group. "And stop looking at my fine butt."
Zeke is scared of the dark. Now he might participate with certain other characters, but then he wouldn't have.
Still slightly bemused by meeting new people, it took Zeke a little while to realise what Braids was talking about, or even that they did need to go to class. "Um..." He caught up with her, and had a small moment of wonder whether it was okay to hold her hand. He knew the way to the proper classroom by now. Or at least he thought he did. Zeke put a hand on Braids' shoulder, walking with his arm across her shoulders. "Illuminimationist." He was pretty sure he'd said that wrong, but he couldn't really remember all the 'isms' and 'thisms'. He'd picked it because it was about light, or at least he thought it was. "I think it's about how everything is light and some stuff is just darker."

When they got to the class, he immediately looked to Viola's seat, next to his, but she wasn't there yet. So he sat in his usual spot and put his head on his desk, looking around. Teacher was at the desk, but he didn't know which one. Was she the airy teacher or a different one? She was wearing different clothes, but that didn't mean anything. "Braids," He whispered. "Same teacher?" She'd know. He still found it amazing sometimes that people could look at someone and just know who they were without help. His fingers flipped over his camera's screen, finding the picture of Viola on the fountain.

@Stern Algorithm
@Stern Algorithm Thanks, I'll build off that for Zeke.

@Kalleth I moved? Why?
@AtomicNut been looking at it, but had a busy few days.
@Old Amsterdam I know we hang out together a lot, but it's kinda hard to mistake me for you.
@Kalleth do we visit homeroom first, then P.E.?
@Pseudo Stygian Shall we have Zeke and Lyra arrive in homeroom together?
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