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Does anyone remember Bionicle, the original one?
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Gothiness is measurable in milliAddams.
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Too much coke at d&d. Brain hurt. Want sleep.
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When your Interest Check gets no interest... -_-"


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There were times when Anitelu valued the way that the eyes of the Earth Kingdom citizens would slide off him and his blue clothes, and they'd practically yawn at his waterbending. In fact, he'd been fairly blatantly doing the impossible just over their heads not 15 minutes ago. But here, atop the prison walls, he could scream for that anonymity back. "If you don't mind, I'll..." The earth guard seemed remarkably determined that he stay here. "You know, I'm not actually supposed to..." The spear was rather annoying, the way it was waved in his face whenever he tried to explain. "Look, friend, I-" Anitelu ducked, kicking the guard's legs out from underneath him. Flicking the waterskin open at the same time, Anitelu spread the water out into a thin, but rapidly rotating sphere. The fact that a number of guards were inconvenienced was really secondary at this point. "Thank you for your hospitality, but I must go." Gathering the water beneath him, Anitelu threw himself across the street, catching the roof on the far side with watery tentacles.

He turned, bowed to the fracas below, sidestepped what had to be an arrow fired accidentally in his direction, then began walking very calmly away, looking for those two firebenders. If the Avatar had been here, there'd surely be more bending. There was earth, air, and fire being clearly flung around, but there weren't any other waterbenders. An Avatar would surely make use of the water he'd felt beneath the building. He couldn't have reached it, but the Avatar was impossibly powerful. "Excuse me, sir!" Anitelu called down to a guard below. "Could you point me in the direction of the Upper Ring? I appear to have been turned around in the confusion."
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Just when I was making an effort to get back in... Ah well. I'll keep an eye out for other Zelosse projects.
This a D&D5e DM help thread? I'll contribute.

I'm good at stories, lore, and refluffing mechanics for characters. I'm also good at extrapolation.
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I've been behind on all my RPGs. Family things. Also, I can't see any reaction from Zeke that doesn't involve him crying in a corner. He's not a conflict person.

Anitelu's decision to stay on the roofline, though causing him some trouble due to the uneven nature of the many buildings, proved the right decision when he caught sight of Earth guards rushing somewhere on their peculiar mounts. Resolving to ask someone about them later, he turned to follow the hurried guards. Using his water to propel himself over larger gaps, it quickly became clear to him that he was not the only person following the guards.

Once he'd spotted them, the red-clad men from the Fire Tribes proved easier to follow. The guards might turn on a moment's notice, but the Fire were hampered by the crowd. If they kept pace with the guards, all Anitelu had to do was keep their garish red in the corner of his eye. "Blessings of the tribes on you," he thanked them, despite the distance. Two markers were always easier for tracking.

The chase stopped outside a building as think as the walls. Despite it being quite within his jumping range, Anitelu hesitated. The aura of the building, the way people on the streets pretended not to see it, made him uneasy. What could be in there that made the citizens fear it so? Perhaps it was a place to keep things, and perhaps people. The Avatar. The Avatar could be hidden in those walls. Why else would the building need to be made so thick? Decision made, Anitelu made the final jump over to the thick, walls...

Just as an Airbender launched themselves to the top. He doubted the airbender noticed him, but Anitelu couldn't stop mid-air. The upward gust knocked him off course. Instead of landing neatly on the courtyard wall, Anitelu collided with the people in the courtyard below, mere seconds before the guards reached the gate. "Drown it in mud," he cursed, looking up at the wild-haired woman who'd had the misfortune of breaking his fall. "My apologies, milady." He said, gathering his water to his hands. He could climb out of here, and that would have to be done soon.
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@Crusader Lord I'm still here. Been having trouble keeping in touch with Zeke.
I find myself intrigued. Especially coming off a binge on Fallout 3/New Vegas. The picture has called me to being an Apocalyptic.
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I don't know... I've been out of the loop for a while...
“What do you mean there are no takers?” Glacia, of the Hoenn Elite Four, paced anxiously in the boardroom. “Not a single one of them wanted the promotion?” Drake had recently passed, going like he had lived, kicking, facing down wild dragon-types, and screaming his defiance until the very end. The Elite Four was one short, and the League needed a full complement.

The near-bald redhead with his feet up on the table, Sydney, shrugged. “Roxanne and Flannery feel they ain't experienced, Brawly loves his beaches too much, Winona don't wanna cross “business and pleasure”, Norman's got his family, Juan is half-retired, Tate and Liza are just kids, and Wattson is… Wattson.” He took another swig from his bottle. Whatever was inside was enough to make Glacia’s eyes water whenever it swept past her.

Glacia raised a hand to her mouth, then stopped herself. It would be terribly undignified to slip back into old habits. “And that playground near Pacifidlog is completely out of notable names?” she demanded, a blister rising on her ankle as she paced.

Sydney tilted his head over the backrest. “Closed for the season,” he muttered. “Jack-”

“Language.” He was reprimanded by the third member, an attractive young woman with flowers in her hair and a smile that seemed to cover her entire face. Phoebe stood, took Glacia’s hand, and guided the older woman to a seat. “Please, relax. It will all work out.”

Glacia pulled her hand away. “This is the first time in decades the succession to Elite Four has not been smooth. How can I relax in a time of crisis?” Phoebe offered another smile, placing her hands over Glacia’s to stop her biting her nails. “And where's that dandy? Off doing contests in Lilycove again? This never would have happened if Steven was still in charge.”

The intercom in the middle of the table sparked to life. “The vacancy has been filled,” the League Head’s voice announced. “Meet your new colleague;” The doors to the boardroom opened. Revealed was a man with red hair, glasses, and a red coat that fell past his knees. “Eldes, formerly of Orre.”

Can’t get along with your pokemon?
Mega evolutions elusive?
Z-moves beyond your reach?
Come to Viridian Corp!
Our obedience programme is guaranteed to provide you and your pokemon with strength and a new unity!

Archer flicked off the television, folding his arms as he looked out over Slateport’s docks. Hoenn, ever since the Weather Incident, had been at peace. Perfect for his organisation’s aims. After all, the Region Police and Rangers were used to those flamboyant fools, Aqua and Magma. A more subtle organisation would be well-suited to take over right under their noses.

“Oh, boss~” A woman in a lab coat with pink hair down to her hips walked in, holding a stack of papers and reports. She shivered a little as she sat on his desk, crossing her legs and putting her hands on the papers. “I like calling you boss. It makes me tingly.” She giggled girlishly. “And this weather is so much better for my tan lines.”

Archer’s expression didn’t flicker. “Lovrina, it’s unnecessary to keep up the pretense in my office. I have it swept for devices regularly.” He lifted her hand, took the reports, and put her back down as if it were just a paperweight. Mechanically flicking through the reports, he slowly became aware that Lovrina hadn’t left yet, despite her visit’s only purpose to be to drop off this week’s progress.

“Don’t be like that, boss…” Lovrina leaned over until she was lying on his desk. She reached over to touch his cheek, which Archer tolerated with all the patience of an irritated cat. “It’d be awful strange if your ‘wife’ left this ‘private’ office so quickly,” she pointed out, pouting and trailing her finger down his face.

Stone-faced, Archer replied, “Not so strange when she has work that she should be attending to. We’re here for business, nothing more. Now get out.” Lovrina sat up as if stung, and strutted out of the room. It would be lying if Archer did not admit he watched her go. Eldes had been deployed, which would raise the prestige of the Shadow Pokemon Project. All he needed now was to maintain Team Rocket’s presence at a low level. No need to break laws when it wasn’t necessary...

This is an interest check for a Pokemon RPG revolving around the rise of Team Rocket, in Hoenn, via Shadow Pokemon. If none of those appeal, then you're probably not going to like this one.

In short, you will be playing a journeyman trainer, skilled enough for (but not necessarily having) one or two gym badges, with one partner pokemon. This can be any nonlegendary nonmythical pokemon from the Gen 6 Hoenn Dex. I am open to pokemon not on that list on a case-by-case basis. Please note that you will have access to Z-moves and Mega Evolutions, so a certain amount of creativity is needed if your chosen pokemon species doesn't have one, the other, or neither.

Alright. Anyone in?
Cultured. The only meaning of the word that appeared to apply to Ba Sing Se was cultivation, letting humans grow wild in a controlled environment. Anitelu had been surprised at there being open land within the walls, but it was farmland. Ba Sing Se was human to its core, from the Outer Wall to the Palace that was supposed to be at the centre. It's not like he'd ever manage to get there to search. He poured water out onto the street, to the protests of the crowd around him. Let them complain. It wouldn't be there for long. Calling the water until it was under his feet, he had it throw him upwards. Landing took a little work, but he used the water to secure a hold and stand up.

Much better. The water circled around him, and he shook the dust and grime from it before sending it back into his waterskin. Looking out over the city, Anitelu was struck once again with the sheer impossibility of the task the Elders had set. Comb the entire continent for the Avatar? Even if he wasn't the only one from his tribe sent out, it would take them decades for a thorough search. Closing his eyes, he began to meditate. The Avatar was different. The flow of chi around benders was different to that of non-benders, letting his tribe tell the talented ones straight from birth. In a city like this, the few benders in the Lower Ring stood out to his senses like torches in a thick smog. The Elders had said the Avatar would shine like the sun to even the most oblivious. It was part of the Avatar's power.

But whereever the Avatar was, they weren't here. Anitelu stepped to the side of the building and looked down. Was it worth walking through the streets when the roofs here made a street all their own? He stood a moment, thinking his options through. The road certainly followed more direct routes. That's how they would be designed in this human habitat. However, the direct route wasn't necessarily the fastest or safest. With the amount of people in the city, there was a much higher chance that he'd lose his coins to some unprincipled fool. Decided then. A minimum of fuss is needed. Calling the water from his back again, he used it to cross the narrow gaps between buildings, describing a circuitous, but crowd-free, route to the next wall, and the Middle Ring.
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