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22 May 2017 5:12
Current Aagh! I'm being stalked! Guess I'll just have to stalk them all back. }:D
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17 May 2017 19:55
The Grey Dust reminds me of the episode of Avatar where they try force Aang into Avatar State. Hilarious until it works...
16 May 2017 16:52
Heroes! Come Join Epic City!…
13 May 2017 10:44
I don't want to go anywhere but I have to buy Mother's Day presents... Bleh. Let's make this quick.
10 May 2017 12:54
@DepressedSoviet gave me some good advice. Had my character ready for an RPG before I was approved.
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If you accept and claim your traits, they can stop being negative and start being positive.
@Aiyanna, it's no longer cringeworthy if you start owning it.
That'd just be cold, man. @Old Amsterdam
In Through the Portal 22 May 2017 18:43 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Esailia@Yuuta, Seconded, but I'm involved in other RPGs so I can wait.
@Phoenix Sorry, missed the Alternative Universe line. So no possibility of having a passing reference to a cute redhead fron Lavaridge my character is coming to meet, for example?

Possibility of custom moves? Say a more vicious cross of Sandstorm and Sand Tomb for a Flygon?
@Phoenix Status of canon (game) characters in Hoenn, Z-moves, level of collateral (can humans be seriously injured by Pokémon, can moves injure and kill other Pokémon, do missed Fire Blast attacks light the scenery on fire, etc.)
Well, @Kalleth, I think Jideh's brain just short-circuited. A girl he's already staring at takes off her top, I'd be surprised if he has any thoughts left in his head at all.
Zeke had finally found the best spot when he felt Yellow's shadow fall across him. He looked up to object just as Yellow said something stupid. He laughed. Not out of cruelty, but just because he'd said something funny. "Boys don't have breasts, Yellow," Zeke pointed out. "Girls do." Camera ready for the perfect shot of a rainbow, he turned back to the fountain.

"CANNON BALL!" Somebody shouted. Zeke jumped backwards, his carefully planned photograph ruined as two people splashed into the fountain. Water cascaded down on him a moment later. The shock of the cold water getting him over his fright faster than usual, he hurriedly made sure his camera was alright. The water had beaded on it, and he wiped off the drops.

The screen still showed the last photo. Instead of the rainbow he'd clambered over the girl to find, Zeke saw a frozen wave of the two people breaking the water's surface. "Yellow! Icy!" He shouted. "Come look!" He held up the camera, but realised that they might not be able to see it properly. "Wait, I'll draw it for you."

@Kalleth@KRAZY J@Stern Algorithm@liferusher@Old Amsterdam [@Lots of People]
How many Pokémon, does mega evolution exist, what experience level of trainers, hoenn-native Pokémon only?
@Krazy J, what happened?
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