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Any Pokemon GO players wanting gifts from the southern tip of Africa, PM me!
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Not a sight of Fablett or Alolan geodude all weekend, then catching them both at the same stop... PoGO, you fickle game
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At least Bethesda treats us like we're people instead of wallets on legs that need milking machines, like EA seems to think customers are.
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A wizard has a staff with a knob on the end of it, a wizard has a staff with a knob on the end, of it a wizard has a staff with a knob on, the end a wizard has a staff with a knob on the end!


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This woman was beginning to strike him as a problem. Not that Quilo was prone to rash action. Nevertheless, his instincts told him it would be safer for his town if she went in a different direction. "Who's to say I don't have those things? A gym must earn its keep somehow, and I'd much rather have the building be useful. In fact," He turned back to face her, Haze drifting to hover behind his shoulder as if asked to, "why not visit? I'll be having a Challenger's Day soon. If you have sufficient skill, you're welcome to test yourself against my gym. You can decide then if you think my gym is not 'fun'." He rested his hand on his sword hilt, nodding respectfully to her. "Maybe I'll give you a tour, and you can find any Team Rocket corners I may have missed."

Haze murmured something, an odd whisper that barely seemed like a pokemon sound. Quilo turned his head to her, reading his longtime companion's intentions. She felt as uneasy as he did; the delphox would be an even match for any of his pokemon alone, and though she had some experience with those types, Haze didn't feel she could protect him alone. "If you'd like to walk with me," Quilo said, cuing a surprised sound from the froslass, "I can escort you to Viridian unmolested by any other wild pokemon. I'd just ask that you leave the local children and League-goers alone. That's heavily regulated, after all."

@Seirei No Hai
Hey, I'm still here. I've been waiting for Serei.

The woman seemed... Unbalanced. Maybe there was a good reason why her Pokémon was so uncontrolled. They did reflect their trainer and methods, after all. Quilo felt a small amount of trepidation at leaving the woman to her own devices, but he had to confirm that the carnivine would no longer be a problem. "Come, Haze," he ordered. The froslass drifted along at his shoulder height, what she thought was proper, but kept an eye on the delphox.

Though Haze could move through the bushes, Quill had to push his way through, feeling the burned vegetation crack under his weight. "The previous leader would have cleared that out," he responded. "I just run a clean gym and community centre." An unstable woman asking about Team Rocket... That couldn't be a good sign.

His eyes narrowing, Quill dug his fingers into the back of Katana's head, just behind his skull. It was one of the few vulnerable points on a sandshrew, and kept the furious Pokémon from attacking. "Wasn't a hunt," Quilo explained. "That carnivine you set the forest on fire for was bothering the local children. I was getting rid of it. Now I've got to come out here again tomorrow and make sure it's gone." He was too used to Haze's tricks to feel much anything but relief when she settled a cold arm on his left shoulder. He returned Katana, who left with a final cry of challenge, then examined Haze's half-solid body.

"You'll want to keep those blasts down to a minimum, though," he cautioned the woman. He was never a great judge of character, but she seemed positively pleased at the small fires around them. The forest would smother them soon; it was too thick and green to burn for long. Still. "Viridian City is about two hours that way, if you're needing accommodation. Less if you have a Pokémon to ride. Maybe come by my gym. You look like your delphox could learn some restraint."

Katana had long, painful experience with fire, and dug his hooked claws into the soil to stop before he was caught in it. The normally quiet pokemon let out an odd, buzzing bark, challenging whatever let off that flame. Quilo caught up to him a moment later, putting a hand on the blue fur of his head. "Wait, remember?" A higher, almost human scream came from somewhere in the canopy, and Quilo tensed. "Hello?!" He shouted, proceeding forward carefully, Katana keeping close to his right side. "Someone in the forest?" It wouldn't be the first time he'd encountered trainers unexpectedly. The deeper reaches of the forest were popular with fire-type and flying-type trainers looking for a challenge. "Haze!" He called for the froslass, walking into the clearing from where the flamethrower had come.

@Seirei No Hai

The crunch of leaves punctuated the silence under the canopy of Viridian forest. An Aurorus, a creature this area had likely not seen since prehistory, lazily munched on the most tender leaves, stripping them off their branches with a single-minded lassitude. Occasionally, the soft munching would change to hard cracking, as the pokemon froze sticks and branches, swallowing them whole as gastroliths. At the base of the creature's neck, Viridian Gym leader, Quilo Kitamura heaved an annoyed sigh. For him, that was practically screaming to the unseen sky. He'd been in here for three hours trying to hunt down a carnivine that had been attacking children's bug types. He'd never seen the appeal of those types, but there was a devoted group of children who bragged incessantly about their weedles and caterpies. When some of their parents had shown up at his home, distraught children in tow, he'd had no choice but to go find this fearsome killer of the children's beloved worms.

Not their fault that their pokemon's natural predator had moved in, and their pokemon weren't smart enough to not wander into a sweet-smelling trap, but such were the duties of a gym leader.

"Austrum, try a frost breath around the trees again. Maybe we'll finally flush it out." The aurorus swallowed the last mouthful, then dutifully summoned elemental cold from somewhere deep within its long throat. Unlike the last twenty times he'd tried it, this attack was met by an odd chirrup of pain, and the canopy came alive with movement and unseasonable flashes of red as the hidden carnivine made a run for it. Austrum blasted it with frost breath again, but Quilo already had a different plan. "Haze, Katana!" he said, releasing the froslass and sandslash from their pokeballs. "Follow and stop it." Haze had already taken to the air, moving at a speed the landbound and competitive Katana did his best to match. "Come on, Austrum, we'll need you on the other side." With a low rumble of protest, Austrum nevertheless allowed himself to be returned.

Quilo took off at a run, using the glint off Katana's icicle-clad back to track the pair. He'd get that carnivine. Maybe get a ranger to relocate it further away from the Trainer Route, where the bug catching kids could play and train without worrying about their bugs. First of all, though, he needed to catch the damn thing.
@Vertigo I'm going with the "make an appointment to challenge the gym", because Quilo rents out the gym as a wedding venue and community hall.
@CaptainSully Sounds like effort, knocking up the gym pages. If you need some help, I can get you a shortlist of the gym leaders likely to be alive in the time of the RP. That way you can just fill in gaps, if necessary.
@CaptainSully Did you see my description of Viridian Gym? Does it pass muster?
@medalliah I noted them down because they're relevant to Quilo's battle strategy; Austram (the Aurorus) creates hail that the rest of the team except Lora the Lapras can hide in. That's alongside the mist he has as a gym field hazard.
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