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13 days ago
Current Clearly, Lord Orgasmo. It's "too bright" not "to bright" :P
23 days ago
If Necrozma ends up absorbing/fusing with Lunala or Solgaleo in USUM, I will be very disappointed and annoyed. On the other hand, excuse to buy a 3DS.
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24 days ago
Mahz, that is a pretty effective and polite 'shut up' for non-coders. Almost British in it's subtlety and punch.
27 days ago
I don't know, troping your characters is great for putting them together; get three character tropes and line them up in order of priority and you've got the start of a personality.
28 days ago
I'm starting a new RPG! Childishly enthusiastic.…
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@Ebonsquire, welcome. We have a little in-game time before the next event. (So post you layabouts. Or ask for help)
@Zelosse, no more smooches? They already kissed on the rooftop.
I'm waiting for Felix and Dia to smooch.
@thewizardguy, I will admit I misread that. So her abilities suffer from Mage: the Awakening-style paradox?
@thewizardguy, just a point: Weakness is complete nullification of power, so something that would render her incapable of sending anything to the void, and presumably be unable to be sent to the void itself. Living flesh being more difficult to transport is a quirk of the power, not a weakness.

I'd assume her weakness would be something those who experimented on her could get fairly easily, to keep her in check. Pure iron? A magnetic field? Glass?
@thewizardguy, Don't forget to drop your sheet in the characters tab, and see what plots you can get entangled in. I've been looking for an excuse to bring in the mainland...
@Old Amsterdam@thewizardguy, I'm counting three player Epics who could neutralize her before she can get close enough to touch them, at least two more characters are incredibly dangerous if she is close enough to touch them, and I have one monster already planned that cannot be pulled into the void. At least not completely.

I don't see how she could have taken out the Rat King alone, and that's the basic level of advanced (non-mook) monsters.

Trust me, you'll do fine.
@thewizardguy, I trust my players not to overshadow others or the plot. Also, Epics are dangerous. You're the the only one to make it a core part of your character thus far, but I dare say the Void doesn't have much effect on pure energy or chaotic abilities. It's also fairly difficult to concentrate when you're in severe amounts of pain.
@Athoriel, Freaks are freaks and Epics are Epics. You can, however, be treated as one. If Stark gains enough muscle mass (independent of his power), he may begin to look like that. But all bodybuilders do when they overdo it.
Wearing one shape for so long was starting to feel confining, but Rhen doubted any of her companions would be willing to let her strip down and stretch. Whenever she had to hold a form for more than a few hours, she started wondering how the other races did so. Her shoulders ached, her chin felt too narrow and she could swear her vision was going blue from holding one colour for too long.

Perhaps most annoying was that little pit of fear in the bottom of her stomach that came from staying around any group too long. That fear they'd know she was a changeling and chase her away. But that was ridiculous, irrational, since she'd openly presented herself as a changeling. Still... She looked over at the man at the edge of the camp. Demon, human, famous persona, she still wanted to know him.

She stopped a pace away from him and forced herself to think of an appropriately formal greeting, but in the end only managed, "Ibic solus tionir ara'novor?" She wasn't used to speaking like a child. Her infernal needed serious work. "Great and powerful Argor," she added.

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