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Current Tell me "acinonyx" isn't the coolest name for any animal alive ever. Go on. tell me a better name.
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"How could he do it?" I'll tell you how. Just one bad day. That's all it takes to turn someone violent. One. Bad. Day. That's why you need gun control. So the one bad day doesn't mean another tragedy.
19 days ago
"We need guns to defend ourselves against tyranny". You mean the same government that has never stopped catering to you? What tyranny is your gun going to protect you from?
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Metal Iron Man fidget spinner, 5 new books, Hour of Devastation intro deck... That was a good day.
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So much fuss about how the anthem is being disrespected when there are bigger problems crippling them. Patriotism in some countries is about lifting everyone up, so the country as a whole thrives.


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OK, people in the Apartment, you have one post to describe your reaction to Dragon's rousing speech and Spectrum dragging him into the bedroom before we enter the street fight.


Mimic grinned widely as the claw came down. Her arms spread wide, she took the blow. All of it. Her skin flushed back to its usual colour, and her eyes and smile grew wide. "OH!" she shouted. "Oh, oh, yes!" Still close to the boy with the fire arm, she met his gaze and gave him her best, rosy-cheeked smile. Of course, behind the mask, it couldn't be seen, so she instead showed her affection another way; embracing him and kissing his forehead. "That was fantastic," she praised him, then pushed him away. Rolling up her sleeve, she waved her left arm as it caught fire. "Now show me how to use it before I kill you."

Dian wasn't caught by surprise. Even if she'd almost taken a chunk of tarmac to the face, an attack as loud and obnoxious as this new boy's would have been impossible to miss even if she was in a coma. Bone surfaced across her skin, deflecting whatever energy the boy had been hurling. "Get off, Texas," she hissed, ignoring him to turn back to the elemental guy. Clearly blindness hadn't stopped him, so she circled around, trying to get contact with him again to steal another of his senses. Or melt his limbs. Or something that'd get rid of him. Mimic would play with the other one. They still had a job to do, and Dian, at least, remembered what it was.


@Banana@TheHangedMan@Old Amsterdam

Dragon put the kettle aside. "So nobody wants coffee, then?" It wasn't really a question, and he stood with his hands on the counter, looking at the troupe gathered in his living room. His girlfriend, glowing a pale white he couldn't guess at; fear, anxiety? Nevertheless, she smiled, and it brought a little joy to his heart. He couldn't believe she'd stuck around after the whole thing with his brother. Maybe this wasn't just sex, maybe she was the mythical One he'd always been told about. Spectrum stood with her arm around Traveler's shoulders. Her face was easier to read; determination. Whatever she'd been through today, she wanted to finish it, and she was asking for help.

The pair by the window, distracted by the fire outside. Charlotte first. Looking-Glass, she'd chosen to call herself. Officially, since it was now down on City records. Maybe it was appropriate that she had that odd cat for a pet. What he was less sure about was the look of enthusiasm on her face. She'd been withdrawn for the past few days, and the thought of a deadly fight left her looking like she'd been promised a pony. He'd have to watch her. Finally, it was the girl he'd never heard of. Xoxi, she'd been called. Her power seemed to be little more than hands. Psychic hands to replace those she'd lost. She was the one he felt most uneasy about. Charlotte at least had held her own in a fight. Xoxi looked little more than a teenager playing at Epic than an actual one.

"High know I want to help," He said, looking at the television, still frozen on the one frame of a dirty soldier. "I suspect that's precisely why the Electric warned us three. But, if there's trouble going on, I'm not one to ignore it. And since you got in, Traveler, that means we can get out without hitting whatever safeguards the High Electric put in." He paused for a moment, then added, "No offence intended, High, but we're Epics. I know I've never called myself that. I"m just a guy. A guy with powers, with a beautiful girlfriend," Spectrum giggled a little at that, "an apartment I shouldn't be able to afford, and more money than I know what to do with. I'm fortunate. I want to help.

"Every one of us in this room, even you, Charlotte, are more fortunate than a lot of the other people in these buildings, hiding from that outside." He walked around the counter, putting an arm around Spectrum's waist. She pressed herself against him, like she always did, and his skin warmed just from the contact. It gave him a little more courage for what's next. "We're not heroes because we want to be. We're heroes because we have to be. We've been given more than others so we can do more than others. Let's go do it." The room fell silent after he'd said it.

Had he said the wrong thing?

Spectrum kissed him. It was an embarrassingly long kiss, yet it still felt far too short. She broke away from him, her skin flushed red. No, that was the glow. That glow. She had her hands on his cheeks, and she smiled with tears in her eyes. Her next words made everything OK. "My Dragon." He couldn't help it. He smiled and grinned and cried a little and kissed her again. He lifted her off the ground with his hug, then put her back down. He hadn't realised how much of a weight staying in here was. Now he was going to help. He'd stop this and then they'd go back to normal. A wicked grin appeared on Spectrum's face, and she pulled his collar. "Want to help me suit up?"
@Sedjwick depending on the exact method used to render Magus blind...
@Sedjwick@RoflsMazoy There's your two opponents getting "serious"...
Spectrum disentangled herself from Dragon and practically tackled Alex, her skin a marbled mess of blue and red. "You disappeared and I was so worried and I needed to talk to you and you weren't there and..." She rambled on, holding tightly onto her friend as if letting go would let her disappear again.

It fell to Dragon to make the introductions, then. He walked over to Xoxi, only a stray glance towards the window hinting at the worry and fear beneath his calm exterior. Holding out a hand, he paused slightly when he noticed her disability. "Hi, I'm Dragon Heart. The glowing woman is Spectrum, my girlfriend, and the little girl with the creepy cat is Charlotte, our..." He looked back at her, mouthing the word "sidekick", then "ward". The third word he thought of didn't make it to his lips. "Our charge."

A flaming pillar appeared in the sky for the second time today, and it took visible effort for Dragon not to investigate it. "Where'd Alex find you?" He asked Xoxi, offering, "Coffee, hot chocolate, tea?" Spectrum, at the sound of hot chocolate, let go of Alex. Mostly. She still had an arm around the other woman's shoulder, and she waved over Charlotte for a proper introduction.

"I told you about the whole thing with Blacklight, didn't I?" She asked, putting a hand on Charlotte's shoulder. "Well, this is Charlotte. She makes things move." Lowering her voice and leaning a little closer, Spectrum added, "That freaky cat over there is hers. It talks like an Alice in Wonderland book."

@Old Amsterdam@TheHangedMan

Dian hissed in pain as the thinly stretched skin on her claws met the Vice Claw. She pulled back, retracting them until she could suck on them like any other child with a burn. "That hurt, asshole!" She shouted. Her other hand split down the middle, pinning down Magus and sweeping him to the side. When he was against what remained of her palm, it took hardly any concentration to shut off his eyes while she concentrated on the teen with the flaming arm.

Mimic gasped somewhere off to the side. "Ooh. That's pretty." With almost oblivious unconcern, she walked right up to Vice, putting more hip movement into walking that was strictly necessary. "I don't think you're on the list either, and that's really, really, cool." She drawled the last words until they were practically dropping with arousal. "Dian, you can have Gandalf."

Her exposed skin began to darken, reaching a blue-black shade of frostbite as she leaned close to Vice. "I want this one." Mimic ran her fingers along the boy's jawline, the slight difference in their heights making it easy for her to draw his eyes down to her chest. "Yes, you. I want you and your beautiful arm." Her face grimaced with pain as she touched Vice's shoulder, the flames of the claw licking her hand.

"You're disgusting," Dian protested, sounding for all the world like a child who'd seen her sister making out. Retracting her fingers until they were scalpel small and scalpel sharp, she reverted to her normal schoolgirl appearance. "Hey, Mister," she said, walking towards the blinded Magus, "do you wanna play with me? I like playing Doctor. You be the patient!" She grabbed his hand in one of hers, cutting the skin shallowly in four neat lines. "Want anaesthetic?"
@Sedjwick The High Electric still has an opinion on who's getting involve when, and the pair have split up. Mimic is on the hunt for Dragon and Spectrum. And Dian Cecht can rearrange Magus' organs as soon as she touches him.
@RoflsMazoy You can help Magus against Dian Cecht.
@Natascha, this came out darker than I thought...

@Natascha that was just me sharing the image. I'll have Avril done in a day or two...
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