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Feel like I've done all I can for my roleplay, so all that's left to do is wait. Think I'll join another in the meantime. Anyone looking for players?
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Ready to begin my first roleplay on the site…


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I'll try to post today, but am currently stuck at a family gathering and idk how long it'll go for. Might have to wait til tomorrow.

As Leo made his way towards the cafeteria, he was surprised to see how crowded the corridors were as more than a few people walked together in the same direction. At first in dribs and drabs, but then the hallways quickly became more congested further along as staff and patients alike left their rooms. Sensing the urgency in the air, all thoughts of cooked salmon left Leo's mind as he recognized a passing knight, the very one who retrieved him from the battle earlier, and called out to him, "Ho there friend, what's going on?"

"I'm not your friend, Spider," the knight answered curtly as he continued moving without pause. "And the king is about to make a speech. Hobble faster if you want to see."

Doing precisely just that, Leo practically hopped after the knight and abandoned the use of his crutches as he entered the crowded cafeteria. All heads were turned towards the holoscreen at the side of the room where sure enough the king of Belisio himself was displayed, dressed in full regalia with crown and raiment.

His dark brown eyes betrayed no emotion as he stared directly into the camera, but for the briefest flicker of a moment that only Leo could perceive with his heightened reflexes, the king's mouth trembled slightly before firming in resolve. With a nod to someone offscreen, he returned his eyes to the camera, cleared his throat and began to speak, "Citizens of Belisio, as of the immediate present, the forces of Vaim have breached the kingdom's borders and our most valiant defenders, the Hearthguard, are currently engaged in battle at Presper to repel them. In this, our most dire hour, I speak now to remind us all that we have faced this situation before.

As a hundred years ago, the Vaimese hegemony sought to conquer our lands, but we pushed them back and still we stand. Frustrated by our victory, the Sorcerer King then sought to destroy the world, reducing it to its current state so that none might have it if he could not and yet still we stand. And now, once again, the enemy seeks to invade our homes, but we will stand. Fierce, proud and indomitable.

Citizens, soldiers, countrymen, I say to you all that we will stand and not give a single step back. Not a single step! We've beaten them once before and shall do so again. Now stand each and everyone of you, and show what it means to cross a Belisian. Show what it means to dare the strength of our spirits and ire, and to the utmost of your energies, let the enemy know regret. May Gaia have mercy upon them for we shall have none to spare!"
Will try to post tomorrow.
Leo listened with some interest as Tyrhallan recounted his struggle against the Vaimese captain. Though the details were sparse and to the point, one thing was clear. The enemy was strong, perhaps as strong as the Knight Commander himself, Chisom Balthair the Black Bull. As Leo knew from personal experience, three knights together could not equal the Knight Commander's strength and this Captain Aurelia had managed to defeat two in close combat, vanquishing one and routing the other.

Now that he knew the circumstances of Abene Itzal's death, regret began to stir in the Spider's heart as he imagined what could have been had he accompanied Tyrhallan rather than the battlemage. The regret came not from the loss of a fellow knight, but the loss of an opportunity to truly test his blade and though the soldiers of Vaim proved a worthier challenge than some marauding band of pirate scum, Leo could not help feeling like he had been cheated out of something more. All of a sudden, the thrill of battle he had experienced earlier seemed to become cheap and unsatisfactory.

What a waste, he thought ruefully as he stared down at the cast on his leg and said, "So that's it then, we're going to miss the show at Presper... I wonder how it's going right now."

Looking up at the ceiling, Leo tried to picture the entire Vaimese war fleet clashing against the Belisian Hearthguard and when he realized that the scope of such a battle was far too large to envision, he simply shrugged and continued, "Well look on the bright side, if we lose then you won't have to worry about notifying anyone. We'll either be dead or enslaved. Anyways, I got what I came here for."

As Leo turned to leave, he nodded his head towards Arn and said, "Now that I know the mage is still alive, I can sleep a little better at night knowing who to turn to whenever my tea gets cold. And if it makes you feel any better, Venray, I'll annoy the shit out of whoever they replace you with. You can count on that, sir. In the meantime, I'll be off to my next objective."

With a companionable clap on Tyrhallan's shoulder, Leo departed from the room and called out as he hobbled off on his crutches, "You know they're serving salmon in the cafeteria? Actual salmon! I thought they were extinct!"
I'll try to post tomorrow. In the meantime...

Also, me and @deia876lat spat some lore in our talks. I mentioned that the Ship was named after a hero of the war against the Sorcerer King and Dei mentioned another hero who had been instrumental in taking him down. Do you have any guidance on that?

Let's see who we have so far, Auriel (presumably a healer) and Ferezanthe the firemage. There would also be the king of Belisio at the time who led the charge, let's call him Rendahl, and that's 3 out of say 12 heroes who faced down the Sorcerer King. 12's a good number right? Anyways, let's just make em up as we go along. Might come up with a few myself.

Also, a calendar. If I read the lore correctly, it is about 100 years post cataclysm. so is the dating sequence starting since then i.e. 100PC. Do the months have names? How many days in a month? What are the days of the week named?

Now that is a good question. I suppose in the spirit of most post apocalyptic games and stories, the year would simply continue on from before the cataclysm. For the roleplay, let's say the current year is 715 CE (Common Era) and that the days in a month are the same, just with different names. As to what those names are.... I'm open to suggestions.

Also, the Mage's rank structure. The way I see it, they are kinda like a monastic type of situation. would they have a rank structure similar to Pope>Cardinals>Bishops> etc? I mean, I know that we established their power rating but I was not sure if we had cemented an actual structure. I assume the Archmage is the bid daddy and they have a seat in the King's court.

Forgot to add Archmage to the mage ranks. Fixed now. Also changed apprentice colour from blue to green so Archmage can have blue. Anyways, what you see is what you get. Their power rating is their ranking structure, though I suppose if you want to go deeper we could say that from initiate to apprentice are the 'junior' ranks, whereas adept to master are 'elite' and Archmage is of course the highest position.

Is there a Joint Chief possition for the Knights?

I know I answered this already in our convo, but for posterity sake yes and it's called 'Vice Knight Commander'.


I'm not sure whether your intentions are to replay the battle through different eyes or whether to see and play through the other defense and attack upon the Hearthguard. Can you explain a bit further?

The latter. The next part of the roleplay will cover the main battle between the Vaimese fleet and Belisian defence, the Hearthguard.
Just checking to see how you feel about the idea. I'm thinking that now would be a good time to make new characters if anybody wanted to, but that's completely optional.

Also, finally posted. I know it's not much, but hopefully it'll get the ball rolling for me to get back into the groove again. Starting to see some cracks in that writer's block.

"See for yourself," Leo said as he hobbled into the room on cast and crutches, using one of them to tap against the side of his plaster encased right leg. "Courtesy the laws of physics and a very hard deck. Healers said it'll mend in no time, but they're not letting me go until then so it looks like I'll be stuck here for a bit. Good to see you're still alive though... alive and well apparently."

Wearing nothing but a white hospital gown, the knight shivered slightly as he felt a chill in the room's air conditioned environment. It was noticeably cooler than the rest of the hospital ship, possibly meant to assist mages in recovering from exhaustion, though Leo couldn't help feeling that it was colder than it needed to be.


Regardless, he tried to ignore it as he turned towards Tyrhallan and offered a lazy salute before saying, "Apologies sir, meant to report in earlier but Sarban decided to casevac me first. Wouldn't give me a say in the matter, the asshole."

Then in a more serious tone, Leo continued, "Also heard about what happened to Itzal. Is it true then, did he really lose in a fight?"
I know this is a bit sudden, but how do you guys feel about making new characters to participate in the battle at Presper?
Apologies for the silence, I've been intentionally avoiding the ooc thread to try and break through my block, but it seems like tonight's not going to be any different. I'm honestly kinda bummed out about it, but as long as you guys are still posting then I won't give up. I might be the gm, but you two are the ones breathing life into the roleplay and as far as I'm concerned, your ideas are just as valid as mine. That said though, there are a few things that need to be cleared up that and while deia explained a lot of it better than I could have, there's a bit I'd like to add.

@Omni5876 first off, don't worry about Leo for the moment. I'm not exactly sure what I want him to do or say yet (probably part of what's causing my block), so it's fine to edit that bit about him out and continue as is.

Now to answer your questions, I'd say that whether in Belisio or Vaim, mages are quite rare though I'm not sure what would be a good number exactly. I guess they'd be fewer than ki users, who are themselves also quite rare among the average citizenry. I think a suitable analogy would be comparing the number of those who are naturally talented vs those who acquire skill through great effort. Imo both kinds of people are few and far between, but maybe you or deia have a different perspective? In any case, I'd say there'd at least be enough mages for your Shooting Stars idea to work.

As for the advantages of either country, deia already explained it but I'll just make a minor correction. It's not that Belisio has more natural resources, they just have a higher concentration of it. Vaim has more territory and resources overall, but a lot of its land is just dry rock so they must expand for its growing population to prosper. Not any different from how it was pre-cataclysm really, they just don't have the Sorcerer King to rely on anymore.

Militarily, I'd say that Vaim has the advantage in numbers (in men as well as airships) and more powerful mages, but Belisio's knights and soldiers are an equal match for the Empire's troops, and they'd be more highly motivated in defending their homeland than the Vaimese invaders trying to take it. There's also the fact that the Vaimese are far from home, so they'd be vulnerable to a war of attrition.

Now to clarify on what deia said about healing magic, yes it does exist but it'd be a ki ability, not mana so mages can't use it. That said though, healing magic can be used on them and in a pinch, they could use fire to cauterize wounds or water for cooling burns. Not exactly healing magic, but it helps.

I'd also like to talk a bit more about magic in general, but that'll have to wait as I seem to have run out of time for today. All I have to say is...

(if this isn't what you had in mind, my apologies then for misunderstanding.)

If it wasn't before, it is now. No need to apologize.
Tried to post while in the middle of a writer's block and ended up with complete rubbish. Told my players to ignore it, but could someone delete it anyway?
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