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2 mos ago
Current Yet more stumbling.
5 mos ago
Atonement. Redemption. Those require more than just being punished for what has been done. They require doing good, doing good to make up for the bad that have been done.
6 mos ago
Actually, I should just accept this; the reason I can't attract players is the fact that I can be a drama king, not the 18+ tags I sometimes put. So I should just not blame 18+ tags.
6 mos ago
I've been told that attaching an 18+ tag on an RP was *not* the real source of my troubles with attracting players, so I guess I'll put it up to a vote if I should break my promise not to do so.
8 mos ago
Let the troubles of this world come. I still have friends and their support.


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