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Choose an existing character first.
I will judge you as you must know the Dinotopian books by James Gurney.

If you have a human OC, just fill out a reply like this.

Human OC:

If you have a prehistoric creature OC, do the same.

Saurian OC:
Hello, Everyone. And Welcome to The Recruitment of a Roleplay

Plot: Join Arthur and all your Dinotopian friends in all-new adventures!

We will be recruiting and writing the adventures on this same thread.

Bring me your knowledge of Dinotopia in its book form.

Every character dead or alive in Dinotopia is welcome to be played.

I need Recruitment to play only one or two good or evil Characters.

Arthur Denison – An American scientist and the main protagonist of the books. Following the death of his wife Rachel in 1860 he and his son Will left their home Boston on a voyage of discovery. Then in 1862 they were both washed up on the island of Dinotopia after being shipwrecked.

Will Denison – The son of Arthur Denison and the second main protagonist of the books. During his time on the island he met and fell in love with local Dinotopian girl, Sylvia Romano and eventually trained to be a Skybax Rider and was partnered with a Skybax named Cirrus.

Bix – A Protoceratops multilingual who is an ambassador and the good friend and traveling partner of Arthur Denison, having accompanied him to the World Beneath and Chandara.

Sylvia Romano – A Dinotopian girl who lives in the Hatchery with her parents Giorgio and Maria. Eventually she became a Skybax Rider with Will and was partnered with a Skybax named Nimbus.

Lee Crabb – The main antagonist of the books. He was washed up on Dinotopia in 1853, however Crabb despised the island and ever since had being plotting a means of escape.

Oriana Nascava – A musician who lives in Waterfall City who accompanied Arthur during his return trip to the World Beneath. At the end of the book she and Arthur are implied to have become romantically linked.

Nallab – The assistant librarian of the library of Waterfall City.

Brokenhorn – A well respected Triceratops elder who is the son of the famous Greyback the Wise.

Oolu – Oolu is the chief Skybax instructor at Sky City, where he trains Skybax Riders.

Original Characters are welcome as well into this as well.

Note: I am autistic, and have a hard time being good at memory. Even though I have every book in Dinotopian History.

I am still able to read whenever time allows it.

Just take it easy on me.

Dinotopia! Let The Adventures Begin!

Choose an existing character first.
I will judge you as you must know the Dinotopian books by James Gurney.

If you have a human OC, just fill out a reply like this.

Human OC:

If you have a prehistoric creature OC, do the same.

Saurian OC:
Inside the Hollow Earth, Lind, Andrews, and Jia watch Kong from an observation post as he goes on his morning walk. Kong signs the word "home" to Jia, who smiles back at him. Kong then swings onto a cliff and pounds his chest triumphantly.
Welcome to Monarch. We study creatures of giant sizes. They are an ancient and forgotten species that are also the rulers of the earth we live in.

These stories are posted right after the events Godzilla Vs Kong.

Ultraman, Zone Fighter, and Gamera are a part of this monsterverse.

Godzilla and Kong have come to know each other as equals after defeating Mechagodzilla. Gamera, Zone Fighter, Ultraman, And Pacific Rim are to be brought into the monsterverse by you.

I need you and as many Roleplayers in this as I am not able to do this at all alone.

Believe this or not. I have memory issues. That is why I need people who are more with great knowledge.

Always opened for all!

Godzilla King Kong Gamera Zone Fighter Ultraman Other monsters are required to be mentioned in replies. Humans are required to be roleplayed as well.

Use Character section to chose your still alive character as well as Original.
Flying with Dragons takes place right after The Dragons left for The Hidden World.
They live under the protection of The King of Dragons: Toothless!

Please use Character section to chose your character of existing or Original.

They Can be any dragon from Nine Realms, HTTYD trilogy films, TV series in the age of Vikings and games. Hybrid dragons other than Night Lights are welcome as well.

This RP is welcome to continue after Toothless retires as Alpha, However, The Hidden World started a tradition with the Night lights offspring.

That The King of Dragons does not have been won or fought for. It can be passed to the offspring as that is their tradition.

Rules are simple: Allow yourself to play one character per person.

The Dragons can talk by roaring with subtitles for translating.

Once we get enough players, you are welcome to start the story within The IC.

Catastrophic Quaken
Cavern Crasher
Crimson Goregutter
Deadly Nadder
Deadly Spinner
Death Song
Egg Biter
Fault Ripper
Flame Thrower
Flame Whipper
Flood Fang
Grapple Grounder
Grim Gnasher
Hideous Zippleback
Large Shadow Wing
Light Fury
Magma Breather
Mist Twister
Monstrous Nightmare
Night Fury
Night Light
Night Terror
Sand Wraith
Screaming Death
Sky Torcher
Small Shadow Wing
Smothering Smokebreath
Snow Wraith
Speed Stinger
Sweet Death
Sword Stealer
Terrible Terror
Tide Glider
Triple Stryke
Unknown dragons
Vine Tail
Whispering Death
Woolly Howl
Use Character section to chose your character of existing or Original.
My name is Nick.

Pleasure to meet you.

This is a LBT/Dinotopia Crossover roleplay.

After Arthur's Journey to Dinotopia's Eastern Empire of Chandara, The Empire starts reopening it's borders. Alongside that, Arthur and his son and Company make more and never ending discoveries all over the island.

With new discoveries, Come new Friends of Human, Prehistoric Creatures either Meat Eater or Leaf Eater.

I need Recruitment to play one character.

As one of the codes of Dinotopia is: Do one thing at a time.

Arthur Denison
Will Denison
And Various existing Characters and Ocs for dinotopia.

Littlefoot's Mother
Grandma Longenck
Grandpa Longneck
Mama Flyer
Mama Swimmer
And Any other existing Land Before time characters or OCs.

Note: Littlefoot and The gang of seven and Families were born and raised on The Island.
This is set in the book universe with some elements of The Tv and Animated series and film.

The outsiders from The 13 episode series are an example of the elements.

P.S. Reply in whatever way possible with Knowledge of Dinotopia books, Films and Tv Series with The Land Before Time series.

P.S. Ask any questions and please chose only one character.


Breathe Deep, Seek Peace!
Narrator: Lila, Arthur, and Bix continue their exploration of Chandara's bustling marketplace. The vibrant atmosphere and lively interactions between humans and dinosaurs create a sense of harmony that is characteristic of Dinotopia.

As they pass a stall selling intricately woven tapestries and textiles, Arthur spots a Skybax rider chatting with a group of children, who listen intently to his stories of adventure and wonder.

Arthur Denison: (intrigued) Look, it's a Skybax rider! I've heard stories about them, but I've never seen one up close. Their bond with their Skybax partners is said to be extraordinary.

Lila: (smiling) They're revered throughout Dinotopia for their bravery and skill. If you'd like, we can go over and talk to the rider. He seems friendly and approachable.

Bix: (excited) I'd love to hear more about their experiences in the sky!

Narrator: The trio approaches the Skybax rider, who has just finished regaling the children with a thrilling tale. The children disperse, leaving an opportunity for Lila, Arthur, and Bix to introduce themselves.

(Lila): (greeting the Skybax rider) Hello! My name is Lila, and these are my friends Arthur and Bix. We couldn't help but overhear your fascinating stories. It's an honor to meet a Skybax rider in person.

Skybax Rider: (smiling warmly) The pleasure is mine! I'm Renn, a Skybax rider stationed at the nearby Skybax Training Academy. It's always a joy to share my experiences with others, especially those who appreciate the wonders of Dinotopia.

Arthur Denison: (eager) We'd love to hear more about your adventures and the bond between Skybax riders and their partners.

Narrator: Renn proceeds to share more tales of his airborne adventures, the rigorous training process for Skybax riders, and the deep connection he shares with his Skybax partner, Nara. Lila, Arthur, and Bix listen intently, captivated by the world of the Skybax riders.
Narrator: As the tension between the young boy and the stall owner rises, Lila, Arthur, and Bix exchange concerned glances. Lila decides to step forward to help defuse the situation.

(Lila): (calmly) Excuse me, sir. I understand that you're upset, but perhaps there's a better way to handle this situation. The boy seems genuinely sorry for his actions.

Stall Owner: (still angry) That may be, but it doesn't change the fact that he tried to steal from me!

Arthur Denison: (chiming in) We understand your frustration, but maybe we can find a solution that benefits everyone. What if the boy works at your stall for a few hours to make up for his mistake? In return, he could take home a small portion of the spices he was trying to take.

Bix: (nodding) It's a fair compromise, and it might teach the boy a valuable lesson about honesty and hard work.

Narrator: The stall owner considers their proposal for a moment before finally agreeing, albeit reluctantly.

Stall Owner: (sighing) Fine, but only because you three seem sincere in trying to help. The boy can work for me this afternoon, and I'll give him a small pouch of spices.

Young Boy: (grateful) Thank you so much! I promise I won't let you down.

Narrator: As the young boy begins his work at the spice stall, Lila, Arthur, and Bix continue to explore the marketplace, feeling satisfied with their efforts to resolve the conflict peacefully.
Narrator: As Lila, Arthur, and Bix stroll through the market, they come across a stall displaying a wide variety of beautifully crafted pottery. The intricate designs and vibrant colors catch their attention, and they decide to take a closer look.

Lila: (admiring a piece of pottery) The craftsmanship is remarkable, don't you think? The artisans of Chandara are truly talented.

Arthur Denison: (nodding) Indeed, I've never seen anything quite like it. The attention to detail is astounding.

Bix: (curious) I wonder how they make these.

Narrator: As they discuss the pottery, the stall owner, an elderly human named Haran, approaches them with a warm smile.

Haran: (cheerfully) Good day, dear customers! My name is Haran, and I'm the creator of these pottery pieces. If you have any questions or need assistance, please let me know.

(Lila): (smiling) Haran, your work is truly beautiful. My friends Arthur and Bix here were wondering how you create these intricate designs.

Haran: (beaming with pride) Thank you for your kind words. The process involves a mixture of Dinotopian clay, various natural pigments, and, of course, a great deal of patience and skill. I'd be happy to give you a quick demonstration if you're interested.

Arthur Denison: (eager) We'd love to see it, Haran!

Narrator: Haran shows the trio his process of creating the pottery, skillfully shaping the clay and painting intricate patterns with a steady hand. They watch in awe as a new piece comes to life before their eyes.
As they continue exploring the marketplace, they come across a commotion near a stall selling exotic spices. A young boy is caught trying to steal a small pouch of spices, and the stall owner is furious.

Stall Owner: (angrily) You little thief! I work hard to make a living, and you try to take what's not yours!

Young Boy: (defensive) I'm sorry, I didn't mean any harm. I just wanted to make something special for my family.

Narrator: Lila, Arthur, and Bix exchange glances, wondering if they should intervene and help defuse the situation.
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