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KingOfTheSkies 13 min ago
74. My thief's battle cry is not "Run And Live"

The Templar 15 min ago
@Penny Oh please, those guys are p*****s, I’m running as an independent.

Penny 1 hr ago
So your running as a mainstream republican, got it
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The Templar 1 hr ago
I’m running for the 2020 presidential bid. My big pitches; expunge all non-Christian faiths from the US and launch nuclear attacks on Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, and Turkey. #VoteTEMP

Ambra 1 hr ago
three mans are the fuckin worst

Blitz 2 hrs ago
I've been pouring my creamer into my coffee without stirring it, and I continue to be amazed as the coffee turns from black to white the more I sip it down
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rebornfan320 3 hrs ago
@headintheclouds] Aww I'm sorry...Mine passed away coming home from school when it was in the morning. I'm still lost without her at times as I'm not over it.
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Light the Dark 3 hrs ago
Happy birthday to me... I'm 30 now - I feel old haha 😅
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headintheclouds 3 hrs ago
My cat passed away in my hands this morning and I feel lost.
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Spambot 3 hrs ago
It was option 2. It then pretty much fell away like empty hope often does. This is random, I know - but if you're the one I'm addressing, you know what I'm replying to.

lostnotfound 3 hrs ago
No bad head today but feel like I need to nap after work today :(

Ruler Inc 4 hrs ago
Also by like June I'm going to unveil a new RP. The hint is that it's in the Future Projects section of my profile.
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Ruler Inc 4 hrs ago
Mystery Skull's new album is the shit. Worth the preorder.
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Nikki Moonlight 5 hrs ago
Up at an ungodly hour for me once again so I can go in to see a would-be employer...Wish me luck y'all!
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SlayyyGirl 6 hrs ago
there's a snake in my boot
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NuttsnBolts 6 hrs ago
Gotta laugh... Commas, they can change an entire sentence if used well. xD
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Odin 7 hrs ago
Yeah, FUCK them KIDS.
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Hellion 7 hrs ago
Someone told me "You don't have kids so you shouldn't be tired." LMAO...girl, fuck you and your kids.
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Cleverbird 11 hrs ago
See you space cowboy...
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PrincessVampora 11 hrs ago
Good night all!

Skwint 12 hrs ago
Finally found another job. I thought that this fact would make me feel a bit less depressed. I was incorrect.
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Scrub Mage 12 hrs ago
Lycanthropic Manic Cycles
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marooncats 13 hrs ago
yee yee, folks, yee yee

Mangrale 14 hrs ago
Yeah, my computer is some kind of piece of crap, all right. Still, it's not too far gone that I can't play catchup as best I can.
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Anime_Freak 14 hrs ago
I just went back and read some of my oldest posts and.... I can feel my body trying to invert in on itself....
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Static 14 hrs ago
Bought my wedding dress! I can't wait to put it on. Too excited for sleep.
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Daxam 14 hrs ago
Say what you will about One Punch Man's second season and/or Genos' weirdly CG arms: that intro song's not half bad

rebornfan320 14 hrs ago
@Candlelitsoul] Same I get that feeling internally most of the time.

Altered Tundra 15 hrs ago
Feeling cute, might write a post later idk
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Jasonvoorhees 15 hrs ago
Mia :*dies?*. Jack baker : “welcome to the family son.” *punch*. Lucas : “no dad not again !?” Jack: “boy’s gotta eat his supper!” Margretta “ HE’S NOT EATING IT JACK !!” *loud yells and curses*

Candlelitsoul 15 hrs ago
When you try to do something to bolster your esteem and get nothing but crap for it. These are the days I wished I'd just died when I was born. What's the use when you're a walking disappointment?
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AXIS 16 hrs ago
That moment when you keep refreshing your subs even though there is nothing going on because you want something to happen
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QueenOfTheLand 17 hrs ago
h e r e c o m e s f l a m e b o i
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DestinyStar 17 hrs ago
It will be okay. Breathe. It will all be okay in time...
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Letmehaveone2 17 hrs ago if anyone's interested in crossovers

Obscene Symphony 19 hrs ago
I'm a simple rper. I see something with "wolves" in the title, I click.
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SlayyyGirl 20 hrs ago
oH he oN xGaMEs mOde
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KingOfTheSkies 20 hrs ago
If we get one goofy weapon in Iceborne, I hope it's this one.…
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Mara 20 hrs ago
might fuck around and ✊🏻✊🏻 have a mental breakdown
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Its Elven 21 hrs ago
Lots of traveling this week and last week. Sorry for lack of replies. Hopefully back in action soon!

Dinh AaronMk 21 hrs ago
Tienanmen Square, 1989.
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Smystar99 21 hrs ago
Cracked the edge of my phone working out, woot!
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Vampiretwilight 21 hrs ago
i was nursing a headache all day today, a migraine to be specific. managed to feel better a short time ago. ugh. :(

BleedingLover 21 hrs ago
Computer blue screened on me last night 🙄 Unsure when I’ll be able to get it fixed. Hopefully soon. Sorry to all of those waiting on me.

rebornfan320 21 hrs ago
Sometimes I wonder if bad luck is like a curse. Sticking to you no matter what you do...
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Mistiel 22 hrs ago
Hoverboarders who ride down the center line of a busy two lane arterial 5mph under the speed of traffic need to be run over hard and painfully. -,-
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Strange Rodent 22 hrs ago
note for my rp members and fellow players. I'm heading to China and I'm not sure whether or not this site is blocked, so replies may be up to a week away
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Obscene Symphony 22 hrs ago
@Queen rude, don't erase me
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QueenOfTheLand 22 hrs ago
Where's the button to erase everyone except myself and the ones I love and care for from existence?
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Sanguine Rose 22 hrs ago
Welp, spent most of today remembering, and being disappointed by the fact, today is Thursday not Friday. I'll hopefully finish responding to everyone when I get home.
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Will respond to all rps in an a couple hrs

lostnotfound 23 hrs ago
Hate it. Hate how alcohol is literally my best-friend but it gets me emotional & real <3 happy birthday to me :)
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headintheclouds 23 hrs ago
The flu gave me a sinus infection! I'm loving it!

prettyskeleton 23 hrs ago
Off of work ‘til Tuesday now — let’s get some roleplays going!
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Nikki Moonlight 1 day ago
Adulting again. Responses will be slow until I finish this up.
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KingOfTheSkies 1 day ago
73. Not allowed to name my cudgel Ceremonial Whoopass Stick.
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Cleverbird 1 day ago
Wop wop wop?

AtomicNut 1 day ago
If I could pick a medieval weapon for a fantasy rp, I think i would go with a flamethrower.
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Sanguine Rose 1 day ago…
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EntertainMe 1 day ago
Today begins a day of birthday travels! I can’t promise I’ll be on, and if I’m on it’s only to read not respond. Be back Monday! 👍😃
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Odin 1 day ago
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The Templar 1 day ago
Hey, @Clever Bird, @GhostMami, @Sanguine Rose... Wop Wop Wop Wop! LEMME SEE YOU WOP! WOP-WOP-WOP
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GhostMami 1 day ago
"Everybody has a secret, real pain that they all conceal. Maybe mine is contagious, with time it can make you feel." BO
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Sanguine Rose 1 day ago
Thank goodness my boss is out today. I haven't been able to focus at work all I'll probably be making posts while continuing to fake working.
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Cleverbird 1 day ago
Whoo! My Skydoll Decade book came in today ♥

Cleverbird 1 day ago
There's no such thing as stealing in the military. They call it tactically acquiring.
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Allycat 1 day ago
Oh BOY does it feel good to finally get that roleplay up. Three weeks of work is DONE!! ʕ⊙ᴥ⊙ʔ
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Aeonumbra 1 day ago
Back from the dead, with a project in the works. Stay tuned.

prettyskeleton 1 day ago
Someone play with me! :(
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Kuro 1 day ago
I'm still looking for players! --…
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Cleverbird 1 day ago
Dehydration headaches suck donkey ass.
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BlackDragonSol 1 day ago
PSA: Phantom Thieves Spirit in Sma5h isn't worth it, more here:…

DrakeEricsen 1 day ago
Let's do it, MissCapnCrunch! Wait... did that sound wrong?
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Unyaa 1 day ago
Jahovakin: Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour Paarthurnax?
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gorgenmast 1 day ago
"boo-kah-kay" < "buh-cake"

KingOfTheSkies 1 day ago

Undead Eyes 1 day ago
Passed my 5th and final midterm with a 97 out of 100. :)
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AllOurPrettySongs 1 day ago
Sometimes I think Aus is normal enough and then election time comes around and there’s politicians saying shit like ‘give ‘em a thong slap!!!’ about people who don’t agree with their policies
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BlackDragonSol 1 day ago
Nintendo's servers look like they got the most painful supository pill in form of a big, huge, crash which they're spending a half hour (and likely more) past their planned fix time. This is fine.
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DocRock 1 day ago
My sense of time is literally non-existant. I feel like I'm gonna probably get violently sick and I hate it. If I owe someone something, feel free to ping me on Discord.
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SlayyyGirl 1 day ago
lol in history my teacher went "thats what never changes" and some kid in the back shouted "spaghetti-o's"
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vancexentan 1 day ago
Fucking pissed. I bought stellaris on xbox and I can't even fucking playing it properly because the aspect ratio is just off enough to cut off the resources and I can't fix it.
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CAS1006 1 day ago
Finished .Hack// Roots. The Feels are hard, I want to pour one out for my homeboy Tanuki Phyllo. May he rest in peace.

Altered Tundra 1 day ago
A man thinks a girl should treat her family to some pulled pork with some salt and peppa.
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Lord Wraith 1 day ago
So I can finally send my own regards?
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TootsiePop 2 days ago
A girl must find time, and the means, to watch the new episode.
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Kuro 2 days ago
@CapnCrunch But will -there- be elephants?
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Vampiretwilight 2 days ago
overslept this morning. bad start to an almost completely bad day.
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TootsiePop 2 days ago
@Capn Will there be elephants?
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Sanguine Rose 2 days ago
No posts tonight. Sorry, not sorry. Sleep and OT overruled my ability to respond to anyone.
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Blushing 2 days ago
Why is it such an issue that people don't like playing male roles, get over it and find someone else. I like playing girls, don't try to guilt me into a role I won't enjoy. (:
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Dealdric 2 days ago
*Turns with uninterested look* Just give them what they want, they're like Slaanesh. They'll get bored with it quick.

Hillan 2 days ago
Why do cops hate redneck murder cases? No dental records and all the DNA matches.
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Uncle Spanky 2 days ago
Enlist now to destroy these degenerates…
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Nikki Moonlight 2 days ago
To my partners: Adulting at the moment- AKA looking for jobs. Need to save up and get out of this place by August. Responses will be slow. Thank you for understanding :)
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Coltshan 2 days ago
Always looking for new rp partners, feel free to pm me.
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KingOfTheSkies 2 days ago
So I read all nine volumes of the Slime manga (in my library system) in less than 24 hours. I can't remember the last time a manga series made me do that.
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Shandria 2 days ago
Long morning, responding tonight when I'm able.

BlackDragonSol 2 days ago
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