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Star Light 2 hrs ago
Looking for someone to do a 1x1 Fantasy school rp with me :)

Talvinter 2 hrs ago
My mind is a void, I listen for ideas as they float past and try to expand on them before my muse switches to something else…
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Qia 5 hrs ago
One day I'll feel ready for the world.
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Lighthouse 5 hrs ago
Darker the night, brighter the stars. - Braum
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The Grey Dust 8 hrs ago
I never want to hear you say...
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Lexisheeps 8 hrs ago
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Dion 9 hrs ago
I wonder if Elden Ring would be a cool setting for a 1x1 or if that would be too cerebral
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Dion 12 hrs ago
i am a small dog, i do small dog stuff
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BunniesOfDoom 19 hrs ago
Sometimes, the world just isn't ready for you.
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RoadkilBanana 23 hrs ago
"Unless you're talking about plants, plants are weird with death..."
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Estylwen 23 hrs ago
"But! I should have known better. Nothing ever stays dead..."
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Xaltwind 1 day ago
Yeah, no, 2:11 AM? This old timer's tapping out. G'nite ya'll

RoadkilBanana 1 day ago
I have sworn to protect the fish dog thing, and I won't let anyone touch it
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SammyMcWhammy 1 day ago
Did you know that of all the Pokemon....

Zeroth 1 day ago
LOOK OUT HE'S GOT A WATER STONE! *shots ring out*
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SammyMcWhammy 1 day ago
Oh my god, Eevee's back again. Brothers, sisters, everybody sing

RoadkilBanana 1 day ago
he back, and he still works for the fbi
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Xaltwind 1 day ago
Bought that food I needed! Now I'm tired, so taking a nap, for a couple hours.
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SammyMcWhammy 1 day ago
If I don't reply, I'm not ignoring. Just struggling to get the creative juices flowing.
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PuffPeace 2 days ago
Going to be busy and away for a bit.
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Crimson Flame 2 days ago
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Crimson Flame 2 days ago
I liked your old pfp better.
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Daxam 2 days ago
Just read an idea of a horror movie or game where the protagonist is a criminal of some sort with Batman as the "monster" and now I want that
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Wayward 2 days ago
Heat wave screwing with me hardcore.
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Xaltwind 2 days ago
Crap, just realized I'm outta food... Guess I gotta go shopping asap tomorrow... Or well, later today...

Kuro 2 days ago
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The Grey Dust 2 days ago
To a cannibal, Is a Vegan essentially the equivalent to one of those "Grass-fed, Grass-finished beef" steaks?
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Lildear18 2 days ago
Replies will come later. Sorry y’all

Loksfjoer 2 days ago
Deadline is approaching! There is still time to submit your entries ^_^

RoadkilBanana 2 days ago
I knew a bunny who wore a trench coat, not multiple, just one. It was a small trench coat, though.

BunniesOfDoom 2 days ago
Oh they can, as long as they stand on top of each other's shoulders

RevekaRed 2 days ago
Imagine my relief to find out that the crackhead outside my work did not have a bat, but more importantly a lightsaber.
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Wayward 2 days ago
I didn't know bunnies could wear trenchcoats.
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RickyG85 3 days ago
*sigh* maybe it's me? Maybe *I'm* the problem?

BunniesOfDoom 3 days ago
Just a bunch of bunnies in a trench coat
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Omega Man 3 days ago
What happens when you combine the Titans and the X-Men to make a new Amalgam Universe? Come find out...…
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SammyMcWhammy 3 days ago
Won't be your taxes, I'm not American x
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Star Cat 3 days ago
Better make my fucking taxes worth while then.
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wheels 3 days ago
Good morning. I hope everyone has a good Monday.
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SammyMcWhammy 3 days ago
Life update: Still out of work on long-term illness, but I now get disability as my mental health means I'm too ill for work
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Lildear18 3 days ago
Replies will be more normal over the next few days.
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Vampiretwilight 4 days ago…

SporkoBug 4 days ago
Mums doing okay, she's gotten 2 stents put in and should be home tomorrow. Still not 100% the best, will still be slow. Sorry.
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Lighthouse 4 days ago
Some people have themselves figured out. Some people have their after after. This is not for them. This is for those of us who need reminding that better days are coming.
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Srpv 4 days ago
Thieves are meant to albeit desist. It's a first-person Trait aside Roleplaying. So "Friend" shan't be "Avenger" but "Ward" because Gal's ain't Girl till Damsel, Baby!

RoadkilBanana 4 days ago
What is the meaning of life? Waffles? Maybe...
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Hannah 4 days ago
I love Sunday, because doing nothing is embraced. And I hate Sunday, because Monday is tomorrow.
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wheels 4 days ago
Good morning. I hope everyone has a good Sunday.

joeyjordison 5 days ago
hii :)

SammyMcWhammy 5 days ago
There's a difference?

Lighthouse 5 days ago
Sitting on a throne doesn't make you a king, it only means you have an arse. - Swain
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RoadkilBanana 5 days ago
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Letter Bee 5 days ago
Two years of Noble Arms: The ASEAN War. Yes, it's split into two threads. Still a storyline that lasted for 24 months.
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RickyG85 5 days ago
Happy Birthday to me ^_^
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The Grey Dust 5 days ago
I wanted to be a Surgeon, but in med school, I just couldn't make the Cut.
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Lildear18 5 days ago
I get to sport a black eye for a week, woo! 😓
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Letter Bee 5 days ago
We've hit the climax of my RP's current arc!
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BunniesOfDoom 6 days ago
Sleep? Who needs sleep? Not I! Probably.
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RestlessBlue 6 days ago
My beautiful jumping spider passed a couple days ago. I miss her sweet little kitten eyes watching me at my desk D':
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Star Cat 6 days ago
"This is a pretty shallow Starfish Cave."

nachonacho 6 days ago
hi x
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WhiteAngel25 6 days ago
Sorry partners! I’ve been exhausted lately. I will try to have posts out soon. :)
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Master EffeX 6 days ago
"What'd you expect? Black leather?" Because if so. . . . :…

SammyMcWhammy 6 days ago
Day one of reminding you all that you're all beautiful and loved, even whenln you don't think you are.
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wheels 6 days ago
good morning. I hope everyone has a good Friday and a good weekend
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Xaltwind 6 days ago
Vacation has arrived. 14 Days of freeedom~
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Hannah 7 days ago
That feeling when you get a text from your ex and you be like "Aww... you dork."
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SporkoBug 7 days ago
God I hate the universe, may be slow on replies; Harrowing week, SIL has cancer, Mum had a heart attack. Please give me some time, I'm sorry.
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RoadkilBanana 7 days ago
¿Oh? ¿Te acercas a mí?

RickyG85 7 days ago
(big exaggerated gasp) IT'S-

RoadkilBanana 7 days ago
Estoy disfrazado, no me destapes.

RoadkilBanana 7 days ago
You fool, I AM the Spanish Inquisition!

Wayward 7 days ago
I wouldn't say I'm a procrastinator. Just an amateurcrastinator.
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RoadkilBanana 7 days ago
Nvm, traded it
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RoadkilBanana 7 days ago
I have a shiny necrozma that I want to trade with someone, if you got a shiny sprigatito or hisuian zorua, that'd be cool
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ThatLostDude 7 days ago
At a festival this weekend, replies might be extremly slow.
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Dion 7 days ago
Smut-writing forums are basically just goon-caves for literate people
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wheels 7 days ago
Good morning. I hope everyone has a good Thursday.
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Vixere 7 days ago
Transitioning back to the night shift emergency nursing life in a couple weeks and I cannot stress enough how much it feels like I'm going back home.
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Xaltwind 7 days ago
So frggin' tired... So unimaginably tired.... But just one more, one more single stinkin' day of work... Then sweet release... For a time.

Dion 8 days ago
my life feels like a yeat song more and more

SporkoBug 8 days ago
Moving has been exhausting, plus I twisted my Ankle; replies will be slow. Sorry.
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RoadkilBanana 8 days ago
No! That is not Sold Snack!

wheels 8 days ago
I hope everyone has a good Thursday.
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Xaltwind 8 days ago
Just today and another day, then sweet 2 week freedom...! Hang in there, me!
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Donut Look Now 8 days ago
Not me already giving up on not replying during work hours
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Star Cat 8 days ago
The litter box is not a self-serve buffet.
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Mole 8 days ago
Houston, I need more Sailor Moon vs Queen Beryl jokes, rn.

Dion 8 days ago
sometimes i look at a map game for 8 hours just to see a color change a few times

Shin Ghost Note 8 days ago
"When shit hits the fan is you still a fan?" - The Ghost Note after microwaving a baby.

Shin Ghost Note 9 days ago
we know

Dion 9 days ago
i'm autistic
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Master EffeX 9 days ago
When you like what a reddit user had to say on a board from 2 yrs ago, but trying to Chat = unable to send invite message. -_- Now I'll never know if TheFantasticXMan1 and I could've been friends.

Candlelitsoul 9 days ago
Finally free of the heart monitor. Now we wait for results.
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deegee 9 days ago
=W= forever. Today's jam: Jamie (acoustic.)

RoadkilBanana 9 days ago
Funny, if you remove the last 13 words of that, it makes it relatable
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Expllo 9 days ago
never had a girl flirt w/ me for eight hours straight it’s always something when you work the psych ward
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RoadkilBanana 9 days ago
Oh, and real creatures

RoadkilBanana 9 days ago
If you want more realism, use real weapons and magic, then it will really feel like you're in the game

The Grey Dust 9 days ago
You want more realism in your DND campaign? Fine. Roll a constitution save to find out if you catch dysentery or not from eatting, crapping, and sleeping around in the woods.
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