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Odin 4 min ago
my favorite lie was when i told her i love her. bitches so gullible LMAO!!! now where the asianatic women at!!

Savo 4 min ago
Better not leave me hanging like Sayori.

pugbutter 2 hrs ago
J͐̅͏̪̙̣͝Ų͈̣̺͔̽ͪ̐̐͂ͯ͆ͯ̀͟S̶̟͉ͪ̈͟͡Ṭ̓̑̎̌̊ͭ̀ͅͅ ̛͖̉̀͜M̹̤̱͙̣͋̅̂̕O̶̖̞̓ͩ̆͑ͪ̌̉̂̀͢Ń̷͔̈̉͑ͯ̽̊̀͟Ì̷̲͔̳̼͈͕̼̓͂̓̀Ķ̫̤̬̩̝̗̳͉ͣ̆̑̍ͧͩ̐͢A̧̧̜̘͇̗̙̬ͯͤ͊
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tigersloth 2 hrs ago
Urban Creatures
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SM64Dude 2 hrs ago

Poi 2 hrs ago
My favorite lie is "I'll do something about it." Nothing is ever done about my sister threatening me with knives, telling me to off myself in the highway or that I'm not her brother (2 dads, 1 mom).
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SinfulSkills 2 hrs ago
Dozed off on my keyboard, face first. Maybe it's time to call it a night. Sorry for lack of role play response and PM Responses :(
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Traps 3 hrs ago
"I don't care about you" is my favourite
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ICanBeAnyone 3 hrs ago
Of all the lies I have heard, “I love you” was my favorite
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Otaku95 3 hrs ago
I suppose being struck dead and being reincarnated in a fantasy world like some cliché manga character is too much to ask for Christmas, huh?
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Cu Chulainn 4 hrs ago
I want to fly
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Altered Tundra 4 hrs ago
Based god Mahz strikes again.
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Siaya Dragalorn 5 hrs ago
To my people: Been avoiding long stints on the computer or phone lately. Think my eyes needed the break. Will reply late this week or the weekend!
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Mae 5 hrs ago
Hazaar! The bots are back.
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Ambra 5 hrs ago
best bot remover NA
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Ophidian 5 hrs ago
God. I'm an anxious mess today. And I have no idea why.
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Altered Tundra 5 hrs ago
Allen has the gayest crush on me, but he's too proud to admit it. :(
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Nerdy Reference 5 hrs ago
Doesn't it just break your heart when you're waiting on someone to reply, then they appear online, but go off again without responding?
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Eh 6 hrs ago
Yeah, they're comfy. Besides, you're so cute when you sleep.

Ophidian 6 hrs ago
No. These corners are comfy dammit. And it's warm here!
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wistfulwords 6 hrs ago
I’ve noticed my cats enjoy staring at the upper corners of my living room walls. BE GONE, DEMONS!
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Rose 6 hrs ago
Just finished my first full cs in forever. Not super proud of it but I am proud that I got through it. Every little bit is progress, won't get any better if I never write.

Otaku95 6 hrs ago
I won't lie, if I had a Death Note I'd go to town with it.
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Poi 6 hrs ago
Well, it is no longer National Fast Food day, but today won't stop me from enjoying this bacon cheddar cheese McChicken.
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FullMetalHeart 7 hrs ago
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HeartStrings 7 hrs ago
Hi. This is HeartStrings bf. She was in a nasty accident a few weeks ago and isnt feeling herself. She says she'll be back when she feels better.
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SouffleGirl123 7 hrs ago
The world: I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. Australians: I'm dreaming of not drowning in my own sweat this Christmas
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Inkarnate 7 hrs ago
“It almost seemed like with enough effort, I’d be able to escape from the confines of the game entirely.”
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Arya10108909 7 hrs ago
Whoooooo! One post per day on average!!!!
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The1Rolling1Boy 7 hrs ago
*Stares at my empty subscription tab* I'm fucked....
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Zoey White 7 hrs ago
hunger games is for whimps, i only play the sleep-deprivation games
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Congee 7 hrs ago
She's so luckyyy, she's a staaar but she cyr cry cry

Congee 7 hrs ago
I might need some surgery at this point to get rid of this damn song stuck in my head for three consecutive days.
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Lady Selune 7 hrs ago
"You're quasi-evil. You're semi-evil. You're the margarine of evil. You are the Diet Coke of evil. Just one calorie, not evil enough."
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Mattchstick 8 hrs ago
I thought the weebs had slain my RP, but it has risen from the depths of Page 5 without a single bump. Still need at least two people to start it. It's "Experiment-200" in Casual, if you please.
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StarLordess 8 hrs ago
Can't decide whether I should try to sleep or make myself coffee.
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SM64Dude 9 hrs ago
that's how you get tinnitus!

MadManMoon 9 hrs ago
"I. Was created by an abstraction of one author as fanfiction for another abstraction of *the same author*?" ~ Detective Slender Man, The Blog Without a Face
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MiddleEarthRoze 9 hrs ago
Posts will be delayed until wednesday, my dudes. Got some uni wori to catch up on.
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Mae 9 hrs ago
Obsessed with Heathers: The Musical, my goodness ♥
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Otaku95 10 hrs ago
Just one of these days:…

EndOfMyWarudo 10 hrs ago
Daily reminder that Echoes>Fates.
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Eh 10 hrs ago
On a literal scale of 1-10 on my heated blanket, usually between 2-4 is plenty toasty for me. Today, I switched that motherfucker up to 7.
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Surtr 10 hrs ago
loneliness + alienation + fear + despair + self-worth ÷ mockery ÷ condemnation ÷ misunderstanding × guilt × shame × failure × judgment n=y where y=hope and n=folly love=lies life=death, self=dark side
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Surtr 10 hrs ago
" dead drop or dead letter box is a method of espionage tradecraft used to pass items or information between two individuals (e.g., a case officer and an agent, or two agents) using a secret location"
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DeadDrop 10 hrs ago
Everyone likes a dead drop.
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Poi 11 hrs ago
@Deadbeat Dubs just aren't my thing. Things are changed in translation (rice balls to jelly donuts, for example) and I just can't but to think everyone as angsty thirteen year olds with dubbed voices.
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The1Rolling1Boy 11 hrs ago
Here lies Rolo. Cause of death was rage due to fail at perspective on a random tree draw because the needed something to do. The suck at sketching but the we some how good at freehand painting,
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khosmik 11 hrs ago
Hey, y'all. I have two slots open for rps, so message me if you'd like to plot something (Please read my rules/Interest Checks)

DeadbeatWalking 11 hrs ago
dubs are the best man what's less convenient than a dub
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Yuria 11 hrs ago…

Poi 11 hrs ago
As someone who usually hates dubs, I just found out the Ghost Stories dub is on Crunchyroll. It's the closest thing to an official abridged series I know.
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headintheclouds 11 hrs ago
I nearly drowned taking medicine last night because I forgot that I couldn't breathe out of my nose.....
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Ophidian 11 hrs ago
Not going to lie, at this point I exist mostly on spite.
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Naril 11 hrs ago
Let me be a part of the narrative, in the story they will write someday

Riley Tucker 11 hrs ago
That feeling you get when you find an unexpected friend. ❤️
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AtomicNut 11 hrs ago
RIP Evangelion RP

Grimhildr 11 hrs ago
tumblr is gay
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Simple Unicycle 11 hrs ago
The reason 90% of Greek mythology happened? Zeus couldn't keep it in his pants.
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Mattchstick 11 hrs ago
@casper that sounds like something a weirdo would say.
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casper 11 hrs ago
You know how the internet is full of weirdo's? Tonight I have discovered it is not.....
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WildRose 11 hrs ago
Hey everyone sorry for just up and disappearing! Schools got me all tangled up and I had recently moved so I am in a bit of a pitch! I will try to get Response out tonight!
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The1Rolling1Boy 12 hrs ago
Hey. I'm back. Kinda
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Hero 12 hrs ago
Work is really slow, so here I am goofing off 'til they block this site.
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Poi 12 hrs ago
I said one word about twitter and somehow one of my friends found it in an instant without giving them the link to my twitter. Should I be scared of their sleuthing abilities or not?
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Mistiel 12 hrs ago
Whenever I think of "paroxysm" I think of lungs. No other body part seems to ever do it justice for me. ~shrug~

JunkMail 13 hrs ago
A young Al Pacino plays an impetuous man who robs a bank so his gay lover can afford the gender reassignment surgery, original release date September 21st 1975 burrito pizza bay-buh-ba-ba-bi-buh-buh.
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BCTheEntity 13 hrs ago
@Otaku: Worse still, it could at any time attack you, and get you trapped inside a meat pod.…

Mystery Bard 13 hrs ago
In history class today, "that one girl" spouted off to our professor about how most subjects really are more interesting than history. "And to think you almost passed this class." He said.
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Otaku95 13 hrs ago
The more time I spend in meatspace, the more I think it's a horrible place.

rebornfan320 13 hrs ago
Bonds can be made in unexpected ways. For example with friends/rp partners a bond of synergy is there.
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AlternateMan 13 hrs ago
And that's why you plan hardships away from your char's views my friend. I have a lot planned for mine, she doesn't know a thing... GYEHEHEH
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Ophidian 13 hrs ago
Me, to my character: "So. This is how the plot is going to unfold. I'm going to need you too-" My character, to me: "How about fuck you."
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prussianblue 14 hrs ago
Wasabi flavoured almonds.
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AlternateMan 14 hrs ago
SENPAI NOTICED ME, KYAAAAAAAAAA- *throws away anime mask* no, not doing that crap again.
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Vesuvius00 14 hrs ago
You know, as I get older, the closer it gets to the holidays.. the more I just can't wait until they're over. I'm no Scrooge, but I definitely don't like this time of year anymore.
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Chasebloodcrest 15 hrs ago
@mskennedy615 "More espresso. Less depresso."
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SirSqueakalot91 15 hrs ago
Okay, I’m really sick. Hopefully I’ll be better in a day or 2, but won’t be posting till I’m better.

Ophidian 15 hrs ago
It sure is exciting living in the parts of the history books that come just before the pretty parts with big maps and red arrows all over them.
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mskennedy615 15 hrs ago
Not sure what I should put as my Senior quote... tryna be original. Any ideas?
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Vilageidiotx 15 hrs ago
Every time I insult a certain coworker, i'll take money from their jar. Saving for beer would never be easier!
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AlternateMan 16 hrs ago

Morose 16 hrs ago
Every time that certain coworker insults me, I should put money in a jar. Saving for books would never be easier!
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The Grey Dust 16 hrs ago
"Move out of my sunlight" - Diogenes.
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RumikoOhara 17 hrs ago
"If you're quiet, you're not living. You've got to be noisy and colorful and lively." - Mel Brooks -
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Uncertain Tea 17 hrs ago
WOO! I just unlocked the Medieval Twitch skin via Honor Capsule after being upvoted after a game. GGWP all! \o/
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Otaku95 18 hrs ago
Well, Mr. Grunt, you pissed me off. I'm gonna have to hurt you. And by "hurt you," I mean "curb-stomp your ass". :3
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"They are still in the childhood state." (3) - Psychology and Alchemy by C. G. Jung
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"There is no right and no left in human society, but there are symmetrical and lopsided people. The lopsided are those who can fulfill only one side of themselves, either left or right." (2)
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"The existence of the left does not contradict that of the right. They both exist in everyone. Whenever I feel it like that, as a mirror-image, I am at one with myself." (1)
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Traps 18 hrs ago
Victim, Means, Motive, Opportunities, Suspect.

Fluffy fiend 19 hrs ago
Am back after a small hiatus due to personal circumstances.

Lady Amalthea 19 hrs ago
Updating pretty much across the board today.
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honorandpride 21 hrs ago
Broken ribs from a psych patient on the mend, but some other things need a leg up. Patience is needed.
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Otaku95 21 hrs ago
Ah, how each and every time Lillie tells Nebby to get in the bag makes me giggle. Thank you, internet, for the meme.
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TwelveOf8 21 hrs ago
Now that I have given up video games I should have a lot more time to RP now. I'm sure that I'm not the first person to have declared this but hopefully I won't be the last.
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Metadude 21 hrs ago
Cleaning locomotive contacts and wheels is a pain when all you have is tissue paper to use with lighter fluid, and not cotton tips for the lighter fluid : (

AlternateMan 22 hrs ago
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Frizan 24 hrs ago
I didn't "struggle" making this chicken-bacon-ranch wrap but I found it quite worth it.
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GinookazenoJinn 24 hrs ago
Is anything truly worth it if you don't struggle to achieve it?
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