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Shadow Dragon 3 hrs ago
When will life stop hitting me with a stick?
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Zoey Boey 3 hrs ago
crazy how 7 days can feel shorter than 2 days. timey wimey
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Feyblue 3 hrs ago
Man, I haven't changed my status in like a year, what am I even doing
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Todd Howard 4 hrs ago
Butcher Pete
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Dinh AaronMk 4 hrs ago
Rude Buster
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AlternateMan 4 hrs ago
Rocket jump waltz

Lulise 5 hrs ago
I was finally able to finish a commission today that's been due for months <3
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honorandpride 5 hrs ago
I was just informed that people are nebulizing hydrogen peroxide. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
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Fetzen 5 hrs ago
Sudden, high pitched noise coming from my PC. Shut it down. So I start into the new week not knowing whether it'll keep working. Great.
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AllOurPrettySongs 5 hrs ago
Tried to write ‘ratbag’ in a post and accidentally wrote ‘rathag’. Please refer to me from this point forward as The Rathag
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toodles98 7 hrs ago
Who the fuck mocks someone for wanting to RP??? Apparently the CrisTales fandom does :) So for that reason I will no longer be searching for an RP partner in that fandom lmao
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Caster 9 hrs ago
Not sorry
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Stargazer6225 9 hrs ago
Now that "Macaroni with the chicken strips" tiktok is stuck in my head. I'm also hungry.

Caster 9 hrs ago
Mmmmm mac n cheese and chicken tendies.
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Demi 10 hrs ago
How does one go about finding a co-gm for a regency period group RP (similar to Bridgerton)?

Uncertain Tea 10 hrs ago
Mmm, week old cold Dominos pizza.
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Xaltwind 10 hrs ago
Mmmm, Chili Cheesetops~ Om nom nom

TGM 10 hrs ago
Back to the Genshin mines...
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Morose 11 hrs ago
Just kicked off story arc number SEVEN in Agents of SHIELD - can't believe this is our penultimate arc!
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AlternateMan 12 hrs ago
I unironically thought it was related to a Chris and am refraining from searching it at all, please confirm thst I am wrong

toodles98 12 hrs ago
Someone on shamchat thought CrisTales is... An Undertale AU. I guess Undertale is the only fandom that gets to have 'tale' in the name then??????

Xacha 12 hrs ago
Here's the thing about Cyberpunk: you need the Cyber, but you can't forget the Punk. If it doesn't have that cynical edge, then you've just got near-future sci-fi.
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KitsuneWarrior 13 hrs ago
Based sockpisser
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TheMerlin 13 hrs ago
Listening to Queen - The Show Must Go On to keep myself motivated for writing.
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Penny 14 hrs ago
More RP ideas than time to RP :(
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LetMeDoStuff 14 hrs ago
*pisses on your dad's paddington bear socks*
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Odin 17 hrs ago
Greedfall gets better but the opening scene is defo kinda out there, lol. It's definitely not the greatest game ever though, I wrote a lengthy review on it, the story is pretty meh all round.
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Operator Luna 20 hrs ago
Making random and silly names for potential RPs is my new favourite pastime
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vancexentan 1 day ago
Tried Greedfall immediately refunded it. I'm not sure if it needed more time but you're immediately thrust into a story with no idea what's up. You're just a noble dude. Need more than that for an rpg

KitsuneWarrior 1 day ago
Born too late to explore the earth. Born too early to explore the galaxy. Born just in time to get strung out on percocets and watch season 7 of the Simpsons.
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AlternateMan 1 day ago
But as I drove back home that night, her tender snout still in my eyes, left just confusion in my mind, is it true love? Or just a crush on a twelveth century French sculpture?

Demi 1 day ago
Who caught COVID from a COVID denier? Oh wait, me!
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Can I have some live poultry
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Charlie Foxtrot 1 day ago
*starts throwing books, assorted rotten produce, and live poultry at Nakushita*

Nakushita 1 day ago
A book just fell on my head, I only have myshelf to blame.
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honorandpride 1 day ago
Posts hopefully tonight or tomorrow!
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POOHEAD189 1 day ago
My disgust for mobile games is warring with my love of Lord of the Rings with all these LOTR: Rise to War advertisements.
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Vampiretwilight 1 day ago…

Noogget 1 day ago
Hey, so it's been a while since I mentioned this; I have a bunch of free Steam keys to give out at the bottom of my profile, and I have just added three new games. Check 'em out! <3
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Silent Showers 1 day ago
To all of my people! I am finally settling in at the new place and will reply soon!
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Vampiretwilight 1 day ago
have a good day everyone
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toodles98 1 day ago
Good news, I didn't get anon hate!!! Also probably didn't get an RP partner though... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Crystal Amalgam 1 day ago
You SCRATCH an itch! You do NOT itch an itch! And yes, you can scratch a scratch! I will die on this hill.
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Crystal Amalgam 1 day ago
Hello little gay people in my phone
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viktorseier 2 days ago
to everyone waiting on a response, i'll get back to yall ASAP!! things are a little hectic rn, but i should be back to normal by monday <3
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Angel Vicky 2 days ago
I'm going on vacation for a week so unlikely to be posting til I get back. Apologies for the wait in advance!
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HereComesTheSnow 2 days ago
the aliens in area 51 are just the cover story for what that godless facility truly hides: covid-20
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vancexentan 2 days ago
Isekai Quartet is actually very enjoyable, and funny while keeping everyone in character. I'm impressed.

Scribe of Thoth 2 days ago
I avoid hate by simply having perfect takes at all times
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toodles98 2 days ago
So I'm in this state where either I'll wake up in the morning to a flood of anon hate in my tumblr inbox, or I've finally found an RP partner... Fingers crossed!
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dioscuri 2 days ago
bless all my partners that have been very patient with me these past few months

Rekker 2 days ago
You're welcome. Please don't fall in love with me.…
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toodles98 2 days ago
Anyone else say ridiculously hyperbolic statements when they can't find an RP partner, as if stating to the void "I WILL EAT A LEG" will help them find someone?

vancexentan 2 days ago
I'd sooner be excommunicated from the planet earth than be on tiktok.
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Tlstiffl 2 days ago
Please tell me I'm not the only one on berries and cream TikTok.
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Uncertain Tea 2 days ago
Things have been pretty poggers lately. Hope they're good for you too. :)
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Fetzen 2 days ago
Weekend... I have survived. I will try to salvage what's left of my roleplaying schedule, but please be patient with me for the next 2, 3 days.
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Vampiretwilight 2 days ago

honorandpride 2 days ago
When you're so mentally and emotionally exhausted that you threaten to shove your Jeep up someone axx in a drive thru, it's probably time to eat and nap.
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AlternateMan 2 days ago
Be sure to lick and subscribe this video
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Stargazer6225 2 days ago
He's supposed to be licking windows. smh
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Demi 2 days ago
Apparently I need to get tested for COVID because my coworker won’t stop licking door knobs
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Crystal Amalgam 2 days ago
Toby Fox is so cool

Potemking 2 days ago
Excited to play Deltarune Chapter 2 tonight. What a perfect start to the weekend!
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AnnaBeth 3 days ago
I slept like the dead last night, with no sleeping pill. I’m bouncy and happy today! How is everyone?! ❤️
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MrLester 3 days ago

Pony Tajamas 3 days ago
Did you lick the head?

AlternateMan 3 days ago
Like this compilation worthy cringe quote designed by me, typed by me, and you best hope, not @ing at you
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Xaltwind 3 days ago
Sniffle, sniffle
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Charlie Foxtrot 3 days ago
You know what? Fuck you. *unbugs your Fallout 69*
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Fetzen 3 days ago
3-4 hours overtime every day for weeks kinda sucks.
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Luft 3 days ago
Not even Todd Howard can stop carcinisation
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Todd Howard 3 days ago
Patch Notes 9/16/2021: Crust has been entirely removed from the game.
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Crystal Amalgam 3 days ago
You know what? Fuck you. [re-crusts your uncrustables]
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Gravity Bounce 3 days ago…

Luft 3 days ago
The problem with jokes is that whether or not they're funny is entirely subjective
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AlternateMan 3 days ago
Unfunny jokes are sent to the cringe collection to remind you of your mistake for eternith
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Orzhova 3 days ago
You forgot one thing: Jokes have to be funny.

KitsuneWarrior 3 days ago
Yo lemme give a quick shout-out to my personal hero Larry Nassar. The good doctor knew how 2 party
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Vampiretwilight 3 days ago
honorandpride: we understand. -virtual hugs-
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honorandpride 3 days ago
Today is the second anniversary of my dad's passing, so I'm not likely to be around tonight.
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Operator Luna 4 days ago
Random input, but Oxygen Not Included is a hella fun game
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shamrocknroll 4 days ago
Danganronpa is best weeb game
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Dinh AaronMk 4 days ago
Crock and bail torture
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King Of Soul 4 days ago
Building Lore for Characters is always fun :) Till your brain like NO
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blindwoofer 4 days ago
Got an 88/100 on my first quiz this semester. Hope that'll set a good tone for the rest of the semester.
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AlternateMan 4 days ago
But is Oxygen included?
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AnnaBeth 4 days ago
My lights are back on! 13 hours later and after pulling an all nighter due to the heat, I have electricity and air!!!!
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Shadow Dragon 4 days ago

AlternateMan 4 days ago
Next you'll be eating beans made of ramen
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Birdboy 4 days ago
Nothing quite like eating nothing but Ramen and beans to survive
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AnnaBeth 4 days ago
My power has been off for 8 hours after a surprise tornado thingie. I’m baking and I want to sleep. Send help. 😭
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Shadow Dragon 4 days ago
*Fires a Holy Nuke instead of tossing a Holy Hand Grenade* "Time to be cleansed!"

Penny 4 days ago
Sometimes the universe provides you with a great idea at the perfect time
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vancexentan 4 days ago
I don't have anything against new players in DnD but I don't like playing with them. One of the players in my current campaign still doesn't know that a d20 is king 4 sessions in.
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Charlie Foxtrot 4 days ago
Fucking tired. I love working at the pet store, but I like the animal aspect of it, not working with people who think they know everything about gerbils because they were on Google for five minutes.
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CaughtInTheRiddle 4 days ago
Huh. Almost like using cocaine as an ingredient for your incredibly addicting but delicious soft drink... (The toxic part of Nuca Cola totally slipped my mind tbh).
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Crimson Paladin 4 days ago
And what Nuka-Cola did was far worse than being retroactively insensitive. They were making soda laced with radioactive strontium, and their theme park was more dangerous than the Fazbear franchise.
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CaughtInTheRiddle 4 days ago
Fair. Still an odd name for a drink. And I can definitely see Coke doing it as a last ditch effort to ensure the "legacy" would live on.

Crimson Paladin 4 days ago
According to Fallout lore, Nuka-Cola was started several decades before the nukes fell. A lot of pre-war stuff had nuclear bomb themes, their society was obsessed with nuclear physics.
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