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SubjectVision 42 min ago
I've come to make an announcement: Shadow the Hedgehog's a [CENSORED]-[FILTERED] [NOT APT][FOR KIDS].

hawkins 1 hr ago
swear some fuckers just driven past playing "nobody can touch my swag" proper loud
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Alamantus 1 hr ago
I found this fun tarot deck that uses Kirby's powers/statuses as cards with a full interpretation book the other day, so I made a card picker for it:…

MUS 4 hrs ago
Pork roast dinner and drinks then posting will commence again you beautiful people :)
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Nyther 5 hrs ago
Getting my replies out today like:
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AlternateMan 6 hrs ago
I think I'll be carrying out actual replies after the exam. Sorry folks.

datadogie 6 hrs ago
So, we've received an informal eviction email. Fun.
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Hey Im Jordan 6 hrs ago
chungha rules

hawkins 7 hrs ago
kinda want a gf
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Xandrya 7 hrs ago
Came to the DMW to get my name changed and they took my picture. I wasn't expecting it and I look like a homeless person. Never mind my I was dolled up for my last picture... >:|
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Hey Im Jordan 9 hrs ago
okay i got into league step one is complete
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Cleverbird 9 hrs ago

Hey Im Jordan 10 hrs ago
discord is down and i can't log into league why even live
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Ambra 11 hrs ago
Looking for someone to scratch my fandom itch! -->…

Ladypug 12 hrs ago
I'd love to get a deep dish sausage and pepperoni pizza dropped on my face. Mmm, pizza.
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HaleyTheRandom 14 hrs ago
I work at a pizza place. I have literally dropped a deep dish pepperoni and sausage onto a mans lap and his seven year old sons face.
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ArkmageddonCat 14 hrs ago
Haha yeet all you fams listen up; smash that futhamuckin like button and hit them haters in their pig-ass faces with a DEEP DISH DABBERONI PIZZAAAAA
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Cleverbird 15 hrs ago
@Undead: *You're
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HaleyTheRandom 16 hrs ago
"To the ones who never left me, we've been down this road before."
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Mangrale 16 hrs ago
I have got to stop being so squeamish toward making up places in a modernish setting.
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CloseEnough 18 hrs ago
Still trying...

Undead Eyes 18 hrs ago
Your welcome...…

Stekkmen 18 hrs ago
In other news, Republicans in Oregon have laid siege to the state capital, shutting down the democratic process. They have the support of right-wing militia groups who have shot at police before.
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KingOfTheSkies 19 hrs ago
Since I wasn't exactly pleased with the Netflix Eva dub, I went and requested the original dub and End of Eva from my library (nine DVDS in all). Is anything else required viewing?

MUS 19 hrs ago
4AM writing '
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Anime_Freak 19 hrs ago
I'm so slow with replies I'm sorry partners :"((

Kuro 20 hrs ago
How do World War 1 veterans like their eggs? O-Verdun.
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Fabricant451 20 hrs ago
I hate that I like Euphoria
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SubjectVision 20 hrs ago
It is time to reveal the world my project of UberSnuggles®. Soon™
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AllOurPrettySongs 20 hrs ago
I’d rather not be touched tbh but all my characters go absolutely apeshit for cuddles y’all
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Light the Dark 21 hrs ago
Hey, if the AC happens to be a bit chillier than normal to get snuggles, then I'm all for it. nothing worse than wanting to cuddle and being sweaty and sticking to skin/hair/fur/clothes. >.>
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POOHEAD189 21 hrs ago
If you make my AC bill go up you get NO snuggles
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Hey Im Jordan 21 hrs ago
better question is who here doesn't like snuggles?
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Ladypug 21 hrs ago
I'd purposefully fuck with the thermostat just to get a snuggle, I love snuggles.
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Gardevoiran 21 hrs ago
Who here likes cuddles?
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jeroukoo 22 hrs ago
If you wanna join a free Pokemon Roleplay, check this out!:…

Vampiretwilight 23 hrs ago
a sunday afternoon/evening of boredom. oh well.
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Ambra 23 hrs ago
Looking for someone to scratch my fandom itch! -->…

hawkins 23 hrs ago
women are breathtaking
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DestinyStar 1 day ago
Today has been so relaxing. It's a nice change of pace. <3
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Light the Dark 1 day ago
the conflict of wanting more RPs bc your current ones are slow, but also knowing that you'd be in a LOT of trouble were they to pick up all at once.
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Nyther 1 day ago
@RedVII you ever had a midget tell you your hair smells nice?
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RedVII 1 day ago
Crowded elevators smell different to midgets.
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LunasRose 1 day ago
Soooo bored.
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Shiva 1 day ago
It has gotten to the point where my mother's voice grates on my nerves like nails on a chalkboard.
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Althiel 1 day ago
Happy birthday ya weeb. Sending no-homo hugs. @HachiRoku

Odin 1 day ago
Happy birthday, Nobunobu. And you, I guess.

HachiRoku 1 day ago
Today I share a birthday with Oda Nobunaga! One of us is a mildly unlikable Asian dude and the other unified Japan in the late 16th century
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Cleverbird 1 day ago
And thus, in conclusion... Yee-haw.
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LadyAssassin 1 day ago
Finally on a break from school. Would anyone like to role play?
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LadyAssassin 1 day ago
Finally on a break from school. Would anyone like to role play?
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Sanguine Rose 1 day ago
We'll see if today brings replies. Not likely. I think I got the bug my kids have.
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KrystalKleo 1 day ago
@MUS I shall send the Emotional Support Pups if we don't hear from ya by morning. #SupportAdulting.
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MUS 1 day ago
Thought as much.. well I'll be in the shower crying if I don't respond this early in the morning XD #adult life<3
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KrystalKleo 1 day ago
@MUS I guess when becomes more frequent than not? I am not sure, it's pretty frequent for me. XD
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MUS 1 day ago
@KrystalKleo When does it become unhealthy? Asking for a friend :):P
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KrystalKleo 1 day ago
If you haven't sat in the shower and cried, you aren't an adult yet!
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Waifubot 1 day ago
Would a Harem of Yanderes just be a Battle Royale?
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Ruby 1 day ago
tfw you go searching for an old RP/CS.......and realize GUILDFALL. ><
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KingOfTheSkies 1 day ago
"The only thing scarier than a yandere is a yandere with magic powers."
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KrystalKleo 1 day ago
What happens when the Rock has kids? He gets Pebbles!!! Okay, going to bed after that one. XD
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Dinh AaronMk 1 day ago
I also don't know why I keep checking in if I know I'm going to be gone for two months soon and even if a good NRP or something were to show up I won't be able to commit a sentence.
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Dinh AaronMk 1 day ago
July 4th celebrations? More like July 4th riots. A-a-amirite? Or are we still too apathetic to do anything more than post.
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Altered Tundra 1 day ago
Home of the brave and land of the free...unless you're anything but white, then it's more like home of the cruel and land of the tyrant.
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vancexentan 1 day ago
Jesus Christ my gatcha rolls have been kicking me in the balls recently nothing but bad pulls.
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Stekkmen 2 days ago
There are concentration camps at the southern US border. Boy oh boy, am I proud to be an American.
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Silent Showers 2 days ago
When I breath it sounds like someone blowing through a tube with water in the end of it.

Light the Dark 2 days ago
♪ I found my grace in staying - True to every bone in me - Please don’t call me down ♪

Obscene Symphony 2 days ago
@Ejected It's like writing your own cipher puzzle!
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Ejected 2 days ago
Writing when you're drunk is all fun and games until you can't decode the hieroglyphics you wrote when you're sober the next day.
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Hey Im Jordan 2 days ago
honor please

Hero 2 days ago
RPing and writing is fun when you keep at it :)
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Rose 2 days ago
It's been so long that I have to learn how to use the site all over again ;-;
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CloseEnough 2 days ago
I’m trying to write again. I really am, but I can’t even bring myself to turn on my laptop....
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Wistful Dreams 2 days ago
@Kitty: I'm honestly in the same boat. Best of luck to you. ^^
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TootsiePop 2 days ago
@Kitty Girl. I'll need to make a rp you can jump in.
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Kitty 2 days ago
Making an attempt at a comeback... Let's see how this goes after not writing for three months!
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Ruler Inc 2 days ago
I work like I sleep: alone.
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POOHEAD189 2 days ago
Will try to reply to stuff tonight.

DoomFlavored 2 days ago
A question thread of mine has become possibly be useful for everyone. Thanks @OwO…
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ItMeGritty 2 days ago
Dont call yourself a real gamer unless you've played all the Winx Club games
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Sanguine Rose 2 days ago
Another night with a vomiting toddler. Lucky me.
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blazeflame13 2 days ago
I'm feeling sick so replies will be slow

KingOfTheSkies 2 days ago
@Cleverbird- I just looked it up, and it's just the opposite: Hideaki Anno was actually off his meds around the end of the series.

Cleverbird 2 days ago
God lord in heaven, I had forgotten how utterly bonkers the ending to the original Evangelion series was... Like, how many drugs did they take?

Obscene Symphony 2 days ago
It's an appropriate time to be awake somewhere
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Vertigo 2 days ago
no it's not 2 am, you're 2 am
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Althiel 2 days ago
Waddup crying emojis

Odin 2 days ago
ok ivan

Andreyich 2 days ago
Shut the fuck up kraut

Odin 2 days ago
Shades on, undercover. Pokerface, Lady Gaga. Yuyayuyayuh. Und ich hab' alle meine Chains eingepackt. Das wird ein eiskalter Sommer. Mein Outfit zehntausend Dollar.
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Annarox92 2 days ago
Hello Summer!
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Ambra 2 days ago
Aren't comicbooks considered fandom?
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Obscene Symphony 2 days ago
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LunasRose 2 days ago
A quiet day in roleplay land.
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Frizan 2 days ago
Roses are red; that's a total bummer; I KEEP HEARING THE FUCKING NUMBERS

Semblance 2 days ago
Go catch a delayed case of SIDS, you mook ☆
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Silent Showers 2 days ago
Don't forget to make sure he has the most up to date drivers.
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Omega Man 2 days ago
If I'm ever on life support... Unplug me and plug me back in again. See if that helps.
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Rai 2 days ago
*Cries in work for the next two days*
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