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AlternateMan 3 hrs ago
Today's lesson: context, text and a handful of coolranch doritos.

wheels 3 hrs ago
hello october. bring on the scary movies. bring on all the cool weather
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Zyx 4 hrs ago
And to be clear I wasn't trying to get any of you to stop using dice. I was elaborating on my perspective in response to vancexentan's status. That was it. Then I clarified further.

Dark Cloud 4 hrs ago
Ohhhh, I see. Understandable bro. To each their own.

Zyx 4 hrs ago
As for my original comment that started this chain, I was mainly questioning my own predisposition to look at ttrpg rulebooks despite knowing I have no use for them. And never will.
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Zyx 4 hrs ago
The fact that I dislike and don't see the point in dice mechanics for writing or roleplay? I made that clear further down and even a status or two ago.

Dark Cloud 4 hrs ago
Bruh you could literally play D&D here or start your own game. I have, to varied results but still what's seriously stopping you?

Zyx 5 hrs ago
@Kuro I would be if COVID and Monkey Pox didn't exist.

Zyx 5 hrs ago
With that explanation in mind I now see what you mean. And that's fair. I just don't fancy dice because I don't view them as necessary. I can just make a character who fits a campaign without em.

Kuro 5 hrs ago
I'm sure you're fun at parties, Zyx.

VeyrinDay 5 hrs ago
And about dice, it's there because the last G in TTRPG is "game", the publisher sells game, not writing guide

VeyrinDay 5 hrs ago
Am not bashing anyone or try to sound rude, that's how I use tabletop rpg rulebooks for experiments

AlternateMan 5 hrs ago
That was intense

Zyx 5 hrs ago
To convert my argument to pure hyperbole, if you have to use dice then you're probably not capable of not writing a mary sue character without them. In other words, ur bad and you got a low IQ.

Zyx 5 hrs ago
Otherwise I find dice mechanics to be something that just isn't necessary if you can, you know, write. Or have an actual social interaction with someone that isn't just throwing a fit.

Zyx 5 hrs ago
Well that's rude, but in reply it's not redundant because I want a mary sue, it's redundant because I know how to tell a story. I don't need dice for that, I just need open communication in RP.

VeyrinDay 5 hrs ago
Adopt the campaign, use then break the character rules, assume natural 20 in every throw, and see how well your Mary Sue fare in the setting

Blaze Gamma 5 hrs ago
Going to spend as much of my day at work as possible on prepping for my session tomorrow.

Zyx 5 hrs ago
I have to say that I'm somewhat biased as, unless it's a game like Monopoly where the goal is to win or be the last one standing, I just see dice as a redundancy.
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vancexentan 6 hrs ago
I prefer dice mechanics over any other mechanic. Dice are as impartial as they come assuming they're not weighted or rigged in some way. They can't favor, or despise you and are completely neutral.
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Zyx 6 hrs ago
I don't know why I bother looking into D&D stuff seeing how I'll never play it, or any TTRPG for that matter, on account of how much I hate dice mechanics that aren't on the level of Monopoly.
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Zyx 7 hrs ago
Unfortunately I don't know any.

Ambra 8 hrs ago
I wish I had a writing group. Like, a group of writers that just motivate one another to write their work.
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Zyx 8 hrs ago
Got a little bit more of chapter 30 done. It isn't much, but it's something.

The Grey Dust 10 hrs ago
He died as he lived, a gangsters paradise...
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HereComesTheSnow 11 hrs ago
what if my sleeper agent activation trigger frequency is Reptile's theme from mortal kombat?what if it makes me pucnh the nearest breathing object reflexively?what if it's up next on my playlist, bitc
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RogueFox 12 hrs ago
R.I.P. Coolio
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Blizz 12 hrs ago

AlternateMan 14 hrs ago
Thee fourty five it's a fire alarm, it's a false alarm, mother of
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honorandpride 14 hrs ago
I'll hopefully get some replies out when I shake this CV pneumonia.

AlternateMan 15 hrs ago
It's not high noon

Steel Legion 15 hrs ago
“Thosen with good in their heart always passen too soon.” - Jar Jar Binks
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Nakushita 16 hrs ago
I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.
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VeyrinDay 17 hrs ago
Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra

Love Dove 17 hrs ago
Just have to wait for my background check and then this girl has herself a new job. Yay me!
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Blaze Gamma 22 hrs ago
I have made a custom 'Awalened Ferret' race for pathfinder. I may have convinced someone to play it.
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Dark Cloud 1 day ago
*inhales* ...Aliens
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EmiliaBaiYue 1 day ago
Assume you are always observed and act to bore or confuse them
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AlternateMan 1 day ago
And noooooooowwwww there is a fire inmeeeeee a fire that buuuuuuuurns
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Vampiretwilight 1 day ago
the search for an arranged marriage 1x1 pm rp continues.

Zyx 1 day ago
I awaken.

Squashedquatch 1 day ago
That quote is the first version of forum rp \/

Steel Legion 1 day ago
"Eyes grow wider" - Jar Jar Binks

Nallore 1 day ago
Thanks. :) And I know i've been to lazy to update it and whatnot lol.
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Squashedquatch 1 day ago
Nallore! Your bio seems to have images from fontmeme, but they don't work because you used the url of the temporary image. Instead, just click the green + and click embed option! That makes them perm
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Odin 1 day ago
Congratulations, Nallore!
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Squashedquatch 1 day ago
Congrats Nallore!
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Nallore 1 day ago
Today is my 31st birthday so yay!
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Jones Sparrow 1 day ago
“I’m not brave any more darling. I’m all broken. They’ve broken me.”

Squashedquatch 1 day ago
Film Red comes out in the US November 4th! Anyone excited?

Dark Cloud 1 day ago
His coconut gun, it fires in spurts. If he shoots ya UMPH it's gonna hurt.

AlternateMan 1 day ago
Wallnuts peanuts donkey kong
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DragonicQueen 1 day ago
If anyone want to RP just PM me. Have a list of fandoms in my bio. I have more than just that if I'm asked what other things I'm into.
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Xaltwind 2 days ago
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Blaze Gamma 2 days ago
Good luck!

Kitty 2 days ago
When you are trying to get back into RP and it is just overwhelming after years being away. Send help
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AlternateMan 2 days ago
It could be a ghost you know

Blaze Gamma 2 days ago
That's what we call necrophilia.
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AlternateMan 2 days ago
What about thicc undead waifu
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Senhara 2 days ago
If visited by a half-zombie clone with a stutter, use provided sentry turrets

Dark Cloud 2 days ago
I no believe u, I am see no proof. >:[

Nevix 2 days ago
PMing everyone on this website individually and asking “do you think my statuses are funny?” with an attached stock photo of a man (super buff) crying.
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Tlstiffl 2 days ago
RIP Coolio 😞
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Vampiretwilight 2 days ago…

Blaze Gamma 2 days ago
Loneliness is still pain.

Zyx 2 days ago
I wonder how hard it would be to simulate a wargame on here...
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Vampiretwilight 2 days ago

Zyx 2 days ago
Procrastination is hitting me hard right now. That and a slight snafu with an interaction in my fic. Not to worry though, I'll get it sorted eventually.
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Odin 2 days ago
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Blaze Gamma 3 days ago
Still, still, STILL don't like the gym
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DragonicQueen 3 days ago
When I need sleep but I am wide awake. >:I
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AlternateMan 3 days ago
It appears there are 493 knuts in a galleon and the only thing I know for real THERE WILL BE BLOODSHED THE MANINTHE MIRROR NODS HIS HEAD THE ONLY ONE LEFT

Squashedquatch 3 days ago
I just realized that when you have no friends on the site, it says it on the box above statuses, and I be like: "Thanks for the reminder."
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AlternateMan 3 days ago
Homemade guacamole recipe
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Squashedquatch 3 days ago
If you had to come up with one topic right now, what would it be? Keep it SFW if possible!

Dark Cloud 3 days ago
Was supposed to write something funny, but woke up this morning with good ol' depression. Hope everyone has a good day tho.
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Odin 3 days ago
The person who was holding onto my cryptowallet actually was just scamming me the entire time, my OC never really existed and any leverage I had is now nihil

Kassarock 3 days ago
No one can steal your OCs if they're part of the blockchain

Angel Vicky 3 days ago
Well back from vacation and slowly working on replies (but still knackered from the travelling)

Opposition 3 days ago
Finally some new Futility content is up! Two more collabs are underway/finishing up. We're writing longer-form content for this finale scene, so keep eyes out! Cyberpunks rise up.

Odin 3 days ago
I need an NFT-powered roleplay
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Hank 3 days ago
To all the homies in Florida -- stay safe out there. Now is not the time to wrangle an alligator and surf it down the flooded streets. I know, it's hard to resist the urge.
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Zyx 3 days ago
Sleep paralysis demons be like:…

AlternateMan 3 days ago
Sauron tries to cancel Gandalf on twitter for taking a screenshot of his ring nft
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Blaze Gamma 3 days ago
Moment I try and do anything I cut myself on a tape gun

Blaze Gamma 3 days ago
Hands off training suuuucks

rocketrobie2 3 days ago
Crypto currency

Blaze Gamma 3 days ago
Sounds like what you need is to find those notes

LittleMouse 3 days ago
I had a scene in my head and now it’s gone and I can’t find where I wrote it down either, the writing gods want me to procrastinate
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Blaze Gamma 3 days ago
Do what you need to do, my mousy friend

Zyx 3 days ago
I am currently procrastinating on writing more of the last chapter of my fic in favor of roleplaying. So I agree. Continue to procrastinate.

Crimson Flame 3 days ago
Continue procrastinating
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LittleMouse 3 days ago
Someone please nicely yell at me to stop procrastinating on writing my novel

Blaze Gamma 3 days ago
Need more rps. Bleh.

Otakuforreal 3 days ago
Apologies in advance to partners or anyone I don't respond to! We're in direct path of Hurricane Ian so there is a good chance I'll lose power, and we've also been busy prepping.
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Zyx 3 days ago
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Dagger 3 days ago
Just checked my calendar for Sept 30-Oct 12 and realized I accidentally booked myself for nonstop commitments for all the random places I work. 14 straight days of traveling/jobs ahead. I'm in danger.
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POOHEAD189 3 days ago
We've been getting a lot of new members lately. I just want to say welcome to everyone and I hope you enjoy your stay! Happy writing!
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Nakushita 3 days ago
Just watched a pretty crabtivating documentary, it was pretty clawsome, was crabsolutely devastated when I found out there wasn't a sequel, it left me feeling a little crabby.
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AlternateMan 3 days ago
Time for crab
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