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thejillybeen 32 min ago
I'm so bored!!!! RP anyone?
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The Grey Dust 1 hr ago
There was a request for Space Opera? -…
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Naril 3 hrs ago
Feelin' like some space opera...
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Xaltwind 6 hrs ago
Finally some cold weather, at last
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AlternateMan 9 hrs ago
Alright. Let's face it. I'm a simp. But a coping one. Looking into the mirror and the ugly reflection on it power bombed some sense into me. I will from now on eat lemons instead.
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Higanbana 9 hrs ago
Been very depressed lately, may look into starting up new 1x1 rps now that I have some time thanks to night shifts. A western multi perspective rp maybe.
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QuinnWolfe 12 hrs ago
This past holiday has had me super busy. Replies coming soon!
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Krasnaya 12 hrs ago
You people have off days?
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Artemis Arts 12 hrs ago
Is this what it’s like to have a Sunday off?? I have no idea what to do all day!!
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thejillybeen 13 hrs ago
On my tv, Peppa Pig is literally on, this is horrible
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AlternateMan 15 hrs ago
Keep your mudkipz or I'll dip you like Philip. I had to google if there was actually a king named Philip that got killed to type this rhyme.
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SkipTheKip 16 hrs ago
So I herd y'all liek Mudkipz?

AlternateMan 21 hrs ago
You and your pet better get better or I'll hope harder
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Obscene Symphony 21 hrs ago
Please bear with me on delays. Having a sick pet is extremely demanding.
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The Ghost Note 22 hrs ago
I’m going to see if I can convince the mods to change my name to something stupid because yolo at this point
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Vampiretwilight 22 hrs ago…

ClocktowerEchos 23 hrs ago
I can't escape my demons, they're all RT-2PM-2 Topol-M cold launched solid propellant silo based Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, and they're getting really clos---
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AlternateMan 23 hrs ago
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Majoras End 23 hrs ago
The lions.

Crimson Flame 23 hrs ago
Why are you running?

AlternateMan 1 day ago
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Deja 1 day ago
I compare thee to a sunset; every damn day with you

Smarty Jones 1 day ago
So excited for Monday. Hopefully, the GM on the roleplay that I am referring to will have time then to kick off the roleplay!

BenG85 1 day ago
relaxing weekend, so far. getting things done I've been meaning to for awhile, hopefully get to do some rp as well :)
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Xaltwind 1 day ago
Borka bork bork

Zapdos 1 day ago
After waiting a week or so with nothing to write for, now I have to write for two things. It's a good day.
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Jones Sparrow 1 day ago
“I’d rather live in her world, than live without her in mine.”
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OGSG 1 day ago
Power Rangers Reboot Interest Check --->…
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Blaze Gamma 1 day ago
X Doubt

AlternateMan 1 day ago
Yes, and I also quit playing Genshin Impact. I am free from the temptation that is gacha.
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Blaze Gamma 1 day ago
Oh lord, he's imploding. SMH.
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AlternateMan 1 day ago
Would you happrn to be clueless about why I'm posting such cringe? Ehy, my profile says all! If you can withstand it... actuallythere'snothingtoseeIsweardon'ttakealook
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The Grey Dust 1 day ago
gastroenterologists are great at colours. They need to know how yellow your skin is, how red or green or yellow your vomit is, how black or brown or red your stool is...
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HathlenerIX 1 day ago
Realized there are still some things here that I am clueless about. I'm out of touch with the person who introduced me in this guild, sadly. Anyway, you are very much welcome in my inbox!
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Yamperzzz 1 day ago
Post-sleep clarity hitting like a train wbu?
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AlternateMan 1 day ago
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AlternateMan 1 day ago
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LadyAnnaLee 1 day ago
It's the Renfaire today! I'm so excited!
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Shadow Dragon 1 day ago
The greatest threat to your well-being is usually yourself.
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Artemis Arts 1 day ago
Work work work work work- and then nap time!
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AlternateMan 1 day ago
what in great fookin tarnation

Deja 1 day ago
And here we see the Grouch, unlike his mountainous, green&furry kin he spends his early morning terrorizing twilight joggers and publicworks.
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BoltBeam 1 day ago
I'm not sick, I'm just addicted. I don't know the 'why' or the 'what' though.

honorandpride 2 days ago
I have not tried that brand, no. I'm currently hiding with a humidifier in bed, and it helps - especially with those Vicks pads in it.

Yamperzzz 2 days ago
M'theythee *tips my glitter fedora*
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honorandpride 2 days ago
I've used and forever hate sinus rinses, so I stick to medication and rest when I'm not on shift. I am on for a double on Monday, so I'm hoping to feel better by then.

Midnight Howl 2 days ago
A great trick if you get the sinus bugs easy is a netty pot. They feel uncomfortable the first time you use them but they flush out all the gunk and will make your sinus infection go away sooner!
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Mole 2 days ago
Mario Kart music is very appropriate when driving to Zapata Falls Campground after sunset.
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AlternateMan 2 days ago
why the fuck is anime Eric Cartman just uncle iroh
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honorandpride 2 days ago
It never fails that I pick up some sinus bug during the holidays. Urgh, just put me down.
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Vampiretwilight 2 days ago
A new character has been added to my current interest check. lol

Blizz 2 days ago

Scribe of Thoth 2 days ago
I feel bad for the IT guy reading all of this
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Fetzen 2 days ago
Meanwhile, your boss: I threw my hat into the ring for an 18+ interest check during a management meeting! Take that, stupid PowerPoint presentation!
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New Beginnings 2 days ago
I created an 18+ interest check at work! Take that boss man!
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gorgenmast 2 days ago
Here’s a fun Christmas trick for the kids: shine a laser pointer at the front of low-flying aircraft. The pilots will see where you are and then relay your location to Santa Claus over the radio! 🛩🎅
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Deja 2 days ago
All hail to the retail
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vancexentan 2 days ago
I accidentally heard Clannad's tune now I feel the blues. Not how I wanted to start the afternoon.
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Artemis Arts 2 days ago
Brande new! Can't wait to explore and RP again!!
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SlashInfinite 2 days ago
If you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favour and watch Arcane. I'm suffering from serious post-series depression from it
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LittleMouse 3 days ago
I envy those who are actually happy during the holiday season
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DegenerateThree 3 days ago
"I am not in danger, DM. I am the danger. A guy rolls a 3d20 and gets a natural 1 and you think that of me? No...I am the one who rolls."
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AlternateMan 3 days ago
Does your D&D party ever kill a fantasy Walter White?
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metanoia 3 days ago
Per my tradition every holiday season, my holiday season set transference ritual is completed.
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Bluetommy 3 days ago
I remember being on this website all the time. Where does the time go
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Jones Sparrow 3 days ago
“ Do you ever miss yourself? The person you were before you had your first heartbreak or before you got betrayed by a person you trusted?”
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cadesmith 3 days ago
i have risen from the grave. letsa fuckin go
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Blaze Gamma 3 days ago
Holiday pay? Holiday pay

Guccicorn 3 days ago
What's this? What's this?! There's colour everywhere!

New Beginnings 3 days ago
Pray for me... The weekend of hell begins in 10 hours and will continue until Monday. 4 days of 13 hours shifts, posts will be delayed, hopefully I don't die... maybe death isn't so bad though
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Crimson Flame 3 days ago
Pray for people that work retail tomorrow
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TheMerlin 3 days ago
Looking for group

Krasnaya 3 days ago
And stuff!
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Eviledd1984 3 days ago
Beer Is Good!
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QuinnWolfe 3 days ago
Happy food & family day! Thinking today esp of Indigenous americans, those who are missing loved ones this holiday due to covid & people whose family situations make this time of year difficult
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Obscene Symphony 3 days ago
we canadians should pretend we don't have our own thanksgiving so we can get the american one as well and have 2
3 likes: Crimson Flame, Nemaisare, Guccicorn
BCTheEntity 3 days ago
Remember the indigenous people of the Americas today.
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DegenerateThree 3 days ago
nothing quite like being on hold for almost an hour to stoke up some murderous rage

HereComesTheSnow 3 days ago
today i am thankful for the fact that my host has not chosen to combat or discover me, their parasitic infection, and is instead eating many calories and wait a minute what's all this alcohol doing h—
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Xaltwind 3 days ago
Gingerbread Ice Cream... Not sure if I'm a fan or not...
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Saz01 3 days ago
Happy Thanks Giving to those in America :)
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KatherinWinter 3 days ago
Happy Thanksgiving!
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wheels 3 days ago
happy thanksgiving everyone i hope everyone has a good and safe hoilday
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artexercise 3 days ago
53,145 words, and Done.
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rebornfan320 3 days ago
Happy Turkey Day to everyone!
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AnnaBeth 3 days ago
Happy Thanksgiving to my American babies! And to my non-American babies, don't worry. I don't really celebrate either. I just eat food. XD
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TaliaSilvers 3 days ago
Have a good day everyone.

honorandpride 3 days ago
Always bittersweet when you know you're spending the last holiday season with a loved one.
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Blaze Gamma 4 days ago
Happy thanksgiving all you dirty muricans. I'm cooking a turkey right now
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AlternateMan 4 days ago
Ah, yes, the good old ad bot. Eho would be looking for kids wear in an rp site anyway? Next time bring an anime body pillow ad.
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LittleMouse 4 days ago
10 years I’ve gone without ear problems…why are they coming back now?

knuxieh 4 days ago
Feeling very nostalgic, now. Looking back on stories long since closed, or forgotten. Where would we be now, I wonder..?
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rebornfan320 4 days ago
I hate being stuck in my head, what is wrong with me?
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Deja 4 days ago
They call it a Job because you suffer, biblically, with no recourse
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Jojo 4 days ago
none of us are on it anymore lmao

Jojo 4 days ago
this website gave me a great friend group with a lot of strange deeplore across roleplays and discord servers

OGSG 4 days ago
Might need a Red Ranger for our RP 😬

Xaltwind 4 days ago
Conflagration; What happpens when I try cooking
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Zoey Boey 4 days ago
losing my shit trying to write another stupid fucking ENGL essay
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QuinnWolfe 4 days ago
Carpal tunnel sucks :(
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