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Master EffeX 24 min ago
*thinking how like, the 'Hawkeye' Disney+ series had that "Avengers: The Musical" spoof; once the X-Men get into the MCU, I wanna' see an "X-Men: On Ice" spoof*

Big McLargehuge 25 min ago
It boggles my mind that any human beings actually found 2 Broke Girls entertaining.
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Lord Wraith 35 min ago
Everyone is excited about Mahz' return, but I'm still waiting on Stein's return.

Candlelitsoul 36 min ago
Exhausted. Been a long work week, but I got some writing done, and I'm down a new RP path.
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nodogs 1 hr ago
table backgrounds are now fixed again thx mahz 🫶
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Kuro 2 hrs ago
The PW is finally dead, long live the PW
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rush99999 2 hrs ago
Mahz haz returned! The zecond coming iz upon uz!
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Vampiretwilight 3 hrs ago
Mahz is back?? omg.... I thought I was having a headache dream, but its' true?! Start the fanfare! He finally returns! :D
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Dixie Fiend 3 hrs ago
theater kids make scenes, don't cloud your crown dark 😎
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nodogs 3 hrs ago
well i think you made up a person to be mad at and then confused that person with me
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nodogs 3 hrs ago
[@Dark Cloud] out of the two of us you are the only one who is actually mad right now
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Sir Lucario 4 hrs ago
Oh sweet! I just saw that we can change our own usernames now! Thank you, site staff!
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Yankee 4 hrs ago
Exciting times here at the RPG
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Big McLargehuge 4 hrs ago
If you're going to pop by my profile, at least leave a snarky comment. Or a snack. Or a meme. Really, any of those work.
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Dark Cloud 4 hrs ago
Oh boo hoo boo hoo the table code looks bad, boo hoo hoo. Pfft, at least the site hasn't fucking crashed.
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LegendBegins 5 hrs ago
@Ambra Would you believe me if I told you they’ve already started rolling out? =)
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Gareth 5 hrs ago
Big Thank you to Mahz for having us on his site, we always ought to remember how much time we spend here and not possible if not for him. Thank you :)
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Scribe of Thoth 5 hrs ago
Y’all act like this site is a broken mess when it’s still better designed than any government website I’ve ever seen
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Ambra 5 hrs ago
I don't want to be pessimistic but I'll believe in the site upgrade when I see it
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Birby 5 hrs ago
What's with the weird blue ad at the top of the page?

wheels 5 hrs ago
feel like i did something wrong and i do not even know what i did

nodogs 5 hrs ago
tables in bios r already broken oh lord
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wheels 5 hrs ago
feeling very confused

Salsa Verde 6 hrs ago
Users who write their responses/sheets in the text body on the site deserve to lose them.
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Dark Cloud 6 hrs ago
More forest fires eh?

my province is burning yeesh

EchosOfTheVoid 7 hrs ago
Avatar update felt appropriate for the month.

Gareth 7 hrs ago
The Hugest dinosaur?

Big McLargehuge 7 hrs ago
In other news, it is Jurassic June, my dudes. Think I'll change my avatar to fit that theme for the month.
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MurderVictim 7 hrs ago
aw hey mahz, we thought you were dead

Gareth 8 hrs ago
Ah, this was why the fellow was gone so long. crap, he went out again.

nodogs 8 hrs ago

Big McLargehuge 8 hrs ago
No, buddy, it's just you. Go back to your magic mushrooms.

Kuro 8 hrs ago
@nodogs no he's just a figment of your imagination lol

nodogs 8 hrs ago
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WitchHunter 8 hrs ago
I say! Do mine eyes deceive? Hath our lord liege returned from campaign at last?
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Exit 8 hrs ago
@Mahz I've missed you. Would you like to date?
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Kassarock 8 hrs ago
Mahz finally picked up the milk.
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Ammokkx 8 hrs ago
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Kuro 8 hrs ago
So it begins.
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Crimson Flame 8 hrs ago
Is Mahz actually updating the server? 🤔
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Big McLargehuge 8 hrs ago
The Batman is on Netflix. Hands down the best Batman cartoon I've seen.
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Mahz 9 hrs ago
I'm working on experimental server changes. Email if you're having problems.
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Gareth 9 hrs ago
Jonisca you left the movie theater?

TengenUzui96 10 hrs ago
I don't think he's that much of a Mahzochist. :P
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Hank 10 hrs ago
Quick everyone, PM Mahz with your wishlist for Guild updates and new features. The more the better. In fact, send him a PM about it every day. Make that every hour. Chop chop!
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Jonisca 11 hrs ago
The very person you want to avoid turns out to be the very person sitting next to you in cinema. 'Tis a lovely day.

Emeth 11 hrs ago
Now that song is stuck in my head again. Oh well, at least it's Bad Apple.

LegendBegins 11 hrs ago
Re: Updates—There may or may not be some movement on the Guild’s GitHub ^_^. More importantly @Big McLargehuge, nice Bad Apple reference.
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Jackal was here 11 hrs ago
Welp it's pride month can't be straight anymore. (It's a joke lol, don't be offended.)

Big McLargehuge 11 hrs ago
If I find a way to change, if I step into the light/Then I'll never be the same, and it all will fade to white

Kuro 12 hrs ago
Seconding this. vv

Hedgehawk 12 hrs ago
If Mahz is back does this mean we will finally get some updates to the sites codebase?
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LegendBegins 12 hrs ago
Better than milk. He brought ice cream.
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PatientBean 12 hrs ago
Happy first day of Pride! It's about to get a whole lot more gay on this end <3
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headintheclouds 12 hrs ago
Haven't gotten full page ads yet today! Appreciate your work on it, y'all.
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HaleyTheRandom 12 hrs ago
No. 😭 He tossed us a few cigarettes and said good luck.
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Kuro 12 hrs ago
Did he at least bring back the milk?
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Jackal was here 13 hrs ago
I dunno rn. Time to go play payday 2 or smth, (Friend me on the PS4, MadMax3769)

HaleyTheRandom 13 hrs ago
Yeah, that sounds like dad alright.
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Yam I Am 13 hrs ago
Mahz returned, said nothing, removed Hank as an admin, and left. Absolute legend tbh
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Calle 16 hrs ago
New writing contest \o/ Let's see what stories you can come up with about Royalty.
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TengenUzui96 19 hrs ago
Really? Amahzing!
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metanoia 20 hrs ago
Oh shit Mahz is back :O
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AlternateMan 20 hrs ago
Hey guys,Alty here, would not recommend touching grass
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Star Cat 22 hrs ago
I've never seen an ad here, ever.
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ProxyInc 22 hrs ago
Got a full page ad as well 🫠😭

Dark Cloud 22 hrs ago
Full page ads still ain't gone on my end.
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Blueflame 22 hrs ago
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LegendBegins 23 hrs ago
Full-page ads should be resolved. Please let me know if you see them again.
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Sir Lurksalot 23 hrs ago
I am going to smuggle wholesomeness into your RPs and there's not a damned thing any of you can do to stop me.
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headintheclouds 23 hrs ago
RPG, I'm already on Instagram. It's already rotting my brain. Advertise a new app pls and thx.

Big McLargehuge 23 hrs ago
Goddammit, Clukay, come home!

Lord Orgasmo 1 day ago
Perhaps I should open my 1x1 again.
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bafflingbookish 1 day ago
What's a girl gotta do to acquire a bowl that looks like spaghetti, to eat spaghetti in.
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SporkoBug 1 day ago
It's Pride Month! Time to make it my entire personality! (Not really ahaha) I think I need more Queer Roleplays.
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Big McLargehuge 1 day ago
Помните, никакого русского.

Xaltwind 1 day ago
Time to sleep and heal
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Jackal was here 1 day ago
A wise man once said. "I NEEEEED A MEDIC BAG." But the question is do I need an ammo bag or a medic bag?
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MadameRadetzky 1 day ago
Pffft. Do I have to make one *myself*? At *miiiiiidnight*?!
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MadameRadetzky 1 day ago
What does a girl have to do to get a good mecha RP

MadameRadetzky 1 day ago
What does a girl have to do to get a good mecha RP

Jackal was here 1 day ago
Melting simply laying in my bed rn.

Big McLargehuge 1 day ago
@Pilatus– So you're saying you're never gonna give us up? Never gonna let us down? Never gonna run around and desert us?
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Pilatus 1 day ago
I'll never quit this hell site.
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Jackal was here 1 day ago
Y'all ever hear of this guy called kero the wolf. ._.

Jackal was here 1 day ago
We can have pets.

Kassarock 1 day ago
As long as they don't fuck them.
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Dixie Fiend 1 day ago
thoughts on furries having pets?

Birby 1 day ago
Someone gave me a beer bottle today but it was filled with ginger ale.

Jackal was here 1 day ago
Imagine ad block fr lol (I don't have ad block!)

Twisted Mind 1 day ago
Apologies. The oven seems to have broken at this time. We are currently out of stock in the cheesecake department. Delays have occurred. Unsure when problems will be fixed.
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Sir Lucario 1 day ago
Darn it! It appears that my ad block isn't stopping the ads. Anyone else having this issue?

Big McLargehuge 1 day ago
My dog is on the waitlist for the vet. Here's to hoping we can get him in soon.
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AlternateMan 1 day ago
Do you ever try to go to sleep and then Payday 2 Cloaker sound effect plays in your head?

AlternateMan 1 day ago
The journey of me trying to belittle ancient human intelligence revealed the gathered wisdom of humanity and the lack of said wisdom within my head
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charm 1 day ago
yonce all on his mouth like liquor

Star Cat 1 day ago
Praise be to Cappy!

Jackal was here 1 day ago
I'm just gonna listen to heist tracks (Payday 2 moment fr) and figure out what RP to join.
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Jonisca 1 day ago
As fast as my salary comes in, I can clearly see the wings of those dollar notes flapping steadily as they immediately see themselves out of my wallet T.T
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