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Scrub Mage 12 min ago
fabricant i don't know you that well but in between your waifu tastes and your calling out centrists i have come to respect you
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Nyarako 14 min ago
I wanna romance coffee dad

Fabricant451 18 min ago
Well the best waifu is Sae but she's not an option so you either go with the bronze medal prize that is her sister or you go with Kawakami for the taboo or Chihaya for the dark horse
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Nyarako 19 min ago
Detective Bromance?

Nyarako 21 min ago
Okay, but who best waifu, then? Kawakami? Makoto? Shogi bitch?

Fabricant451 22 min ago
The explanation is simple: Futaba is a garbage tier waifu who appeals to people with the basest desires i.e. 'little sister (but not really) and gamer girl who immediately loves her fake oniichan'
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Cleverbird 1 hr ago
Cringe damage is my new favorite type of damage.
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AlternateMan 1 hr ago
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Nyarako 2 hrs ago
Explain yourself.

Fabricant451 2 hrs ago
Literally anyone but Futaba.
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Nyarako 2 hrs ago
Powered through the main story of P5 and maxed my social stats so that I could get into the Confidant stuff on my second playthrough. Important question: Who should be my Waifu?

Vertigo 4 hrs ago
posts coming after lunch, then work on character sheets!

Ladypug 4 hrs ago
If we're doing friendly Poke-Remunders, uhhhh Pikachu zaps the shit out of things it's unfamiliar with.
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Odin 5 hrs ago
I propose the punishment of execution by nuke for people who post 'PM me' in other peoples 1x1 interest checks.
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Xaltwind 5 hrs ago
Wanting to start DanMachi: Alter Oration, but being patient

KingOfTheSkies 5 hrs ago
If I had one superpower, it would be to punch morons through my monitor with the device intact.
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Lmpkio 5 hrs ago
Currently feeling like I may possibly take on another RP under my belt - meaning I'll be in two. I think I can manage that - which depends on what RP I find interesting.
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Stormflyx 6 hrs ago
if grizzled superheroes getting called back into action, or an Elder Scrolls horror-fest interest you, then I have the roleplays for you!
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SporkoBug 7 hrs ago
Friendly Reminder that Gardenvoir will summon Literal Black Holes to protect their trainers.
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blazeflame13 7 hrs ago
Sorry for the slow replies, still sick, but having more good days.

Kuro 7 hrs ago
Friendly reminder psyduck literally explodes with psychic powers if it has a bad enough headache
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KingOfTheSkies 7 hrs ago
I like how adding Psyduck's face to anything makes it look like some sad, derpy creature pondering its existence.

Chrononaut 7 hrs ago
As the sun rose, as the world turned, as night turned to day and day to night, they came. Unyielding. Unrelenting. Their hearts callous and as cruel as they came. They were our nightmares. They were.
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AlternateMan 7 hrs ago
SuMmEr SuNlIgHt Is KiLlInG mE

karamonnom 9 hrs ago
Hm.. to RP again or not to RP, that is the question.
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Nightrunner 9 hrs ago
We short people type mightily, riding high on our Napoleon Complexes, to crash the gates of Valhalla!
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OwO 9 hrs ago
short people probably type with their hands and keyboard above their head
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ClosetMonster 10 hrs ago
"Bother. Isn't there anybody at all?" "Nobody!"

Kuro 10 hrs ago
I've never been told I type a certain way because of my height, but I've definitely been told I type gender neutral.
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KingOfTheSkies 11 hrs ago
P: Left wing at Site-5 missing. | S: Beginning search for large bird.

Ladypug 11 hrs ago
And how exactly does a short person type?

Lord Wraith 11 hrs ago
Short people definitely type a certain way.
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Shiva 11 hrs ago
I got the house cleaned, completely cleared out all of the clutter on my room, wrote a little, replied to rps, binged some Psych, and snuggled a pupper. T'was a good day, if we ignore the bronchitis
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Blue Demon 11 hrs ago
When you're on the internet no one can tell if you're short or tall.

Sanguine Rose 11 hrs ago
Sorry for the lack of responses. Been busy all week. Today was no different. Fingers crossed I can spend tomorrow responding.

NuttsnBolts 12 hrs ago
Guild is no place for racial politics.
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Obscene Symphony 12 hrs ago
I love pretending to be tall
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Fabricant451 12 hrs ago
So what people are just going masks off on the status bar now?
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Kuro 12 hrs ago
ow the unprovoked political edge
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Valentine 13 hrs ago
Father John Misty makes me want to write something romantic, drug fueled, and sad all at the same time.

Vampiretwilight 13 hrs ago
i wish i had a milkshake.
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Altered Tundra 13 hrs ago
Your boy Tundra is finally gonna be home.
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ScreenAcne 13 hrs ago
In the words of my great ancestors "Ugh"
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Kuro 14 hrs ago
My group's Dawn of the Worlds worldbuilding took an interesting turn. Meteor fell on my Saurian capital, zombie plague spreading in the Foxlands, foreign invaders, etc. It truly is the end times.

SporkoBug 14 hrs ago
Bad colds suck. I feel horrible calling up to work sick but they wouldn't want someone hacking and coughing violently every fourth sentence.

Xaltwind 15 hrs ago
Gone to bed, back tomorrow

KingOfTheSkies 15 hrs ago
Mom found the rubber spider I hid in her suitcase. I wasn't there for the reaction, but knowing she found it means it was a good day.
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Vampiretwilight 15 hrs ago
tfw you hear about drama and it makes you want to tear your hair out.

Hillan 15 hrs ago
Ah yes, who could the dashing, handsome and incredibly smart young rogue be that said the thing Ruby quoted? I wonder, I wonder.
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Crimson Raven 16 hrs ago
“Welcome to the Jungle! We got trees and rain. We got everything you want, Mostly trees and rain.”
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Vampiretwilight 16 hrs ago…
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Morose 16 hrs ago
Congratulations to the Gifted for hitting 300 IC posts!
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Kuro 16 hrs ago
No, you're supposed to scream "let me in" while shaking a metal fence.
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AlternateMan 16 hrs ago
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Vampiretwilight 16 hrs ago
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Vampiretwilight 16 hrs ago
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Frizan 17 hrs ago
Anyone that uses the *sips tea/coffee* meme is hereby sent straight to the gulag.

Snake Face 17 hrs ago
Some scientist from the overrated university of Harvard recently published a paper on men’s atypical love of large breasts on women. Yeah, flawed already. That’s not atypical. Just look at 3movs.

Bee 17 hrs ago
i thought you were kuro
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Kuro 17 hrs ago
i know. im always right

Arcanus 17 hrs ago
@Kuro It’s funny because your right.

Scrivener 17 hrs ago
It’s always amazing how one status of a particular brand can trigger mass posting in a board/forum. So simple yet intriguing. *sips coffee*
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Kuro 17 hrs ago
well when its your family cheating on your family i can see why then
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Arcanus 17 hrs ago
@Odin Trust me. Where I’m from, your a sissy, wimp, or “queer” if you don’t cover for your bro’s cheating and family negligence. I live in central Mississippi

Ammokkx 17 hrs ago
I'm just upset Cleverbird's status got buried by all this because it's actually true and also funny to me

Nyarako 17 hrs ago
Anyone who, unprompted, takes the opportunity to inform a group of strangers of how much of a good person they are, likely isn't nearly as good a person as they believe themselves to be.
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CAS1006 18 hrs ago
My family told me I look like Seteth from Fire Emblem Three Houses. Obviously I don't have anime hair colors, but the style is on point. My hubby said FE artist just have good taste. XD

Fabricant451 18 hrs ago
Bro Code stops being a thing once you reach like 26 anyway. They take away your license and your Natty Ices

Odin 18 hrs ago
Covering for someone being a cheater is not "brocode" either and I doubt many people would call you "queer" or "sis(sy)" for not doing it.
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Kuro 18 hrs ago
i mean you should probably tell someone "X person cheated" but yeah i honestly have never heard any guy be called "sis"
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Ammokkx 18 hrs ago
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The Nexerus 18 hrs ago
I'm skeptical of what that Arcanus guy just said because I have never heard a man call another man a 'sis'. I think he's just trying to virtue signal.
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Cleverbird 18 hrs ago
Cleverbird's fact of the day: The Pearlfish survives by hiding up a sea cucumber's butt. And they dont mind sharing their cozy hole with other Pearlfish either.
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Arcanus 18 hrs ago
Confession; I, a fully grown man, do not believe in the “Bro Code” at all. If you cheat on your wife and she asks me if I know anything I’m spilling it. Hence why most men call me a “queer” and “sis”

ScreenAcne 20 hrs ago… Kill powerful people with pie.
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PigeonOfAstora 20 hrs ago
Whenever you have a good dream reality becomes the nightmare.
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Lord Wraith 20 hrs ago
Wraith's World! It's party time! Excellent!

PrinceAlexus 21 hrs ago
The one good thing about being a adult is you can buy a entire tub of ice cream, or cake and eat it :)
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PrincessVampora 21 hrs ago
@ cleverBird Been there Done that XD

Cleverbird 21 hrs ago
I just ate a whole tub of ice cream... I disgust myself...
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Light the Dark 21 hrs ago
I'm glad I'm in a place in my life I can afford to do what's best for my kitty's health, even if it does deplete my savings.
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Ruby 21 hrs ago
Not my quote, but interesting take I saw on a Discord server I'm on.
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Ruby 22 hrs ago
"Hell, I think everyone should [GM a RP]. People realize what a pain in the ass it is to GM, and maybe more people would show appreciation and not ghost and / or waste GM's time with terrible apps."
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BlackDragonSol 22 hrs ago
You, me, Blackjack Table, let's get kicked out of the casino.

Securityguard 24 hrs ago
Open to ideas, hit me up.

Lady Amalthea 1 day ago
Congrats to my peeps in The Walking Dead for reaching the 4 years strong mark!!!
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ScreenAcne 1 day ago
shit, My neuron chamber actually,motherfucking, manipulated fonts into an RP that hasn't died or I haven't ditched yet. Feeling pretty good about Cordial.

Hillan 1 day ago
I have just been told about Batman Beyond. Shit.
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Hillan 1 day ago
If Batman's so freaking smart, why is there no Batman 2?

Xaltwind 1 day ago
Back, and now staying on RPG all day
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johnricky 1 day ago…

Xaltwind 1 day ago
Gone shopping for lunch, brb

BrokenPromise 1 day ago
Hand holding is so lewd
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BlackDragonSol 1 day ago
In other words, hold my hand... In other words... Baby, kiss me~♪
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KingOfTheSkies 1 day ago
Fly me to the moon, and let me play among the stars/Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars…
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GigitsPony 1 day ago
Working then Home tomorrow night :>
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Nallore 1 day ago
In 12 hours i'll be on a flight for my much needed vacation cant wait! :D
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rebornfan320 1 day ago
@DocRock] Yeah I know, things hasn't peaked despite efforts from people. All I've done is just reply to what I got and not search.

Kuro 1 day ago
@Doc Forum's been lacking, lately. Hardly found anything interesting all summer. Best to go out and make/GM RPs or do something else with your time.

DocRock 1 day ago
You ever take a look at the forum board, not see anything of ready interest, and decide to just go about your day? Figured I'd see if a new game was interesting, nope, ah well.
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