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nodogs 9 min ago
what are you gonna do? your job?

BangoSkank 20 min ago
God I hate cops. ACAB right? Five minutes later "OMG call the cops haaalllllppppp"
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Xaltwind 29 min ago
Many thanks to the one it concerns, you know who you are

Scribe of Thoth 2 hrs ago
Yeah you hate cops but if you get in a minor fender bender who’s gonna keep you there for 2 hours while they make the situation an unnecessary hassle, ever thought of that one?
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Prince Potter 2 hrs ago
"Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad."
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Vampiretwilight 2 hrs ago
As soon as I stop worrying about or fearing one thing, the world gives me 2, 3, more to worry about or fear over.....thanks universe. -sighs-
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Kuro 3 hrs ago
the dinosaurs are certainly going to be walking with these gas prices out here

TGM 3 hrs ago
Open the door, get on the floor; everybody walk the dinosaur.
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nodogs 3 hrs ago
cops! huh! what are they good for? (absolutely nothing)
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Crimson Flame 3 hrs ago
I’m craving lots of RPs. Stupid ADHD!
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A Ticklish Ralt 3 hrs ago
They are very good at being corrupt!

Salsa Verde 3 hrs ago
What are cops actually good for?
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metanoia 4 hrs ago
Part of me is really craving something Inuyasha-esque (or just general feudal japan setting with demons, magic, and stuff)
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Krasnaya 5 hrs ago
Oh no, I'm sick, I should spend this time off resting... *plays the entire Dragon age trilogy and doesn't sleep at all*
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AlternateMan 7 hrs ago
V for Vendetta movie but my listening and vocabulary skills are below average so I have no idea what in the world V is saying
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AlternateMan 10 hrs ago
Stealth is optional but so is mercy

Angel Vicky 14 hrs ago
I will not be made to feel the way I feel. I will manifest my sins and kill mercy within.
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Ammokkx 15 hrs ago
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karamonnom 18 hrs ago
I kinda wanna make a tomodachi game-type roleplay with lots of secret side convos and bios and traitors and all of that...
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Xandrya 18 hrs ago
I’ll be a mom in less than two months. It is indescribable how this pregnancy has completely changed me as a person. Maybe I had the “motherly instinct” all along and simply failed to see it.
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Daxam 18 hrs ago
Looking into a new apartment, a loft. Gonna be my first time out on my own. I'm equal parts excited and absolutely terrified
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huneykub 20 hrs ago
heh σ( ̄、 ̄〃)
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rocketrobie2 22 hrs ago
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A Ticklish Ralt 22 hrs ago
Meh, shiny ralts are the best

Crimson Flame 1 day ago
Shiny Wobbuffets are pink!
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Kuro 1 day ago
@Trick A shiny's a shiny, tho. I'm not gonna complain about the four alolan geodudes (now golems) I got from the recent GO community day. If you don't want it just trade it for something else

TrickTheDemon 1 day ago
You guys want to know the first shiny Pokemon that I encountered in the wild after completing my Pokedex? A wobbuffet. How useless.
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Jones Sparrow 1 day ago
“There is a moment—Oh, just before the first kiss, a whispered word—something that makes it worth while.”
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XoXKieroBombXoX 1 day ago
*Screams in RP*
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A Ticklish Ralt 1 day ago
Well, that was horrifying to read
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gorgenmast 1 day ago
Is there a doctor here? I have inserted a crayon into my urethra and I can’t get it out and I drank a lot of coffee before and I really have to pee :c
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AlternateMan 1 day ago
Get stickbugged lol
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spiral origin 1 day ago
"That's kinda gay bro" -Socrates, 420 BC
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JDubs 1 day ago
Am I hurting, am I sad? Should I stay or should I go? I've forgotten how to tell, did I ever even know?

AlternateMan 1 day ago
"I hopenobody quotes Roland." -AlternateMan, 2022, colorized

Roman 1 day ago
The Great Human Experiment is complete. Conclusion: we failed. Recommendation: never to be repeated.
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Roland 1 day ago
"I hope no one quotes me." Roland, 2022.
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Cao the Exiled 1 day ago
Beautifully said @Vampiretwilight , Beautifully said
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Aristocles 1 day ago
Dragon people would do a better job anyway.
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JDubs 1 day ago
The lizard people running the world are winning

Vampiretwilight 1 day ago
Paul grey....the world lost a great musician. Slipknot now has one fewer star and one more is now in the skies above. :'(
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Cao the Exiled 1 day ago
RIP Paul Grey~ The world will never see another crazy motherfucker like you
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BangoSkank 1 day ago
You know we should really just make mass shootings illegal. That would fix things right up.

False Prophet 1 day ago
As a Texan: bruh

nodogs 2 days ago
the onion already ran a version of the "only nation where this regularly happens" article last week

The World 2 days ago
"We're sending thoughts and prayers" but they're not enough. Words without action equal nothing.

Tlstiffl 2 days ago
We are at the precipice of complete undoing here in the US. It is only a matter of time.

Keyguyperson 2 days ago
So, as an American, what do I do when I need to choose between illegal immigration to Canada and dying in a civil war?

Mao Mao 2 days ago
America is so fucking useless. They can't prevent mass shootings from occurring ten days apart and instead say shit like "thoughts and pray" and "arm teachers." Pathetic shit, if I say so myself.
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Blueflame 2 days ago
Imma ghostttt
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Blueflame 2 days ago
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LaMoon 2 days ago
I am just... in shock after watching the mid-season finale of BCS. It really was a perfect episode from start to end, but that final part hit me really hard. I still can't believe it lol.

WolfLover 2 days ago
As always please bare with me. Due to my busy work schedule, replies as always will be slow. My days off always go by quickly, so will always try and respond to what I can.
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Siaya Dragalorn 2 days ago
I'm here. But I'm not here. But I'm here. So there' that. It counts, right?
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Jones Sparrow 2 days ago
“She wasn't looking for a knight, she was looking for a sword.”
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Cao the Exiled 2 days ago
Fate is a fun system! I've had a blast playing it myself.

Lord Wraith 2 days ago
I don't think that was YouTube.
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gorgenmast 2 days ago
BREAKING DIAPERBOY NEWS: I tried to find roblox videos on youtube but I kept seeing this show where mommys and daddys try to play leapfrog with no pants on. I should watch grownup TV more often!😍

AlternateMan 2 days ago
Must be Tuesday huh

OGSG 2 days ago
Tuesday gotta be the least popular day of the week.
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Rezod92 2 days ago
Attention: Enkryption has put up a new Fate RP concept. Anyone interested in joining?

Cao the Exiled 2 days ago
All this talk of rum is making me thirsty...
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AlternateMan 3 days ago
The real rum is the friends we made along the way

Aristocles 3 days ago
The rum was never there to begin with.

LostDestiny 3 days ago
Why is the rum always gone?
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Vampiretwilight 3 days ago
yeah, it was bad. I had both a sore throat and coughing fits back then so THAT was fun....not. lol
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OddApproved 3 days ago
Damn, that sucks. I am glad you got better! I hope I am not bed ridden for 2-weeks straight, since that was my steps today. lol
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Vampiretwilight 3 days ago
I had a day like that once. step one i was fine. step two i suddenly felt like i had a cold. step three....i was so sick i could barely keep my eyes open and was bed ridden for two weeks straight.
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OddApproved 3 days ago
There is like no middle for me, I am not sick or I am really sick. I do not get that, oh, I think I am coming down with something phase - Not usually at least.

OddApproved 3 days ago
No, but I would like the gradual beginning symptoms. I tend to just wake up sick or bam! Middle of the day I just instantly am sick. lol

Crimson Flame 3 days ago
*Send you a text message

Crimson Flame 3 days ago
Would you like it to send you saying “psst, I’m going to be sick on the 23rd. Don’t make plans.”

OddApproved 3 days ago
Why do I not get gradual sickness symptoms? Everytime I get sick, my body is like - BAM! You sick. It does not warn me. ;-;

JDubs 3 days ago
Change of plans. Tired and in need of some recuperation.

Dagger 3 days ago
I'm home from my trip, but I have a ton of posts to catch up on since just about every 1x1 partner I have wrote me back. Patience is appreciated while I get back to everyone. Thanks!
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Force and Fury 3 days ago
Shilling a good medieval fantasy:…

rocketrobie2 3 days ago
I am starting work on my new video game. Fallout: Pipe Bomb

Jones Sparrow 3 days ago
“It was never the way she looked, always the way she was. I would have fallen in love with her with my eyes closed.”
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A Ticklish Ralt 3 days ago
hehehe, sorry y'all. I'll have to reply tomorrow! Family issues got so bad that I'm too tired to be able to roleplay, even though I really want to!

False Prophet 3 days ago
L post
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Dinh AaronMk 3 days ago
@FalseProphet - I'm so sorry for your loss

AlternateMan 3 days ago
3 meaningless entries added onto cringe collection in my bio. Don't read it.
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Ranni 3 days ago
Catching up with everyone after a short, unexpected silence. All is now well.

honorandpride 3 days ago
Class starts today for spring/summer semester, so I might be more sporadic than usual while I settle into the chaos.
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False Prophet 3 days ago
it's fucking official: i'm getting my diploma
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FrostWolf 3 days ago
busy with school but fast replies
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AlternateMan 3 days ago
You imply therr are non-sexy vampires
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Angel Vicky 4 days ago
Anyone up for a sexy werewolf or vampire rp hit me up!
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Cao the Exiled 4 days ago
@VampireTwilight my wife and do often. Actually, my wife just met Bill Moseley who plays Luigi! She got a signed autograph by him as well.
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Jones Sparrow 4 days ago
“I just need you and some sunsets.”
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Dinh AaronMk 4 days ago

Goth 4 days ago
As a head's up to my RP partners, I won't be online at all from now through the end of June.
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Vampiretwilight 4 days ago
Anyone else re-watch repo the genetic opera at times?
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Vampiretwilight 4 days ago
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Tally Dor 4 days ago
Check the 1x1 interest thread for my latest idea of a Necromancer / Priest story!

JDubs 4 days ago
Replies coming either later tonight or tomorrow.

Noogget 4 days ago
Replies are coming! I haven't vanished, again. Just dealing with work and... sorta moving? Life's complicated, be patient with me! I'm a hot mess. <3
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Ice Reaver 4 days ago
Arashi No Saxophone 5 is the coolest theme for Team Yagami, KOF 13

Jones Sparrow 4 days ago
“She conquered her demons and wore her scars like wings.”
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AlternateMan 4 days ago
Solution: make the rich bleed, distribute their wealth and free thr world from dead memes
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