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Dark Cloud 1 hr ago
Man, best of wishes to you and your family.
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blindwoofer 1 hr ago
My mom is going in to have a rod put in her leg today. The doctor says it'll be fine but she has bone cancer so any good thoughts would be appreciated
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Ice Reaver 2 hrs ago
Sorry guys will not be online all week. Out of town atm

aut316 3 hrs ago
Ballin and can't get up

Dark Cloud 10 hrs ago
Huh, you know I've always wanted to run 3.5e maybe I'll pull out the ol' undermountain pdf and get to work on something...

Blaze Gamma 11 hrs ago
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Dark Cloud 12 hrs ago
Can you super size my salad?
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Katakuri 13 hrs ago
Yes, please.

Blaze Gamma 13 hrs ago
Would you like either of those Number 9's mighty sized for a dollar more?

AlternateMan 13 hrs ago
I'll have two number 9's, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45's, one with cheese, and a large soda.
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Katakuri 13 hrs ago
Youtube + Live Kitchen Nightmares = Great night

Expendable 14 hrs ago

Asura 14 hrs ago
At the end of the day, God is everyone's bull.
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Vampiretwilight 14 hrs ago
2/2 i had hurt my hand because I hit the wall next to my bed btw. forgot to put that part. lol
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Vampiretwilight 15 hrs ago
1/2 I once had a vivid dream where a guy gave me a big reason to smack him across the face, some random guy to clarify. Well....long story short, I woke up with a bad pain in my hand
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Dark Cloud 15 hrs ago
My significant other said the funniest thin-wait I'm not married.
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Katakuri 15 hrs ago
My husband says that I talk a lot in my sleep and will tell him my dreams in great detail. I'll ask "I'm dreaming, do you wanna hear about it?" and I will tell him about my dreams.
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blindwoofer 15 hrs ago
My fiancé rolled over and elbowed me in the forehead once while he was asleep so... I'll take the mumbling. Especially over his snoring. :p
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Dagger 15 hrs ago
I scared the shit out of my husband once when I mumbled something in my sleep about keeping quiet because we were being watched. He also said I tell him 'no' when he tries to kick our dog off the bed.
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Vampiretwilight 17 hrs ago…

Master EffeX 18 hrs ago
DarkCloud ??? Getting my iTunes movies is the issue - I want them ON youtube, not stuff off yt.

honorandpride 18 hrs ago
Mine rolls over and punches me in his sleep. Mumbling would be much preferred.
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DemonMiyu 18 hrs ago
New Thing I learned about my partner: He mumbles in his sleep :P

Dark Cloud 19 hrs ago
And.. and 😏 it's free.

Dark Cloud 19 hrs ago
Uhm Effex? You can, there's a website that can convert YouTube videos to Mp3 or Mp4 files.

TGM 19 hrs ago
Keep. Brain. Busy.
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Master EffeX 19 hrs ago
If Apple and Google were just friendly enough that I could port my iTunes movie library over to Google Play/Youtube, I'd be such the happier camper. I spent good money on stuff I can't watch now.
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Katakuri 20 hrs ago
That sounds like my whole family every time I am at work.

Smarty Jones 20 hrs ago
Don't you love it when your friend calls you when you're busy, you decline the call then call them back and they decide not to answer or text you back?
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Cu Chulainn 21 hrs ago
Turns out my son was actually a daughter. Whoops!
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Dark Cloud 22 hrs ago
Owiginawal Cawecter dew nawt steawl.
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Scribe of Thoth 22 hrs ago
Everytime I reuse a quirky character trait I live in fear that someone out there thinks I get off to it
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Lord Wraith 22 hrs ago
Please, Lord W was my father, just Wraith is fine.
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Katakuri 22 hrs ago
I feel like that comment fit everyone a little bit differently, Lord W. Lmao
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Lord Wraith 23 hrs ago
RPG Drama Tonight: The Writer's Barely Disguised Fetish
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HockeyNut 23 hrs ago
An extra crispy sprite is Tinkerbell trapped in a sunbed.
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AlternateMan 23 hrs ago
Okay so is Estus from Dark Souls vegan?

Deja 24 hrs ago
I'll have my Sprite extra crispy thank you very much

Vampiretwilight 1 day ago

Katakuri 1 day ago
That's awesome. Hockey is so fun.
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HockeyNut 1 day ago
I got to meet the Glasgow Clan captain last night!
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Blaze Gamma 1 day ago
Nah, you totes can. It's called dissociation and it's just a treat.

Dark Cloud 1 day ago
A to the men to that brother.

AlternateMan 1 day ago
you can't go hollow if you're havign fun

Dark Cloud 1 day ago
As long as you don't end up going hollow I don't see why not 😂

AlternateMan 1 day ago
Do I get to run an arena at the High Wall bonfire
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Dark Cloud 1 day ago
Okay okay, listen I found the coolest thing today. A 5e D&D Dark Souls book, set in Lothric. Its an entire setting, it even gives the presets actual class stats. I am tempted to run it.
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Katakuri 1 day ago… If you want to check out the Criminal Investigation interest check.
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BangoSkank 1 day ago
I've had it twice, but then I worked through the lockdowns and still went places I wanted to when I wanted to.

Blaze Gamma 1 day ago
Forklifts have no honor.

Katakuri 1 day ago
I'm thinking I might have the ambition to make a slice of life crime investigation rp again.
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Yevin 1 day ago
You guys do know vaccines are preventative measures not cures.
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SporkoBug 1 day ago
I have somehow managed to not get Covid despite working in a Supermarket over the initial spread in NZ. Then I left work and became an aggressive Hermit who barely leaves their house.
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Zyx 1 day ago
Viruses also tend to mutate. So by the time the strain you're getting immunized for actually gets vaccines, a new strain has probably developed. Which then requires another vaccine, etc.
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RBYDark 1 day ago
Most vaccines take years - and I mean, like, 7-10 is normal - to develop. The vaccines developed didn't poison people and so despite their limited efficacy, they were sent to market years early.
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BangoSkank 1 day ago
Yeah they were supposed to stop it dead but didn't quite manage. One of my coworkers is triple vaxxed and triple boosted aaaaand she's off work now for Covid. Again.

Master EffeX 1 day ago
I'm pretty sure the COVID vaccs are more like mitigaters, not cures. You're not immune, you're just gonna' have milder cases.
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Ambra 2 days ago
My interest check is up!…

BangoSkank 2 days ago
They're working on an inhaler to fight Covid now. Maybe that one will work
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Ruby 2 days ago
Dear Adsense: Stop advertising the cutest fucking dresses to me every time I come to the Guild. Thanks.
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Fetzen 2 days ago
Vaccinated against COVID three times, but guess who has it for the fourth time ? And, as usual, over the weekend, not over the workweek.

Ice Reaver 2 days ago
Why does the weekends fly by? Ugh Mondays!
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jayseanenjoyer 2 days ago
Jay Sean here. Play the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. Down - Jay Sean (1.25x speed)
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Dark Cloud 2 days ago
Me me me

Prince Potter 2 days ago
While we are talking about XIV I just want to mention how much I love Poro Roggo
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Ambra 2 days ago
Regarding my previous status, it'll be a FF RP in an original world with an original plot. There will be some references to XIV regarding races and jobs, among other minor things. Who's interested?
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Dark Cloud 2 days ago
Nuh uh, I'm third but nobody wants to talk about FFXIV with me apparently.
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Ammokkx 2 days ago
the biggest FFXIV nerd on this site is... Well, it's 1Charak2 even if she never posts about it or been around at all, but *I'm* the second biggest and I won't hear otherwise.

Animal 2 days ago
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AlternateMan 2 days ago
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Animal 2 days ago
You mean the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV? With an expanded free trial which you can play through the entirety of A Realm Reborn and the award winning Heavensward expansion?
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AlternateMan 2 days ago
if you talk about FF14 the MMORPG that supports free play up to level 60 then I'm gonna lose my shit and eat an entire bag of cheetos with your name on it
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Animal 2 days ago
I heard someone mention Final Fantasy so I came on

Scribe of Thoth 2 days ago
can't wait for the inevitable Eikon May Cry rps when ff16 drops
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Dark Cloud 2 days ago
Like the very first Final Fantasy?

Ambra 2 days ago
Who's in the mood for an original Final Fantasy roleplay?
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Dark Cloud 3 days ago
Aging is cringe, just be immortal.
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Blaze Gamma 3 days ago
I guess I'm 33 now. And I have a date Monday. Exciting.
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Katakuri 3 days ago
Jojo, I can reassure you.... *sigh* I have a few of those...

BenG85 3 days ago
Well, I'm certainly in a much better place now than I was this time last year.
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Candlelitsoul 3 days ago
There has never been an instance where I'm glad I didn't RP with someone, but today has shown me that perhaps I didn't miss out after all, and it's a good thing it came to nothing. JFC...
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Jojo 3 days ago
I wish you all the type of cringe RP you still think about four years later in a cold sweat.
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Blaze Gamma 3 days ago
We all do.

Dark Cloud 3 days ago
I just wanna play Pathfinder yo.
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KrystalKleo 3 days ago
If you can't keep up with my weirdness, you're too normal for me!
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POOHEAD189 3 days ago
Congratz Ambra!
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Zyx 3 days ago
I need a roleplay that reads like looking at a surrealist painting.
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Ambra 3 days ago
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honorandpride 3 days ago
Agreed, Hari. I could use a few new stories to get my creativity flowing.

Dinh AaronMk 3 days ago
Reject anime, embrace the depressively suicidal literary tradition of post-war, mid-century Japan

Indrajita 3 days ago
Reject Modernity, Embrace Masculinity, time to go to gym!
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Ambra 3 days ago
poor little bug on the wall, no one to love him at all
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Hari 3 days ago
Mind numbingly bored. I need more RP partners before my brain shrivels up into a prune and deserts me.
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6slyboy6 3 days ago
I'm alive
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Blaze Gamma 3 days ago
RIP Scatman John. Taken from us too soon.
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Dark Cloud 3 days ago
Man if the Alt Man believes in us we can move mountains but let's just stick to shitposting for now.
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AlternateMan 3 days ago
Everybody shitposts the one way or other so check out my message to you, as a matter of fact, don't let nothing hold you back, cuz if the Alt Man can do it then so can you.
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BangoSkank 3 days ago
Let me take you hiiiahhhh. To a place with golllllden streets.
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Fingal 3 days ago
Starting a Batman RP!…
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Indrajita 3 days ago
So liberating, free from old reins.
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