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Cleverbird 21 min ago
I'm part of the RGB community and sexually identify myself as #FF8000
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AlternateMan 1 hr ago
It's time for me to post another status again also who wants gravy I want gravy I never had gravy in my whole damn life god damn I want some gravy rn just devour a spoonful at 6 in the morning

Fabricant451 1 hr ago
Unapologetically addicted to Hololive vtubers I've got like 30 tabs open and it's all vtuber shit I'm living my best life
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Yankee 1 hr ago
24 hours without power in my neighborhood and cell tower down. No expected fix time yet. Just checking in while I can!

Crab Bane 2 hrs ago
Moved into my new place. My dog's doing better (from what I hear he might have been reacting to my anxiety). Despite this, I think I'm going to abstain from group RPs until further notice.
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Cleverbird 2 hrs ago
That we're a weird species.

People also drink cat shit coffee, what's your point
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Cleverbird 3 hrs ago
Honey is just bee barf.

Hey Im Jordan 4 hrs ago
13 chapters to go utnil one piece 1000
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Lady Absinthia 4 hrs ago
TWM you finally get a Blue Rose in ACNH, lol
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Hey Im Jordan 7 hrs ago
league queue timers at 5 in the morning really be hitting different
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Shadow Dragon 8 hrs ago…
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BCTheEntity 9 hrs ago

Calle 11 hrs ago
Migraine is improving but looking at screens is still not good for me. Replies will be delayed, but I will get back to RP's and PM's. Don't forget to check out the contests <3
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blindwoofer 13 hrs ago
What do you call a cow that has just given birth? Decaffeinated.
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LittleMouse 14 hrs ago
Starting Queen of Shadows finally, hopefully it’s not as slow as Heir of Fire was, as amusing as it was

LittleMouse 15 hrs ago
Honestly who doesn’t?
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Crimson Flame 15 hrs ago
I wish I could get paid to RP
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Andreyich 16 hrs ago
dude same
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Littleone17 16 hrs ago
Sick of crying tired of trying, inside I'm slowly dying. I'm alive but I'm alone, Somewhere in this darkness there's a light that I can't find Maybe it's too far away, maybe I'm just blind.
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Obscene Symphony 17 hrs ago

Vampiretwilight 19 hrs ago
Had a power outage earlier today. The rain was heavy and everything. yikes! :(
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nightmare medx 20 hrs ago
The apocalypse has been drawing near for like six months now can it just happen already
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Andreyich 20 hrs ago
Why the fuck would I support some anarchist limp-dicks when I can help introduce neo-feudalism
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Tigress 21 hrs ago
Just joined, hoping for a nice stay :3
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Majoras End 22 hrs ago
Well folks, looks like the appocalypse is drawing near, so feel free to support your local anarchist movement today!
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Obscene Symphony 22 hrs ago
Oh jeez, apparently that explosion in Lebanon was a fireworks factory. It's like the Halifax Explosion came back just for 2020
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kittyluna45 22 hrs ago
I will try to be back tomorrow. Sorry.

Crimson Flame 23 hrs ago
2020 continues being a disaster
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Obscene Symphony 24 hrs ago
Jesus Christ

Cleverbird 1 day ago
So there was an explosion in Beirut this morning. Jesus fucking Christ look at that shockwave! That's terrifying and awe inspiring at the same time.
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Sanguine Rose 1 day ago
Getting on my computer didn't work out yesterday. Going to try harder to make time today to get on and get out posts.
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blackdragon 1 day ago
I don't know if we have any Lebanese members, but if we do, please know that my thoughts are with you right now.
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Gravity Bounce 1 day ago
Finished Japan Sinks 2020. Man.

AveryA 1 day ago
someone ~*shoot me*~

KZOMBI3 1 day ago
shiitty days are here to stayyyy ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚
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Hey Im Jordan 1 day ago
good enough for me
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Hey Im Jordan 1 day ago
good not goof srry

Hey Im Jordan 1 day ago
is black clover goof
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Silent Showers 1 day ago
Imagine thinking Tidus isn't the best main character of the franchise.
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Guess that means the XIV community doesn't have to deal with your garbage then :D
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BrightBlade 1 day ago
I loathe that garbage. Can't change my mind.
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Ammokkx 1 day ago
go play final fantasy 14
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BrightBlade 1 day ago
FF8 is better

Silent Showers 1 day ago
I to this day maintain that Breath of Fire 3 was one of the greatest and most tragically underrated JRPGs, FF7 eat your heart out!
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BrightBlade 1 day ago
I have a cold, or the flu or the plague so my posting might be delayed.

The backlighting comes from LEDs under the keys yes

Overlord Thraka 1 day ago
LEDs or do you mean backlit? I've no idea about big flashy LED keyboards, but backlit keyboards are nice to look at and useful if you're using your PC in the dark
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Overlord Thraka 1 day ago
LEDs or do you mean backlit? I've no idea about big flashy LED keyboards, but backlit keyboards are nice to look at and useful if you're using your PC in the dark

Matte monitors and keyboard trays?

AlternateMan 1 day ago
What's the point of all thosr flashy LED's on keyboards, the light reflecting against the monitor is quite annoying

Calle 1 day ago
Migraine >_< Yesterday looking at my screen made me nauseous, today I was doing okay but my headache is getting worse. RP's are delayed, going to rest again.
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Truant 1 day ago
stg whenever I'm up past 3 a.m. my dog leans up and stares at me for a few seconds like she wants me to go tf to sleep
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Silent Showers 1 day ago
I absolutely love the Honor Harrington books. I think I'm 11 deep right now.
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Love2Write 1 day ago
Ready to Write!
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RestlessBlue 1 day ago
Working exclusively outside + tropical storm = keeping things exciting! 😬

Mangrale 1 day ago
"Look, all we're saying is to wear a mask, sit in your chair, AND TELL US HOW MANY LIGHTS THERE ARE!"

Penny 1 day ago
Idea 4: Interstellar weapons conglomerate employs a team of agents to start wars for profit. One team decides their employers are worse than their targets...
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The Ghost Note 1 day ago
i got that special tingle again; time to write another sheet for another character I won't be using for months.

POOHEAD189 1 day ago
These are very D&D-esque, I love it.

Penny 1 day ago
Idea 3: An elf knows a human prophecy is nonsense, he was there when this practical joke got out of hand, but now it is the one Truth of a whole society
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Penny 1 day ago
Idea 2: Magical run off from a wizards academy has resulted in semi-sentient sand which is now spreading itself across the world deliberately hitching a ride in peoples shoes

POOHEAD189 1 day ago
*Strokes chin* That might work... ironically it's somewhat similar to what I'm writing now.

Penny 1 day ago
Idea 1: This whole thing was orchestrated by the ghosts of two dead priest arguing over a point of doctrine.
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POOHEAD189 1 day ago
I really need ideas for this Novella...

BenG85 1 day ago
UUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHijustpulleda10hourshiftaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... -collapses-

Vampiretwilight 2 days ago
hi everyone
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POOHEAD189 2 days ago
It's been a slow guild day huh?
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LittleMouse 2 days ago
I can finally see yay! New contacts finally
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The Ghost Note 2 days ago
@Cleverbird For Armored Core yes.
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AlternateMan 2 days ago
I decided to change my pfp many months ago. Still haven't changed from this damn doodle of an anime character. My lazinesd rules supreme.

DeadDrop 2 days ago
TheGhostNote's Profile 1/10, did not get nuked.
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Cleverbird 2 days ago
I think you might have a thing for mechs... Just a hunch
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The Ghost Note 2 days ago
I updated my profile to be bandwidth nuking as possible.
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KZOMBI3 2 days ago
i promise to finish up posts tof
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deadwolves 2 days ago…

deadwolves 2 days ago… <-- Fave writer ever.

Silent Showers 2 days ago
Then and Now Here and There was the best Isekai.
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Spoopy Scary 2 days ago
the shadows are always lurking. i can hear them, ass cheeks gently clapping, clapping at my chamber door. tis nothing, but cheeks dummy thicc and nothing more.
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Uncertain Tea 2 days ago
Social media is actually kinda terrifying.
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rebornfan320 2 days ago
The shadows are always lurking, no matter of the sunshine outside they always take root somewhere and everywhere..

Obscene Symphony 2 days ago
oh sweet the russians are back
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Cu Chulainn 2 days ago
*birthday kazoo*
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Obscene Symphony 2 days ago
Dude I've never even heard of a prepaid card that charges per month, the fuck xD

Shadow Dragon 2 days ago…

metanoia 2 days ago
If you ever desire to get prepaid cards, avoid Green Dot at all costs. They charge you almost 8 bucks per month and yes, it is as frustrating as it sounds.

AveryA 2 days ago
@ Skwint are you sure? How do you know?

Angel Vicky 2 days ago
Did someone say....? Thunderfury, Blessed Bla- NO!
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Lemons 2 days ago
Biting Spider Writing

Bloodrose 2 days ago
CITIZENS OF DALARAN! Raise your eyes to the skies, and observe!
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Skwint 2 days ago
@AveryA. You don't know me.
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AveryA 2 days ago
I am the dumbest POS I know
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Cleverbird 2 days ago
You may call me... The Cunning Linguist

D4NTE 3 days ago
New video coming out soon

ayzrules 3 days ago
@Renny no hate but ging is kinda trash lmao
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Hillan 3 days ago
Pee after sex so you don’t get a HDMl
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LittleMouse 3 days ago
“Rose, no.” - a novel by my friends, brought to you by my weirdest inner thoughts people have witnessed
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Renny 3 days ago
"An apology is a promise to do things differently next time, and to keep the promise." - Ging Freecss
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La Fleur 3 days ago
If one day he’s posting edgy statuses and pictures of demons, then the next day he’s posting bible verses-RUN . LIKE . HELL.
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TheDuck 3 days ago
Gloin isn't as bad... its how I'd read it and makes sense but clashes with how its most often heard (movie) but the Legolas is KILLING ME
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