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Kuro 12 min ago
still looking for possible interest…

Majoras End 20 min ago
So...anyone up for anarchy?

DestinyStar 26 min ago
I got a callback for my audition! Yay! <3
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JunkMail 33 min ago
"nice dog" is an anagram for genocide.
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Obscene Symphony 34 min ago
I tried to join a shitty Christmas SOL RP last year
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looking for roleplayers interested in a rebellion against dragon shifters:…

Lord Wraith 1 hr ago
You make me feel like.. a shooting star! You make me feel like... a porno star!
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AlternateMan 2 hrs ago
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Majoras End 2 hrs ago
Oh golly, here we go again.
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Ammokkx 2 hrs ago
reborn holy shit how many times are you going to bitch about the exact same thing?
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rebornfan320 2 hrs ago
[@Shinobu] I am tempted too, but knowing me and my past luck I know that the result of it would likely be the same.

Ejected 2 hrs ago
RIP Juice Wrld 😔
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Hey Im Jordan 2 hrs ago
Closing the gap on my KDA from back when I was a kid playing halo. Shit ain't easy

AlternateMan 3 hrs ago
When in doubt do it, regret is the suty of the future you. What can the future you do, beat you up? Wait...
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Callousqueen 3 hrs ago
RIP Caroll Spinney (1933 - 2019) for playing Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, and other characters on Sesame Street
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AlternateMan 4 hrs ago
@Kuro is it allowed to play a guy that gets eaten right after he introduces himself?
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Kuro 4 hrs ago
irl hs zombie apocalypse rp lfp…
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Tiliqua 4 hrs ago
Life got busy but now I’m back and I’m dying to do something! Let’s gooooo!~

AmpharosBoy 6 hrs ago
I love my 1x1 partners: You guys are awesome. <3
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Ruby 6 hrs ago
...why Callous? Why?
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Ruby 6 hrs ago
DC! I love that guy. Hi DC! Long time no chat. :)

BCTheEntity 7 hrs ago
I'm not so upset about that whole "being born" thing. It's more the stuff after that they dropped the ball on.
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DC The Dragon 8 hrs ago
Man, Discord out here playing GAMES.
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megatrash 8 hrs ago
I’m mad at my parents for having sex 26 years ago then having me. Rude af, I didn’t ask to be born.
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Uncertain Tea 9 hrs ago
Big shout out to my parents having sex 36 years ago, and having me. That was dope.
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Cleverbird 9 hrs ago
If I had a time machine, I'd go back in time to tell younger me everything will be all right in the future, just to trick the poor bastard.
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Stuzzie 9 hrs ago
All of life comes to me with ease, joy & glory

AlternateMan 10 hrs ago
May the lazer beemz of cringe shine upon you forevah

Obscene Symphony 11 hrs ago
Well aren't you guys fuckin rays of sunshine to wake up to on a Sunday
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BCTheEntity 11 hrs ago
Nobody is ever back, and everybody is alone in their own minds. But uh, corporate-owned chat sites don't count as any form of "-body" except in US law, so they're allowed to be back and not alone.

AlternateMan 11 hrs ago
How do you make friends? Is there a secret ritual you need to do?
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PsyBlade 11 hrs ago
Someone ate that "art piece" banana duct taped to a wall. He's the hero we deserve.
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AlternateMan 12 hrs ago
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SouffleGirl123 12 hrs ago
Guess who's back, back again, Souffle's back, tell your friends
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rebornfan320 12 hrs ago
[@Moonlightsky] I know exactly what you mean. I feel lost in this world too.
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Moonlightsky 12 hrs ago
I feel lost in this world sometimes...
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PsyBlade 12 hrs ago
Here's to hoping that natural selection catches up with at least one of the Paul brothers this year.
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AlternateMan 14 hrs ago
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rebornfan320 14 hrs ago
[@Hammerman] Be ready to prepare a graveyard then.

Hammerman 15 hrs ago
Reminder to take as many RPs as you could because most of them are going to die after all.
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AlternateMan 15 hrs ago

PsyBlade 17 hrs ago
We're getting snow tomorrow. No wonder my hip hurts like a bitch.
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Light the Dark 17 hrs ago
'tis the season to get illness. fa la la la la la la *hack* *cough*
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Vampiretwilight 18 hrs ago
AlternateMan: -hugs- lol
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AlternateMan 18 hrs ago
HuGgInG tHe CrInGe MaN iS iLlEgAl PlEaSe ReFrAiN fRoM sPrEaDiNg PoSiTiViTy
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Vampiretwilight 18 hrs ago
the rp is up. also -hugs for candlelitsoul-
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Candlelitsoul 18 hrs ago
Can feel a migraine building. Need a pain aid and a hug :(
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Vampiretwilight 19 hrs ago
Alternate: ok. i might put it under free just in case. -hugs-
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AlternateMan 19 hrs ago
Okay then. Do as you want to though, it's you who makes the decision after all.
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Vampiretwilight 19 hrs ago
AlternateMan: it has both tags
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A Lamb 19 hrs ago
Let's do a League of Legends, Team Fight Tactics RP, because that's the only way you'll find people playing anything that isn't Glacia/Predator, Ocean/Mage, or Shadow/Infernal
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AlternateMan 19 hrs ago
Well if you're going for a military theme then you should add military tag too. If not just add free.

Vampiretwilight 19 hrs ago
AlternateMan: um........idk......

Obscene Symphony 19 hrs ago
Another section down, pretty much just one to go!

AlternateMan 19 hrs ago
When in doubt DO BOTH

Vampiretwilight 19 hrs ago
i got a like on the dragon shifter rp plot, but i do not know if i should put it under free or military rp. i am debating whether to put it under free just in case.

PsyBlade 19 hrs ago
Shit, I'm late. Lemme grab some popcorn.
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Kuro 20 hrs ago
I heard Nutts once put a "kick me" sign on Ink's back.
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AlternateMan 20 hrs ago
For a moment I took that without context. CLEANSE MY BRAIN

Inkarnate 20 hrs ago
plz nutts no bully
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AlternateMan 20 hrs ago
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NuttsnBolts 20 hrs ago
Ink does suffer from OCCS. (Obsessive Character Creation Syndrome)
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Inkarnate 20 hrs ago
Oh no, I've learned from the past. I prefer to ruin someone's future instead.

rebornfan320 20 hrs ago
[@Inkarnate] Sounds like fun! Let me know how that process goes!

Inkarnate 21 hrs ago
Create more RPs than you can handle instead!
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HaleyTheRandom 21 hrs ago
Daily reminder to NOT join more RP's than you can handle.
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Hero 21 hrs ago
You've yee'd your last haw!
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Vampiretwilight 21 hrs ago
the interest check is up:…

KatherinWinter 21 hrs ago
Finished my third male after almost six years here.
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Skwint 22 hrs ago
@Candlelitsoul. Featuring me! Dangling helplessly from a hook.
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PsyBlade 22 hrs ago
I was hoping to have the house to myself for a few hours tonight, but it looks like that's not happening. -_-
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Vampiretwilight 22 hrs ago
Shinobu: ok. if you think it would work.

Candlelitsoul 22 hrs ago
Had one of the funniest moments during my livestream of Dead by Daylight. Enjoy!
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Vampiretwilight 22 hrs ago
i had an rp idea about dragon shifters taking over the world, but i didn't think it was any good so i didn't bother with it.
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Andreyich 22 hrs ago
still can't get over the fact some dude here thought he was hacking the site by using inspect element. you do you, you glorious bastard
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POOHEAD189 23 hrs ago
Just got the internet fixed!…
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Vampiretwilight 23 hrs ago
another rp still looking for players:…

Zoey White 23 hrs ago
wating very impatiently waiting for RP's to do their thing
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BCTheEntity 1 day ago
It's back, boys! We did it! *airhorns*
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Lightning Fast 1 day ago
Discord is down and it is driving me absolutely insane. But at least I've got Dragon Quest XI to keep me entertained :)
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NuttsnBolts 1 day ago
The husband to my sister's friend randomly bought a 14 tonne military firetruck for his front driveway... As you do?
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Aisling 1 day ago
Hello World and All Who Inhabit it!
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Hey Im Jordan 1 day ago
it ain't
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AmpharosBoy 1 day ago
I think Discord is working again
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hawkins 1 day ago
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Chrononaut 1 day ago
No discord? But I had some really spicy opinions about the blacks!
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Vampiretwilight 1 day ago
if anyone needs a distraction, i am your girl. i am open to roleplaying or just talking. either one.
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Kalas 1 day ago
[Insert Status About Discord Here]
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stone 1 day ago
goddamnit discord
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Letmehaveone2 1 day ago
and I have rps on discord. I guess they'll have to be postponed until further notice.
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Hey Im Jordan 1 day ago
discord is either dead or dying. i miss my friends
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twannyman 1 day ago
So it wasn't my discord
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Aviaire 1 day ago
since discord is broken how am i supposed to procrastinate now
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Majoras End 1 day ago
Anxiety attacks during grocery shopping is f u n. :'D

Rune_Alchemist 1 day ago
Welp apparently discord servers are having some pretty bad Latency issues.
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AmpharosBoy 1 day ago
Discord is having a hell of a day
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Morose 1 day ago
Thesis submitted!
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Xaltwind 1 day ago
Irreversible enviromental damage in 2025? Better start stocking up on canned foods!
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AlternateMan 1 day ago
Gatling guns were made by a doctor named Gatling. Amother random fact.
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Cleverbird 1 day ago
Today I learned that Glock started out making shower curtains and doorknobs and just decided to make a pistol because "Hey, why not?"
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