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AlternateMan 4 min ago
It is official: our committee has decided that AlternateMan 2 will not be announced. For now.

Blaze Gamma 2 hrs ago

Hedgehawk 2 hrs ago
Today I just want my fiancee to feel better with their foot. Stuck in bed poor thing. Always hate it when someone is in pain and I can't help.
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Blaze Gamma 2 hrs ago
I just want two things. For work to stop jerking me around, and to get a good to going. Come on universe, give me something here.
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Crab Bane 6 hrs ago
@Obscene- The game could be worse. Like ALL gacha games, it's grindy as hell. But yeah, anime when?

Going by the ads I get on YouTube, Arknights is something I'd def watch as an anime but prob not play as a gacha.

Crab Bane 7 hrs ago
Arknights is one of those rare instances where I want to make an OC, but I don't know enough about the lore of the series, even after playing and reading wikis.
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headintheclouds 7 hrs ago
It is impossible to be sad when watching the Crab Rave music video.
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Crystal Amalgam 9 hrs ago
The creative process is a curse and I will fight anyone who disagrees. Help Desk.
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Crystal Amalgam 9 hrs ago
Attention Citizens: The intern has been replace by a government spy. Stay tuned for the relaxing sound of several tea kettles whistling uncontrollably.
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Annasiel 10 hrs ago
Sometimes it feels like something that I don't believe in happening next week for the reason of my hope that it resolves itself.

The World 10 hrs ago…

Fetzen 10 hrs ago
Don't let reality be real. Make it a dream so, once you wake up from it, you can just forget about it.
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Shadow Dragon 11 hrs ago…
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Crab Bane 11 hrs ago…
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Andromedai 11 hrs ago
I really want to create a Gears of War RP.
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Undead Eyes 11 hrs ago
I'll be unwinding at the casino if you need me. -Puts on her mask and flops out.-
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Mangrale 12 hrs ago
Agent K was right about people and Tracer Tong was right about the scale of governance (and probably more but it's been a while).
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Sanguine Rose 13 hrs ago
Welp, so much for a day of writing. Spent the morning in urgent care. Good news is I don't need surgery yet, but I have bedrest from some torn ligaments around my knee. 👍
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Andreyich 13 hrs ago
love it when people scared to leave they house without a phone think they going to make a guillotin for le ebil oppressors
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Jerkchicken 13 hrs ago
Marche did nothing wrong

Crab Bane 13 hrs ago
Escapism is healthy as long as you don't confuse fiction and reality.
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flowersrgr8 13 hrs ago
guillotines are easy to diy
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Andreyich 14 hrs ago
Based Cops dabbing on rioters with the boys
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flowersrgr8 14 hrs ago… lol

Fetzen 14 hrs ago
Bored like hell, but at the same time having a headache that keeps me off writing :/
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Cleverbird 15 hrs ago
Welcome to 2020, where everything sucks, and no one can tell if it's ironic.
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megatrash 15 hrs ago
eating raw eggs in my dishwasher~
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Ghost Note 15 hrs ago
Sittin' on the dock of the bay ~

Alethre 16 hrs ago
Watching from the tree canopy...~

AlternateMan 16 hrs ago
Sometimes I realize that I became what I swore to destroy.
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Crab Bane 16 hrs ago
I hate haircuts, but I need one desperately.
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Undead Eyes 16 hrs ago
Back from interview. That experience.
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Yevin 18 hrs ago
You can always get a second opinion. Or demand for the tests you know will diagnose whatever you've got.
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role model 18 hrs ago
Could someone please tell the doctor I AM RIGHT
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Anime_Freak 18 hrs ago
So sorry that I disappeared off the face of the earth for a couple days! Replies will be on their way once I collect myself lol
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Crimson Flame 18 hrs ago
The apocalypse is happening this year. A Pandemic, riots, lots of rain where I live...
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Lurking Shadow 19 hrs ago
Kane Lives
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Majoras End 19 hrs ago
Ten bucks the appocalypse happens next year.
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Shadow Dragon 19 hrs ago…
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Jerkchicken 19 hrs ago…
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Andromeda09 19 hrs ago
is it just me or is life getting terrifying each and every fucking day?
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DeadDrop 20 hrs ago
Where's my cool text gang at.
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moonbeam 20 hrs ago
I'm still figuring things out. A newbie here! Anyone out there who I can be friends with? 🥺
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Andromeda09 20 hrs ago
Been 2 years, huh? Again.
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Crystal Amalgam 21 hrs ago
Today I interviewed a Very Secret Organization. All questions I asked were left unanswered in the premise that "We can't tell you, it's a secret". How fascinating.
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Ghost Note 21 hrs ago
Wow, some people still overuse lol

Xaltwind 22 hrs ago
Kids swarmed the store as expected, good thing my shift was over just as the bulk of 'em showed up...

Andreyich 22 hrs ago
Just came back from a riot. Burned down a target and fought several policemen. So anyway, who's this George Floyd fellow I keep hearing about?

RougeRogue 23 hrs ago
Nah its dead... but its friend mr wasp is now dive bombing my door and scared me half to death

The Elvenqueen 23 hrs ago
*shakes the brain bush until the words fall out* I need to poooosttt c'monnn :(

Crab Bane 23 hrs ago
Your phone? I can assure you, it's not dead. The most effective way to take kill a spider is with a hand grenade.
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RougeRogue 23 hrs ago
I just killed a spider with my phone...
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AlternateMan 1 day ago
I ain't afraid of no ghosts
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Catharyn 1 day ago
First interest check up in 3 years! We're back in business peopleee
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dhawan 1 day ago
my only experiences with cryptids are catching glimpses of myself in the reflection of the window at 3am
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Penny 1 day ago
I've seen more than my share of corpses in my lifetime and I've never seen anything to make me believe in the supernatural. I would like to compile a chronicle of supernatural lore though.
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Crab Bane 1 day ago
@Cleverbird- Yes. Though give me an anvil elf with toned thighs and ass over a tiddy monster elf.

SaltySauce 1 day ago
Dm me for Rick and Morty RP babes

Cleverbird 1 day ago
@Naw & Crab Bane:
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Naw 1 day ago
@Crab Bane…
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Crab Bane 1 day ago
Unpopular opinion:…

Guy0fV4lor 1 day ago
Happened much more frequently when I was a kid, but nowhere near as strong. Nowadays I dont get them as much , but when I do OH BOY that shit sends a chill down my spine.

POOHEAD189 1 day ago
While I believe I've seen a ghost in childhood, and I found a many legged eel-like creature in a creek once, nothing exciting when it comes to cryptids even if it's an area I used to study.

Guy0fV4lor 1 day ago
When I say that, I mean like things will line up in such a way that itll be something I swear I saw in a dream within the last couple month or so.

Guy0fV4lor 1 day ago
While I cant say that I recall any paranormal encounters, I've had multiple experiences where I might just be minding my own business only to be hit with some next level Deja Vu.

Zoey Boey 1 day ago
there's a mosquito in my room and it's going to bite me 15 times but there's not really much i can do about it.
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BenG85 1 day ago
I need some time, I'll respond to people when I come back, few days probably.
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Andreyich 1 day ago
Yeah I've dealt with a lot of spirits; brandy, gin, rum, and many more
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Ophidian 1 day ago
Yes. It was compelling enough for me to abandon fourteen years of atheism and go pagan. I don't expect anyone who didn't experience the same to believe me, mind.
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Yankee 1 day ago
Maybe. Can't exactly prove it. Some paranormal experiences, perhaps ghosts, and... My family has a *thing* with aliens...
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Crab Bane 1 day ago
I'm legitimately curious about something. Has anyone on the forum had encounters with aliens, cryptids, spirits, etc.?
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Ophidian 1 day ago
Fun fact: During ye olden days they were fond of putting animals on trial. There's a tale about a lawyer getting a bunch of rats off on a technicality. Just sayin-"Lord of Rats" is a *great* title.
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Blaze Gamma 1 day ago
It's deeply disturbing to me to see that comment. Why basic human rights should even be a political issue, that is

POOHEAD189 1 day ago
Not to get political but I think basic human rights are a good thing.
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Crab Bane 1 day ago
Update: sirens went past. Seems it was gunshots after all.
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Undead Eyes 1 day ago
I have to go get interviewed at 10am and give them my entire chat history off discord with the guy in the morning.

Crab Bane 1 day ago
Not sure if those are fireworks or gunshots. Given my neighborhood at this time of year, that's about a 50/50.
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Sharidi37495 1 day ago
UnOrdinary anyone?…

dhawan 1 day ago
wilberforce comes from my town which is pretty cool
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Crobot 1 day ago
Careful! Pigs have sensitive skin. Oink oink.
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Undead Eyes 1 day ago
Detective is calling me here in a few minutes about the murders. Guh.

Ambra 1 day ago
That's a yikes from me dawg

Ambra 1 day ago
They make EVERY canon character transgender/asexual/transexual/etc. Like, I get you want to push diversity, but when you go on to say that Big Max looked really comfortable in a dress in one episode..

Ambra 1 day ago
I love this artist on DA that draws MLP art. I don't like MLP, but the lore and art they make is great. But unfortunately I'm tempted to unwatch them.

Guy0fV4lor 1 day ago
*clears throat* No u

Andreyich 1 day ago
I don't need support from a pussy ass bitch lol
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Guy0fV4lor 1 day ago
Wait fuck I didnt mean to like that! Consider my support of that statement R E C I N D E D
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BangoSkank 1 day ago
Blindwoofer, You, I like you.…
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blindwoofer 1 day ago
How does a penguin build its house? Igloos it together.
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Bee 1 day ago
I know this is from you, Sokka! Toph can't write!
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Penny 1 day ago
This is what I get for meddling with Wilberforces I cannot control...
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Ophidian 1 day ago
Penny, you might enjoy King Leopold's Ghost. It seems like a book that might be up your alley. Though it can be somewhat uhm, graphic at times.
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BangoSkank 1 day ago
Actually about William Wilberforce:…

Penny 1 day ago
I'm sorry I actually meant William Wilberforce who actively campaigned to end the slave trade. I'm sure Sam was cool also.
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POOHEAD189 1 day ago
Which is good bc it shows humans learn to be better. (I will halt spamming now. Sorry everyone!)
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SporkoBug 1 day ago
If I could stop getting so stressed from work that I end up vomiting that would be amazing.
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POOHEAD189 1 day ago
The reason people dont own slaves today isn't because we were born with moral good in our DNA unlike the Vikings/southerners/ummayid siltanate, but because we were raised by a society that detests it
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POOHEAD189 1 day ago
Wilberforce could see slavery was an abomination because slavery was abolished during his young adult years in 1833.

Ophidian 1 day ago
“...not all monsters go away with time. In fact, some don't leave you at all - they wait. They're a patient lot.”
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