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Bondye 29 min ago
It is the year 2021. I shouldn't deride such glee from telling newbie anime fans to watch Boku no Pico and go in blind.

AnnaBeth 33 min ago
Shaving my head to give it a fresh start. Yay or nay?

Tlstiffl 2 hrs ago
Yup social anxiety is hardcore now. Thanks covid ✌️😬✌️
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I'm gonna kill house centipedes and any other vile thing that dares step foot in here
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Blizz 3 hrs ago
Hamburger cheeseburger Big Mac whopper Hamburger cheeseburger Big Mac whopper Hamburger cheeseburger Big Mac whopper Hamburger cheeseburger Big Mac whopper Hamburger cheeseburger Big Mac whopper
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Dark Cloud 5 hrs ago
Hocus postus
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Bondye 5 hrs ago
PSA: don't kill house centipedes. They eat roaches, earwigs, silverfish, and other bugs.
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Jones Sparrow 6 hrs ago
“ You will always fall in love, and it will always be like having your throat cut.”
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AnnaBeth 6 hrs ago
I'm surprised by how much I love Jack Kline. He's absolutely the shining light of Season 13, and I'm sure the same is true for Season 14 of Supernatural. I'm attached. <3

deadwolves 6 hrs ago
I'm pretty much on a long hiatus right now. Something happened that I need to work through.

Noogget 7 hrs ago
It has taken me so very long to stop procrastinating on this project I've been wanting to do for years. Finally got around to working on my dragon-lore. What does that say about me? Lmfaooo

Ammokkx 8 hrs ago
ah, shit, guess I'm becoming an uncle now
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Arkitekt 9 hrs ago
Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my campaign, and all the players in it. I couldn't be happier…
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Conejitoooo 9 hrs ago
I need more friends to role play with =-=

Gilgex 10 hrs ago
I am seriously not a morning person… I forget everything I need to do even though I remind myself several times.

honorandpride 13 hrs ago
Owed posts should be up tonight! I get to sleep in, so I'm taking advantage.
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Shadow Dragon 18 hrs ago
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Bondye 18 hrs ago
Think I'm getting out of that slump. Now do I go and bump my interest checks?

Kiragan_Natsuki 18 hrs ago
@DruSM157: I did see that earlier, and it looks amazing. So far the only good lever actions I've had are the Slingfire and the Sentinel. The Sentinel alone is just beast.

DruSM157 18 hrs ago
Yeah. There were some kits for the nerf slingfire to strengthen the lever and increase performance but nothing really special. A couple of dudes are working on a high power lever blaster tho

Kiragan_Natsuki 18 hrs ago
@DruSM157: That's what I figured honestly. Even after removing the AR from the shells, there really is no significant performance increase. It's got some funky internals too, and alot of dead space

DruSM157 19 hrs ago
You won't get much performance out of those with the basic shells anyways. They make fun cosplay or larp blasters but that's about it
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Kiragan_Natsuki 19 hrs ago… Currently trying to mod one of these. Performance sucks, but I'm a sucker for lever action. Took the air restrictors out of the shells.

DruSM157 19 hrs ago
Pretty rad. If you like shotgun style blasters, Google "Spring thunder". Creator's a pretty cool dude who made an actual tubular shell fed shotgun style blaster.
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Bondye 19 hrs ago
I repainted a Scout MKII and wrapped some suede around the grip.

Kiragan_Natsuki 19 hrs ago
@DruSM157: Sick! I've never done much rewiring because I'm dumb when it comes to that, but I just recently put a 6K spring into my Slingfire and gave it a new paint job.

DruSM157 19 hrs ago
@Kiragan_Natsuki what kinds of mods, blasters and etc are we talking about? I've done rewires, spring replacements, 3D part replacement and fu 3D part builds
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Kiragan_Natsuki 19 hrs ago
So.... any Nerf gun modders out there? :D

Mangrale 20 hrs ago
Can't wait to start a monster taming cartel and call it "The Hug Lords", that's for sure.
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Tortoise 21 hrs ago
Can't wait to capture some Pokemon and force them to make guns, that's for sure
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Mangrale 21 hrs ago
Feels more like a GTA Monster Edition, but it certainly has my attention, that's for sure.
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Bondye 21 hrs ago
If Palworld is a self-aware parody of various -mon series and BR games, I might give it a play.

Mangrale 21 hrs ago
I have seen the trailer for Palworld and now I think my brain is trying to protect itself by telling me it isn't real.
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Blaze Gamma 21 hrs ago
Am needin das arpees in order to distract from the pain in my back

Bondye 22 hrs ago
"Manos?" "The Hand of Fate."

LittleMouse 22 hrs ago
I’m in painnnnnn
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SporkoBug 22 hrs ago
Replies will come soon, somehow I've fallen massively sick from food I ate yesterday. I feel like shit.

Kuro 23 hrs ago
@Dagger Our dog is the same way. Plus, he dislikes being brushed, so our house is covered in dog hair because how heavy his breed can shed

Dagger 24 hrs ago
It takes a team of two to give our pitbull a bath. One person to actually wash her, and one person to palm her treats the whole time so she doesn't wrestle her way out of the tub.
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Xaltwind 1 day ago

New Beginnings 1 day ago
Wow honestly feeling let down by the new conjuring movie. The jump scares were predicable... Like you know exactly what was going to happen every step of the way. Oh well at least I got the $10 ticket
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Kuro 1 day ago
Go get yourself some free steam games --…
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vancexentan 1 day ago
The madmen did it! Doki Doki Literature Club plus is a thing!
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AnnaBeth 1 day ago
You know you have had too much caffeine, when your ADHD & Object Permanence issues make you lose your phone...and it vibrating under your ass scares the living hell out of you ten seconds later.
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AlternateMan 1 day ago
Does that mean I should, instead of desiring, start trying to make anime a reality

Lugubrious 1 day ago
He who desires, but acts not, breeds pestilence
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AlternateMan 1 day ago
ominous birds chirping
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Dark Cloud 1 day ago
It fills me with a sense of both pride and longing, seeing how far I've come but also makes me miss the people who used to be here.
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Dark Cloud 1 day ago
I forget sometimes how long I've been here, I sign on then I'm like "Wow 6 years on & off." sometimes I get nostalgic and read old posts.
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VeyrinDay 1 day ago
pardon for lack of responses, been busy for days/weeks (I lost count); any 1x1 partners still keeping interest please bump me in PM

Vampiretwilight 1 day ago
Have a good day everyone.
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New Beginnings 1 day ago
Replies will be limited as today is self care day so I'm doing spa treatments, going to the movies, and generally distracting myself from the stresses of life.
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AlternateMan 1 day ago
I thought xhange of hairstyle only happened once you go through an anime character arc

LittleMouse 1 day ago
Hehehe I get to scare the piss out of my HM this morning because she’s so used to my long hair

WindsOfFate 1 day ago
Immaturity is so disgusting.....
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Jones Sparrow 1 day ago
“You say the ocean’s riding? Like I give a shit. You say the whole world’s ending? Honey, it already did.”
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Nuhll 1 day ago
Hello everyone
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POOHEAD189 2 days ago
I tend to greet newcomers with this:…
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Bondye 2 days ago
I'm considering greeting newbies to the site with lyrics from "Welcome to the Jungle".
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MarioMitsubishi 2 days ago
Hello everyone
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Obscene Symphony 2 days ago
Knitting is great
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Adhemar 2 days ago
I picked up knitting some days ago, and I'm really enjoying it. For some reason, I'm able to concentrate more on stuff I listen to (podcasts and the like) while I knit. Awesome sauce.
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Bondye 2 days ago
Oh hey, new Jurassic World Evolution game coming.
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AlternateMan 2 days ago
This is Altyman speaking, unlike my controversial promise I am available like 16 hours later after which I will start finishing week old promised posts because I am a responsible adult. Wort wort wort
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Ammokkx 2 days ago
pollen can go pollinate themselves, this is the worst time of year
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FunDirtyRP 2 days ago
Will be on to reply later tonight.

AngelBites15 2 days ago
Still Juggling! :/ Happy Pride Month!
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ZAVAZggg 2 days ago
It matters not how fleeting a person's flame may have been. So long as it burned brilliantly - even for the briefest of moments - they will never truly be forgotten.
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gorgenmast 2 days ago
Ur hawt too :) do you want 2 cyber? 🥺
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gorgenmast 2 days ago
“crawling meat machine centipede of mammon cast open thy terrible maw and fill this fetid earth with your blasphemies and ring an end to this rotten corpse of a world” - Hellen Keller
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Tpartywithzombi 2 days ago
Looking for more 1 x 1 Rp's - Check out my personal thread for more information
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Plank Sinatra 2 days ago
40 hours into the mass effect remaster. gameplay is good but not sold on the plot changes. wish garrus would stop saying "reaper? i hardly know her!" laugh track on the normandy is a weird choice too
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AlternateMan 2 days ago
Can I sing an anime opening at the top of my lungs now?
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nachonacho 2 days ago
back.. kind of.

LittleMouse 3 days ago
English majors or similar, I have a question that I’d like to discuss come say hello if you want to try and help me out with it

HathlenerIX 3 days ago
Every single damn thing I play on Steam has it's own tech issues. Please just let me play ffs.
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LittleMouse 3 days ago
I do, it still happens, and no I can’t go to anyone else unless I want to drive 2+ hours the next town over
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Blaze Gamma 3 days ago
You should probably say something to your stylist
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LittleMouse 3 days ago
Why does my stylist give my curly-ish hair Betty bangs every time I have a maintenance cut...they practically disappear
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Exit 3 days ago
All I want in life is to never again arrive at an intersection at the same time as someone else.
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Obscene Symphony 3 days ago
porque no los dos
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AnnaBeth 3 days ago
ADHD is a bitch when it comes to interacting with strangers, sometimes. Part of me knows it's not normal to come at them like we're already best friends, but my brain tells me we are XD Forgive me.
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Scribe of Thoth 3 days ago
Not a day goes by where I don't miss when SWTOR was good
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Obscene Symphony 3 days ago
All I hear is wow cope

Obscene Symphony 3 days ago
Better than wow baby
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Tomotaxi 3 days ago
Did you know that the critically acclaimed MMORPG, "Final Fantasy XIV", has a free trial that includes the entirety of-
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honorandpride 3 days ago
Fair skin is not a fan of the sun, as I burnt EVERYWHERE. My feet are honestly the worst of it because of being in the water, which is going to make tomorrow's shift painful.
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blindwoofer 3 days ago
Anyone waiting on a post from me, sorry. I was called into work for a few hours so I'll try and post after that or tomorrow morning. Thanks for understanding.
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Jones Sparrow 3 days ago
“I'm oxygen and she's dying to breathe.”
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AlternateMan 3 days ago
Yer a wizard Kale
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Kale19 3 days ago
If Kale is a superfood, then what am I?
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AlternateMan 3 days ago
Guess we'll have to "reddit" of its evil parts HAH
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Obscene Symphony 3 days ago
reddit is a wretched hive of scum and villainy
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vancexentan 3 days ago
I swear people will downvote anything on reddit. I posted an Ad on a dnd sub for looking for campaigns and its already been downvoted 10 minutes into it being posted.

AlternateMan 3 days ago
There are people looking at my profile and it's scaring me WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE WHERE IS MY FROG

Fetzen 3 days ago
Having biliary pain is no fun. Apologies to everyone who's waiting for a post from me!
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WitchHunter 3 days ago
Aced my final on Revolutionary/Napoleonic France! One more semester to go, and I'll have a completely useless degree!
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Ammokkx 3 days ago
give me a (good) yugioh RP and I'll get those last 200k all by myself
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Kuro 3 days ago
Casual RP needs around 270k more posts before they reach 2 million posts. Anyone want to make it a game to push it to that number by the end of the year, drumming up some site activity in the process?
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Angel Vicky 3 days ago
"If his words were kisses, he'd be making love to me."
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