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Lmpkio 2 min ago
Meanwhile it’s actually getting colder where I am.. the hell Los Angeles?

King Tai 2 hrs ago
It's starting to get hotter than a monkey's ass here. -_-
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Typhon 2 hrs ago
Sorry for the lack of posting, busy outside, so dont expect me going onlime everyday

Universorum 2 hrs ago
It's fucking cold
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Mara 3 hrs ago

Christ alive, I really hate canker sores. Irritating little pests.
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BrokenPromise 6 hrs ago
New writing contest is up. Grab a friend and start writing!…
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Otaku95 7 hrs ago
God bless each and every one of you delightful idiots in the Dungeons and Derps thread for making me smile. God knows I needed that.
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Scrub Mage 7 hrs ago
Just be.

Penny 7 hrs ago
That made me think of Chuwumbawambas everything you know is wrong which is my head cannon theme song for certain posters in the political thread

Lovejoy 7 hrs ago
It's 5 AM, couldn't sleep, got out of bed did like 30 push-ups. Let's hear it for ADHD!
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EchoesofOld 10 hrs ago
So there's a Pink Floyd Laser Show coming to town. Ahm gettin hyped. :D

kalinsovrin 10 hrs ago
"Everything you know is wrong Up is down and short is long And everything you used to think was so important Doesn't really matter anymore." Damn you Weird Al why is this section stuck in my head

Tojin 11 hrs ago
10,000 SONGS EXACTLY HELL YEAH (though i didn't get there in time for valentine's like i thought :/)
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Nallore 11 hrs ago
@Miss Gallagher your art work is pretty awesome at least the ones i've seen from your interest checks. :)
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Dewey Deftones 11 hrs ago
Procrastination is my
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Miss Gallagher 12 hrs ago
Spent a bunch of money today to get the parts for my new desktop computer... Decided to have fun and had a custom mouse pad made for me displaying some of my artwork. Hehe. <3
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HueMan 12 hrs ago
We attack Japan. Wir greifen Japan an. 日本を攻撃する. 일본을 공격한다.
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Universorum 12 hrs ago
seth freaking rollins
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AlternateMan 12 hrs ago
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Otaku95 12 hrs ago
Need a few opinions on something personal. Friends or not, I'd like a general consensus from a few people via PM.
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anxiouscat 13 hrs ago
Really wish this sore throat would go away...

Hydrophobe 13 hrs ago
I can't stand writing papers for school. Can't wait for this semester to be over. Then I'll be free!

Hero 13 hrs ago
"Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself."
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Penny 13 hrs ago
Apparently 'as often as I can' is not the answer my mother was looking for when she asked me when I was going to find a nice man and settle down...
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Whimsical Cloud 14 hrs ago
This has been a long week. I've spazzed out to the point where I literally just hit myself with my front door accidentally. Opps. I'm feeling klutzy tonight ^^'
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Thespian 15 hrs ago
Won't be able to get replies off tonight

Lmpkio 15 hrs ago
Cosplaying THOTS!

OfWindAndRain 15 hrs ago
I'll get to posting tomorrow, i've been sick and feeling like my head was slowly imploding. Many apologies, dear partners and friendos, but I WAS SICC AF

anxiouscat 15 hrs ago
2 year olds are psycho......
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Demonic Raven 15 hrs ago
@AlternateMan *sings* Mad world! Maaaaddddd Wooooorrrrrlllllddddd!
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AlternateMan 15 hrs ago

RabidRabbit 15 hrs ago
So a cosplayer who spent over 100 hours making a perfect Fallout NV Ranger cosplay lost a competition to a bunch of half naked thots with various cosplay themed headgear.
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Siaya Dragalorn 15 hrs ago
Crafting problem #572: Your crafting space nearly always ends up smelling of glue, Mod Podge, or some other crafting substance (or a mix thereof), no matter what you do to try combating it.
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AlternateMan 15 hrs ago
I haven’t been updating status messages for 4 days. MUST SAY SOMETHING
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Obscene Symphony 15 hrs ago
"Pick one: The girl from the Xerox place, buck naked... Or a big tub of jam?"
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Tlstiffl 16 hrs ago
I don't want my vacation to be over. Work sucks. Adulting sucks.
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RabidRabbit 17 hrs ago
Train or sammich?
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cerozer0 17 hrs ago
subways are homophobic

DC The Dragon 17 hrs ago
Coming back home from a crazy day be like "Can I just sleep for a few days?"
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RabidRabbit 17 hrs ago
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Bartimaeus 17 hrs ago
Does anyone actually remember ever being taught sarcasm?

RabidRabbit 17 hrs ago
It's free real estate
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TheEvanCat 17 hrs ago
I change my status every year.
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TudorRose92 18 hrs ago
Me: "It's midnight. You should really be going to bed now." Also Me: "But you stayed up until 2am last night! What's another couple of hours....."
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Ahhh, Otaku isn't my boyfriend. My boyfriend doesn't have an account on here. The guy in my picture is my boyfriend. :)
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ScreenAcne 18 hrs ago
@Ambra Messy can be extremely satisfying in a way that love can't provide, sister. We all need a rival and passionate hate-on sometimes.

Ambra 18 hrs ago
Gosh am I glad my bf on here and I aren't as messy as that
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ScreenAcne 18 hrs ago
@Ambra looks like a classic loveboat to hateship, relationship shift to me, sister. Passion powers rivarvly as much as loving steam and all that.
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Lamb Of Goth 18 hrs ago
I should probably continue working on paperwork for an event that's coming up in about three weeks instead of roleplaying, huh?

SirSqueakalot91 18 hrs ago
Today is a little crazy. My job seems to have forgotten what I actually do and are trying to make me do 7 things at once. Will post when I can.

We weren't always like this. Long, long ago...four years ago, we were actually great friends. But alas, the fire nation attacked and we went our separate ways., he hates me lol.

Ambra 19 hrs ago
... you two's relationship confuses me. A lot.
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In other news, we picked a date. December 28th, 2019. I'll officially be a Protacio on that day. :D
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Remipa Awesome 19 hrs ago
Trying to get back into the guild for a lot of reasons, but every chance I seem to get, school and life come in and are like "NOPE!" And promptly kick my ass.
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Simple Unicycle 19 hrs ago
BioShock is spoopy.
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Otaku95 20 hrs ago

I think... I think I'm... *starts to panic slightly*
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Mister Thirteen 21 hrs ago
So, today, between classes, I watched the first episode of Tokyo Ghoul. As someone who is very selective with anime, I have this to say as my review statement; Let the bingeing begin.
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anxiouscat 22 hrs ago
Done playing hostess now it's time to work on some posts!

StarLordess 22 hrs ago
I once had a cat that licked a mouse instead of chasing it. He was lovely, but useless.
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Mattchstick 22 hrs ago
What kind of cat doesn't flip out over a laser pointer??
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Otaku95 22 hrs ago
It's funny, my mother bought a laser pointer for us to entertain the cat, but the cat doesn't care, and I'M the one having fun with it.
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Bee 23 hrs ago
Decent job and anything in fast food cancel each other out unless you're working for In N Out
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Ozymandian 23 hrs ago
@ StarLordess That is subjective.

Nallore 23 hrs ago
@StarLordess theres always Mickey D's lol

CorrosiveCherry 23 hrs ago
Hey there~ Got something for those Fate/ fans, and even people new to the series! Give it a look-see~…

StarLordess 23 hrs ago
Goddammit, it can be so freaking hard to find a decent job.

The Grey Dust 24 hrs ago
Have you considered a job as a plumber? I hear it pays in mushrooms and gold coins.
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Decadent Dark 24 hrs ago
Why does every time I get a job, it starts going down the drain?

SilverPaw 1 day ago
Going to a hated event might build my fortitude or something, but the though of seeing those f*rs' faces...Yeah, no thanks.
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Metadude 1 day ago
Unless it's a sickness, in which case you gain a better immunity - therefor stronger
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Agent 47 1 day ago
That which does not kill you makes you weaker, imo. If you get shot but survive, you aren't getting stronger than before.
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shylarah 1 day ago
So ded. Cannot brain. Just one massive poorly coordinated and balance-lacking headache. But don't send help. I don't want to people either. X.x
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Otaku95 1 day ago
"That which does not kill me has made a tactical error."
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Metadude 1 day ago
I am a grown ass man, and I just watched another man eat beans for 5 minutes start to finish. What the hell am I doing with my life

Arya10108909 1 day ago
Score! Wasn't woken up rudely by an alarm clock this morning. (Or drunk people.)

Omega Man 1 day ago
Monday is the day I sit around, eat chimichanga's, and watch the Deadpool movie again.
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Irredeemable 1 day ago
"If Plan A is to take multiple .338 shots to the back, you really need to come up with a Plan B."
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Anime_Freak 1 day ago
Well... I guess everything is just slow now? I just get so anxious when I watch the count go from "days" to "weeks"
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Altered Tundra 1 day ago
A heart plagued with what it wants and what is right truly is a terrible thing to bear.
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Delta44 1 day ago
Guys, if it don't work straight away, talk to your GM. Ask why it doesn't work, ask if it's possible within the GM's standards, and make adjustments. Not all apps fit first try ^-^
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Metadude 1 day ago
The only reason I want to live in America - Model Train stores everywhere
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Blitz 1 day ago
Hey it's my burfday
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Poke 1 day ago
They're 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain, and 100% reason to remember the name.
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RabidRabbit 1 day ago
No Otaku, don't you remember the Spooky Island movie? Scooby Snacks are 100% vegetarian.
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Otaku95 1 day ago
@Puppet— 50% hemp, 45% meat byproduct, 5% various crap.
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Puppet 1 day ago
What do you guys think scooby snacks are made of?
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Bartimaeus 1 day ago
Found some great RPs to keep me busy. Great players too! :P

Doc Doctor 1 day ago
"Iron rusts from disuse; water loses its purity from stagnation... even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind." -Da Vinci
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Doc Doctor 1 day ago
"Filming a karate video is exactly like being seven-years old except for one difference: I've seen seven-year-olds win fights." —Seanbaby
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POOHEAD189 1 day ago
I really need to get to it and update my guild profile.
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Ozymandian 1 day ago
This is the year I will finish Septerra Core.
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Otaku95 1 day ago
Mommy's alright, daddy's alright, they just seem a little weird/Surrender, surrender, but don't give yourself away
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Whoo! Quite a day. Gotta get some rest though.

Morose 1 day ago
Congratulations to the players of Strange New Waters - that's a wrap on that RP!
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Guild Mods 1 day ago
Short guide for those who are looking for a user name change.…
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Majoras End 1 day ago
And i misspelled motivation. Great.
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Majoras End 1 day ago
Ever have almost every ounce of inspiration, motivatuon, and ideas drained from your mind? The only ones being for characters you sometimes wish you could kill off, or ones simply out of place?
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