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Lady Selune 17 min ago
I'm sick folks. It sucks. I won't be posting. That also sucks.
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Jett Ryu 32 min ago
Oh yeah, next time I'm on Facebook I have to change my listed religion to "Church of Madoka".
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Aamaya 33 min ago
Watching The VVitch for the second time...
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Undead Eyes 1 hr ago
Finally! Time to Stream The Coma! Nothing else to do. Nothing popping up. Now watch as my entire setup breaks. LOL!!!

Odin 1 hr ago
no they're not lol
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vancexentan 2 hrs ago
I love how people on this site have a tendency to just up, and drop a conversation without notice. Like are people not worth the 10 seconds of your life to tell them you're no longer interested?
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AlternateMan 2 hrs ago
Here's a worthless debate topic: for a faceclaim which has more effort, googling random pics or using Rinmaru? Or you can keep searchig meme vids, go on.

Jett Ryu 2 hrs ago
*ironically dabs on that dab*
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Hey Im Jordan 3 hrs ago
never stop joining and making rps dab
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HaleyTheRandom 4 hrs ago
Yo dudes. Give me some feedback.…
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AlternateMan 4 hrs ago
I want a space marine figurine on my desk. Or a doomguy.
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Frizan 5 hrs ago
Nah sometimes a hiatus is good. There will be the occasional dought and there's no sense in soldiering on when there will be literally nothing to show for your efforts.
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Dread 5 hrs ago
Where's the "Don't Stop Trying" button in status when you need it? O.o
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ShwiggityShwah 6 hrs ago
The moment I join a group RP is when it literally starts to come to a standstill. I'm so sick of making characters, and then the RP never takes off. I'm done trying.
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Crystal Amalgam 7 hrs ago
Animate the ancient runes, whistling classic Disney tunes.

Ambra 8 hrs ago
Looking for one more person to play in my FFXIV RP! We have cookies!…

The Grey Dust 9 hrs ago
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Simple Unicycle 9 hrs ago
The only thing better than ironically enjoying Despacito is unironically enjoying Despacito ironically.
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Hari 10 hrs ago
Busy day today! Posts will be up later :)
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Altered Tundra 12 hrs ago
Super excited. A project I put on hold for 7 months may finally see the light of day.
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Spiritzer 13 hrs ago
Time isn't anything without me.

Jett Ryu 14 hrs ago
@Stormflyx— Personally, I believe God is a (magical) girl.…
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Stormflyx 14 hrs ago
when all is said and done, you'll believe God is a woman
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Anime_Freak 14 hrs ago
Posts soon

souleaterfan320 15 hrs ago
Status? What? Why? How?

Jett Ryu 15 hrs ago
TFW you get a quality opening post up. steamusercontent-a.akamaihd…
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Gareth 15 hrs ago
Being productive at night. I need to know from you guys, is it worth it? Or is it better to be active during daylight?

Undead Eyes 15 hrs ago
When you end up not doing anything you planned to do... So, here I am now, working on my art and designing buildings. Fucking buildings... Details and shit... >:/

Lady Ostara 15 hrs ago
So today, I didn't wear my usual outfit of random graphic tee, blue jeans, and roughed up vans with beanie to cover my unkempt curly hair at work, a lot of people didn't recognize me.
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sandman9913 16 hrs ago
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YourHeart 17 hrs ago
Happy to be back home, back to role playing. Hit me up if you're interested!
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Rosenrot 17 hrs ago
“You’re so salty, you could start your own salt company. Princess-brand salt!”

Jett Ryu 17 hrs ago
F.A.T.A.L. is a terrible game. And yet, reading threads where people create characters for it and snark about the mechanics is fairly entertaining.

HokumPocus 18 hrs ago
high schools also have track teams, u can still race with ur friends there :)
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Sewer Rat 18 hrs ago
Ever want to go to your Secondary School, and start a fucking Race War?

Sewer Rat 18 hrs ago
Ever want to go to your Secondary School, and start a fucking Race War?

Briza 18 hrs ago
Today, I made the extravagant purchase of an invisible horse.
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Althiel 19 hrs ago
Doctor: You got ten hours left to live. This guy: *watches Ayaya! for 10 hours straight*
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Lmpkio 19 hrs ago
I would absolutely love to partake in a Fire Emblem: Heroes-esque RP, where you can play as almost any character from the FE RP against a combined enemy.

Jett Ryu 19 hrs ago
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anxiouscat 21 hrs ago
Lucky Charms have unicorn marshmellows now!!!
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sukiyo 22 hrs ago
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Sola 22 hrs ago
Anyone who buys Lucky Charms is 99.9% buying it for the marshmellows and .1% for the cereal itself.
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Altered Tundra 22 hrs ago
Am I the only one bothered by how many heroes and villains are orphans?
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Undead Eyes 23 hrs ago
Waiting for someone to stop by so that I can go Twitch for the evening. I bought 'The Coma', a horror game! Not sure if I'll get scared or not. Can't wait to find out! -Eye Twitch-
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Sanguine Rose 23 hrs ago
Responses tomorrow. Sleep tonight

POOHEAD189 23 hrs ago
How to create a villain: Step #1 ALSO kill their parents.
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HaleyTheRandom 23 hrs ago
How To Create a Hero, Step One: Kill off their parents.
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Lint Fugazi 24 hrs ago
Oh hai I'm new. Help me out with this
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The Grey Dust 24 hrs ago
Okay then. New diet plan. Gouge out everyone's eyes and snack away.
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GarlandDaHero 1 day ago
Living here in Jersey / Fighting villains from afar / You gotta find first gear / In your giant robot car
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Queen of Hell 1 day ago
Due to responsibilities, my replies will be a bit sparse, apologies.

Crimson Raven 1 day ago
Abandoning Quiches...

Gunther 1 day ago
Diet Rule #1: If nobody sees you eating it, it doesn't contain any calories.
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WSilversun 1 day ago
I'm sick as hell right now- responses will be slow.
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Bee 1 day ago
yeah you do
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Sleepy Bear 1 day ago
I don't creep on profiles. D:
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Hey Im Jordan 1 day ago
thor owns
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ScreenAcne 1 day ago
shit, more dicey than gordan ramsay in an rage.…

AlternateMan 1 day ago
We're not stuck with you. YOU're stuck with US. HhahahahhahahahHHHHAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
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Jett Ryu 1 day ago
Decided to change my mind on finding a new forum. Seems you guys are stuck with me. You poor bastards.
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Gareth 1 day ago
English only noobs.

Odin 1 day ago
mdr lol putain pd

headintheclouds 1 day ago
Merde. Il pleut.

Gareth 1 day ago
Might buy a camper, could be cheaper living than a house.

AlternateMan 1 day ago
*pumps shotgun*
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Jett Ryu 1 day ago
Disculpe, pero ¿podría decirme dónde está el baño?
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Hey Im Jordan 1 day ago
u eatin the wrong protein bars my guy

Silence Sounds 1 day ago
Waiting to receive a call from my previous job to see if I can come back. Wish me luck?
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Dread 1 day ago
Why do protein bars have to taste like freshly churned dirt?
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Althiel 1 day ago
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Odin 1 day ago

Undead Eyes 1 day ago
My friend pre-ordered me Pokemon Go Eevee for my birthday. It's the usual gift I get since they come out right around my birthday on the 17th of November. This should be delivered the 16th. Woot!
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Lady Amalthea 1 day ago
So, who wants to play Mario Kart?
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Rosenrot 1 day ago
My roommate just found out why Mario Kart is trending. Now, the man is broken. Absolutely broken.
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Hey Im Jordan 1 day ago
well we are best friends after all
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Fabricant451 1 day ago
I can no longer carry that burden. I am glad that you will carry on my great legacy.
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Hey Im Jordan 1 day ago
we are sworn to carry asuka's burden until she gets the championship or something like that
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Fabricant451 1 day ago
Hey that avatar looks familiar
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Hey Im Jordan 1 day ago
that's too real

FemShep 1 day ago
Work just told me I can have a plus one on all my business trips but I don't have a plus one :(
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Gelatinous Cube 1 day ago
As an Australian...yes. Yes I do. /sarcasm
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Fabricant451 1 day ago
Captain Marvel trailer gave me a reason to believe that there is good in the world. I give it an hour or so for that belief is dashed.

Sputnik 1 day ago
Play the guitar, play it again, my Johnny

freedomliveson 1 day ago
Will be back October 2nd thanks to work and going out of town.
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Dealdric 1 day ago
When that one guy at work screws up on a project, and you get called in on your day off to fix it.
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AlternateMan 1 day ago
So I played classic DOOM last night and had too much fun with it.
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Shiyonichi 1 day ago
Finally back.
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Zelosse 1 day ago
Here to reclaim the taken. Hail to the great Cayde, who was made Forsaken.
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Crazy Scion 1 day ago
Sometimes the dead rise from there graves. Motivated once more.

Jett Ryu 1 day ago
Typed up and formatted an interest check on my phone for a half hour, and just as I was about to post it, I dropped my phone on the power button. I quit for tonight.
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sukiyo 1 day ago
But, did he buy you brunch after?
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Frizan 1 day ago
A bear suplexed me on top of a train once
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Blaze Gamma 1 day ago
I suplexed a train once.
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WitchHunter 1 day ago
Even I think that band sucks, and they're in the trashy genres I listen to.
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Morika Kana 1 day ago
Is it ever easy to not be sad about something you should just be mad at?
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Altered Tundra 2 days ago
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Sleepy Bear 2 days ago
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Blues 2 days ago
ur mum a bear

Sleepy Bear 2 days ago
I've suplexed a bear.
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