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Denduris 15 min ago
Lover's Cross by Jim Croce is an experience, and you won't regret it.

wheels 17 min ago
so hopping i am better by wednesday to spend some time with my boyfriend.

gorgenmast 27 min ago

Faded Memory 32 min ago
So, I came to my senses and am at the theater - sorry guys, Avengers (*ahem*Bucky Barnes*ahem*) > replying atm.
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DeadDrop 1 hr ago
Spider spider on the wall - get off ma wall!

DruSM157 1 hr ago
Spiral spiral spiral down the drain. That’s what i do

Altered Tundra 1 hr ago
Why is it always the same thing with me? I get into one cycle of a bad way and instead of accepting help when given, I push away the very people trying to help me.
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The statuse bar didn't let me finish typing before it sent... >.<
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To those I have rps with, I'm sorry

"Weel Ray, there were these things called "dinosaurs," and when they died, they turned into oil (somehow) and that's what your car uses for food."
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Caitimus 2 hrs ago

The Valkyrie 2 hrs ago
Back from the movie. I will make no comment other than that everyone needs to see it
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headintheclouds 2 hrs ago
Father Brown is a great show TBH. I wish I had more time to watch it
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Sorry Excuse 2 hrs ago
My manager can go fuck right off. Unless she's on this website, in which case... you're doing a wonderful job, Jasmine, keep it up.
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PureHeroine 2 hrs ago
99% of my RPs just died before they even began.
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Majoras End 2 hrs ago
Replies will be slow.

OfWindAndRain 3 hrs ago
Are we reciting the lyrics of our favorite songs?! I wanna join! *clears throat* "....SAAAANDWICH, SAAAANDWICH, I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU! YOU'VE GOT LEEEETTUCE, AND TOMATOES TOO..."

anxiouscat 3 hrs ago
For those of you wondering, I decided on Father Brown.

The Grey Dust 3 hrs ago
TWO ROLEPLAYERS ENTER, ONE ROLEPLAYER LEAVES! - Not sure if this is the slogan for the Arena or 1x1 section.
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ZayZe 3 hrs ago
Slow night for RP's today. Where art thou my partners?
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Mara 4 hrs ago
nanomachines, son

anxiouscat 4 hrs ago
Trying to find something to watch that isn't Father Brown, The Office or Criminal Minds is hard....
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KatherinWinter 4 hrs ago
Roleplaying is my therapy.
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Lord Wraith 4 hrs ago
I like digging holes and hiding things inside them, When I'll grow old, I hope I won't forget to find them, 'Cause I've got memories and travel like gypsies in the night
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Denduris 5 hrs ago
Doubt is the flaw in any armor.
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Odin 5 hrs ago
Yngwaz' Zonen, vaart uit naar de horizon. Ver van ons huis opzoek naar nieuwe grond. Nu dwaalt gij rond op woeste zee, oh zonen van het tij. Daar aan de einder ligt ons doel, de goden staan ons bij.
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LaMoon 5 hrs ago
We are just like the Moon, only the most adventurous and corageous get to see our Dark Side.
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Arya10108909 5 hrs ago
My internet needs to work

PureHeroine 6 hrs ago
When you can think up the perfect scenario in your head, but you can't for the life of you, put it into words
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Nidavellir 6 hrs ago
Wowza! what's that? *squints* ah..just my depression, welp.
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Fetzen 6 hrs ago
The ISP's DNS-server malfunctioning when you come home after working 11 hours straight is not funny. I've been eager to game for the entire week and how much could I ? Almost not a single bit. Damn.
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Liseran Thistle 7 hrs ago
I hereby announce that national American chicken day is now CANCELLED. All of you, cease greasing your chickens NOW. Anyone suspected of unsolicited chicken greasing will be Gizzard wacked.
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Dewey Deftones 7 hrs ago
My mind is on sci-fi crack right now. I've just build a huge world/plot and have nothing to do with it but stare at it.
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Thespian 7 hrs ago
Minor pet peeve: People being unwilling to make ANY alterations to a plot to help the world belong to both players. I've run into it a couple times now. Not every often thankfully, but it's trying.
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Winter Star12 7 hrs ago
Me and my family are moved into a new house! YAY!
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Mister Thirteen 8 hrs ago
Steven Blum does voice overs in alot more video games than I thought...
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Jollan 8 hrs ago
4 papers due in 4 days? Screw that, we got RPs to post in!
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OnionKnight 8 hrs ago
Reading minds is totally possible. If you want clarity, ask the sky.

Hero 8 hrs ago
If you can't say what's on your mind, don't get mad when you're misunderstood. Be clear, be upfront. No one's a mind reader.
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Inkarnate 8 hrs ago
I am also a bigger fan of “collaborative writing”, yes. I suppose beyond people not misunderstanding the term it also sounds decidedly more “adult”.
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Shizune 9 hrs ago
I feel that the word "roleplay" has a sexual connotation attached to it. So when I'm in the middle of writing a post and a friend asks what I'm doing, I tell them it's "collaborative writing." xD
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LaMoon 9 hrs ago
@Lady Selune, I totally agree with you. Gets on my nerves.

Lady Selune 9 hrs ago
Do you know what I hate? People who post 1x1 interest checks, and then DON'T FUCKING REPLY WHEN YOU PM THEM. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING.
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Liseran Thistle 9 hrs ago night... I can still hear them...the restless void screaming..."I'll have a skinny espresso latte with no whip, please."
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Darcs 10 hrs ago
Death to America, of course.

Jerkchicken 10 hrs ago
There are people here that collapse all the categories and only post on status or the discord
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MesuOkami 11 hrs ago
How riveting

Sirkaithethird 11 hrs ago
Your boi is getting married!!
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LaMoon 11 hrs ago
I've rolled some joints before, back when I was a teenager. Man, those memories. Pretty sure the dealer that gave me and my peers our daily dose of green herbs is buried six feet under though.
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DruSM157 11 hrs ago
I prefer staring at the ceiling and wishing for everything to stop
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Rai 11 hrs ago
I prefer the green.
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LaMoon 12 hrs ago
Ah, cigarettes. Breaking free from anxiety and other depressing thoughts one nicotine-filled cylinder at a time.

DruSM157 12 hrs ago
Nope. I’m not going to do that. I prefer having a job.
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Briiar 12 hrs ago
There's something poetic about accidentally spilling coffee all over yourself while listening to Frank Sinatra's "That's Life."
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rebornfan320 12 hrs ago
@DruSM157 I'm going through those as well. Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Loneliness all in different orders beating on me. Probably for similar and different reasons..
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BabyBump96 13 hrs ago
Still not feeling great but I'll try and get a reponse out to all my roleplays today! <3 xx
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anxiouscat 13 hrs ago
@Bishop That's some solid advice.

Parried 13 hrs ago
What kind of shenanigans is going on here!
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Bishop 13 hrs ago
Take a quick jerk-off break. Trust me, it'll fix any emotional problems you have....and uh....I mean....Open your heart to God and he will protect you...calm you down...etc etc.
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DruSM157 13 hrs ago
Stress. Anxiety. Depression. Loneliness. It’s like it’s all deciding to beat me down with a panic attack at once, and while I’m at effing work no less!
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OfWindAndRain 13 hrs ago
Saying "Bless you" to the UNCLEAN INFIDEL PEASANTS
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AlternateMan 13 hrs ago
How do people even manage to join a super fast paced rp

Ambra 14 hrs ago
To those whining about GRRM not releasing Winds of Winter this year... you have no idea how hard it is to be a professional writer and wrap up a huge, widely popular saga in the "right" way.
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Parried 14 hrs ago
I just sent one of these like an hour ago, so I hope I don't get super purged for spam. If I made a vague interest check for something fantasy with knights and crap, people would dig it? Need Plot?
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Delta44 15 hrs ago
Saying "bless you" to a person burping.
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Sierra 15 hrs ago
On principle I am no longer joining any RP that uses fancy fonts. I have this unpopular opinion that things should actually be readable on mobile.
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Parried 15 hrs ago
Joined about 5 minutes ago. Found a status bar. Cool.
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BlazerTatsumi 16 hrs ago
I'm so bored right now. PM me with the most fucked up +18 ideas you've got.

BlackDragonSol 16 hrs ago
I have one final assignment to do after today. My signfiicant other asked "Shouldn't you be working on that?", I respond "Eh, I've got two weeks. [Lazy.]"
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NuttsnBolts 16 hrs ago
Maybe I need a Co-GM... :S
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Kalas 16 hrs ago
Booked tickets to see Infinity War tonight and tomorrow night because I already know it's gonna be that good.
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NuttsnBolts 16 hrs ago
In that weird moment when you have an RP concept, but dunno what style, themes, genre, or direction you wanna take it.
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AlternateMan 17 hrs ago
Tfw you don't know all the songs your friends sing and vice versa.

KidKoshka 17 hrs ago
Got to see infinity war. Was not disappointed ^^
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Andreyich 17 hrs ago
God I hate those retrospective moments you remember something you said/did in the past and just stop to think and cringe
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DarkHuntress 18 hrs ago
One more day and then the weekend. YAY!!!
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Arya10108909 18 hrs ago
People who expect me to function with no alone time: get to know me, please.
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dreamer 22 hrs ago
Working on Kingdoms of Khoyee, an MMO Tabletop RPG where (almost) all combat is based on a D20 roll.
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PureHeroine 1 day ago
@TheValkyrie Me too*
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PureHeroine 1 day ago
@TheValkyrie M rtoo
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The Valkyrie 1 day ago
When it's my turn to post, I feel like I have too many RPs. When I'm waiting for others to post, I feel like I have too few. XD
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AlternateMan 1 day ago

Foster 1 day ago
Yes, but shouldn't every day be a special occassion for someone?
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Aro 1 day ago
Once you realize that you don't need a special occasion to buy a cake, the second part of yout life begins.
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Altered Tundra 1 day ago
The first computer dates back to Adam and Eve. It was an Apple with limited memory, just one byte. And then everything crashed.
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LunarMist 1 day ago
How how the moon longs to be loved souly for her side unseen.
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BlackDragonSol 1 day ago
Broke my phone via pressure on accident. Thanks OtterBox for needing your product to work if it's in a full shell and nothing else. Guess I won't get Drive Atk S on FEH. xP
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Surtr Inc 1 day ago
[@Valorous] More like RPG member.
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Valorous 1 day ago
"Lolol rawr XDD"- every roblox player ever
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Noxxis 1 day ago
Replies to come sometime tomorrow, had a busy day.

SirSqueakalot91 1 day ago
Internet is acting up. Will try to post tonight.
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Crystal Amalgam 1 day ago
@Liseran Thistle Yes actually, my room at my mother's old apartment made me really uncomfortable. I always felt like something inhuman was watching me and it gave me bad anxiety.
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Liseran Thistle 1 day ago
Anyone else get that weird feeling like you're being watched by a dark, inimitable force?
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Crystal Amalgam 1 day ago
.em ton m'I fi llet t'nac I rotcoD

datadogie 1 day ago
My Discord account just got disabled, no idea why, but I'm in tears because I can't contact any of my friends.
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OfWindAndRain 1 day ago
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Frenzy 1 day ago
Boy wouldn't it be great if the Junji Ito Collection had better animations
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PureHeroine 1 day ago
If I see IW spoilers, I will snap. You have been warned.

Pumpkinjaw 1 day ago
"Your ass is grass and I'm gonna mow it." - Thanos, probably
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Lmpkio 1 day ago
Thanos demands your silence - or yo ass is grass.
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