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Andreyich 41 min ago
Out here ballin' in the kali yuga

Roland 1 hr ago
Remember, kids: if you can't punch through a trench, you ain't using enough tanks at your trench problem.
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underworldqueen 4 hrs ago
Baking a bunch of goodies, homemade cinnamon rolls, lavender cupcakes with a honey cream cheese frosting and some cookies...going to be a good day!
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underworldqueen 4 hrs ago
Baking a bunch of goodies, homemade cinnamon rolls, lavender cupcakes with a honey cream cheese frosting and some cookies...going to be a good day!

Drache 4 hrs ago
I'm glad that I RP stories that are enjoyable rather than out of some need to only do things that are 'unique'.
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Ammokkx 5 hrs ago
I get complaining about a genre being saturated, but I sincerely don't see how that ties in as an excuse to not do something you want to do. That's just deflection.
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Hammerman 5 hrs ago
Sometimes I got the urge to write a long ass epic fantasy. Then I realize the genre is oversaturated as fuck.
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Queen of Hell 6 hrs ago
Goddamn migraines :(

Shadow Dragon 6 hrs ago
Who else feels like having a screaming contest?
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Roland 7 hrs ago
What do you call a can of soda celebrating Christmas? A merry can.
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Kuro 7 hrs ago
*me looks at ow deluxe edition and other $60 games i bought but never played* :sweat:

Ammokkx 7 hrs ago
the market shitting itself is a good time to go through that backlog of games you've bought but never played
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Kuro 8 hrs ago
pc exclusives are dumb even if that's how the market works tbh. its not like, say, blizz putting their own games on their launcher, its just EGS throwing $$$ at it and saying "MINE" lol
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PsyBlade 8 hrs ago
I'm disappointed that the new Predator game is an EGS exclusive. I'd be willing to buy it otherwise.

Hammerman 8 hrs ago
I think my very first character was a tsundere dragon girl. Was pretty fun playing her.
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Hammerman 8 hrs ago
Watching Manaria Friends just reminds me of the dozen magic academy rps I've played here, where nothing ever happens.
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Roland 8 hrs ago
What's on my mind? I am a bit bored of sitting at home, reading books, playing games, and watching movies and TV shows. I've found new rock 'n roll on Spotify, which is nice, though. Can't complain.
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LouisTheDummy 9 hrs ago
move like a bee, sting like uh- a bee!

blazeflame13 9 hrs ago
How long into this quarantine is it? I've lost track and am slowly slipping into deep depression
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ZAVAZggg 9 hrs ago
I'm just going to spam the Wolfenstein Youngbloods "Hell yeah dude," voice line over and over again myself.
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Undead Eyes 9 hrs ago
-Contemplates a booty shot as her avatar image- ...Nah. Lol. However, if this isolation keeps up, I'll be looking for someone to swap nudes with just to entertain myself. XD!!
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Kuro 9 hrs ago
People won't even stay put when there's a decent chance to catch the virus. I doubt they'll change their ghosting trends on a whim like that.
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Foster 10 hrs ago
You'd think what with the social distancing and the stay at home orders that less RPs would be dropped instead of more.
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Hammerman 11 hrs ago
There's a pretty good manga about the Hussite Wars by the way. Would not recommend if you don't like gore to lolis though.

Hammerman 11 hrs ago
I never knew it happened around the same time. Always feels weird whenever a Japanese book talks about Islam.

Hammerman 11 hrs ago
Oh wow, on the last novel, for some reason the author starts bringing up the Crusades and how the Muslims have taken over Constantinople. Also the Hussite wars.

PsyBlade 11 hrs ago
Okay, I now know why people still regard John Carpenter's "The Thing" as one of the greatest horror films of all time.

AmpharosBoy 11 hrs ago
Man, some of the folks around here are really good writers. Motivates me to keep striving towards improving myself!
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Hammerman 11 hrs ago
Here's the ED. The visuals changed every episode. And the song too.…

Hammerman 11 hrs ago
Ulysses: Jehanne Darc to Renkin no Kishi
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PsyBlade 11 hrs ago
@Hammerman- What's the title?

Hammerman 11 hrs ago
Anime is meh overall but the ending is godly. Because it's by the same guys who made Maquia's ED song. Not to mention the beautiful visuals and drawings.

Hammerman 11 hrs ago
I like how this boobs loli fanservice version of Joan of Arc actually stays with history and kills off the MC and Joan at the end. Not in the anime though.

Ruby 12 hrs ago
That is the cutest status ever, BenG85. Holy shit. Good luck!
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BenG85 12 hrs ago
submitted a character, hoping to be approved, excited ^_^
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PsyBlade 12 hrs ago
What sane person trusts any statistics coming from the CCP?
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POOHEAD189 13 hrs ago
To those saying the US has more cases than China, China halted testing 2 months ago.
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AlternateMan 13 hrs ago
Strawberry ice cream

DestinyStar 13 hrs ago
My friend wrote a book. Rory by NNN on Amazon Kindle. I'm freaking stoked for him & insanely jealous for not having the courage to write my own lol.
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Andreyich 14 hrs ago
the virgin round earth denial vs the chad genocide denial
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PsyBlade 15 hrs ago
Starting at midnight, my state is instigating a shelter in place order. Here's hoping people don't go nuts.
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Winter Star12 15 hrs ago
Let's save the pitiful children, woah! Let's save the pitiful children, woah! Let's teach the pitiful children, who just haven't a clue! - The Pitiful Children from Be More Chill
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Frenzy 15 hrs ago
Kiryu singing Ijisakura in Ishin nearly moved me to tears. Y'all I've been getting so emotional over everything lately, something's up.

LetMeDoStuff 15 hrs ago
Fascism? Are you sure you don't mean "FUNKY DEMOCRACY!"

KatherinWinter 15 hrs ago
Officially working from home... sort of.

WitchHunter 15 hrs ago
Downloading this thing called 'Doom: Eternal". Don't know if anyone's heard of it, but I figured I'd take a look.
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Majoras End 16 hrs ago
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Vampiretwilight 17 hrs ago…
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Valentine 17 hrs ago
Pokemon is better when you're tequila drunk.
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Rai 17 hrs ago
Interested in creating an OC with limited options and fighting others in a test of skill and wit?…

PsyBlade 18 hrs ago
@Hammerman- What's the title?

DamnTheGacha 18 hrs ago
Ok for real im not gonna lie the final end credits song for Steven Universe just hit me like a truck. For all the ups and downs, I enjoyed being a casual watcher of that show.
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AmpharosBoy 18 hrs ago
Fancy Tunaℒ️
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LetMeDoStuff 18 hrs ago
Nah, I spend my whole life trying to reduce the amount of people coming to my funeral
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CelticChronicle 18 hrs ago
I wanted to be an adult so bad. Now look at me. Just fecking look.

Cleverbird 18 hrs ago
We spend our whole life gathering guests for our funeral.
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Hammerman 19 hrs ago
Currently watching a boobie anime about Joan of Arc to relax myself. I regret nothing.
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Jerkchicken 19 hrs ago
This is why it's called the "Boomer Remover"
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Kuro 19 hrs ago
The boomer covid deniers are real, people. Ran into one trying to say it isn't a big deal, with the "flu killing more people", etc. at the store today.
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SporkoBug 19 hrs ago
Yaaay, back to work tomorrow because I'm 'Essential', screw Supermarket work.
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Nobodyman123 20 hrs ago
Posts tonight or tomorrow.

PsyEmbrace 21 hrs ago
[@PsyBlade] Absolutely!
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PsyBlade 21 hrs ago
Serious question: post-apocalyptic anime RP with zombies and fanaervice?
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Pyxis 21 hrs ago
haven't been on because life has been shitty, lost my editing job and now i gotta do whatever i can to pay rent c:
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Queen of Hell 22 hrs ago
I don't remember that crashing into a pharmacy to steal face masks and gloves was what one could consider a "normal friday night".
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Angel Vicky 22 hrs ago
Isn't that just a normal Friday night though?

Queen of Hell 22 hrs ago
Oh wonderful, not only was there an absolute shitshow of panic buying, now they're breaking into establishments and crashing cars, stealing stuff and making a bigger mess than it already was.
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Obscene Symphony 22 hrs ago
does that also mean my boss doesn't exist when he doesn't answer my emails
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Scrivener 22 hrs ago
β€œWhere is your Maker now? Call Him. Call down His wrath upon me. You cannot, for He does not exist.”
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ZAVAZggg 23 hrs ago
I used to be a roleplayer like you. Then I took a ghost to the knee...
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Queen of Hell 23 hrs ago
I was a roleplayer like you once, then I became an admin of an active group where I also edit the site and I need to make everything nice because I can't stand things looking messy and I can't sleep.
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Moss 23 hrs ago
Hey guys, Moss here. Please stop using the slurs P*land and P*lish on Thanks!
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KatKook 23 hrs ago
You know... Just
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Starboard Watch 23 hrs ago
Wanted to shill my Medieval world-building/character-driven roleplay here. Check it out!…

WitchHunter 23 hrs ago
Thank you, Instacart!

Vampiretwilight 23 hrs ago…

AngelBites15 24 hrs ago
Responses Are Gonna Be Slow, Due To Online Learning & Daily Schedule Re-Arrangements :(

PhoenixOfChaos 24 hrs ago
THERE.New wifi card in my laptop,the other of burned up? XD Time to suuurf baby >:D

Fetzen 24 hrs ago
Now that I have trouble with the humble remainder of my family I could as well live on the moon. Might even be less isolating since high powered telescopes could pick me up.

Arista 1 day ago
"In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength." Uncle Iroh
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Smarty Jones 1 day ago
Just what?
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KatKook 1 day ago
Do you ever just
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Smarty Jones 1 day ago
Fishing License for 2020 has been purchased. Now, I need to see what other fishing supplies I might need for Trout season in a couple of weeks.

Rai 1 day ago
Interested in creating an OC with limited options and fighting others in a test of skill and wit?…

Xaltwind 1 day ago
Food supplies are dwindling... Gonna need to restock soon.
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Frenzy 1 day ago
Started rewatching Vento Aureo and teared up when the whole Bucci gang appeared. What has my life become.
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RumikoOhara 1 day ago
"We commit the sins again And our sons and daughters pay"
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Majoras End 1 day ago
Why do I keep getting scam dating site ads? Does google think im a guy or something??
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AmpharosBoy 1 day ago
𝒲𝑒 πΏπ‘œπ“‹π‘’ π‘€π‘œπ“‡π’Ύπ‘œπ’½-π’žπ’½π‘œ
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Now that that godforsaken research paper is done, I think I'll work on some ideas for that SOL Morioh RP.
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PsyBlade 1 day ago
Je Suis MontΓ©!

Frizan 1 day ago
inb4 group Slice of Life RPs where every post is just describing what each person did in Animal Crossing that day of the lockdown.
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The Grey Dust 1 day ago
"STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!" - Slice of Life 1x1 set in March 2020.
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"Ah shit guys we hit 2020, RP over since no one can go outside"
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Summer 1 day ago
I'm curious if anyone else who has RPs taking place in 2019 are deciding if they need to include mention of coronavirus if/when their stories reach 2020. World pandemics are kind of important details.
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Jasper19 1 day ago
Blueface baby, yeah aight
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AmpharosBoy 1 day ago
yee to the haw
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Littleone17 1 day ago
Mom told me to fallow my dreams........ So I wen't back to bed.
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Lumiere 1 day ago
J'ai deux mains, neuf doigts et leur fonction a disparu.
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Malice 1 day ago
Apologies for being offline. As if the break up wasn't enough, my parents' house caught fire and is now uninhabitable and, despite the lockdown, I've been helping them sort all that out.
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