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AlternateMan 1 min ago
Bonus ducks!

@purple that's fairly the norm in this hobby
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casper 2 hrs ago
Oh gosh I bought Stardew Valley for the kids at Christmas and I can't stay off it! Love it!
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PPQ Purple 2 hrs ago
Games on this forum just go by so slowly. Like, it's been days since I had a chance to post. Days. This is my primary source of entertainment and I've been dry for days.
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SporkoBug 4 hrs ago
Stardew Valley is such a good game, your parents tell you they're proud of you and it's... It's good.
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Jones Sparrow 4 hrs ago
"And for some reason, I always felt a little more when I would hear you laugh."
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POOHEAD189 4 hrs ago
You know, I'll be thirty years old in two months, and It still puts a boyish smile on my face whenever a girl says I'm handsome or says I have nice arms.
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Dark Cloud 5 hrs ago

BangoSkank 5 hrs ago
I'm Walt Disney, I'm Picasso, I'm Michael. Jackson, Jordan, Game Six. I'm sick.

Dark Cloud 5 hrs ago

Vergil Sparda 5 hrs ago
Do you like fish sticks? Do you like fish sticks in your mouth?
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BangoSkank 6 hrs ago
Me big brain. Me know many thing.

Vergil Sparda 6 hrs ago
Green Einstein knows what up
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BangoSkank 6 hrs ago
Be glad you recognized the dumpster fire so early. Wise beyond your years. Muy bueno. All that stuff.
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Stormflyx 6 hrs ago
Alternatively, one on one discussions can be had in Private Messages.
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Vergil Sparda 6 hrs ago
What I meant was that from what I’ve seen on Discord servers it’s more like a tire fire. Y’know toxic air and all that
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@vergil that strikes me as odd seeing as that pretty much sounds like saying "email has a reputation" but dw the guild discord specifically is def a dumpster fire
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Dark Cloud 7 hrs ago
0 is a number so your still something while also nothing, it's win-win both ways.
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Vergil Sparda 7 hrs ago
What’s my status rep at guys? Is it 0? It’s 0 isn’t it 😔
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Blaze Gamma 7 hrs ago
Status bar reputation is so much worse
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Vergil Sparda 7 hrs ago
@Obscene LMAO Discord itself does have a reputation for that sort of thing ngl
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Dark Cloud 7 hrs ago

Akatala 7 hrs ago
Waiting for the next plot twist of Jumanji: Real Life Edition, Season 2.

@vergil it's a blessing in disguise, that place is a dumpster fire
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Ember Sparrow 8 hrs ago
Returning after a nearly 3 year hiatus is sort of daunting....
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Vergil Sparda 9 hrs ago
Why can’t I access the Discord? The “Authorise” button doesn’t work when you click on it.....

Crimson Flame 9 hrs ago
The brain?
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the liver?
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Jones Sparrow 10 hrs ago
“I want the part of you that you refuse to give.“
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Shu 10 hrs ago
@LostButterfly92 Your not alone on that. Even things I love I sometimes find them strangely tedious.
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LostButterfly92 11 hrs ago
Why is it so hard to stay interested in something, anything? I just don't have the attention span or passion I used to.
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southern cross 11 hrs ago
I used to be on this site several years ago but left after Guildfall. Now I am back and hoping to find more people to write with.
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Vampiretwilight 12 hrs ago
reminder about my username: the twilight part refers more to the time of day than the books/movies of the same name. plus i took it from an old username from another site. thank you.
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FilthyWeeb 13 hrs ago
Xaltwind- I had to fight myself from posting this, but I've failed. How big was it and did you swallow?

ShwiggityShwah 13 hrs ago
Done with this site for now. Take care.
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Dark Cloud 14 hrs ago
Depends on the Homebrew though.

Obscene Symphony 14 hrs ago
@spork i hear gauging things by how much of a day's money you want them to be worth is the easiest way
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Xaltwind 14 hrs ago
Argh!! Lockjaw! Damn you, bubblegum!

SporkoBug 15 hrs ago
Pricing Magic Items for Homebrew is hard.
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FilthyWeeb 15 hrs ago
Cold War Zombies is free for the weekend. I'm mostly a Black Ops 2 and 3 player, so I'd like to hear from players if it's worth trying out.
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Dark Cloud 15 hrs ago
I was lookin' kinda dumb with a finger up my bum.
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Dark Cloud 16 hrs ago
So I took a bite out of it to see.
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Stanifly 16 hrs ago
the world was macaroni
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Stanifly 16 hrs ago
somebody once told me
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Cu Chulainn 16 hrs ago
tier 3 sub

ZAVAZggg 18 hrs ago
Calling all Ultimate Gods:…

Oceanic 18 hrs ago

AlternateMan 18 hrs ago
No, but I do have a meme pic I found. Wanna see?

Oceanic 18 hrs ago
Anyone know any good Demon Slayer Roleplays?
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Majoras End 18 hrs ago

Dark Cloud 19 hrs ago
*Ominous bell sound from Majora's Mask*

Dark Cloud 19 hrs ago

Bitterblue111 19 hrs ago
4 days.
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ZAVAZggg 19 hrs ago
Classes are done for today, and I am available once again.
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AutumnFrost 20 hrs ago
Househunting and everybody having lost their minds in the real-estate economy is currently eating up a lot of time, energy, and motivation. Eventually, I’ll respond to messages and stories.

Seance 20 hrs ago
If anyone is interested in a Bridgerton style 1x1 we should chat :3
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Saz01 1 day ago
When people run in circles it's a very very mad world, mad world
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Ojo chan 42 1 day ago
Ahhh that one time a year I cna update my Bio. From 24 to 25. Getting olddd
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AnnaWinters 1 day ago
will reply to all my rp's this weekend :)

Jones Sparrow 1 day ago
"I just hope that one day- preferable when we're both blind drunk- we can talk about it."
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Dark Cloud 1 day ago
What will you do in order to control the Warren?… The decision is yours!

Vampiretwilight 1 day ago…
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Dark Cloud 1 day ago
Smooth as sandpaper my friend.

Tyler Night 1 day ago
Did you say Shadow Realm?…
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Dark Cloud 1 day ago
It seems I've entered the Shadow Realm.

gorgenmast 1 day ago
Got my 24-pack of Mikes Hard Lemonade, got my diapers on, penis pump on standby, and my external hard drive with 3.72 terabytes of Minions porn at the ready. That's right: Friday night at Googer's!
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AlternateMan 1 day ago
Your life is at steak

Magic223 1 day ago
May do some rps here maybe. But dunno.

Dark Cloud 1 day ago
Alf from Octopath Traveler was my favorite character. Dude was just so wholesome.

The Ghost Note 1 day ago
If a smoothbrain stabs you, it just means you've been struck by a smooth criminal.
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Dark Cloud 1 day ago
I spelled it wrong.
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Dark Cloud 1 day ago
Greetings Quinärin

ShyMoon19 1 day ago
Sorry I haven't replied to anyone today was out most of the day and on the road for a while so I'm pretty exhausted. I'll be sure to reply to everyone tomorrow promise

The World 1 day ago
Doing that is a good way to get your bed, and therefor your body, dirty instead of your hands. Just use your hands and wash them, or wear gloves.

BangoSkank 1 day ago
You're definitely a weird form of ape.

ONL 1 day ago
Fuck. I made myself sad again. Stop it, you mean SOB. Stop. Thanks.
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Jones Sparrow 1 day ago
"Never apologize for burning too brightly or collapsing into yourself every night. That is how galaxies are made."
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MarshallLyn 1 day ago
Hello world
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Gravity Bounce 1 day ago
Good luck, you got this.
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Penny 1 day ago
Job interview at 18: Please, please consider me for this job sir. Job interview now: Just sit back and listen to how fking awesome I am!
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Dark Cloud 2 days ago
But not on the weekend.

Dark Cloud 2 days ago
Stupid weekend I have no time to myself, during the week everyone fucks off to work and I get some time to myself.

Dark Cloud 2 days ago
"Your not a true Guardian" Guess who I'm quoting.

buttonsy 2 days ago
Trying to install Linux on my old Surface is becoming such an awful headache.

Catharyn 2 days ago
I've just had the craziest week.
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MachinaDomina 2 days ago
Aw yeah,pay day
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Lyly 2 days ago
Weekend? Never heard of.

Xaltwind 2 days ago
Aaah, weekend... My old, dear friend... How I missed you
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Vampiretwilight 2 days ago…

rebornfan320 2 days ago

BangoSkank 2 days ago
careful, he might like that
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gorgenmast 2 days ago
Somebody once asked could I spare some change for gas? I need to get myself away from this place. I said "get a fucking job or get bent you deadbeat sack of shit" and then I spat in his mouth
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Jones Sparrow 2 days ago
"Acting like you don't care is not letting it go."
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FilthyWeeb 2 days ago
Speaking of Prequel memes, I regret absolutely nothing.…
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Dark Cloud 2 days ago
Anakin I have the high ground!
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Dark Cloud 2 days ago
I see you are well versed in the Th'uum.
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Dark Cloud 2 days ago
*Obiwan Kenobi voice* Well hello there.
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The Nomad 2 days ago
Me: *posts on Steam requesting advice for beating an obviously OP opponent* Some Asshole: Lol I beat that guy with basic weapons and- Me: SHUT THE FUCK UP! DROP DEAD! DAMN YOU AND YOUR BITCH MOM.

FilthyWeeb 2 days ago
Hello there.
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Dark Cloud 2 days ago
Therapeutics? Like Porn right?
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