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Mara 2 min ago
alternatively, tell them that they dont meet your standards instead of trying to get internet points on the status bar

AlternateMan 4 min ago
I replied with a short paragraph and got asteriks. I want to shoot myself into outer space and stop thinking.

Jurassic Weeb 7 min ago
@AlternateMan- Have you tried a bit of the International Language, preferably in twelve-gauge buckshot?
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AlternateMan 9 min ago
Now they’re describing in asteriks. It’s not even ooc. It’s ic. HeLp
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AlternateMan 41 min ago
Okay. So when I put up this interest check for 1x1's I honestly wasn't expecting to get a starting post as a sentence plus something like a script-type speech. I should've said "I'll start".
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Regitnui 1 hr ago
Not a sight of Fablett or Alolan geodude all weekend, then catching them both at the same stop... PoGO, you fickle game

Fabricant451 2 hrs ago
That's probably because nostalgia is a hell of a thing. I Am Setsuna was basically a game for people who really love Chrono Trigger. Throwbacks to older JRPGs hits a specific niche.
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TheEldest 2 hrs ago
I have returned!!!!!!!!!

GarlandDaHero 2 hrs ago
And, more importantly/seriously, why does Octopath look suspiciously similar to SaGa Frontier? It's almost like Squeenix is recycling old ideas for the new generation.

GarlandDaHero 2 hrs ago
How long after Octopath gets released do we have to wait for the Octodad crossover?
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MaeDreamless 2 hrs ago
A rhinoceros is as ugly as human being, and it too is going to die, but at least it never thinks that it is beautiful.
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Jurassic Weeb 3 hrs ago
Other people: "Are you stupid, or just incredibly lazy?" Me: "Yes."
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Uncle Spanky 4 hrs ago
sense of propriety™
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anxiouscat 5 hrs ago
So I played the Octopath demo... I need money...

The Grey Dust 5 hrs ago
Tennis Players make bad spouses. At first they serve you, but then they start hitting you back and forth trying to keep you in line, it's like love means nothing to them.
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tex 5 hrs ago
Whenever I open a couple of slots in my RP, I’m always kind of delightfully surprised at the reception I get.

Metadude 5 hrs ago
I have a feeling that sane people won't see it that way
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AlternateMan 5 hrs ago
Madness is always right.
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Metadude 5 hrs ago
Decided to finally include one of my craziest OC's in an RP thread... this shall be quite... interesting : )
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Hillan 6 hrs ago
If you run at 11pm you are a night person. If you run at 5am you are a morning person. If you run at 3am you are a suspicious person.
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Ruby 6 hrs ago
GoT: Age of Heroes, or X-Men: Logan-verse? I've got too many ideas that are precariously close to IntChecks. Halp.
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AlternateMan 6 hrs ago
*runs around singing Samus Aran theme with mouth*

Zelosse 10 hrs ago
Spaghetti me up
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Vagabond 10 hrs ago
Was down with a stomach bug all day, my apologies for the absence

Inkarnate 11 hrs ago
Sunday will be post day for me. Partners be aware.
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tex 12 hrs ago
After taking one grammar course, 99% of the posts on this site, my own included, officially trigger me.
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Briza 14 hrs ago
Thank you!
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Simple Unicycle 16 hrs ago
Once you think about it Max Payne 3 was just Man On Fire directed by John Woo.

Jurassic Weeb 17 hrs ago
Seriously, why did I not use/sign up for Pinterest sooner?
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KrystalKleo 17 hrs ago
Got home way too late.. Will send replies tomorrow.. I promise!
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River Goblin 17 hrs ago
Major performance issues. I am on vacation and cannot address the site's performance issues until I get back. -- River Goblin
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GarlandDaHero 17 hrs ago

Lacroix 17 hrs ago
@Garland I mean, Microsoft revived Battletoads, so anything could happen. By the way, have you called your local gamestop yet?
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Undead Eyes 17 hrs ago
My friend had her baby today! YEY!
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tex 18 hrs ago
Smaller and more invested groups tend to pump out the best results, though.
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Penny 18 hrs ago
When your attempted interest check grows so esoteric you are forced to delete it...
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Jurassic Weeb 18 hrs ago
@Garland- If there's a timeline where Hitler cured cancer, then all of those are possible as well.
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GarlandDaHero 18 hrs ago
Three things that will never happen: Snowballs in hell, time travel, and a new F-Zero game

Frizan 18 hrs ago
I identify as Chaotic "Fuck You"
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Morose 19 hrs ago
I realize my RP is turning more and more into D&D - so why not commit to it and make them tell me their character's alignment?
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GingerBoi123 19 hrs ago
Anyone good with coming up with character nicknames? xD

Jurassic Weeb 19 hrs ago
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AlternateMan 19 hrs ago
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The Grey Dust 20 hrs ago
Are you using the Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Or would you prefer the Olive Oil that "Claims it is a Virgin but that is Highly Questionable because Nona would never touch that bottle?"
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Omega Man 20 hrs ago
I'm gonna make a sandwich.
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GarlandDaHero 20 hrs ago
Since when did Godzilla take fashion advice from Randy Savage?
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Jurassic Weeb 20 hrs ago
@Lmpkio- Finally a reason for me to tune in to MHA. *ducks behind cover to avoid gunfire*
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Lmpkio 20 hrs ago
And his name is exactly what you think it is, only ending with an "o" instead of an "a".
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Lmpkio 20 hrs ago… - This. THIS is a character coming to the next special of My Hero Academia. No, I am not joking.
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Penny 21 hrs ago
Estate sales are an excellent source of cheap antiques as well as a chance to paw through the lives of the recently deceased.
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Undead Eyes 21 hrs ago
Went to a street fair a few towns over. Got a giant snail pot. <3 I love it so. I named her Romarin (Rosemary).
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AlternateMan 22 hrs ago
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Jurassic Weeb 22 hrs ago
@Lacroix- I wish it was that cool here. I don't do hot weather.
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Lacroix 22 hrs ago
Freezing cold, much like a penguin's tush.
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Crimson Raven 22 hrs ago
A good read for everybody: Sanderson's 3 laws of magic.…

kittyluna45 22 hrs ago
Blarg blarg blarg.

Lmpkio 22 hrs ago
Nani the fuck?
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Jurassic Weeb 22 hrs ago
"Man, I hate movies where the men wear shorter skirts than the women!"
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Fetzen 23 hrs ago
Currently sick and struck with writer's block at the same time.

OfWindAndRain 23 hrs ago
My mom always comes up with these pointless dumbass projects, and she makes me get and do half/all the stuff while calling it her own. Starting on Saturday, every week. Can't I fucking relax?
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GarlandDaHero 23 hrs ago
"Okay, wait, can we all just check our scripts, please? ...oh, I guess it does say that Boy George rides in flinging molotov cocktails."
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Jurassic Weeb 23 hrs ago
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AlternateMan 1 day ago
I saw gameplay of Rundas boss battle and now his battle theme is stuck in my head.
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Crystal Amalgam 1 day ago
She has feathers, so everyone's happy.
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Lmpkio 1 day ago
@Crystal Amalgam - As long as it has feathers, the paleo-community will remain content with your totally accurate representation of a dinosaur.
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HachiRoku 1 day ago
oh god, I read that as something else.
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Crystal Amalgam 1 day ago
Trying to draw a dinosaur again and I'm s c r e a m i n g .
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After three days of uncertainty about my fiance coming to visit, I finally got the good news that his boss approved the time off. BRB, gonna go cry now. :D
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@WitchHunter I've always heard the the eyes were the window to our souls.

WitchHunter 1 day ago
I always thought the eyes were simply the windows to your face.
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The Grey Dust 1 day ago
"Mine are." - Superman, on how his eyeballs are light sources.
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@Mara XD Apparently all of our eyes are. Nah, it was a quote from the Bible that I thought was neat.

"The eye is the lamp of the body."

Black Ninja 1 day ago
I should (hopefully) be fully caught up again today/tomorrow.

Ambra 1 day ago
@Grey that would make sense, if I hadn't written out a whole thread detailing my rules and what I expected :/

The Grey Dust 1 day ago
Have you considered you haven't met their expectations? Like they were expecting a one shot smut to get their rocks off not an essay xD
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Peter Molyneux 1 day ago
I'm back!
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Ambra 1 day ago
Why do people PM me without meeting my 1x1 expectations, and when I ask them to provide samples of their writing, they never answer back? You're just wasting my time...
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BrokenWashing 1 day ago
I know I shouldn't have but, Forza Horizon 4 has been pre-ordered

Jurassic Weeb 1 day ago
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BlazerTatsumi 1 day ago
Doki Doki..
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So, I had a dream I was at college (probably because I'm going back), and I had to choose a club. Guess which one I chose? The fucking literature club.

AlternateMan 1 day ago
When I saw that Mama Mia 2 ad the only feeling I felt was concern. I mean, you sure about that?
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Altered Tundra 1 day ago
To whom it may concern: From Sunday, the 15th, to the following Monday, the 23rd, I will be out of town and unable to post regularly, so expect my activity to diminish during that time.

Liotrent 1 day ago
I've returned from a very memorable Vietnam trip! I'll try to get posts up as soon as I am able.

Sister: My friends going to Africa over the summer Me: But does she bless the rains tho? Sister: >.> Me: <.<
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KatherinWinter 1 day ago
I'm feeling old.
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tex 1 day ago
I can't wait until that faithful day when I boot up Elder scrolls VI only to have the 'new game' option catapult itself into the stratosphere, thus making the game unplayable.
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guest16 1 day ago
"Forgive me for my wrongs, I have just begun."
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olcharlieboi 1 day ago
I'm writing a novel on Royalroadl called The True Dungeon King, hope I can get people to critique and help me improve!
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Crystal Amalgam 1 day ago
I think I should watch The Office.
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Jurassic Weeb 1 day ago
"The haunting 'Torgo' theme."
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Simple Unicycle 1 day ago
Me: Man, fuck Bethesda, Fallout is dead. Also Me: WEST VIRGINIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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Undead Eyes 1 day ago
Went to pick up a client's dog and, on the way back, got the text that my other client has been admitted to have her baby tonight. So, extra dogs on top of the 5 I already planned to have this weekend
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Surtr Inc 1 day ago

RPGC 1 day ago
Remember to enter!…

KrystalKleo 1 day ago
Sorry guys. Huge migraine. hoping it will go away but I can't think to RP

Crystal Amalgam 1 day ago
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WitchHunter 1 day ago
We Cards Against Humanity now, lads.
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GarlandDaHero 1 day ago
"With enough time and pressure, ___ can turn into ___."
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