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ZAVAZggg 7 min ago
I need a break from roleplaying for the next couple of hours.

Rain 15 min ago
Slide into my PMs if you know what Blood Alone is.

unicorgi 23 min ago
I have just discovered the true holy trinity. Spider-gwen, gwenom, And gwenpool

BlackDragonSol 1 hr ago
Having a bad day?…
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Rodiak 1 hr ago
I love pit bulls. I love cats. Kitbull made me cry my eyes out.
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Sanguine Rose 2 hrs ago
Responses slowly coming.

AlternateMan 2 hrs ago
The House always wins.
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1hitpointwonder 2 hrs ago
Carthago delenda est!

NorthernKraken 2 hrs ago
Thanks status bar, now I'm crying over a robot
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Morose 2 hrs ago
Love Marvel? Want a comic book inspired storyline in a RP? Join Agents of SHIELD: Age of Ultron!…

Queen of Hell 2 hrs ago
I am highkey upset about Opportunity. Poor sod died alone DAY BEFORE VALENTINE'S DAY.
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Rai 2 hrs ago
"My batteries are low and it is getting dark." - Mars Opportunity Rover
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Dewey Deftones 2 hrs ago
Just got home from class. Naptime, then replies. 2 hours of sleep last night won't cut it if you want me to make coherent replies.
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Cleverbird 3 hrs ago
Pro fighting tip: Sneeze on your fists before a fight in order to inflict poison damage.
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underworldqueen 5 hrs ago
Well i woke to go through another day so i guess thats good. sleep didnt kill me

Cleverbird 5 hrs ago
How is it possible for Youtube to be this inept at their job? It's baffling really...
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ItMeGritty 6 hrs ago
Remember, the best way to stop creepy people is to punish the innocent
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AlternateMan 9 hrs ago
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Candlelitsoul 9 hrs ago
Whoever made it a rule that you can't post to Instagram on your computer, needs to be yelled at. I digress; posted the introduction to my new Wattpad story. I'm excited!
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Blaze Gamma 10 hrs ago
"Final Fantasy VIII sucks and you suck for liking it!" — Noah "The Spoony One" Antwiler
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DocRock 11 hrs ago
My paper is done. Thank goodness. Tomorrow will just be final checks, and then I'll turn it in, woohoo. Due to how much longer this took than I had planned, responses are tomorrow. Night
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chickadee360 12 hrs ago
I wanna roleplay, but nobody's reached out to me yet.
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Firecracker_ 13 hrs ago
i'm close friends with a girl that has like 100k+ followers on twitter, and she has done nothing significant, she works at an insurance company. she's just funny and relatable.
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underworldqueen 13 hrs ago
im giving in...I..cant...take it anymore. My eyes are growing so heavy. Im falling asleep, and yawning. its time..its time for me to lay my head on my pillow and go into a glorious slumber
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Rai 13 hrs ago
You have to kill who you were born to be. In order to become who you want to become.
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underworldqueen 14 hrs ago
I am so tired..bed is calling for me.

Altered Tundra 14 hrs ago
when someone tries to tell me how my character should act to me:…
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omerta 15 hrs ago
You ever so goddamn bored but don't know how to channel that energy into doing anything productive?
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underworldqueen 15 hrs ago
Ahh getting ready for Tekkcon in Pitt in April...finalizing rooms and things so much stuff im on overload
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POOHEAD189 16 hrs ago
Twitter's weird. 9/10 times when I see someone with 50k+ followers I assume they're a celebrity, but upon further inspection they're like a snarky extra that was on one episode of Law and Order.
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Briza 16 hrs ago
望月 芽心

Jolteon 16 hrs ago
Well you're negligible! ...heheh, sure showed them.

ZAVAZggg 17 hrs ago
You'd be more likely to kill yourself in my opinion.
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Jojo 17 hrs ago
Cocaine and bath salts. By their powers combined I can KILL GOD.
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Ithradine 18 hrs ago
Coffee and Music. With their powers combined, I am able to write.
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PrincessVampora 18 hrs ago
got to go my man wants the computer ugh!

DocRock 18 hrs ago
I got home earlier, but if I owe anyone posts, while I did just put out a profile for a thing, I'll be getting to them later, as I uh...basically played hooky there instead of essay work. Back to work
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Dinh AaronMk 18 hrs ago

Silent Observer 18 hrs ago
"Trying to get you high off something that only I supply. I'm talkin' that make you want to cry. Yeah, I'm talkin' that make you want to die. Get lost in the smoke, I'm hard to find." PEEP

POOHEAD189 19 hrs ago
The world is a darker place without Steve Irwin. We all still miss you.
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PrincessVampora 20 hrs ago
Happy Birthday Steve Irwin. you where one of the best things that happened to this planet. Your are missed.
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Undead Eyes 20 hrs ago
...When your house key goes missing off your key ring...and then your expensive gloves just magically disappear... Having had (possibly still have) a stalker, my paranoia rises.
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Vampiretwilight 21 hrs ago
happy birthday steve irwin. we still miss you.
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ItMeGritty 22 hrs ago
Remember, deep down, you are a member of the DK crew

Dewey Deftones 22 hrs ago
@Destiny Yeah. Samsung Galaxy S9. I figured the update was going to change the look of stuff but this is just... ugh. Awful awful awful.
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Dewey Deftones 23 hrs ago
Pls giv squares
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Dewey Deftones 23 hrs ago
My phone updated and now all my app icons are round and colored differently. I need my squares and flat colors
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Cleverbird 1 day ago
Just wanted to point out to those interested that there's a 10th Anniversary Pathfinder Bundle over at Humble Bundle... There's well over $500 value of books there you can score for as little as $18

headintheclouds 1 day ago
I am in job application purgatory. Not hell, just purgatory.
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Delphio 1 day ago
Just listened to “Na Na Na Na” by J-Star. Not a song I expected to have stuck in my brain...

Ruler Inc 1 day ago
I hope you get IBS
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underworldqueen 1 day ago
OKay not really going to kill the little bugger....he is my favorite out of my 3 and he has cancer. :(

ICanBeAnyone 1 day ago
@ZAVA I wish! Unfortunately I will continue and will deal with these people some more today

Skwint 1 day ago
After work I'm going to go play the shit out of Anthem.

prettyskeleton 1 day ago
It’s Friyay! Let’s get some posts going, people. ;)
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ZAVAZggg 1 day ago
Only if you've saved money and have one foot in the grave.
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ICanBeAnyone 1 day ago
Can I be done adulting?

underworldqueen 1 day ago
IM killing my cat for eating my TREE!!!!!! UGH!

BlackDragonSol 1 day ago
Ah, yes. It wouldn't be an XCOM 2 stealth mission if all of a sudden when your unit stealth overwatches, he yells "THIS IS OUR DAY; THIS IS OUR PURPOSE!" and no one bats an eye or investigates.

Aviaire 1 day ago
the sky is blue

Vampiretwilight 1 day ago
Finally Friday
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Blaze Gamma 1 day ago
Don't want no trouble. Just want posts.

LadyAnnaLee 1 day ago
I will be out part of today and all of tomorrow. I will post when I can.
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ShwiggityShwah 1 day ago
I just played The Liar Princess & The Blind Prince and I want an RP about it.

The Elvenqueen 1 day ago
Always the spider. I can deal with spiders, creepy giant dolls however? They can fuck right off back to hell where they belong *stares*
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Andreyich 1 day ago
Y'all ever flex on people by taking your cactus for a walk in winter
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unicorgi 1 day ago
Which would you rather fight: a haunted marionette doll or a giant spider
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Delta44 1 day ago
Just accidentally found @Black Dragon Sol's Youtube channel from a random Fire Emblem video. The internet is a small place.
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AlternateMan 1 day ago
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Moro 1 day ago
Just really tired of being *me* right now...
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Blaze Gamma 1 day ago
And my vacation with family is over, now I can rest for a bit

Firecracker_ 1 day ago
yeeaaah when i saw that steam capped my downloads to 2mb/s i wanted to throw myself in traffic
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Rai 1 day ago
You can do wrong. Or you can do right. But if you doing wrong. Make sure you do it right.
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underworldqueen 1 day ago
any watch Hemlock Grove? Any good?

underworldqueen 1 day ago
watching birdbox...fucked up...
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Foster 1 day ago
Notices Crytek is behind the game-engine: "Yes, but can your toaster play Crysis?" meme intensifies
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Bea 1 day ago
That was me when I was download Apex Legends XD

Foster 1 day ago
TFW you start a download and then suddenly realize it's going to take 4 days to finish.
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Weebette 1 day ago
I want to RP because of escapism, but motivation escapes me. *sigh*
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Vampiretwilight 1 day ago

Rain 1 day ago
FFS Jojo you sloot, I want more memes.

Ruler Inc 1 day ago
Actually the best status is: Penis.

unicorgi 1 day ago
I did, I cleared my status, and I’ll do it again

Jojo 1 day ago
Take your own advice.
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unicorgi 1 day ago
Sometimes the best status is no status
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underworldqueen 1 day ago
Blah i feel many sweets

BlackDragonSol 1 day ago
I'm burnt out with everything.
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Dewey Deftones 1 day ago
I'm exhausted at the moment. Did a crapton of schoolwork. Need to recharge before I put out some replies.
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Ruler Inc 2 days ago
rob dougan ep was A+

Ruler Inc 2 days ago

voltaic 2 days ago
i think my brain has grown a tumor just from reading that

Rain 2 days ago
"Ohaio Onii-chan! Kawaii desu sugoui Backpacku!" *slightly frightened tram worker* "FFS Yoshi give him the backpack! He keeps pointing at it!"
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Blaze Gamma 2 days ago
Managed to lose my backpack on a Tokyo rail line this morning. Thankfully found it and was able to speak enough Japanese to not need a translator.
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PrincessVampora 2 days ago
lolz love this…

DocRock 2 days ago
I want to upload my three SCP themed short tales, and one of my Rune Factory tales to my writing gallery on here but I'm also afraid too, ahaha. Who knew writers would get stage fright?
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PrincessVampora 2 days ago…
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Silent Observer 2 days ago
Klaus is amazing and I want his coat.
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Ejected 2 days ago
Klaus is my fav
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PureHeroine 2 days ago
Umbrella Academy anyone? (I've only seen 3 episodes, so no spoilers please)
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Tojin 2 days ago
that feel when you have to write and memorize a 90 second monologue in japanese by tomorrow (hahahaha kill me)
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