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Noogget 2 hrs ago
Replies will be slow today, not feeling the greatest. Gonna go back to bed.

Blaze Gamma 2 hrs ago
Welp, that all in mind, I have my first dose scheduled for tomorrow afternoon
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honorandpride 2 hrs ago
I would rather have side effects from a vaccine than die a terrible death. I've seen way too many pass from the virus to not deal with it.
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wisteria 3 hrs ago
Crazy weekend! Expect posts and replies by next weekend, hopefully! Thanksss

deadwolves 3 hrs ago
AHAHAHAHAAA I have been lacking sleeeep

deadwolves 3 hrs ago

deadwolves 3 hrs ago
I experience disorted fuckin' reality. Who knows maybe for good fuckin' reality.

crocker 4 hrs ago
theres also this other thing people react even worse to! its called "covid-19"
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I've literally yet to hear of anyone who has reacted well

honorandpride 6 hrs ago
Waking up with intense vertigo and vomiting on the carpet is not cool. Neither is laying on the cold bathroom floor. Of COURSE I'm within the small percentage that reacts poorly to the first dose.
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Fetzen 8 hrs ago
Covid vaccine? Is that the weird stuff my country helped develop but I won't get until maybe end of the year? Someone inject me with Borg nanoprobes. should work as a vaccine, too.
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Jones Sparrow 9 hrs ago
“ But their eyes when they met spoke more fondly and kissed tenderly.”
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Syben 10 hrs ago
*superhero landing*
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RestlessBlue 10 hrs ago
Covid vaccine round two threw me for a loop. This headache must stop.
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Bondye 10 hrs ago
Am I a sadist if I enjoy people slogging through terrible D&D stories?

Blaze Gamma 11 hrs ago
So bored...

POOHEAD189 11 hrs ago
You know since I am in the mood to make more of my invented languages, I should capitalize on that.
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The Grey Dust 11 hrs ago
It's not like we intended to, remember accidents happen.
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POOHEAD189 13 hrs ago
Why would we make more
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Bondye 13 hrs ago
Question: can we systematically cull individuals under the age of 18? We can literally make more.

Noogget 14 hrs ago
I have no idea what is going on and I'm not sure I wanna know.

Penny 16 hrs ago
I'm clearly adopted. I have two drinks and I'm hammered, meanwhile my dad has a beer, a brandy and a glass of wine going simultaneously with dinner...
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Nevix 16 hrs ago
The history of the left is the history of defeat, but no loss has been as devastating as me getting owned on the guild sidebar.

Dinh AaronMk 16 hrs ago
If you're so good, why haven't you killed a Deathsquitto yet?

Andreyich 17 hrs ago
based landlord. not only does he makes the rentoids pay him, he also lives rent free in their heads
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Obscene Symphony 17 hrs ago
you're gonna die young with that attitude
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Nevix 17 hrs ago
I heard someone describe themselves as a "working class landlord" the other day and I got so angry I had to lay down.

DemonMiyu 18 hrs ago
I've never been more happy to get into DND then I am right now because /4/ sessions into my second campaign and I am so invested that I actually have a notebook for it and it's just bleh + wholesome.
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Bondye 19 hrs ago
A comic shop opened up near my mom's place. I tripped because I was so focused on the replica Pulse Rifle from Aliens.
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Andreyich 21 hrs ago
shouldn't have called her fat
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gorgenmast 22 hrs ago
So come to find out that calling your landlord and telling him you’re going to stab him and his fat wife if he makes you pay a late fee again isn’t speaking truth to power, but terroristic threatening
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Jones Sparrow 23 hrs ago
“ I was like the flower in her hair. She thought I was beautiful, and I thought I was dead.”
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Pilatus 23 hrs ago
Taking the top off my Jeep.
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Noogget 1 day ago
I came back from the bathroom to this massive bumble bee smacking into my window and I had to catch the dopey thing to release it outside.
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canaryrose 1 day ago
The hardest thing I have ever done is give my chihuahua eye drops. She is Satan incarnate when she doesn't want to do something, I swear.
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RoleplayHeart 1 day ago
And it just might be his fault.

CitrusArms 1 day ago
He lost his salt shaker while he was out.
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Bondye 1 day ago
He did go for a pack of smokes. In Margaritaville.
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POOHEAD189 1 day ago
Damn, talk about going out for a pack of smokes
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Kassarock 1 day ago
Plot Twist: Mahz is your Father
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Bondye 1 day ago
Mana, are you talking about Mahz or your dad?
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manapool1 1 day ago
Is he back? Is he going to show up for 2 days and leave forever? Who knows!

Bondye 1 day ago
Dammit, Legendary, why you gotta warm my cold, black heart like this?…

Vampiretwilight 1 day ago…

Smarty Jones 1 day ago
Trout fishing in my state opens tomorrow! I might be online, but don't count on it.
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Bondye 2 days ago
Ah I see. Thanks, Vita. So I guess I'll probably be using a particular depiction of an extinct reptile for my reference then.

The Elvenqueen 2 days ago
I have a rescue snake who has a mostly-healed burn scar, I'm not at the computer where the pictures are atm but I can have a look and see if I have some for you to use tomorrow, @Bondye :)
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Noogget 2 days ago
Not a reptile but I do have a disabled hermit crab missing a large portion of his big claw. That's the closet I got to this conversation.

Crimson Flame 2 days ago
Discord Crashed! D:

VitaVitaAR 2 days ago
Reptiles with scars are actually pretty rare, given how reptiles heal. It can happen but it has to be a pretty deep injury.
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Bondye 2 days ago
I have a question for reptile owners: I'm working on a little painting project, and I'm looking for some visual references for reptiles with scars. Can anyone lend a hand?

The Ghost Note 2 days ago
"Cringe." - The Ghost Note.

Xaltwind 2 days ago
Working on weekends is the worst
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Noogget 2 days ago
I have 12 dollars left to my name, but I finally caved and bought a new tv and now I'm super hyped. I can play games again!
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deadwolves 2 days ago
Poetry is an outlet. Ha I hate writing poetry.

Scribe of Thoth 2 days ago
Freeform combat is GOATed, just make sure everyone involved gets the basic etiquette of it.
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DemonMiyu 2 days ago
I need to find out if my potato computer can run tabletop so i can flip the dnd table when i get a natural one again in initiative.
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The Grey Dust 2 days ago
You can try using rock paper scissors I guess if you dont like pretty click clack math rocks.
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Noogget 2 days ago
Talking to people? Ew, gross.
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Ammokkx 2 days ago
Yeah, very possible. The system you replace dice with is called "talking to the other guy ahead of time".
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VeyrinDay 2 days ago
is it possible to do any action-based or combat-enabled roleplays without dice system?

Jerkchicken 2 days ago
Yes, but it will require some discussions before posting after rolls as the system isn't a pass/fail binary when you roll
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Humble1 2 days ago
Wondering if I can adapt the PbtA game "Wide World of Wrestling" to PbP. Maybe? Should listen to some actual plays to see how the flow actually works.
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Smarty Jones 2 days ago
Arthur Morgan and/or John Marshton need to be in Smash Bros. if they ever add gunslingers. Change my mind.
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PPQ Purple 2 days ago
Is it a boy skeleton or a girl skeleton?

DemonMiyu 2 days ago
This dnd session was insane. I am now attuned to a dragon, have a warforged as a servant and a skeleton friend who our battle mage. And its only the second session. Hhhhhhhh
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dioscuri 2 days ago
still wondering if this promotion was a good thing or not....

Vampiretwilight 2 days ago
I added new ideas to my interest check again. lol
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Flightless_Soul 2 days ago
Currently wondering how to do an RP about professional wrestling.
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Bondye 3 days ago
That'd be a no. She's probably enjoying her vacation somewhere in the nine circles of Hell.

Syrenrei 3 days ago
Unfortunately, it's probably another psycho unless you're married and she told you yesterday she was staking out your workplace's parking lot, chasing down anyone in a popular make and model car.
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Noogget 3 days ago

Bondye 3 days ago
I think Rei might have been referring to my ex.

Xandrya 3 days ago
Me? I’m still here.

Syrenrei 3 days ago
No sign of the psycho lady today
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Penny 3 days ago
Edgelords be edgy.
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Andreyich 3 days ago
Bring back the black and tans
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Dinh AaronMk 3 days ago
Can't wait for Ulster Loyalists to declare an independent Ulster to spite everyone.
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LadyAnnaLee 3 days ago
I loved, loved, LOVED, The Way of The Househusband! It was just way too cute! I highly recommend it.

honorandpride 3 days ago
My apologies for lack of replies. Between my vaccine kicking me down and a SAR during storms, I haven't been feeling well. They're coming!
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Jones Sparrow 3 days ago
Been super busy with work, will get some replies up today/tonight :)
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rebornfan320 3 days ago
Didn't know Pac-Man 99 was the game I needed
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Catharyn 3 days ago
I want to be eighty on the porch drinking lemonade with youuu
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Bondye 3 days ago
It is Thirsty Thursday, my dudes.
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Salenea 3 days ago
Thursday = RP-day
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Slagar 3 days ago
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Majoras End 3 days ago
Soooo guess who might need surgery. This guy, aha.....crap.

Obscene Symphony 3 days ago
lmao imagine working

CitrusArms 3 days ago
Well, you'd have the incoming rent to offset the higher city rent. I mean, you'd still need to work, but it wouldn't be as bad as if you didn't rent.
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Potemking 3 days ago
Keeping my eye out for Kingdom Hearts stuff. Suddenly got the itch to try RP'ing it again
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OGSG 3 days ago
This week flew by. Not complaining tho!
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Catharyn 3 days ago
I could do, but then i'd need to rent in the city for substantially more :(

Blaze Gamma 3 days ago
Rent it out?

Catharyn 3 days ago
Can someone please buy my home so i can move to the city?

Noogget 3 days ago
It's hot and I feel like death.

SporkoBug 3 days ago
Please excuse me while I spend the rest of my life yelling about how the Shoebill isn't an Apex Predator and how INSULTED I am to find out.
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Potemking 3 days ago
Pac-Man 99 is extremely fun. Sorry to all the folks taking these L's so I can win, though.
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Bondye 3 days ago
A priest, a minister and a rabbit all walk into a blood bank. The nurse asks the rabbit, "What's your blood type?" The rabbit replies, "Probably a type-O."
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Flightless_Soul 3 days ago
Sometimes, I feel as though the definition of employee has changed over the course of history. However, it does not give you, the customer, the excuse to treat them like a pile of human excrement.
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RestlessBlue 3 days ago
I’m alive, just so very tired...
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