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Ophidian 29 min ago
Partners. Things are interesting for me right now. By which I mean miserable. If you need something from me, please yell at me or I will forget.

RukPortgas 32 min ago
I want to be Khalessi's BBF!
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Raexeth24 1 hr ago
Sorry I haven't been around, got more hours at work and have been very busy. Will get to replies soon. Also need help getting motivated/inspired again.
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VenusSTAR 1 hr ago
Still struggling, guys. Sorry. I'll get things sorted out and back to posting just as soon as I can. Be patient with me. :3
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Bitter Lies 1 hr ago
Making background info for the RP's I'm setting up. Check out my images to see some of the fun stuff.
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The Grey Dust 2 hrs ago
Buff Muscle Zombies are in it for the gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaainsssssssssssssss
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Fabricant451 3 hrs ago
I heard lewd and came running.
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Cu Chulainn 3 hrs ago
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CrypticCupcake 4 hrs ago
Lewd Newds are Gewd
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BeanieBaggie 4 hrs ago
what's fun? having 4 people quit and leave you with 3 people to run a store...
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Rin 4 hrs ago
@Project: L-lewd...
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I hate Opening shift I have to be up before 6am :(

Project 5 hrs ago
"I was told to swallow my pride, so I did. And spat it right back at their face."
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Simple Unicycle 7 hrs ago
Current mood: pirate the complete discography of Justin Beiber ironically. That isn't a mood, but I'm doing it anyway.
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ArynMae20 8 hrs ago
Ugh, I'm so annoyed. Work can suck my ass lol
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Siaya Dragalorn 8 hrs ago
To whom it concerns: Okay. My posts are likely to be delayed another day on account of unexpected babysitting. -_- On the up side, I found out I can make a fairly decent clay rose.
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CrypticCupcake 9 hrs ago
@Crimson Raven. I wish there was some way I could give you a negative like for that joke. Unfortunately there isn't, so have a like. Just know that it's an ironic like.
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Crimson Raven 10 hrs ago
"knock-knock." "Who's there?" "dishes." "Dishes who?" "dishes a very bad knock knock joke."
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Fisticuffs 11 hrs ago
"There's no normal life, Wyatt. There's just life." -Doc Holliday
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AkiraxKazeno 11 hrs ago
Got double ditched this time. No response in a month from them whatsoever...
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Penny 11 hrs ago
They say a true friend will help you move a body. I don't buy it. People help me move bodies all the time and I dont even like most of them.
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wheels 12 hrs ago
today is thursday and it has been two weeks since i saw the guy. i really like him i cant wait to hang out with him again. #iwannaofficalbesomeonesbcsinglesuxs.
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SuperCustodiam 12 hrs ago
Business and Art classes with a project every week

Keyguyperson 12 hrs ago
Yes I got it early, I couldn't wait any longer.
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Keyguyperson 12 hrs ago
It was a good hamburger.
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FantasyChic 13 hrs ago
Dude, Persona 5 is freaking AMAZING!
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AllOurPrettySongs 13 hrs ago
Me, a terrible and mean person: why are people so mean all the time ???
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Rai 13 hrs ago
SAO abridged just gave me life.
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BubblegumQueen 13 hrs ago
I have a bit of free time. Gonna reply to a lot of s**t and hopefully get some stuff going.

Beliael 14 hrs ago
Work has hit a snag this week. I don't think I'll be able to be on until Friday night. I will, of course, do my best to post before then.

Sanctus Spooki 14 hrs ago
Cyan Bloodbane.

Lovely Complex 14 hrs ago
Now payback is a bad bitch and baby, I'm the baddest. You fuckin' with a savage. [Sorry Not Sorry, Demi Lovato]
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Corporal Lance 14 hrs ago
"I wonder why my shirts have holes toward the bottom?" I think to myself, wrapping my shirt around another twist-off bottle cap for leverage.
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The1Rolling1Boy 15 hrs ago
I'm not ready to fail the first day of school.... I'm fucked

ModeGone 15 hrs ago
No idea what to do. Stuck on a few ideas, catching up on what's been posted since my last visit. Trying out a new avatar too.

Majoras End 15 hrs ago
*Pokes the guild*
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choraki 15 hrs ago
The "In The Air Tonight" cover of In This Moment is literally one of the best covers I've heard so far. Holy shit.

ladyanglaise 16 hrs ago…

Fabricant451 16 hrs ago
I don't know what I clicked on to make Youtube think I wanted to see CinemaSins in my recommendations tab but now I have to scrub my entire history and pray Youtube doesn't fuck up so badly again.
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Mercurial 16 hrs ago
You know, I'm in 4 RPs that are basically still going, yet they're all slowing down in unison. IN UNISON.
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KatherinWinter 16 hrs ago
SO QUIET!! Need more RPs :(
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Innis 16 hrs ago
To my lovely writing partners, please bear with my slow responses! I just got engaged and now I'm headed across the Atlantic for a couple weeks. I promise I haven't forgotten you!
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Framing A Moose 16 hrs ago
"Goodness is not goodness that seeks advantage. Good is good in the final hour, in the deepest pit, without hope, without witness, without reward. Virtue is only virtue in extremis." -River Song
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Keyguyperson 17 hrs ago
Just got my wisdom teeth pulled and can't eat solid food 12 hours afterwards. So I'm going to Wendy's at 2 AM to get me a fucking hamburger because good lord do I need a hamburger.
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Fisticuffs 17 hrs ago
Just blasted some Dead Kennedys. Now I feel all anti-authoritarian. I need to go write up some pretentious Facebook posts and order some bumper stickers.

mskennedy615 17 hrs ago
I'm just ready for Tyler, The Creator to drop this album.

Plank Sinatra 17 hrs ago
there's a dril tweet for every day of my life, and when i run out of tweets i'll have run out of life

Plank Sinatra 17 hrs ago
my main issue with "master chief fucks cortana" is if you read the halo novels youd know the space suit automatically jacks master chief off

rebornfan320 17 hrs ago
Sometimes frustration can sneak up on you. Don't let it win while remembering to have fun in life and here
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Tlstiffl 18 hrs ago
Am I the only one that absolutely detests the smell of sunscreen?
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Mae 18 hrs ago
I may be on the verge of coming down with a cold so if I start spouting nonsense, that's why. Apologies to my roleplay partners if my posts don't make sense ;3
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DrunkasaurusRex 18 hrs ago
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Rain 19 hrs ago
It feels weird knowing you have an SO that will happily become a real life waifu. Cosplayers are pretty awesome.
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kittyluna45 19 hrs ago
I apologize in advance if my replies just... drop off for a bit. Nothing good is happening. I'm sorry.

Stone Dragon 19 hrs ago
I need to move to someplace cold. Like the top of a mountain, with good wifi.
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Ophidian 19 hrs ago
It's a sobering realization when there are barbarians at your gates....and they're sealing it shut.
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Sanctus Spooki 20 hrs ago
Ughhh it was way too hot out today, my coffee was literally getting hotter while I was outside. (Which is awesome for my coffee but it's hell for me T_T)
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Skepic 20 hrs ago
So I guess I'm going to start doing this. Since I now work a job that gives me a computer and not much to do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Aquanthe 21 hrs ago
@Majora Congratulations, you've managed to live up to your name.
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Majoras End 21 hrs ago
Finally beat my Majora's Mask 3D game...FINALLLYYYYYYYY
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Cyndyr 21 hrs ago
Friend is over. Will try to respond throughout the day.

Fisticuffs 21 hrs ago
"I was once a Dave Matthew's Band Roadie" is second only to "I'm an astronaut" if you're looking to seduce someone.

XxLyraxX 21 hrs ago
A member of my family has passed away. So I will most likely be absent for a few days
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Fabricant451 21 hrs ago
I miss my ass-atars. But that's because I have like no shame anymore. Perks of being past the point of caring also known as rapidly approaching middle age.

Bitter Lies 21 hrs ago
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KimmiNinja 22 hrs ago
Currently on a trip for 10 days apologizing to all the rps I'm in I'll try to remain active/contribute as much as I can while traveling around

TwelveOf8 22 hrs ago
I procrastinate when I'm feeling too much whilst thinking think too little.
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Skepic 23 hrs ago
Nice spook ya got there, kid.
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Ophidian 23 hrs ago
"I hadn't heard from you in awhile. I was concerned." "So you brought an entire platoon of imperial stormtroopers with you?!" "....I'm thorough."
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Odin 23 hrs ago

Anime_Freak 23 hrs ago
Half of the keys on my keyboard are dying so I'll have to write posts on my phone. Replies may be delayed since, on my laptop, I have to copy an paste a bunch of letters to be able to even type this.
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Lady Amalthea 23 hrs ago
TFW your back finally pops in the first time in forever. Omg, it's heaven!!!!
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Fisticuffs 23 hrs ago
Understood. I will begin my research immediately.
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TheDarkTemplar 23 hrs ago
I'm back...I think.
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Taaj 23 hrs ago
@Fisticuffs Hentai. You start with hentai.
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Fisticuffs 23 hrs ago
Where does one even start with the Cthulhu Mythos?

The Mage 24 hrs ago
Feeling my muse being drained away from me,so I'm gonna be off for a few days.
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Rin 24 hrs ago
It's been a few days since it was announced so I guess I can confirm to myself that the Blazblue/Persona 4/Under Night In-Birth/RWBY crossover fighting game WASN'T some weird fever dream.
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The Grey Dust 24 hrs ago
Hastur > All lesser creatures (everything not Hastur)
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Aewin 24 hrs ago
Dogs are the best, there's no debate.
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Rin 1 day ago
Miniature Giant Space Hamsters over all.
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Briza 1 day ago
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Fubsy 1 day ago
Blob Fish > All
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Mega Birb 1 day ago
Birds > Wolves
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KaijuBaragon 1 day ago
wolves are crap
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Altered Tundra 1 day ago
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Keplo 1 day ago
Backyard ostriches never eat right.
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Bitter Lies 1 day ago
I'm not new, but I'm definitely back!
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Torack 1 day ago
I'm hitting a squat PR today! I'm hitting a squat PR today!!

XxLyraxX 1 day ago
I can't today. I just can't. I'm sorry.

Melo 1 day ago
I hear french and all I can think about is "Omelette du fromage"
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Hostile 1 day ago
If I turned myself invisible and beat a mime to death, he would get a standing ovation.
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VKAllen 1 day ago
I am a simple man. I hear 'Merde' and 'Sacra bleau' together I assume its a French person surrendering.
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Simple Unicycle 1 day ago
What's this!? My deception was seen through!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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CrypticCupcake 1 day ago
"Vous etes plein de merde" means "I believe what you're saying."
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CrypticCupcake 1 day ago
@Simple Unicycle Je parle francais, et tu ne m'as pas trompe.
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The Cleaner 1 day ago
Update, co-worker said I started cackling like the Joker, and was actually afraid for my sanity.

Simple Unicycle 1 day ago
In France, they don't say "I love you", they say "suce ma bite sale pute" which means "don't ever leave me", and I think that's beautiful... Haha, no, it means "suck my dick dirty bitch".
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HeySeuss 1 day ago
I'm done running RP's for a while. Just gonna join a couple instead.

The Cleaner 1 day ago
Currently dying, send help; work is literally making me wanna scream.
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