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A N X I E T Y 3 hrs ago
The search has ended! I found three on Discord! Huzzah!

Vlad Tepes 4 hrs ago
Life is like Dark Souls. You do a little bit better as you progress, then out of nowhere comes a bullsh-*quack* death.

Star Cat 5 hrs ago
Warhammer? How about some Hamwarmer.

The World 5 hrs ago
"What is life if not a chance to make more regrets?" - YourMoonstone
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A N X I E T Y 8 hrs ago
The search for an Undertale roleplayer continues!

RickyG85 8 hrs ago
lately my brothers have been trying to teach me Warhammer 40k. the extensive/excessive rules and I can't help but notice "Warhammer" has the same # of characters as "I hate fun!"
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Star Cat 10 hrs ago
Tastes so good, and ya never feel funky

Cleveraptor 12 hrs ago
And then there's Chunky!
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Star Cat 12 hrs ago
Sho' nuff.
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Damycles 13 hrs ago
You ever just look in the fridge, find nothing but 3 random disconnected ingredients and go… “Well, this is gonna have to work somehow”
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Dewey Deftones 14 hrs ago
Good news everyone, to brighten up the status bar! I got a 100 on my final presentation, and a 98/100 on my final paper! I graduate in a week! Woohoo!
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The Grey Dust 17 hrs ago
I cast Wish.
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ThatLostDude 22 hrs ago
Was time to make a shiny new 1x1 interest check. Had bumped the heck out of the old one xD
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Daxam 1 day ago
Frieren is, by far, my favorite series this season. It's rare a show will make me laugh one moment, then wanna cry the next
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Bugman 1 day ago
I hate when I proofread stuff only to post it and then see it still has mistakes
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Vlad Tepes 1 day ago
Would've gone to see it if I didn't have to work today 😕! I love Miyazaki's films!
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LadyAnnaLee 1 day ago
I highly recommend The Boy and The Heron. The film was eerily creepy and, as always, Hayao Miyazaki's work is breathtakingly beautiful.
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RickyG85 1 day ago
Uh oh.

The Savant 1 day ago
There isn't much one can do over the internet for others though I have sent Grade a PM to check-in.
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A N X I E T Y 1 day ago
Grade is very concerning. Perhaps help should be sent their way.
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The Savant 1 day ago
Their status bar and then their title bar is very concerning though I truely have no idea. I do hope for the best for them.
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Marlowe 1 day ago
has anyone noticed what happened to grade...
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The Savant 1 day ago
I would send help but I cannot help with such a thing.
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A N X I E T Y 1 day ago
Please send help. I have Undertale AUs brain rot.

Grade 1 day ago
It's been fun.
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Ariana Grey 1 day ago
On one hand, I feel sad that Shadow of the Erdtree didn't get announced. On the other hand, more FF7 Remake segments.
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Crimson Flame 1 day ago
In order to draw hot dudes, you need to know how to draw period.
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Damycles 1 day ago
I feel like to draw hot dudes you also have to know how to write hot dudes. You feel?
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Gareth 1 day ago
Welcome back A N X I E T Y :)
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A N X I E T Y 1 day ago
Back after a handful of years. Nothing obvious has changed. It's nice.
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Vampiretwilight 1 day ago
2/2 for a few pages in a novel I own a copy of, and read fully.
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Vampiretwilight 1 day ago
1/2 All I know is a novella is a sort of mini-novel. A short story version of sorts, sometimes, if not usually based on a small aspect of a longer novel. I read one once based on a character mentioned
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Lexisheeps 1 day ago
Novellas can be fun... if done right.
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Cleveraptor 1 day ago
One of those days where not even my medicine can get a handle on my ADD. Maybe I'll try calling my grandmas.
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POOHEAD189 1 day ago
I don't know what a novella type roleplay is and at this point I'm too afraid to ask
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Ariana Grey 1 day ago
Current Alright, what novella type roleplays are ongoing, it's time to write people!!
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ThatLostDude 1 day ago
Weekends are the time I got the most time to write... and they are the quietest on the forums..
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Ice Reaver 1 day ago
On the 18th, I'll be back to rp as I have 2 weeks annual leave off work! So this'll be my dedication week to rp in the evenings.

Ice Reaver 1 day ago
Hey friends, rp partners and everyon else, how are you all? I'm doing great, thanks for pre - asking! My cousin's doin well on his road to recovery. However, for replies, please wait just another week
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Lugubrious 1 day ago
Coming back at you twice as great as you had thought
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Cleveraptor 2 days ago
Now I remember why I hate Call of Duty so much.
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Krasnaya 2 days ago
You're as young as you feel until you're nearly at the threshold of your thirties and flu symptoms get so bad that Google says its cancer and even my doctor was confused. Exciting!
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Xaltwind 2 days ago
Krampus be on his way, and he's got a big stick.
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Star Cat 3 days ago
"Ope, it just slipped right on in there, didn't it?"

Metal Head 3 days ago
"A man who limits his interests limits his life."~Vincent Price
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Xandrya 3 days ago
I feel like a drug dealer looking to trade Monopoly Go cards... BTW, if you play, pm me. Want to trade and complete a couple of sets.
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Kaithe Dame 3 days ago
My monopoly on Signalis prompts coming to an end already.

AlternateMan 3 days ago
One must cast fireball to be happy
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Cleveraptor 3 days ago
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Jerkchicken 3 days ago
Yo new monster hunter
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Obscene Symphony 3 days ago
russians aren't demons? what? no way

Foster 3 days ago
Things I didn't have on my 2020's bingo card: Russian game developers portraying Ukranians as adorable…

Ersa93 3 days ago
The last of my mystery coffee (coffee with flavorings of winter spices, cocoa, and herbs of some kind) was okay, just wish it wasn't a dark roast.
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Cleveraptor 4 days ago
One of my goals in life is to rig a chestburster to pop out of a Thanksgiving turkey just as everyone is about to dig into it.
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Meleck the Grey 4 days ago
Post will be coming soon. My wife and 3 of my children have COVID for the first time.
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Metal Head 4 days ago
"Denn die Todten reiten Schnell. (For the dead travel fast.)”
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Vlad Tepes 4 days ago
I guess you can call that a "killing joke".....I'll see myself out.
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Punished GN 4 days ago
“After hearing that joke, the Ghost Note has decided to kill himself.” - the Ghost Note’s secretary.
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AlteredTundra 4 days ago
What kind of concert costs only 45 cents? A 50 Cent concert featuring Nickelback.
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TheNoCoKid 4 days ago…
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Star Cat 4 days ago
I handle the truth like I do my nuts; medium rare.

TruthHurts22 4 days ago
If you think you can't handle the truth, how do you think I feel?
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Cleveraptor 4 days ago
I have a laptop, but the most recent Halo game it can handle was released in 2004.
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Scribe of Thoth 4 days ago
Isn’t halo infinite multiplayer literally free on pc

FrostWolf 5 days ago
Concert tonight!

Cleveraptor 5 days ago
Firefight being back in Halo Infinite really makes me wish I could afford an Xbox.

Ersa93 5 days ago
No, it definitely was coffee. Those were just the things added to it. Sorry I wasn't clearer.

Star Cat 5 days ago
Coffee is indeed a way to wake up, if you're a baby. Join adulthood and smoke crystal meth.
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Vertigo 5 days ago
coffee is only good when it doesn't taste like coffee
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Lexisheeps 5 days ago
Oh, that's coffee alright! ...For people who don't like coffee.
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Obscene Symphony 5 days ago
nothing you listed was coffee
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Ersa93 5 days ago
Good news: the mystery coffee today is actually good, a mixture of baking spices, almond, and black tea. The roast is darker than I prefer, but it doesn't matter since I add creamer anyways.
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Cleveraptor 5 days ago
@Crimson Flame— I can assure you my name is meant to be ironic. Like calling a big guy "Tiny" or 'Birdemic' a movie.
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johnnycage 5 days ago…
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Vlad Tepes 5 days ago
Even the softest of hearts are capable of such malice. Trust me, I too have reached my limit before. Long story short, cops were called, people got hurt, and I felt remorse for it ever since.

Metal Head 5 days ago
N'gai, n'gha'ghaa, bugg-shoggog, y'hah; Yog-Sothoth, Yog-Sothoth...
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wheels 5 days ago
i am a nice person. it just sometimes I just reach my limit.
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wheels 5 days ago
when little sibling is use to be spoiled and he comes to you with wanna high dollar headphones. sorry kid. I been a adult all year pay my rent when you been sitting on your ass. but have a nice day!

Crimson Flame 5 days ago
A clever fox and a clever raptor. What other clever animals will we see on the status bar?
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CleverFox 5 days ago
Hi! Its been a solid 5 years since I had been on here. I am trying to get into the swing of thing again lol
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Cleveraptor 5 days ago
Pullin' shots, aimin' dots, yeah, I don't miss/Branded by fire, born in the abyss/Red-hot temper, I just can't resist/All this vengeance inside me

Vampiretwilight 5 days ago…
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Marlowe 5 days ago
Gonna take a bit to get replies out, work's kicking my ass this week

AlteredTundra 5 days ago
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Expendable 5 days ago
Good coffee needs nothing. Tummies, on the other hand, could do with a little cushioning, which is why we have creamer and sugar. And the longer the coffee sits, the more you need of that.
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Cleveraptor 5 days ago
If wanting chocolate and creamer/milk in my coffee is sacrilegious, than I will gladly be called a heretic.
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AlternateMan 5 days ago
Doe, a deer, that you shall fear, Ray, of death from raging sun
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Vlad Tepes 5 days ago
Coffee - sugar - cup - done. Anything else is pure sacrilege.

Star Cat 6 days ago
I think humanity has figured out the key ingredients to go into a coffee, and it doesn't include any of those. Whoever gave that to you doesn't love you
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Ersa93 6 days ago
Got a mystery coffee sampler from work. I've tried three of the five packages and only like one. Never put lime, mango, and tofee together in a coffee.
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Vlad Tepes 6 days ago
The only thing I summoned with my feral sounds is the police department.
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Krasnaya 6 days ago
Me @ me: skill issue

Krasnaya 6 days ago
I got sick with flu two times in less than a month, I am falling apart, I may be 27 but I feel like I'm 70, it's time to retire.
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Lord Wraith 6 days ago
Everyday we're world building.
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Animal 6 days ago
I'm going to make feral noises in attempt to summon a banshee.
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Vampiretwilight 6 days ago
added some vampire themed ideas to the interest check I brought back that I thought about reviving as of late.

Vlad Tepes 6 days ago…. Also I just noticed the three sixes on the end 🤘
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Expendable 6 days ago
I stared into the abyss. It stared back. I'm not the one who blinked. We've agreed to see other people.
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KillamriX88 6 days ago
*Cthulu will remember this*

Star Cat 6 days ago
Shnissugah is watching
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