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Vampiretwilight 3 min ago

Guy0fV4lor 13 min ago
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Vampiretwilight 14 min ago
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FilthyWeeb 2 hrs ago
I need new headphones. Can anyone recommend any good brands for around 30 USD?

Cu Chulainn 3 hrs ago
Old Discord got hacked. Forgot to add everyone from it, so if I didn't, add me @ Cu (New)#7754
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LetMeDoStuff 4 hrs ago
It's treason, then.
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DamnTheGacha 6 hrs ago
Not. Yet.
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Catharyn 6 hrs ago
I AM the Senate.
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Lumiere 8 hrs ago
Who is Sandy Loam, and why are they in my garden?
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Calle 9 hrs ago
Three more days and the current writing competition will close. Then it's voting time, new art contest and NaNoWriMo! November 1st will be a busy day ^_^
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LittleMouse 10 hrs ago
Finally, SoC is interesting...why is it always 100+ pages in that a story gets going in a book?

BenG85 12 hrs ago
responses coming, followed by browsing, and thinking hard about getting involved in rp's

LittleMouse 12 hrs ago
Did my Literature class just make it impossible to pass with giving work but NO WHERE to submit it? Yes. Yes it did.

BangoSkank 13 hrs ago
PuddingPunter, I like your style
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gorgenmast 14 hrs ago
Siri, what’s the melting point of people?

puddingpunter 14 hrs ago
I need more dogs.
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Syrenrei 14 hrs ago
I am making great progress on one of my art projects at least!
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POOHEAD189 16 hrs ago
The Necromonger in me warns you to stay away. But the Furyan in me … hopes you won't listen.
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FilthyWeeb 16 hrs ago
I can't believe a shark and a tsundere boomer are making me reconsider my stance on Minecraft.
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ur sunflower 16 hrs ago
@blindwoofer what a great spooky halloween story, im scared D:
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Vampiretwilight 16 hrs ago
"How sad it would be if laughter should disappear." -Undertaker(black butler)

blindwoofer 17 hrs ago
Gotta love when you lose internet for the whole damn day. -.-
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BangoSkank 17 hrs ago
FLIPMODE Squad, World Domination in Progress Mother F....
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The Ghost Note 17 hrs ago
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BangoSkank 17 hrs ago
It's time Goddamit. New Busta.…

KZOMBI3 18 hrs ago
a life without boreas? count me out
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FilthyWeeb 18 hrs ago
"What's a Hemingway?" "Oh, about a pound."
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Siaya Dragalorn 18 hrs ago
"Words should wander and meander. They should fly like owls and flicker like bats and slip like cats. They should murmur and scream and dance and sing." ~David Almond
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Jessica Bunny 18 hrs ago
thinks Hemingway is an overrated cock snot.
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Jessica Bunny 18 hrs ago
So I have an English professor who has a hard-on for Ernest Hemingway. That’s all we’ve read all semester. One narcissistic bit of dribble after the next. Please tell me I’m not the only one who...
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Truant 18 hrs ago
Went from "yeah an 11 a.m. appointment would be great" to "why did I say that" in a span of 10 seconds
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Icy Hot 18 hrs ago
life without z? don't want it 🥺
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SporkoBug 20 hrs ago
Just a heads up for my lovely roleplay partners, I will be rather slow on replies the next three days. Big dnd thing happening and I'm catering and running it all.

Obscene Symphony 21 hrs ago
p o r n h u b
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BenG85 21 hrs ago
I dunno, rules tend to be pretty clear on what's not a good thing to do if banning is a concern (unless one is more concerned with what they can get away with, I suppose)

Obscene Symphony 21 hrs ago
Did you just censor pornhub
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The Ghost Note 21 hrs ago…
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BenG85 21 hrs ago
me too…

Smystar99 22 hrs ago
I just love how on the rare occasion I join a group rp it just feels like a family half the time. The support is just, you people are so sweet <3
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The Ghost Note 22 hrs ago
It's not a waste of time, it depends on where you put them and how you present them. The Guild's looking a little dead lately so that's a thing.
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BenG85 22 hrs ago
I forget, is the interest checks a waste of time? would I get more interest by jumping strait to OOC posting (I mean, that tends to be when I put out enough material to get interest anyway)?

FilthyWeeb 22 hrs ago
I don't see what the problem is. The date of release is right in the title for Cyberpunk.

dhawan 23 hrs ago
a game thrice delayed is 100 hour work weeks and employees on the brink of hospitalisation
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Silent Showers 23 hrs ago
If I was a game studio I'd rather have mouth breathing knuckle draggers get a little upset over a delay instead of have a No Man's Sky release.

Cleverbird 23 hrs ago
A rushed game is forever bad, a delayed game is Cyberpunk 2077.

Exit 23 hrs ago
@ur sunflower- Such witty. So amaze. *Gives like*
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Majoras End 23 hrs ago
Welp, 6 weeks of PT it is. Wish me luck starting next week.

Boss Kermit 1 day ago
As a IT guy and computer sales rep, the two types I DREAD seeing come my direction are boomers and house wives.
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FilthyWeeb 1 day ago
Me: "I need a new winter coat." My inner chuuni: "I have a suggestion. Why not look like this guy?"

Ambra 1 day ago
Cause I know there's crazy idiot extremists on both sides. God forbid people start dying or a civil war starts. That's the last thing we need as a country.
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Cleverbird 1 day ago
My brain right now:…

Ambra 1 day ago
I'm kinda scared about what's going to happen on the 3rd. Not so much about who's going to win the election but about the reaction of the American people.
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ur sunflower 1 day ago
~inserts amazingly witty status update~ c:
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DemonMiyu 1 day ago
I know he's gone and never come back, but I can't seem to let go of Krinos Solstice. He was my first friend on this site and I don't want him to fade away. Big mood shift, but yeah.

Mikimandolin 1 day ago
In the Philippines update has changed to November but I will keep you all updated

DemonMiyu 1 day ago
-while muted on a Zoom meeting during class- .... -screams into the endless void- I am so tired.
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Love Dove 1 day ago
Is completely over everyfuckingthing
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Angel Vicky 1 day ago
Head full of cold. Again :(

Truant 1 day ago
My dog has made the decision to use her brand new bed as a pillow. A pillow to rest only her tiny head on.
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Jones Sparrow 1 day ago
See You Space Cowboy...
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FilthyWeeb 1 day ago
Do you like piña coladas? And getting caught in the rain?
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The Ghost Note 1 day ago
My next rp is known as the Non-Binary Pals.
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CrowdedMind 1 day ago
As if it weren't already official, I now have proof: I am a genuine Internet idiot hahaha
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Letter Bee 1 day ago
*Takes a deep breath, tries to relax.*

Tala93 1 day ago
It's Spoopy Time!
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The Ghost Note 1 day ago
I bet Mahz bought a Ferrari with the Ad Revenue Money.
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The Ghost Note 1 day ago
I guess my last words will be: Any last words?
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Vampiretwilight 1 day ago…

Andreyich 1 day ago
Large fingers make using websites on phones tedious

FilthyWeeb 2 days ago
I adore this gremlin. ❤️…
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Guy0fV4lor 2 days ago
K/DA Gragas when
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Ambra 2 days ago
k/da is overrated. give me some more true damage

Otakuforreal 2 days ago
I gave myself bangs and my self confidence has shot up through the roof
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Hey Im Jordan 2 days ago
k/da k/da k/da k/da k/da k/da k/da
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FilthyWeeb 2 days ago
Rice, chicken, and veggies for supper. Mmm…

Vampiretwilight 2 days ago
2/2 No matter the human." -Sebastian Michaelis
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Vampiretwilight 2 days ago
1/2 "Humans are easily tempted. When they are poised on the edge of hellish despair, and a spider-thin thread of salvation presents itself, they will invariably grasp it.
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rebornfan320 2 days ago
I apologize to my partners for struggling to reply as my muse has taken a hit as of late..
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ur sunflower 2 days ago
@rosentrot COOL!!
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Rosenrot 2 days ago
Finally, some more art I'm actually proud to call mine...
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Jones Sparrow 2 days ago
"Show me a hero, and I'll write you a tragedy."
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GalaxyBrain 2 days ago
Note to self, check site more often after being busy up to my head..Literally.
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DemonMiyu 2 days ago
Me pre-ordering Cyberpunk 2077 as a treat for dealing with 2020 bullshit:…
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Lord Orgasmo 2 days ago
It's snowing. Fuck.
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FilthyWeeb 2 days ago
What the fuck . . . ?
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The Ghost Note 2 days ago
roleplaying killed my parents
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AlternateMan 2 days ago
An eye for an eye....and a requiem for a traitor
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FilthyWeeb 2 days ago
Couldn't sleep last night, so I wound up rearranging my books and shelves and working on art projects.

ur sunflower 2 days ago
the trouble with online schoolwork is that its so easy to just... wind up on here instead CX
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HaleyTheRandom 2 days ago
On the other hand, the more I think about it, the more I'd rather have a positive Covid test than a positive pregnancy test.
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HaleyTheRandom 2 days ago
So the Covid results came back positive. Gonna be out of work for a bit. This is literally the last thing I needed.
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Venus 2 days ago
That sounds perfectly splendid

metanoia 2 days ago
Not for nothing but every month should be mental health awareness month
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Tlstiffl 2 days ago
40 degrees and raining, but I'm still waiting in line to vote.
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AnnaWinters 2 days ago
Nightshifts this week, replies might be less often
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Jones Sparrow 2 days ago
"You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering."
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POOHEAD189 2 days ago
Well I've self published on amazon, but I'm doing traditionally published work now. Thanks though :)
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FilthyWeeb 2 days ago
What about Amazon? Considering all the weird erotica and unlicensed fan fictions I've seen on Kindle, it shouldn't be hard.
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POOHEAD189 2 days ago
The problem is Novellas in that genre are a hard sell unless it's in an anthology, whereas Novels sell more easily. And I did look at the publisher, but you'd still need to peddle an Agent beforehand.

swift 2 days ago
When you realize just after you make a big post that you just created a character called Mercy whose profession is Mercenary. Mercy the Mercenary.
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