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Kuroakuma 4 min ago
what would happen if Astolfo was actually a woman though like isn't it weird how they happily genderswap King Arthur and then make Astolfo almost a genderswap

Kuroakuma 7 min ago
now it's set up and people can know the things to pm me about when they stalk me, hell yeah

Kuroakuma 9 min ago
man i swear i set up my bio what the heck

ihinka 1 hr ago
Sorry, people. Had a birthday this Saturday and had time for little else. I'll see about posts today or tomorrow.
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Altered Tundra 2 hrs ago
And that's how I have so many friends. I set the bar so low that there isn't any way that there's anyone lower than me.
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POOHEAD189 2 hrs ago
You set a low bar, Tunny.
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Altered Tundra 2 hrs ago
Never a dull moment on the Guild afterhours.

Evil Snowman 2 hrs ago
Out tonight at frag fest will be home whenever I get home. No posts till I do.

Penny 2 hrs ago
Look, loving the new Outlander doesn't necessarily make me trash ok!
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SirSqueakalot91 3 hrs ago
There is an incredible lack of dinosaur rps on here.
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Majoras End 3 hrs ago
My mechanical pencil ran out of led. *internal screaming*
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Crimson Raven 4 hrs ago
Bad Habits haunt me
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Poi 4 hrs ago
A stupid meme had me searching for character art I remember liking in the past. Damned orange transparent chainsaws.

datadogie 5 hrs ago
"Why did you replay my snapchat?" "Maybe because it's 2 seconds long, and so how the heck am I supposed to know what's happening in it without looking it again!?"

Blaze Gamma 5 hrs ago
*Generic comment about Otaku making him suicidal*
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Being a gambling addict with only 20 Saint Quartz is exhausting.
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Otaku95 5 hrs ago
*insert status questioning why I ever open my mouth when talking just gets people mad at me here*

Smystar99 5 hrs ago
Pre-con pressure is on!
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Spirit 5 hrs ago
I'm bad at talking today.

Blubaron45 6 hrs ago
Being a pretentious, uninteresting douchebag is exhausting...
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Surtr 6 hrs ago
[@Altered Tundra] It's less that no one is interested in your "humor"... it's more that you have a terrible personality, that's all.
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j8cob 6 hrs ago
Being an attractive male with a sociable personality is exhausting.
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POOHEAD189 6 hrs ago
I've really wanted an Arabian Nights 1x1 for a long time, but because of that I'd only really do it with someone I'd trust to be a good writer.

rebornfan320 6 hrs ago
@Tundra I know that pain but it seems no one is interested in a brainy guy with humor
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Spirit 7 hrs ago
@Tundra I feel ya bud.

Altered Tundra 7 hrs ago
Being a hopeless romantic with a sarcastic mind is exhausting.
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Ophidian 7 hrs ago
......Soooo I have a restored civil war rifle. Just saying. If anyone needs an angel of death here....
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Blaze Gamma 7 hrs ago
Otaku is making me glad I don't own a gun. I would be eating the barrel.
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Otaku95 7 hrs ago
I have one rule for dating me, ladies: you MUST be a nerd. Bonus points if you're an otaku. Extra bonus points if you're a tsundere.
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Sierra 7 hrs ago
I need to get around to advertising the updated version of .... everything. I've been working alone too much.
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The Grey Dust 7 hrs ago
My latest post is like 20% allusions. With Frozen, WoW, LoTR, and Arthurian references in one post. D:
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DrunkasaurusRex 7 hrs ago
Maybe I'm just getting old, but it seems like South Park just isn't that funny anymore.
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Medusia 7 hrs ago
If anyone is up for an erotic 18+ monster roleplay or anything feel free to Dm me.
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mskennedy615 7 hrs ago
Staying up all night watching old episodes of Gotham is great... until you realize that you'll only be running on two hours of sleep the next day.
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HushedWhispers 8 hrs ago
So I know that I got some explaining to do. I will get back to everyone in a timely manner.
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Spirit 8 hrs ago
I need more "dark mistress lace clad in royal purple with black dress wearing a devious grin and a equally wicked mind" in my life.
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Otaku95 8 hrs ago
Alolan Dugtrio has two main features that set it apart: its fabulous blonde hair and steel type, and what does that make them? A hair metal trio.
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Poi 8 hrs ago
*renews WoW sub* Hello? Yes, I would like to sign my life over again to Blizzard.
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Stormflyx 8 hrs ago
When you're the first person at the office in the morning the only logical thing to do is have a dance, right?
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Uncertain Tea 8 hrs ago
I'm stressin'. I have a lot of replies to crank out, with no time to do it. Or at least, not in the time frame that I want. :(

Little Eden 9 hrs ago
Sorry for leaving a couple of my partners hanging. In between running a group RP, getting a new dog, and restarting university, my head's been everywhere and nowhere. Tomorrow is a soft mental reset.

BoyMom035 10 hrs ago
Ah, them 2 hours are catching up to me. Migraine headache here we come... lovely
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Blaze Gamma 10 hrs ago
I don't understand half of what you just said, but it's still pushing me to drink.
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Otaku95 10 hrs ago
@Blaze Gamma— My whole life is sad. Seriously, someone could make a WataMote-esque cringe comedy about my life.

Blaze Gamma 11 hrs ago
But have your statuses started making you sad yet?
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Otaku95 11 hrs ago
I'm not gonna write statuses in third-person anymore. Ironically enough I started doing it to annoy people but now it just annoys ME.
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PrinceAlexus 11 hrs ago
If you wanna spend money, your money on your mobile game. Who right is it to tell you not to. Long as you warned it. It's yours to do with as you wish.
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Ambra 11 hrs ago
what new harry potter books. *is having mental breakdown*

Erklings25 11 hrs ago
Only just heard about the new HP books. Should I be happy or horrified?

Ophidian 12 hrs ago
Take your stars and give me my scars/I'd rather sing long and live free/So, take this cup the hell away from me!

Anime_Freak 12 hrs ago
Replies coming soon
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Ophidian 12 hrs ago
...And before I left. Someone asked what was in the apple crumb. Apple. It's apple. It's in the name. IT IS IN THE NAME.
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codex 13 hrs ago
Who cares if someone spent money on a mobile game unless it was your money without your permission?
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datadogie 13 hrs ago
I don't understand some people, those without a lack of common fucking courtesy.
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Y Hywel 13 hrs ago
Pm meh if ya wanna talk about shit that ya wanna talk about if you want to
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Miss Gallagher 14 hrs ago
Guh... My illness flared up and I'm basically stuck on the couch... Barely slept, feel like hell, and yet I can only rest for so long. Things to do... -Sighs- ;-;
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Otaku95 14 hrs ago
Why it's important to know the difference between "canon" and "cannon" :…

Krot 14 hrs ago
Defending people who spend money on mobile games is like advocating for little kids to have Credit Cards. Shame on you, stranger! I'll downtoke you to karma hell if I could do it in RPG.
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vancexentan 14 hrs ago
I think I'm done with Reddit sitting down with a collective minus fifty plus downvotes just because I wanted to attempt to defend a guy for spending money on a mobile game.
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Jollan 15 hrs ago
Having trouble studying for that midterm? Try putting it off and making a post ;)
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Regitnui 15 hrs ago
So much fuss about how the anthem is being disrespected when there are bigger problems crippling them. Patriotism in some countries is about lifting everyone up, so the country as a whole thrives.
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PrinceAlexus 15 hrs ago
Asking what a dozen is? What do they teach at school lol.
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PrinceAlexus 15 hrs ago
Asking what a dozen is?

PrinceAlexus 15 hrs ago
Asking what a dozen is?

Ophidian 15 hrs ago
My god. We had someone call up the damn store to ask how many donuts were in a dozen. I'm amazed they figured out how to work the phone.
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BubblegumQueen 16 hrs ago
Yeah, that didn't work out. THIS TIME, it'll be better!

Otaku95 16 hrs ago
Normally the Pervy Hermit doesn't like to get political, but he has this to say to NFL players: If you want to take a knee during the national anthem, lose one to an IED first.
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Surtr 16 hrs ago
I have an RP idea I wanna put into action, but I barely have time (especially since l've been looking for a second job).

Ktyhrea 16 hrs ago
Anyone interested in a roleplay set in the world of The Handmaid's Tale? PM me!

Obscene Symphony 17 hrs ago
Con is over! Now I have the plague.

The Grey Dust 17 hrs ago
Master has given Dobby clothes! Dobby is free elf!
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Metadude 17 hrs ago
You should tape a random sock to that gift, for good measure
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Myr 17 hrs ago
Someone in my family will receive a coffee maker containing aquarium pebbles, a crassula, and an as of yet undetermined candy for Christmas, this year.

Metadude 17 hrs ago
@Kaiju, *nani the fuck
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KaijuBaragon 18 hrs ago
what the fuck
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Odin 18 hrs ago
OwO daddy what's this?
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Slypheed 18 hrs ago
The Sims: "Do you think he'll kill us this time?" "Probably"
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Ciaran 18 hrs ago
@Metadude, it works with all sorts of games. Far Cry: "We outnumber him ten to one by people with machine guns and ballistic armour. He has a knife. I don't know if we're gonna make it, guys."
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ClocktowerEchos 18 hrs ago
Bricks are just domesticated rocks.
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CuddleKitten 18 hrs ago
Shiro will be pet. Shiro WILL have cuddles and Shiro will always love Daddy Fowever!!!!!!! But first I want lots of cookies and scratches under my chin. Do it or Shiro will Nevur cuddle you forever!!!
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CuddleKitten 18 hrs ago
[In construction]
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Mag Lev 18 hrs ago… Recruiting more players!

Ms Patoots 18 hrs ago
" The Sole Survivor just walked into town and sold me a bunch of junk before leaving with all of my caps... Also I'm pretty sure I was wearing pants a minute ago."
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Metadude 18 hrs ago
Thinking about player actions from the POV of NPC's in Bethesda games adds so much more enjoyment to the experience. Even better if you include game mechanics into their perspective.
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Ms Patoots 18 hrs ago
*Tail wag*

Little Italy 18 hrs ago
God has steered me away from three things: cocaine, killing puppies, and Christian movies

TheDookieNut 19 hrs ago
Uni course starts tonight. Will probably be 1 post a night until I get into it but I'll be about as and when I can
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baraquiel 19 hrs ago
Brushing your teeth is the only time you can actually clean your skeleton.
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lancegames10 20 hrs ago
the vex mind has formed

VileSnake 21 hrs ago
Halo 3 came out 10 years ago today. Still my favorite in terms of multiplayer.
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BoyMom035 21 hrs ago
Got 2 hours of sleep last night. My mind is running amok, and its going to be a looonng day :)
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Brithwyr 22 hrs ago
Ongo bongo bongo, I don't want to leave the Congo
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Medusia 23 hrs ago
Still in search for someone up for an 18+ erotic rp Dm if interested

Ms Patoots 23 hrs ago
Dear Penis, it seems I was a little too hasty. I shall be on you in a little while. Until then.
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TwelveOf8 1 day ago
Dear Paris, it seems I was a little too hasty. I shall be with you in a little while. Until then.
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Stormflyx 1 day ago
Saw a lot of you have been having a hard time lately. Just wanted to let you know I see you, and appreciate you, and you're amazing. Hang in there.
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Tybalt Capulet 1 day ago
Yo, life has been crazy, so I'll do my best, but everything is going to be sloooooow.

The Valkyrie 1 day ago
To be fair, natural evolution didn't make modern chickens; that would be us with our artificial selection. Their ancestors were able to fly short distances.
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dragonbullet 1 day ago
I finally made it back it been a bit of an adventure but i finally have the chance to get back into rp missed it alot

Altered Tundra 1 day ago
Tundra the devout gush master strikes again.
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