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DestinyStar 7 min ago
Why can't I ever do anything right...?

Ambra 8 min ago
Check out my 1x1 check!…

Jett Ryu 8 min ago
Keep circulating the tapes.

Uncle Spanky 19 min ago

Rain 40 min ago
"What a thrill, with the Darkness and Silence through the night"
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Todd Howard 1 hr ago
I'm on a ladder, and I'm scaling higher atm may arrive on roof soon

Phantomlink959 1 hr ago
How high are you right now? (Inb4 "no, it's hi. How are you?")

JunkMail 1 hr ago
If your astral sign is asparagus don't event talk to me because I'm a Capri Sun and we are not compatible.
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ConnorRK800 1 hr ago
Roger Taylor locked himself in the cupboards and refused to get out until Freddie agreed to put "I'm in love with my car" on the B side of Bohemian Rhapsody (A night at the opera)..byootiful.

Odin 1 hr ago sn..kes on this!
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I have had it with these motherfu....g snakes on this motherfu...g plane!!!! Lol
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Jett Ryu 2 hrs ago
"Watch out for snakes!"

Rosenrot 2 hrs ago
"Have a kid, they'll bring joy into your life!" They said; joke's on them, though, 'cause I couldn't have one if I wanted to, which I Do Not. :)
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Rawk 2 hrs ago
"Have a kid, they'll bring joy into your life!" They said. So, ten years, three girls, a dog, and two birds later, I'm still waiting :)
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rebornfan320 2 hrs ago
CJ Truth upset over Tokido! Mind blown!

Todd Howard 2 hrs ago
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GarlandDaHero 2 hrs ago
Pro Tip: Don't talk to me about what's "meta" in one of my favorite games unless you want me to get very angry.

Rosenrot 2 hrs ago
If I could stop spending so much time looking for & listening to new music, I might actually, y'know, do something with my life.
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ZAVAZggg 2 hrs ago

rebornfan320 2 hrs ago
Red Bull Conquest - CPT 2018 Day 3. Top 8 now

ScreenAcne 2 hrs ago
"fight me" = Intergalatic message to the unknown xenos far away by the United Terran Empire.
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ZAVAZggg 3 hrs ago
Viewing the timelines.

LetMeDoStuff 3 hrs ago
Apparently you can't default dance in a baptism service. But I say, where's the written law?
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oh man i'm really feeling those 4 hours of sleep
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Jett Ryu 4 hrs ago
MST3K Turkey Day Marathon is streaming on YouTube right now.

Todd Howard 4 hrs ago
lol he got banned

GarlandDaHero 4 hrs ago
Waiting for a message from bae be like
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ZAVAZggg 5 hrs ago
Wandering the timelines.

Phantomlink959 5 hrs ago
Sent a PM to a mod about it because I honestly have no idea what the procedure for getting a user un-banned is.

Phantomlink959 5 hrs ago
I referred a user over to the guild last night but they were dumb and I'm like 90% certain they got flagged as a spam bot :|
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AlternateMan 5 hrs ago
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Jett Ryu 5 hrs ago
@sukiyo— 1×1 section, bruh. Yaoi, yuri, whatever your poison, you can find it. 👌
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Vampiretwilight 5 hrs ago
New group rp. Post if interested:…

ItMeGritty 6 hrs ago
Gritty's message of the day: Seize the memes of production.
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sukiyo 6 hrs ago
Still slow replies but does anyone know where all the MxM roleplayers hang out? Asking for a friend and the friend is me.
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AlternateMan 8 hrs ago
Someone named their wifi network "Girls&Panzer!" and I don't know what to feel about it
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Odin 9 hrs ago
bro has his weed blog link in the signature too lmao RISE AND GRIND
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Dinh AaronMk 10 hrs ago
The Lenin Boys had a e s t h e t i c…

Jett Ryu 10 hrs ago
Why does my brain save the weirdest, most messed up dreams for when I have a lot on my mind?
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Cu Chulainn 10 hrs ago
Eternally sadboi
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Blind Bandit 11 hrs ago
Me to my wife: "Will me talking on the phone bother you while you're reading?" Wife: "No, as long as you don't talk to me." Lmao
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DemonMiyu 11 hrs ago
I am returned to the land of make believe. Hello, everyone! I AM SLEEP DEPRIVED!
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Todd Howard 11 hrs ago
I was taking out the trash and there's a goddamn small army of raccoons out there. Garbage can wait until the sun rises.
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POOHEAD189 11 hrs ago
Aint no one gonna advertise the devil's lettuce in my forum
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Jojo 12 hrs ago
Before I make a proper check would anyone be interested in a group rp set in the overwatch universe? Original characters only
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Todd Howard 12 hrs ago
Yup, Guild seems normal.

Odin 12 hrs ago
wake up, tweet "rise and grind" so everyone knows you grinding, and then post your weed links in roleplay forums

Stormflyx 12 hrs ago
Can't stop a hustler.

Jojo 12 hrs ago
The best way I know how to get followers on my shitty blog is to join a roleplay forum and post the link in the sidebar.
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Odin 12 hrs ago
dude really ouchea advertising his weed blog lmao
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stevewonders 13 hrs ago
wake me up when is xmas over coz I cant afford buy any presents.... :D :D
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RoseBloodBorn 13 hrs ago
I suppose growing up is inevitable.

DC The Dragon 14 hrs ago
"Summer has come and passed. The innocent can never last. Wake me up, when [November] ends..." - Green Day
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AlternateMan 15 hrs ago
What a "take off" to another level. HEHHEHEHEHEHEEHHEHHEHEHE.... please don't slay me
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Todd Howard 16 hrs ago
"I take off my wizard robe and hat"
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Uncle Spanky 16 hrs ago

Ambra 16 hrs ago
Guess it's time to open up my 1x1 thread again.…
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rebornfan320 16 hrs ago
Red Bull Conquest - CPT 2018 via SFV. Watching to learn and get better.
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Jett Ryu 16 hrs ago
"I'm bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be than me."
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AlternateMan 16 hrs ago
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Tsukai 16 hrs ago
Say Hi on my introduction post :)
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Anime_Freak 17 hrs ago
Slowly responding -_-

Skwint 17 hrs ago…

Todd Howard 17 hrs ago
If you don't make it, I'll send your family a complimentary copy of Fallout 76. Bethesda loves it's fans.

Burning Kitty 17 hrs ago

In Crypt Dead 17 hrs ago
So sick. 1/2 hour just felt like eternity in torment. Goingtoseeadocsoon. Please use healing crystals or pray for me or whatever it is you do. Anyone. Please. I need all the help I can get. Or death.
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AlternateMan 17 hrs ago
"I'm willing to take full responsibility for the horrible events of the last twenty-four hours, but you must understand our interest in their world was purely for the betterment of mankind.'
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Scrub Mage 18 hrs ago
Cheer up, have a [Celebratory Birthday Dab] on the house.
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Blaze Gamma 18 hrs ago
*Offers pats*\
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Undead Eyes 18 hrs ago
-Sighs- Ending my birthday wanting to cry. This sucks.

Nikki Moonlight 18 hrs ago
If I seem a bit off my game tonight I'm deeply sorry. My nephew might come sooner than we thought

Rosenrot 18 hrs ago
...When the letters start sliding down the page like The fucking Matrix code, it *might* be time for a rest.
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Todd Howard 18 hrs ago
My only hope is that Toy Story continues to grow with me, depicting Andy in his mid-life crisis in Toy Story 4
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Vampiretwilight 18 hrs ago
you can't have fun without 'u' in the middle
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Jett Ryu 19 hrs ago
The end of Toy Story 3 is why I personally won't see Toy Story 4. Perfect ending for a series.
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ScreenAcne 19 hrs ago…

Scrub Mage 19 hrs ago
poke smells hella bad
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RabidRabbit 19 hrs ago
Trapped: A wholesome doujin about two rough tough-men who go around forcibly trappifying cute boys against their will.
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TheDookieNut 19 hrs ago
Being unable to sleep due to constant intrusive thoughts is living hell. Wanting to follow through but knowing everything will just get worse is comparable - I just want to be free
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ICanBeAnyone 19 hrs ago
Going through my PM's and bumping Stories.... Yes folks we have reached that level of boredom... Save me

Todd Howard 20 hrs ago
You can have the soul of the Fallout franchise, I tore it away long ago.
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ItMeGritty 20 hrs ago
Gritty desires souls
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Strange Rodent 20 hrs ago
Ah, I love taking a 3 hour train trip for nothing.
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Hero 20 hrs ago
Someone rang?
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Vampiretwilight 20 hrs ago
I need a hero to save me now I need a hero (save me now) I need a hero to save my life A hero'll save me (just in time)
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Todd Howard 20 hrs ago
holy shit they figured out the joke

Jett Ryu 20 hrs ago
@Todd Howard— Doesn't seem to be working. Kind of like everything made with the Creation Engine.…

AlternateMan 21 hrs ago
I wake up alone, so I decide to eat my breakfast alone. And then everyone decides to wake up when I'm eating breakfast. Speak of a dramatic entrance.
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Todd Howard 21 hrs ago
It turns out we weren't good enough

Ambra 21 hrs ago
really looking for someone to play warrior cats with me. Multiple characters, multiple plots, more mature!
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Phantomlink959 21 hrs ago
What kind of fuckin' sociopath...

Mangrale 21 hrs ago
I never asked for anything before guys, but if you're ever removing leaves from your yard or anywhere else really, can you please not do it with a watering hose. Thanks.
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Jett Ryu 21 hrs ago
Hot take: just as my favorite series is shit, your favorite series is shit. No exceptions.
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RabidRabbit 22 hrs ago
Ever have one of those nights where you have like seven different dreams that all seem to last like five hours each, only to wake up two and half hours after you went to sleep?
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Vampiretwilight 22 hrs ago
I remember having a dream where i was riding an elephant for a circus contest or something and steve iriwn was a judge for some reason.
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LetMeDoStuff 22 hrs ago
Finally, after six bloody years of commitment, my Squadron finally decided to promote me to Sergeant. Now I can safely say I achieved something.
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IceHeart 22 hrs ago
Whew, looks like only 5 days, stupid thing showed me six just to try and scare my pants off...

Dark Huntress 22 hrs ago
Have a job though I work 12 hours a night with every other weekend off.
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HaleyTheRandom 23 hrs ago
I may be getting a promotion at work. A small promotion.... But still a promotion.
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anxiouscat 23 hrs ago
Just here to remind you all about Corporal Klinger...
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