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Odin <1 min ago
Shared my knife with your sisters in the night.

AngelBites15 17 min ago
Delays Oughting To Occur, Since A New Semester & The Search For A Sleeping Schedule Has Begun :P

Odin 1 hr ago
or because you wanna fuck
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Ladypug 1 hr ago
Just respect people because respecting people is the right thing to do. I literally do not understand why that's so hard to grasp.
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WitchHunter 2 hrs ago
That's good to hear! I get concussions from a stiff breeze, so count your blessings.
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Lady Absinthia 2 hrs ago
"Cyberpunk or Dungeon Crawl?" "Both?" "O.o Hell yeah!"
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Sanguine Rose 2 hrs ago
Aside from ending my shift more pissed off than I already was, I'm fine.
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Sanguine Rose 2 hrs ago
Ah yes. Just what I wanted at the end of a 12 hour shift. A head injury and having to spend an extra hour at work filing an incident report and getting examined by the onsite nurse.

DestinyStar 2 hrs ago
Bad anxiety day. Hubby is also sick. Sorry for delays...

PsyBlade 3 hrs ago
Speaking of RPs: will work on replies later. I need a nap.
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ComradeMaxx 3 hrs ago
"good feminism is when ur hilary clinton and bad feminism is when ur hot" is a take, i guess
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Odin 3 hrs ago
I respect women regardless because I want to fuck
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Kuro 3 hrs ago
sir this is a rp forum
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Arcanus 3 hrs ago
I feel like modern feminism contradicts one of early feminism’s big points; stop sexualizing women. I have more respect for a feminist in a pants suit than a “feminist” dressed like a cheap Tijuana ho

WitchHunter 4 hrs ago
This apartment is baby-proofed too well.

blazeflame13 4 hrs ago
Thank you to everyone on here for being my only friends, I wouldn't have made it this far without you
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Anime_Freak 5 hrs ago
i made a simple interest check while i'm making replies whoops i just wanna write more lol
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Littleone17 6 hrs ago
Some day's I wish I could crawl in someone's pocket of their hoodie and stay hidden away from the world. :(
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WitchHunter 6 hrs ago
Repose en paix, Terry.

Vampiretwilight 6 hrs ago
R.i.p Terry Jones.
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The Grey Dust 7 hrs ago
Alas how ever shall we know if She is a witch or not without Terry Jones? Shall we weigh her against a goose?
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Lord Wraith 8 hrs ago
Using Tinder really feels akin to shopping for the best priced and most appealing piece of meat.
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Vampiretwilight 8 hrs ago
I hate it when someone suddenly changes their mind about roleplaying with me just because I'm not into something.
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Callousqueen 9 hrs ago
Remembering Terry Jones (1942 - 2020) from the Monty Python
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Lord Wraith 10 hrs ago
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Cleverbird 10 hrs ago
Please describe your boobs using only a picture of them. Go.
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HaleyTheRandom 10 hrs ago
Do you ever just look at someone and suddenly how much they mean to you just hits you like a truck and then you start crying a little bit because same?
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AlternateMan 10 hrs ago

Odin 10 hrs ago
I wanna fuck
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Queen of Hell 11 hrs ago
Watched Hellblade 2 trailer for 489574th time and loving it as much as I loved it the first time I saw it. I can't wait!
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AlternateMan 12 hrs ago
Laser taser gazer wager

PureHeroine 12 hrs ago
Alright well I'm fucked

GigitsPony 15 hrs ago
Getting back into things. Watched sad anime movies yesterday and cried like a little biiii... Baby. :(

FilthyWeeb 16 hrs ago
I want to make some kind of dirty joke, but I'm too irritated at… well, everything, really. Fuck you, sky. Fuck you, ground. Except you, air. We're cool.
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WitchHunter 16 hrs ago
The floor is cracking. I think it's about to give way. Let's hope you're ready for the drop.
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AlternateMan 17 hrs ago
I successfully made a Frozen 2 reference that is also a Borderlands 2 reference.
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Andreyich 17 hrs ago
business idea: cargo socks

Vampiretwilight 18 hrs ago
wishing for good luck for myself and everyone else here

Undead Eyes 19 hrs ago
Photoshoot went well. Loving how my body looks in the sample images.
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Vampiretwilight 19 hrs ago…

POOHEAD189 20 hrs ago
Didn't you hate it when the Tyranids attacked in 1667
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Zoey Boey 20 hrs ago
Warhammer 40k is just a less dark version of real history.

Hammerman 22 hrs ago
Wikihow insurance scam

hawkins 22 hrs ago
wikihow to walk into traffic and make it look like an accident
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Vampiretwilight 22 hrs ago
Odin: what do you mean?

Hammerman 23 hrs ago
Can't do that though. Big Brother is watching after all.
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Hammerman 23 hrs ago
Everytime I read a Chinese manhua with the lead not getting any girls, I keep thinking "He should blame China's one child policy that led to mass female abortions"
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Odin 23 hrs ago
Are you one of those bad ending type of girls?

Vampiretwilight 23 hrs ago…
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Callousqueen 23 hrs ago
What I need, is to be on my knees and shot in the back of the head. Were is a police officer when you need one
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PsyBlade 23 hrs ago
Gonna blow off some steam by playing Halo. I really wish Project Cartographer had co-op.
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charliexxjane 1 day ago
I'm officially tired of life, I want to be a professional baby
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Cleverbird 1 day ago

Majoras End 1 day ago
Decided to stick with a half-elf fighter for a main D&D character.
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C'mon power outage, it isn't even windy!
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Moorgarde 1 day ago…

Vampiretwilight 1 day ago
note to self: buy earplugs for the bus ride home. -sighs-
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PsyBlade 1 day ago
Note to self: when listening to the Godzilla: King of the Monsters OST, you're missing out if your headphones don't have good bass.
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KZOMBI3 1 day ago
i took a calculated risk, but boy am i bad at math
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Odin 1 day ago
That was definitely me hitting on Undead by the way
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Lord Wraith 1 day ago
The best part of being on indefinite hiatus is not having any posting deadlines.
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Odin 1 day ago
Me neither
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Undead Eyes 1 day ago
My second boudoir shoot is today! Woot! Can't wait to see the pictures once it's done. <3
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Andreyich 1 day ago
Given your status board rants I'd say he would be.
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Callousqueen 1 day ago
Sad news, Ozzy Osbourne reveals he has Parkinson diagnosed
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Callousqueen 1 day ago
In America, in theory, I can be on my knees and a police officer shots be in the back of my head. It is justified, if the police officer says "I am scared" before he shoots me
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PsyBlade 1 day ago
Goddammit, my response that a bot would never care about went to waste.

Bartimaeus 1 day ago
Moving Friday, so the 'net will be cuttin' off soon, for those of you I'm engaged with for RPs. Will still get those posts out though(on phone) - just wanted to inform.

Vampiretwilight 1 day ago
Hi there everyone
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I'd like to cuddle *in* my grave if possible
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Littleone17 1 day ago
Anyone wanna put a movie in and grave a blanket and cuddle??

Yankee 1 day ago
Sorry for the slow posting speed, struggling with some things including this FUCKING SEWING MACHINE TANGLED BOBBIN DSJFKUIRWELJFKEJKJFKLEJW
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AlternateMan 1 day ago

Ambra 1 day ago
My RPs have been going so slow. Guess it's time to start implementing posting time limits.

DamnTheGacha 1 day ago
I say go big brain and use the name Allfather

AlternateMan 1 day ago
Odin the Omnipotent

Guy0fV4lor 1 day ago
@Odin why not just change your username, then make an alt to reserve the name you currently have?
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Vec 1 day ago
Hiatus over, slowly getting back into things...

AlternateMan 1 day ago
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Cleverbird 1 day ago
I'm here to kick ass and chew bubble gum... And I brought enough bubble gum for everybody!
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FilthyWeeb 1 day ago
I know real life happens, but it bums me out when my RP partners are gone for more than a week.
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AlternateMan 1 day ago
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AlternateMan 1 day ago
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Altered Tundra 1 day ago
Calm your tits. They're going to be on HBO Max for us in the states.
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Vampiretwilight 1 day ago

PsyBlade 1 day ago
Netflix is getting Ghibli films... for basically everyone, except the US. Who made this call? I don't want to break their hands and kneecaps, I just want to talk.
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Fabricant451 2 days ago
But doctor, this girly magazine IS doujinshi!
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FilthyWeeb 2 days ago
Oi, put down that girly magazine and read more doujinshi.

LunaKitten 2 days ago
Have a couple of CS's done! More to follow soon.

Penny 2 days ago
Spent 4 hours fighting with my computer. My IT gremlins have failed me. I'll have to use my back up computer until it is fixed.
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ScreenAcne 2 days ago
@callousqueen have you tried marriage. ba dum tish.
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Andreyich 2 days ago
Within a span of two hours you asked the same thing. Understandably this will make people all the more interested in it

PsyBlade 2 days ago
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Kuro 2 days ago
I put vanilla flavoring in my mountain dew at gas stations. heretical I know

Vampiretwilight 2 days ago
PsyBlade: i don't mix sodas. sorry.

PsyBlade 2 days ago
@Vampiretwilight- Hot take: mix them, it's tasty.

Vampiretwilight 2 days ago
dr pepper versus mountain dew. discuss lol

Ladypug 2 days ago
Ooo-ooo-ooo, why so blu-uuuu-ue?
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LittleMouse 2 days ago
Took some bad ass photos today while trying not not pop a pin because my waistcoat is a little difficult to put on with pins from how fitted it is
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charliexxjane 2 days ago
*screaming intensifies*
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