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Lucid Dreaming 4 hrs ago
"Joke's on you, we're into that!" - A Horny Roleplayer being attacked by the Horny Roleplayer Strangler
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Punished GN 5 hrs ago
"I know what I must do... I must become the Horny Roleplayer Strangler." - The Ghost Note discovering his true calling.

Rabbitconfusion 6 hrs ago
Experiences a strong urge to format a role play post as an APA style paper. It would be funny
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Ersa93 7 hrs ago
Don't mind me. My stomach just decided to declare war on me on Monday and cripple me for the rest of the week so I couldn't do any replies and such. All better now though.
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Rabbitconfusion 7 hrs ago
If I edit a post and add/fix a @ will it mention the player?

Dark Cloud 11 hrs ago
Thank you so much mods! The pop ups on mobile were really bad, thank you from this android user!
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LegendBegins 22 hrs ago
The ad issue is resolved. Feel free to disable your adblocks to support the Guild!
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EchoWolff 23 hrs ago
For those waiting on me to respond, I will be writing things up over the weekend. Hang tight!

Crimson Flame 24 hrs ago
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bafflingbookish 1 day ago
I learned today that my toddler nephew can make sounds only heard by dogs and bats. I discovered this because I wouldn't let him eat doritos in my bed. My ears are bleeding. :')
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KatherinWinter 1 day ago
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Charlie Miller 1 day ago… <-- Nico FR lol

Charlie Miller 1 day ago… 😏 😁

Riley Hart 1 day ago
May the Odds be ever in your favor.

Xandrya 1 day ago
Doing the Spartan Race next week Sunday. I've ran like 3 times since becoming a mom so this should be fun...
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Crimson Flame 1 day ago
@Vertigo: I’ll see if I can come up with an idea for a Pokémon RP set in a medieval fantasy setting so we can both get what we want. :P
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Crimson Flame 1 day ago
I need a traditional Pokémon RP like I need oxygen.
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Nix 1 day ago
I feel like super chaotic rn! I have energy and want to cause something...idk what...just something hehe😋
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Vertigo 1 day ago
i need a medieval fantasy rp like i need oxygen
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Master EffeX 2 days ago
When it gets to that point where reading over your post is just like. . .words carry no meaning anymore, ya' gotta just trust it to the ether.
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JewelSerket 2 days ago
I want to raise silk moths. They're just so cute. It seems like such an expensive hobby tho
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Elite Minor 2 days ago
The valve's been stuck, corroded by the money But after many years We can't believe the engine started running This time he's bound to count to three
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KrystalKleo 2 days ago
Guess whose net is back, baby! That's tight, Krystal is back in the house!
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Zer0Solution 2 days ago
*Happy 40k toaster noises*
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JewelSerket 2 days ago
Sometimes I ask myself if I play too much D&D. Then I laugh.
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FulgrimLives 2 days ago
Praise the Omnissiah, my laptop is back to life.
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Sunny Suzuki 2 days ago
sunny pulled the trigger of the gun and he slept a beautiful sleep he can never wake up from

Elite Minor 2 days ago
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Elite Minor 2 days ago
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Lord Wraith 2 days ago
When a group of players click and the posts keep roling in, that's what GM dreams are made of.
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Nix 2 days ago
Kinda feeling down rn, my anxiety is high...but i think im okay...
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Dark Cloud 2 days ago
That boy ain't right.
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PatientBean 3 days ago
Leveled Up Today. Level 33 :D
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Dion 3 days ago
Wake up, Cyberpunk, we need to cyber some punks! Oh, I'm chooming!
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Dion 3 days ago
oh no

Baphomini 3 days ago
It's me. Hi. I'm the problem. It's me.
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X Fiendfyre X 3 days ago
They're out of line, but they're right.
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Baphomini 3 days ago
Have you considered drinking chili? Combines the pleasure of drinking a smoothie, and the flavor of eating a hotdog, plus it has beans!!
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AlternateMan 3 days ago
I have an unhealthy preference of having the urge to drink smoothies and eat hotdogs. And I'm all out of baked beans.
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Elite Minor 3 days ago
*8-Bit Chops*

Elite Minor 3 days ago
*Minecraft dog noise*
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JewelSerket 3 days ago
Chewing bones like a scrappy dog
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The Grey Dust 3 days ago
If you see two birds sitting on a perch, there's something fishy going on.
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Punished GN 3 days ago
"... Injecting your fetishes into a play-by-post roleplay? What kind of monster does that...?" - The Ghost Note confronting a worst villain (the hornyman).

Overlord Thraka 3 days ago
Back stateside. Posts will slowly resume over the course of the next week

Zer0Solution 3 days ago
I suddenly have an urge to do a horror themed roleplay with characters from slasher movies and creepypastas.
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Nix 3 days ago
Made it lol, well he interest check at least...proud of myself hehe

Nix 3 days ago
Kinda wanna do a slice-of-life dragon clan rp...not sure tho...😶
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Zeroth 3 days ago
@Kuro: Congrats, you've received the "Fully Developed Frontal Lobe" DLC!
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Candlelitsoul 3 days ago
Chapter 8 is complete! Waiting for lunchtime so I can start chapter 9
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Kuro 3 days ago
Well, today's the day I've managed to survive a quarter of a century in this world.
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Black Cat 4 days ago
@Jerk Chicken - Might I suggest... Hookers and cocaine? It's a more refined way to get the jitters than some measly bean juice uh hohoho!
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Jerkchicken 4 days ago
Pondering my choice of caffiene for the morning
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AlternateMan 4 days ago
anyway what are yall beautiful brigands up to

AlternateMan 4 days ago
if you remember me posting gibberish on the status board you are old and so am I

Lexisheeps 4 days ago
Well... I already do that fr fr

The Grey Dust 4 days ago
I have a simple solution to the furry problem. Shave all the furries.
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Lexisheeps 4 days ago
The creeps are just loud, they're not the majority. Generalization of any group of people, not just furries, is dangerous.
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Scribe of Thoth 4 days ago
Pretending furries aren’t by and large coomers is naive at best and disingenuous at worst, at least own up to the creeps in your hobby
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Baphomini 4 days ago
I'm worried what y'all think "furry-related things" are, and if it's the worst, y'all not only nasty, but y'all feeding into some very harmful misconceptions about a very wholesome community (not mad)
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Andreyich 4 days ago
visiting some people for a little while so will not be super active for a week or so

mickilennial 4 days ago
I just want to smoke weed and live my life.
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Palindrome 4 days ago
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Three Steps Far 4 days ago
Me: "If you do this, you are very likely going to die." My Pathfinder party: "...But we CAN do it, right?"
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Crimson Flame 4 days ago
Ok good. I don’t want to do furry related things with Pokémon.

Night Diamond 4 days ago
Darn Lego project fell apart over 15 backs in, there's 22 bags total. Might have to restart.
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Elite Minor 4 days ago
@crimsonflame NONONONONONONONO not like that AT ALL
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Sunny Suzuki 4 days ago
it's been years since I watched/played any Pokemon related things

Crimson Flame 4 days ago
I like Pokémon, but not like that…
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Elite Minor 4 days ago
On an "unrelated" note, anyone like Pokemon?
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Elite Minor 4 days ago
Quick update: I have the unsupressable urge to do furry-related thing
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Donut Look Now 4 days ago
Using Hazbin Hotel soundtrack to stay awake at work is… something that’s for sure
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Obscene Symphony 4 days ago
revert back? we never left!
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Elite Minor 4 days ago
Good to see that humanity has come full circle, diving into brainrot untill they finally revert back to dad jokes. Beautiful
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Nakushita 4 days ago
My army buddy William always got nervous when the artillery came out; someone would always shout "fire at will!"
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Elite Minor 4 days ago
Plans have changed. In No Man's Sky I shall begin a hostile takeover of a star system near the galactic hub. I will be founding a swarm of outposts in the name of the Sentinels

Birby 4 days ago
The eclipse reminded me of cheesecake.
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Elite Minor 4 days ago
My No Man's Sky journey continues, now in possession of 4 living ships and 8 sentinel ships, I now am attempting to locate the capital world of the Galactic Hub Project. Wish me luck
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FulgrimLives 4 days ago
There was an eclipse?
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Crimson Flame 4 days ago
I missed the Eclipse
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IAmAugustReign 4 days ago
Eclipse was cool.
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Nix 4 days ago
Okay so the baby hasn't cried yet but i'm terrified it will any moment now 😭
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Crimson Flame 5 days ago
They still do that? I thought that take a fake baby home thing was made up for TV.
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Nix 5 days ago
I have to do a school project where I take a fake baby home for a day...I'm kinda scared because that day i today. Imma have it all day long and it's barely 9am...😅
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Black Cat 5 days ago
Welp a resident passed this morning and me, unknowing, did a Captain jack sparrow run past the family. Today is gonna be great! #Healthcare
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ezio ac2 5 days ago
Looking for RP

Sunny Suzuki 5 days ago
omorionette is an au made by otomerson on ao3 based on the game omori

Elite Minor 5 days ago
Then the loud sound did seem to fade Came back like a slow voice on a wave of phase That weren't no DJ that was hazy cosmic jive
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Elite Minor 5 days ago
Didn't know what time it was the lights were low I leaned back on my radio Some cat was layin' down some rock 'n' roll

Elite Minor 5 days ago
wat dat

Sunny Suzuki 5 days ago
omorionette new chapter...when???

Elite Minor 5 days ago
In No Man's Sky I got my first organic frigate, and found out the organic starship I have takes 4 real life days to grow. And not to mention I have to travel to the other side of the Galaxy lol
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Sunny Suzuki 5 days ago
Welcome back from black space I guess
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Elite Minor 5 days ago
I am back from the unforgiving void of empty black space.

Manzanilla 5 days ago
I checked on my dad's ashes today, he's turned into a brick.
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bafflingbookish 5 days ago
I got fingerprinted for a background check for my new job. The office it was done in smelled like a compressed grandma.
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meri 5 days ago
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Rodiak 5 days ago
for once i hoped that the crazies were right about the world was ending today. i don't want to pay rent tomorrow.
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The Grey Dust 5 days ago
Well I got done changing a lightbulb, too me a few minutes but I can only do it once a year.
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Nev 5 days ago
Spent the afternoon making Kimchi,, and now my hands sting from the chilli ><
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