Willy's collection of 1x1 Ideas and Interests

Hello and welcome to my collection of various ideas and scenarios that I'm interested in roleplaying- things that I randomly come upon while driving, walking, sleeping, exploding, or anything else that I happen to be doing, physically, mentally, virtually, spiritually, and otherwise.

As a simple overview of myself, I am a 17 year old high school student, male, with extensive interests in video games, the military, strategy, books, various movies, realistic or goofy, physics, quantum mechanics, food, making stuff, and more. I dunno, I always seem to forget things when I try to write them down. I try to be considerate and reflective, always aware of my own flaws and such- but I'm still human, and I very much appreciate communication and honesty. As of March 14th, I will be 18- Pi day.

Concerning roleplaying, I'm open to either male or female, but if in a romance roleplay- I only do MxF. I prefer playing male characters, and I have very little experience playing female characters, though I am interested in changing that. Or maybe more comfortable, instead of prefer. Anyways, beyond this, I like the following genres:
- Science Fiction
- Fantasy
- Romance
- Action
- Adventure
- Monomyth (The traditional tale of a hero- from average joe to the savior of everything and all)
- Sandbox (Roaming, without any specific goals or of similar mind)
- Politicking

I will NOT do:
- Pure mystery
- Horror
- Smut of any sort- both too young, and I'm not comfortable with it.
- Anime/unreasonable unrealistic
- Pure fandom, with characters already established from it

Rules & Requirements

Being under eighteen, I will not require my partners to be 18+. However, I would ask that you are mentally mature- if you're 12, that's fine, as long as you're intelligent and easy to get along with.

Being an advanced writer, I would require that my partners have decent to superb writing and communication skills- I am a bit of a grammar Nazi, and I will twitch repeatedly at stupid mistakes (For example, your and you're). It will eventually be unbearable for me. Likewise, I want actual, in-depth characters that could be very real- maybe not so much balanced, but reasonable.

Communication is required- I'd very much prefer my partners to be my friends. If you have a problem with me, do tell, just as I would tell you if I had a problem. Honesty, integrity, and more are all very big things in my books.

So, let's go on to some ideas!

First are some generic pairings, with plots that can be ironed out with you, provided you're interested. These will work differently from the usual pairing sorts, though. I'm going to list a bunch of different types of characters, and you can feel free to pick two, and ask about making them our characters in a roleplay. I might have a particularly preference, though.
Soldier [Grunt]
Soldier [Veteran]
Soldier [Officer]
Soldier [Commander]
Soldier [General/Admiral]
Soldier [Any of the above- Retired]
Soldier [Any of the above- crash survivor]
Bounty Hunter [Active and searching]
Bounty Hunter [Hired]
Bounty Hunter [In hiding]
Bounty Hunter [Crash survivor]
Spaceship Crew [regular crew]
Spaceship Crew [Captain/Commander/Admiral]
Spaceship Crew [Guest]
Spaceship Crew [Spy]
Spaceship Crew [Guard/soldier/marine]
Spaceship Crew [Crash survivor]
Civilian [Refugee]
Civilian [Regular]
Civilian [w/ bounty]
Civilian [VIP- CEO or somesuch]
Civilian [Crash survivor]
Technogeek [Hobbyist]
Technogeek [Known Hacker]
Technogeek [Crash survivor]
Technogeek [VIP- related to a rich family or somesuch]
Researcher [Any field]
Researcher [VIP- knows something very sensitive or somesuch]
Researcher [Military, stationed on a ship or station or somesuch]
Researcher [Any of the above- Crash survivor]
Artificial [Combat robot, intelligent and sentient]
Artificial [Personal AI- intelligent and sentient]
Artificial [Management- controls a large area of manufacturing or somesuch- intelligent and sentient]
Artificial [other]
Explorer [Of whatever you can think of- distant planets, alien nations, etc.]

If you think of anything else that could be added, do tell!

-Anthropomorphic, or a full-on creature, or mythical, or shapeshifting, or whatever
Guard/soldier [Of any sort of capacity]
Explorer/Adventurer [Of any race or goal]
Bounty Hunter
Hunter [Of various sorts- of humans, of hides, of myth, etc.]
Normal townsman/woman

Any of these can be of any sort of race- elven, orcish, human, madeuprace#1, etc.

I'll add more to this tomorrow! Including the scenarios I've thought up