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The Origin

From One came the Cast Off and the Seven
From the Seven came the World

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Mystery, and some minor ("magical") Sci-Fi and Horror when applicable.

Basic Information

  • Mid-to-High Fantasy, Darkening Elements, Visceral Action
  • Inspired by everything from Berserk, to Dark Souls/Bloodborne, to Lord of the Rings, to Fire Emblem, and so on.
  • A longer story with seperate arcs, leading up to the end of the world.
  • Seven Divines created the world long ago. Many fantastic and terrible events have happened over thousands of years.
  • Currently, world has settled into many nations in the East and West, with one advanced one to the South called Jasi.
  • Focus is set in the East, with a nation called Barcea. Recently, the Queen was killed and her brother rose to be King.
  • "Protagonist" characters come from all over the world, gathering to Barcea for one reason or another, to become involved in the events leading up to the end.
  • Relative freedom in the creation of characters, so long as open communication is maintained. Expect development, growing strength, and continuous escalation.


The tale of this world is a long one that is rapidly coming to its end. Much of its history has been lost, forgotten or in many cases destroyed. Much is only known in broad strokes, with the exact names and details forgotten. It is a world watched by Seven Divines.

Long ago, thousands of years, the continent of Jasi rose in power and splendor. Its influence stretched out to rapidly encompass the rest of the world, made up of the larger continent to the north, Vei, and the even larger continent to the west and northwest, Aatroia. The continent of Jasi was much more advanced and powerful than the rest of the world, and with these advantages the Emperor of Jasi was able to keep a solid grip on his rule. The only way his rule would end would be a falling apart on the inside, and that is just what happened. The sons and daughters of the Emperor stood against him, and together slew him, and split the world among themselves. Though some of these lines died out or just disappeared, some royal families are still believed to be descended from these Jasian sons and daughters.

For a long time, the world continued on in a relatively normal manner. Kingdoms rose and fell, power shifted hands, and people grew and died out. However, one hundred years ago, Aatroia erupted into sudden turmoil that almost immediately went quiet. The instigators of this chaos became known as the God Kings. Any previous rulers were found and slaughtered by their forces, and the God Kings were the ones who claimed power. Their power was beyond that of any mortal, and though some appeared human others clearly weren't, anymore at least. With their power they could "Remake" an individual, shattering their soul and piecing it back together into one that completely worships the God King or Queen. This was how they gained such power and followers, and brought the previously established kingdoms to their end.

While the God Kings gained power and made new kingdoms in the west, to the East the continent of Vei was split, for the most part, between three nations: Barcea to the southeast, H'kela to the southwest, and Gurata to the north. Barcea, a green land with plains and hills with mountains to the east, was ruled by the Serio family for generations. H'kela, a desert land with ancient crumbling structures, often changed leadership due to the political struggle for power. Gurata, a cold, rocky land, was split between the various tribes that roamed the land. During this time what would become a struggle between Barcea and H'kela began, rooted within religious reasons.

The God Kings kept their rule completely up until fifteen years ago. Finally, a full-fledged Rebellion began to form, large enough to not immediately be destroyed or "Remade", and continue to grow. To the east, the then ruler of Barcea, Olain Serio, put his struggle with H'kela on hold to head West as well, to fight and perhaps gain land and resources. Especially initially it was a struggle, and though the Rebellion gained momentum it seemed that one day they would eventually lose... Until, suddenly, individuals who could not be "Remade" began to appear. This group of people became known as the Gifted, and helped lead the Rebellion to victory. Those God Kings who were not killed were banished or fled preemptively to parts unknown. The forces of Barcea were defeated, Olain Serio terribly wounded, and returned back East. New kingdoms and governments began to rise, led by the people, and many of the Gifted elected to take rewards in the form of positions, land, or power, while some went back to their former lives, and even more just simply disappeared.

As this redevelopment happened in the West, things began to change to the East. Olain Serio eventually died of his wounds that he earned in the West, and his oldest daughter, Kori, became the new Queen. To the surprise of many, including those that would manipulate her, she began immediate reforms, ending conflict with H'kela entirely and bettering the lives of the people to the best that they had ever known. Along with herself, her younger brother and sister, Cyril and Ayano, became symbols of this rebirth and bettering of the land.

The King of H'kela, Gartian, was not so peaceful. He inflamed the passions of his nation, appealing to their bloodlust and desire for revenge since the last conflict with Barcea, and began to aggressively attack the Barceans, slaughtering innocents and quickly inciting all out war. The nation of Barcea was forced to request help from Gurata, and managed to succeed through trial by combat. However, as Gurata prepared to go to war, the forces of H'kela struck, eventually seperating the Queen from many of those who could protect her. She surrendered herself when the threat against innocent life became too great, and was taken into H'kela.

The Prince led a force to rescue her, one that was soon joined by the Guratans. They attempted to save Queen, but it ended in failure when a horror created by Gartian's Advisor rose from the ground. Kori sacrificed herself completely to prevent a terrible surrender to Gartian, and the Prince fled with his forces. Upon regrouping they returned to end Gartian once and for all, and were by no means lightly supported by the fact that the news of Kori's sacrifice was causing H'kelan will to crumble.

In the final battle the Advisor, the woman of sinister origin that had done more than enough to cause all of the tragedy, was utterly defeated, crippled, and sent retreating to parts unknown. Cyril fought Gartian himself, and after a brutally long duel brought an end to the H'kelan King's life. Briefly the H'kelan political sphere threatened to swallow itself, but soon Revali, the only child of Gartian who survived and was often forgotten, became Queen of H'kela. The Prince returned, and after the funeral of the Queen he became the King of Barcea.

Currently, all three of the Eastern nations are recovering from the recent war. The new King is becoming used to his position, and a tenuous stability is beginning to form. There are those who would wish to see this stability fail.

It is five years before the end of the world.

Notes From Me

Hey everyone! So, there's a link to the first post of the OOC at the top, which has all of the "nice looking" and thorough information about the roleplay. In more of a detailed summary than what I listed above, this is a fantasy world that is coming to an end, and our characters will have important parts to play in the last five years. While the main genre is fantasy, there are elements of other genres like action, drama, mystery, and even some sci-fi(ish, it's still fairly magical based) and horror. This is just an advertisement thread, and I have tons of more information that is included in the actual roleplay. Despite the amount of information I give, I don't want people to either feel daunted or like they have to go above and beyond with length. I just want people to work together, plan, and have a good time writing to their characters' eventual deaths. I also don't want people to feel daunted by the fact that we're no longer in the first arc; for every arc, I've done my best to make it easy to jump in.

Also, coding certainly isn't my forte, so I hope this (or anything else I do) doesn't look too weird or boring because of that. However, I do know the basics enough that I made the title here a link to the first OOC post of the actual roleplay (like I've said), which includes all of the information I've revealed to everyone, besides the questions I may have answered.

For level of writing, we have a variety of people (from all over the world actually, which I find to be pretty cool), so I would love to have some more to continue to diversify the cast. All I ask is a fairly high casual level of writing (though I feel I am forgiving), and willingness to work with others. If anything, the reason why I have it in the Advanced section is the level of planning, backstory, and information I've created for this, and would love to implement others into. This roleplay will constantly be accepting people up until the very last moment, if it ever comes, so I'll be bumping this every so often.

Why do I want more people? Well, really, I feel like the more people there are in this kind of situation, the better. It'll give everyone more to do, and give me more to work with. So, partly selfish reasons, partly ambition, all those good problems. This roleplay is in the advanced section but please, still give it a look. We're very welcoming.

If you're interested and would like to be filled in on the story, please feel free to speak up in the OOC, here, or send me a message. You'll be able to be filled in no problem. I might even start to put in descriptions of the arcs here as they're completed, because why not?
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Bump. May I be a character other than human? Im sure you can guess what Im going for. ;)
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Of course! If you check the full roleplay, there is a section dedicated to the various races of the world. This includes a race called "nonhumans," not the best name now that I think about it so maybe I'll change it, but basically they're humans with animal traits. So that's there if you want a balance between both. If you're wanting to be a full animal, then that would certainly be a unique challenge (and I love challenges, so don't think I'm saying it negatively), but it would definitely involve a lot of work figuring out the why and what of it all. I've got no problems with it, though!
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