Thousands of years ago, before Pegasus, before Kaiba, before duel monsters, there were the shadow games, and the millennium items were but a few of the mystical artefacts one could wield...

So, as stated, this is a Yu-Gi-Oh RP set in ancient Egypt, when shadow games were all the rage, and it wasn't just the millennium items that held great power. The story will likely revolve around these items, one way or another. I'm thinking of probably you're either rich but not very influential noblemen, seeking to win fame and power in the shadow games, probably turning it into some kind of semi-political RP, or savvy young rebels looking to overthrow the Pharo or save the world or something else suitably heroic, making it more of an rebellion/epic themed.

As its only an interest check, I won't put too much information on as its only an interest check, but as to the decks you can use, nothing O.T.K orientated, and no Xyz or pendulums. Synchro's are the reserve of the ridiculously rich. You may be able to create your own, providing you run it by me first and I approve. A good website for doing that is here:

I'll see you in the field!