Welcome brave warriors, this is the Dynamo Honor Knockout Tournament! You will be putting aside your magic spells, super speed and hi tech weapons, for good old fashioned skill & steel For Honor Style! State your interest here and be accepted on to the classic tournament stage, this is where you truly get to test your mettle as arena fighters!

Dynamo, Ive never played for honor, can I still join?
-Yes you can, For Honor is simply the backdrop for the theme of this tournament, all you need to know is that this will be a fairly realistic 1 on 1 weapons duel with 12 playable classes. But you still get to make your own character.

Oh cool, so I can make a bare fisted monk or a spoony bard character?
No, your character will have the weapons and armor of the available classes, you can customize appearance and backstory if you wish though.

Who will be judging the matches?
Well me of course, though I may ask for help if there is something I can't decide.

Will these matches be ranked?
Yes every match will be ranked.

Can I use the same class as my opponent?
No there will only be one role each!

What classes can I choose from?

Here are the 12 available For Honor Classes, never mind about movesets or stats, that will be irrelevant for these matches, swing your weapon however you see fit.

Main 12

I cant quite see the weapons or armor type on the site, help?
Any clarification you need on a class you can ask me.

What are the rules?
There are no rules in universe, its quite literally a fight to the death, kill your foe however you can. Although there will be special stage hazards and details you may have to be aware of. And of course every battle must be conducted through arena rules.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a class and complete the sheet!

Face: (optional)
Bio: (optional)