"It is the year A.E. 13. The world has ended. Earth has been destroyed. The Earth had been attacked by ruthless assassins. They took over starting from the president all the way to even the smallest of cities. There was a group of 4 warriors that called themselves Memorable Ones. They said the name reminded them that they will be remembered if they happen to die while trying to save the Earth. The Memorable Ones were a diverse group of people. A white, American man named Foster. He came from the U.S.A to help save the Earth, leaving his wife and twin daughters behind. A senior citizen, high class woman from named Susiko. She came from Japan to save the Earth, leaving behind her gracious family. An African American, French man named Fruere. He came from France to save the Earth, leaving behind his newborn son and just married wife. I am delighted to inform you that where you are now is a blessing. You all have survived the destruction of Planet Earth. We should be landing shortly to our new Planet. Thanks to the Memorable Ones, 143 people survived from around the world. Welcome to your new home! Welcome to Planet M.O! If there are any questions, I will like to take them now." Clairissa leaned herself away from the Mic and looked out into the crowd to call on questions.

"Ms. Degamponi, you only named 3 Memorable Ones. Can you tell us who the last Memorable One is? Also, Ms. Degamponi, are the Memorable Ones dead?" Asked a reporter in a caramel complimented suit and tie.

"Well, considering that we just landed on Planet M.O, and considering that all of us are part of one new nation, I guess you deserve to know the truth. The Memorable Ones Have passed on. The three I named off wanted to go on their own path with their own ideas, instead of working together as a team to come up with a plan. They turned backs on each other and went their separate ways with greed and envy in their hearts. One Memorable One was trying to get everyone to understand that the battle was to be fought together and thought out together. The others refused to listen. Ladies and Gentleman... The last Memorable One is still standing. There would be no survivors if the last Memorable One didn't build a safety ship for those she could save along the way to battle the Assassin Leader. It is tragic that she did not defeat the Leader and the world was destroyed because of it, but it is better that there were survivors who could live on their lives till their time comes. I would be glad to inform you that the last Memorable One is on stage, right now, giving you this information. My name is Clarissa Degamponi and I am a 23 year old woman from Asia. I left behind my Mother and Father who were sick with cancer to help save all 142 of you. I am the 4th Memorable One." Clarissa stepped from the mic and bowed to the crowd of survivors as they cheered and whistled.

She steps back up to the mic, "I am your new leader. I will make sure to keep this new Planet safe from anyone who crosses paths. Do not be worried, and please, make yourself at home."

This RP will be about you, one of the ruthless assassins, who comes to Planet M.O in search of Clarissa Degamponi. You are the only assassin who survived the destruction of Earth. Clarissa is your target so you can take over Planet M.O and be the new Assasin Leader.

I am going for a romance to form between You and Clarissa. Also, as this is an 18+ RP, there will be lots of swearing, blood, violence, drama, and sexual content. If this isn't your style, or you're too young, please don't hesitate to PM me if you want to do a cleaner version. There is to be a lot of drama, action, and adventure in this RP. Please make a character sheet that is relatively similar to my layout.

Name: Clarissa "Riss" Degamponi
Age: 23 years old
Occupation: Memorable One and Leader of Planet M.O
From: Japan
Current Location: Boarded on a safety ship on Planet M.O
Bio: Clarissa is a self-taught fighting machine. She comes from the bad side of town and from a hard family background, so she learned young to be strong and be tough. Saving people is her favorite thing to do.

Please let me know if the picture does not show up.

I can provide a lot more background information if needed. PM me if you're interested in this RP or if you have questions. Thank you.