If one were to ever see Felix and <Y/C> hanging out together, they would be prone to wonder how two such different looking and acting people could ever be friends. Let alone the best friends they had been for many years now.

Felix was soft-spoken and rather shy in nature, petite in build and rather short. (Indeed, he barely reached his best friend's chest). With his love of pink and roses along with his feminine sense of dress and his curly shoulder-length brown hair, it was easy to mistake him for a flat-chested woman. Not that he minded at all. He liked being able to pull it off. He loves having his nails painted and wearing make up too.

<Y/C> is gruff and speaks as she finds. She's taller than Felix and a bit more on the muscular side. She wears more masculine clothes and with her hair short, it's easy to mistake her for a male. The only feminine thing she wears are the rise earrings brought for her by Felix, whom wears a pair too. (Rest of her personality is up to you.)

This will be romantic.



Felix spoke in his soft delicate way, perched on the kitchen counter with his legs dangling over the edge, his rear on the surface as he drunk his morning cup of coffee.

The brown haired male had perched himself here for no particular reason, deciding to quietly await his best friend to enter the room. It was early morning still, and the day ahead looked to be cold, snowy and miserable. And quite frankly, Felix did NOT want to go out there. It just didn't feel worth it, not when he had the day off work and no school. He did plan on going to the coffee shop whilst she worked, but..

"What do you want for breakfast?" He spoke, placing the cup on the counter and edging fowards slowly. At barely 5'5" tall, and rather petite, it was easy enough to mistake him for a woman at first glance. His soft skin didn't help, nor did the fact he shaved to keep his skin so soft and smooth. He didn't mind this at all. He did in fact dress in women's clothes, and barely ever wore anything masculine at all.

Right now was case in point. He wore a pink nightgown (Though had boxers beneath) and red fluffy slippers, white frilly ankle socks peeking out from the slippers, a smile on his lips that was as sweet and innocent as he was.

"Erm.. I'm stuck."