I'm looking for this to be a good military/futuristic setting - light with a good story behind it. I've done this several times with good players but they've disappeared for various reasons and now after some time I'd like to try it again. This is the first post, explaining most, but basically the characters live in a world where the women are mainly slaves and breeders to the soldiers that go out and fight. The military are the government and have developed a computer that pairs the females with soldiers of any age when the female is eighteen so that they can produce the best genetics in their children. 

Most soldiers abuse their mates, letting the system be in control because it gives them power, but there is a small growing group of rebels that search for something different outside of the military. That search for freedom for their mates and children. That don't want to be trapped in such a system

This story can go all kinds of ways, but I'm thinking of something along the lines of the my character Essie been stuck in the slave mentality but being paired with someone who doesn't agree with the military ways and want that freedom. But to vocalist that means a certain death. Of course this will have adult themes, but I don't expect it to focus on the slave/breeding. I'm thinking of having it focus on trying to escape, the cost of betraying a government and everything else. As well as the fact that my character has been brought up to be terrified of breaking the rules. There is a world out there that allows freedom. It's spoke about. The military want to rid those people, stories and freedom; telling people here lies.

Below is what is normally my first post for some idea. PM me if interested. I welcome input and ideas. I'm looking for lots of action and adventure! :)