Hey guys, so I'm Cream and I've been inspired to start another story based off of the pairings of roommates. I've been role playing for many years now, and writing for even more. I'm female and can play both genders and also play multiple characters. Normally I play the lead female character, but in this idea I'm looking to play the lead male.

I'm an advanced writer, and can write anything from two to three paragraphs to ten plus, depending on my partner and the scene. Most days I can get out at least one reply, though maybe more except on Thursday. That's the day where I'm at work and then out with friends.

I also get that people have school and or work/other commitments so I don't expect replies every five minutes. I tend to get over excited and post the same day, but I don't expect my partners to feel like they should do the same. Only able to post once a week? Fine by me.

I love OOC talk and plotting. It's great. So feel free to do that with me.

Anyway, the idea...

Chase Whelan is a man of mystery. He just turns up out of nowhere and breezes in like he's been there all his life. The apartment he's renting, was a last minute fall-through, where someone cancelled their tenancy agreement the week before they were due to move in. Chase had lost out to the room previously, but when he'd received the call asking if he was still interested he jumped at the opportunity.

It beat sleeping in his truck.

At twenty five, Chase is just hopping from State to State, seeing what's going on and then upping and leaving when he's bored. He has no stable job and no goals.

Unknown to everyone, he's got big secrets. The first one is that he's the son of well known people - his father is in the political limelight and his mother is a well known person in the fashion business. He's fled California. Chase has always been a wild child, spontaneous and outgoing. But now he's trying to hide his true identity and found a small town in the middle of nowhere well away from the limelight in California. But what are the rest of his secrets? And what happens when people discover who he really is?

So that's the scene. If you've got a female character to go with Chase then send me a PM and hopefully we can plot to our hearts content. :D