(I really say... this is a template if it wasn't obvious. Work in Progress. You can go see it here: deviantart.com/toniosuke/art/Characte…)
General Info:
:star: Name: Markus Reinhold R. Yasaka
:star: Nickname: Fox of the 11 Elements
:star: Birth Date: [REDACTED]
:star: Age: 103 (23)
:star: Gender: Male
:star: Race: Foxfolk
:star: Occupation: Battler against multiverse threats.
:star: Hobbies: Magic Tricks... that can destroy entire worlds.

:bulletred: Hair Color: Black Hair
:bulletred: Hair Style: His hair is messy all the time.
:bulletred: Eye Color: Ruby Red
:bulletred: Complexion: He has a light skin.
:bulletred: Misc. Features: He has a couple of marks near the mouth, similar to the red fox.
:bulletred: Height: 6'2/187.9 cm
:bulletred: Weight: 163 lbs/74kgs
:bulletred: Body Build: Ectomorph

Abilities: (either choose any of the applicable)
:bulletred: Skills/Special Talents: He has a vast knowledge on magic, especially those that use elements.
:bulletred: Fighting Style: He is a versatile fighter, using his abilities to form different fighting styles to confound the opponent.
:bulletred: Supernatural Powers: It will be a separate section.

Weapons: (either give a description or link another deviation)
:bulletred: Primary: (usually his/her favorite weapon)
:bulletred: Secondary:
:bulletred: Special: (you can add more as Special 2, Special 3 and so on)

:bulletblue: Notable Emotions:
:bulletblue: Social Attitude:
:bulletblue: Point of View:
:bulletblue: Relationship Status:
:bulletblue: Likes:
:bulletblue: Dislikes:

Biography: (the list is optional; I added them for convenience)
:bulletgreen: Hometown:
:bulletgreen: Family:
:bulletgreen: Early Life:
:bulletgreen: Training/ Schooling:
:bulletgreen: Friends:
:bulletgreen: Romantic Life:
:bulletgreen: Notable Events:

:bulletred: Main Role: (choose either Protagonist or Antagonist)
:bulletred: Faction: (group which your character is allied to; indicate “Freelancer” if your character doesn’t belong to any group)

Theme Music:
:bulletblue: Title:
:bulletblue: Artist/Composer:
:bulletblue: Link: (Newgrounds, Youtube, etc… your choice)

Voice Actor: (this is optional, just in case you plan to make a show in the near future)
:bulletblue: (Name- Language Spoken)

Inspiration: (may include but not limited to existing fictional characters, real people or historical figures)
:bulletgreen: (Name- from where? –what attributes inspired from him/her?)

Trivia: (a bulleted list of additional information about the character)