You cannot undo the past.

Twelve years ago, Cassie Gage took her own life after becoming the victim of a cruel high school prank. Over a decade later, those responsible for her death have since moved on with their lives. The town of Timber Valley, Massachusetts has moved on. But someone, one sole person, has not.
And now vengeance comes in the form of the scorned as, one by one, those responsible are brutally murdered. As the clock ticks, the fates of the few are sealed by one badly considered action over a decade ago.


So, as you can see, this is a Slasher-Survival RP based around a story of vengeance. Our setting is the small fictional town of Timber Valley Massachusetts. Twelve years prior, a sixteen year-old girl named Cassie Gage committed suicide at Timber Valley High School when she was humiliated in front of the entire school. The five teens responsible escaped criminal charges, though as you can imagine have always had a bad reputation since.

Four of them have more or less stayed in Timber Valley, “never leaving small town America” as the saying goes. The fifth (my partner’s character), did however. I will of course leave it up to them on why. School? A big career bounce? Marrying someone out of town? It’s your choice.

The five have more or less remained as friends and stayed in contact over the years, so when one of them is brutally killed, my partners’ character as you can imagine returns home for the funeral. (And maybe answers.?) It soon becomes clear that the first death was just one in a string of violent deaths for recompense.

This so far is all of the story that I have “concreted”. The rest will be discussed and written together by my partner and I together. I will say this; while I am aiming for originality, I do have several “horror cliches” that I intend to incorporate into the RP. Such as threatening phone calls, cryptic messages, and a masked killer. (Who doesn’t love these particular cliches’??)

So then, I await eagerly for a response. Please PM me if interested and we can get right to work on discussing and planning things out. :D