Hello! I’m Soul, as you can probably tell from my username. I’ve been roleplaying for about six or seven years, my humble beginnings starting at MSPARP when it was just starting up and I was deeply into homestuck. After I begun to move away from that Fandom, I left forums and turned to different apps, bouncing around from many until I grew bored of all one liners and flimsy characters and ended up back on forums.

I used to frequent this site as well, but ended up leaving for several months due to some family issues I needed to resolve. If you were my partner previously and at any point would like to roleplay again, just hit me with a PM, I'll be sure to respond to you. We could continue our old roleplay, or make a completely new one, it's up to you.

My post lengths vary from partner to partner, most times I’ll just match you and write around how much you write. However, my normal lengths are usually from 500 words to 1000+ if you catch me on a good day.

I live in EST and am usually around all day. Though, as I am a college student, I am busy from around 9:00 to 5:00, though I will still be able to write responses then when I don’t have anything to do. I respond usually at a minimum of twice a day, most times more. However, the longer I write my responses, the longer the time is inbetween them, so please bear with me in that regard.

I usually only play male main characters, however I am willing to play both male and female side characters to add depth to our plots, though, I do ask you to do the same, I do not like carrying a plot often unless I expressively state so.

I am willing to write smut if you are willing as well. To be honest, I have very little limits, mostly only vore, scat, pegging and sexual-gore (but horror driven non-sexual gore is a plus), so if you have anything you think is strange you want to write, just ask, most times it’s fine with me, sometimes more than you think. Though, unless there is a plot involved, I find those types of roleplays grow stale.

[!!!][!!!][!!!]Dark Souls: I am willing to play either Dark Souls 1 or Dark Souls 3, both of which I have played through to completion. I am much more fond of DS3 than 1, however, I will be more than willing to roleplay the latter. I will be playing the main Unkindled Ash for DS3 and an Original companion type Undead for DS1. You can play any female canon character you want for either, or you can play another Unkindled One for DS3, the Chosen Undead for DS1, or just your own original undead character, I'm fine with anything and am very willing to discuss plot.

[!!!][!!!]Fire Emblem: I have only played through Awakening (which is my favorite of what I’ve played) and half of all the Fates games (Conquest, I quit at the time because I was a scrub, Birthright I quit because it was too easy). For both of these I am only willing to play Corrin and Robin, both of which will basically be default, and I want you to play another canon female. However, we could do a RobinxRobin story or a CorrinxCorrin story if you want to use an OC.

Fallout New Vegas or 4: I’ve played both to hell so hit me with either one.

[!!!]DOOM 2016: I love this game and we can go in many different directions with this one, so give me your ideas and I’ll give you some of mine.

[!!!]Code Geass: I am willing to play Canon x Canon, with me playing as Lelouch, or Canon x OC, with me as the OC

[!!!]Doki Doki Literature Club: I'd rather this be a Canon Girl x the MC. We can delve deeper into whatever plot you want if you wish to roleplay this.

[!!!][!!!][!!!]Overlord: We could play CanonxCanon, CanonxOC, OCxOC, your preference for this is my preference. I will play Ainz for CanonxCanon, for CanonxOC, either one of us can be the Canon character, your preference for that. If you want to do OCxOC, there will need to be a lot of discussion for this, to figure out what we want to do. Though, I would love to discuss plot with you! For anything, this can follow the canonical plot line or a completely new one we can craft together.

Katawa Shoujo: This will be CanonxCanon. I will play Hisao, and you can play any of the other girls you want to.

[More Fandoms to Come When I Think of Them]

General Pairings (bold represents what character I want/am willing to play):

Teacher x Student (highschool or college/university)
”Victim” x Stalker (will explain in more depth if you inquire about this)

Monster/Supernatural x Monster Hunter from Hunter family (can be based in either Modern society or Steampunk Victorian)

!Love Triangles! (This is only for those who want to play two main characters. Whether or not this ends in a polyamorous relationship is up to you. Can also be a dark romance if you want)

!!Polyamorous relationships!! (again, only for those who want to play multiple characters but don’t want the whole love triangle business. Can also be a dark romance)

Yandere/Obsession (This is with a little twist. The full plot can be whatever you want, just know that I would very much like you to be the Yandere. However crazy or violent you want this to get is all up to you. I've done this where the Yandere kills several people in front of my character, but again, there was a twist to this as well. Just ask me for more information! I'd love to comply.)

I am severely lacking in creativity in most of these, (Minus the Yandere way one though, I am always up for Yandere) if you really want to do them, then I will comply, just know responses may not be the best.

(Most of these can be set in different settings/time periods, so please feel free to pitch me any ideas)

Original Plots:

Love me...

(Y/C) loved (M/C) with all her heart.

He was her childhood friend since the age of ten. He protected (Y/C) with everything he had, even taking the bullying that was meant for her. But not once did he every complain, always giving his usual carefree grin to her.

Years past and their bond never broke even now in high school (Junior year). But time had taken its toll on (Y/C), Instead of that once shy girl, she was now (A delinquent, a bitch, happy go-lucky, or stoic, basically a unique personality). But even so, (M/C) still never left her side.

But he didn't realize what he was doing to (Y/C). With everyday that passed, the more they grew to love them. To the point of bleeding obsession. No one could have him but (Y/C), even if that meant others had to die.

At first, no one would dare to approach him, so (Y/C) could have them all to herself. But soon, other people saw through his carefree personality and slacker tendencies and began to actually give him the time of day. Oblivious to this, (M/C) was unaware of the girls that continued to pine for his affection.

And thus, the last straw was broken for (Y/C). Now, all the training and planning they had undergone will go to use.

But (Y/C) was blissfully unaware of the monster that resided inside of (M/C)

(This is obviously, a dark romance with a Yandere.

This will take place inside of a school, whether it is highschool or college/university is up to you. My character’s name will change depending if you chose a Western setting or an Eastern one. Supernatural elements welcome, if you so desire it)

A Rise to Power

He was ruthless, a dictator above all others.

He took the world by storm, obliterating everyone who opposed him by pure force. He controlled the entire world, forcing EVERY country to their very knees.

His armies were vast, all brainwashed into thinking his rule was the only thing important for the world and to them.

But above all that, he was still a person, one who would do anything to shatter the world... to create it anew. And he would do anything to protect the one he love above it all, his empire, his army, his people and his power.

It started with a presidential campaign, one man who promised to change the country forever. Little did they know the change they were to get was something they never wanted.

It took two full terms, but he managed to corrupt the government as a whole. Nothing in America could stand against him, and soon, the world couldn't stand against him.

(I am looking for a female to play his close confidant, it doesn't have to start with romance, your character could just be a close ally, a friend or even someone who just follows his ideals but stays as an acquaintance rather than anything closer. Or they can out right hate him but wants to see his plans through, your choice.

And please have your character be as assertive as mine, seeing as an overly submissive character would be trampled over in a political environment.

Since this is a political environment, your character and my own must be at least over 35.

This can start at the start of his campaign or the beginning of his world take over.

This is meant to be a romance rp.)


Learning to Love

He ran, he ran as fast as his legs could carry him, but deep down, he knew his end was near.

(M/C) was one of the most undermined warriors of his city. He stood at a tall five foot eleven. He had a muscular built and a body riddled with battle scars. He had long brown hair that framed his fair skin quite well. His face and features were average, nothing standing out but his piercing blue eyes. But now it seemed he wouldn't make it home this time around.

It was 1200 BC, and the Trojan War had just reached its end. Through divine intervention, the gods helped humanity. Warriors returned to their homes, and the Greeks fulfilled their promise to the Roman Empire.

When (M/C) returned home, he wasn't paraded as a hero for his many deeds. He was thanked with gratitude for saving so many of his fellow warriors lives. He was met with gazes of distrust and hate. He was labeled a failure, even though what he did saved many of his detractors.

But even so, he didn't care. He was used to the looks, even though now it was more widespread. He continued to live his life, protecting those who needed it, even though he got no thanks in return.

But as fate would have it, destiny had other plans for him.

Medusa had recently turned an entire village to stone, not very far from where (M/C) city resided. Many of the City's warriors readied for battle, many of the towns folk doing the same as well. But he could see the incoming blood bath from miles away, and he refused to watch his home and his people die senselessly.

So, he ventured out, sneaking away in the middle of the night, deserting his post. He had hoped he would be home by the next morning, in time to check in with his commanding officer and pretend nothing happened.

That was what he hoped anyway, but he forgot to plan ahead.

And now, he was cornered, having found Medusa herself. He took a deep breath, trying to steel his nerves. He shut his eyes, slowly turning around “L-look... please... spare my people...” he started “I don't want to hurt you... please... take my life instead” he threw down his sword, clenching his fist tightly “I know you have your humanity still, so please, let them live” suddenly, he opened his eyes, staring directly at her, her own meeting his. He waited for his death to take him.

But to his surprise, it never came.

This is a romance roleplay! As the title suggests.