XCOM is by far one of my favorite game series to come out in a long time and I have always wanted to do an RP based around it, although I have a few changes in mind. The story of this RP will follow our characters as they are recruited into an organization investigating the sightings of strange creatures and the actions of terrorist cults that have sprung up across the world. This will eventually lead towards the alien invasion we see in XCOM: Enemy Unknown and humanity's fight for survival. The RP will ultimately end with the events of XCOM 2 and fighting in the resistance against the alien overlords. I will be using XCOM: UFO Defense and its XCOM Fils mod, XCOM: Enemy Within and its long war mod, and lastly XCOM 2 as the basis for the story-line. ALL DLC will be incorporated for the most part.

The RP will be done in a thread here on the forum so their rules will apply. While romance is fine by me, it will not be the focus of this RP. I do expect a couple paragraphs per post but I would rather have quality over a wall of text. Communication is an absolute must if you are going to be absent for more than a week. If this interests you, please PM so we can talk about it further.